The Ancestral Home of the Cottens and the Moores 
   - Mulberry Grove built ca 1758 by Arthur Cotten,
 remodeled 1830's by Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore

mulbgr1870.jpg (55614 bytes)
ca 1870

the house 
  - over the years
  - the interior
  - the graveyard


the family portraits

"Legends of St John's Chapel" by John Wheeler Moore
the water oak of Mulberry Grove
- pictures of the oak

the lines of Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore

the residents:
  - Arthur Cotten 1716 -1789 and Elizabeth Rutland ca1720
            Children: Cullen, MarinahSarah, Helen, Silvia, Jesse, Godwin, Caroline
  - Godwin Cotten 1760 -1830 and Sarah Browne 1762 -1833
            Children: Elizabeth and Esther
  - Esther Cotten 1782 - 1854 and James Wright Moore 1773 -1815
  - Godwin Cotten Moore 1806 -1880 and Julia M Wheeler 1814 -1887
  - William Edward Moore 1847 - 1920 and Annie Tait 1854 - 1913

pre- Mulberry Grove

the Cotten family
  - John Cotten and Martha Godwin
          Children: John, Patience, Martha, William, Anne, Mary, Samuel
                Susannah, Alexander, Joseph, Arthur, Priscilla, James and Thomas
       of the Black Water in VA and Bertie Co, NC
 - John Cotten and Ann of Queens Ck, VA

- possible ancestry

the Moore family of Nansemond Co VA
 - James Wright Moore
 - William Edward Moore
 - William Moore

the John Browne family of Cutawisky Marsh

the James Rutland family of Bertie Co

the William Godwin family of Isle of Wight Co, VA

the Williams family


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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!


This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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