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line of Leroy Glenn Foster  Roy's 6-great grand parents

Josiah Foster ca 1698 - his parents 
of Southampton, Long Island

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Josiah Foster Sr. is buried in Southampton, Long Island

Children of Josiah Foster b 1698:
1. Josiah Foster Jr. 1725 LI -    7 sons, 5 dau
          not known where grave is - could be Massachusetts or Connecticut
     married Anna
2. Capt. Jonah Foster 7 Feb 1721 - 11 May 1804 Ridgefield CT
     married 15 Oct 1745 Abigail Jackson 10 Feb 1724 - 31 Oct 1792
           8sons. 4 dau
3. Timothy Foster  d bef 1776
      married 25 Sept 1748 Sarah Smith d. 24 Nov 1751
      married Mrs. [Cornwall]  Ketchum
4. Maj. Joseph Foster died 3 June 1790  Rev. War Vet.
    married 23 Feb 1745 Abiah or Zibiah 1718 - 3 June 1790
      a. Albert Foster
      b. Biah Foster
      c. Elizabeth Foster
      d. Molly Foster

Who is this Josiah?
"Northfield, June 7, 1756.
"This evening a post from Winchester informs that the Indians have taken Josiah Foster, his wife and two children from the Bow in Winchester, about 10 o'clock in the morning as 'tis conjectured; though not discovered till the sun about two hours high this evening. The house is rifled and a hog killed at the door. The man and a child tracked from the house with the Indians. The numbers cannot be ascertained, but supposed to be about 6 or 8 in all.

Roy's 5-great grand parents

Josiah Foster Jr 1725 - his parents
& Anna  -
|  her parents
of Southampton, Long Island, NY
& Ridgefield CT & Malta NY

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
including info and pictures supplied by Leroy Foster

 Leroy writes: I have found a Foster Cemetery in Marcellus, NY and a town named Restof, NY which is named for Foster backward. Also, of interest, the town of Eagle Village, NY which was inhabited by Fosters. 

Children of Josiah Foster and wife Anna:
  I. Josiah Foster 3 Jan 1746 -
II. Keziah Foster 15 Mar 1748/9 -
III. Capt. John Foster 15 Dec 1750 - 1 Jan 1778   Rev. War.

IV. William Foster 7 April 1753 Ridgefield CT - 23 April 1813 
        served in the Revolutionary War from Dutchess Co., NY
              At some point after the war, Wiliam FOSTER moved to Saratoga Co., NY,
                  then to Washington Co., NY, and on to Marcellus, NY
                  buried in Marcellus, Onondaga, NY [but grave not found yet]
       married Patience Clark 15 Nov 1753 Chatham Mass -
      dau of Joseph Clark 8 Jan 1714 Harwick BC and Phebe Crosby 18 Dec 1714 BC
Vincent Foster 19 Sept 1754 - Malta NY
         served in the Rev. war from Dutchess Co., NY
          pensioned at age 79

       married Jemima Vendover
VI. Anne Foster 19 July 1756 -
VII. Thomas Foster 25 Sept 1758 -
VIII. Mary Foster 30 May 1764 -
          married Stephen Bell
  IX. Chloe Foster 30 May 1764 -
           married Joel Parks
  X.  Isaac Foster 12 June 1766 -
 XI. Anna Foster 12 June 1766 -

Roy's 4-great grand parents

William Foster 1753 - 1812/3 his parents
& Patience Clark 1753 - 1806/8
|  her parents
of Ridgefield CT, Sartoga Co NY,
Washington Co NY and Marcellus NY

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
including info and pictures supplied by Leroy Foster

Children of William Foster and Patience Clark: [10 children]
William Foster ca 1775 -  [9 children]
        married Nancy
  2. Allen Foster 22 Feb 1776 - 1 June 1855 McKean Co PA
             born in Onondaga County, NY  rem to McKean Co PA
                buried Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean Co, PA

                       line of LeRoy Foster
       married 1802 Patience Earl 13 Feb 1784 -18 Oct 1869 
   3. Edward Foster ca 1780 - 
   4. Clark Foster 1790 - 6 July 1868 Auburn AL [10 children]
        married Elizabeth Wheedon  - 5 Aug 1847 buried Monroe OH
                  line of Mary Norman
   5. Thomas Foster ca 1792 -
   6. Elizabeth Foster ca 1793 -
  ? 7. Levi Foster
   8. Sylvia Foster ca 1794 -
   9. Ebenezer Foster

  Foster in Onondaga Co, NY
William Foster, Rev. Vet  age 88 listed with son Ira in 1840 in Lysander, Onondaga Co, NY

A Levi Foster from Onondaga Co, NY, settled in Bolivar NY [about 18 miles from Wellsville] was he of this family?

William Foster married Nancy [census 5 boys and 4 girls]
Asa Foster 1801 - 1879 married Susan Taggart
                     married 2nd Olive Thatcher
Ebernezer Foster 1811 married Olive Gardnerr & Mrs Mary Reed
Louisa Foster married Ed Brogan
John Foster

William Foster and son Asa came from Onondaga Co NY to Scio NY Allegany Co. [this part of town of Scio is now Wellsville NY 1816

Note: Research in Ohio by Esther Dicter Gundry of Michigan, descendant of Allen Foster.

Roy's 3-great grand parents

Allen Foster 1776 - 1855 his parents
& ca 1802 Patience Earl 1784 - 1869
|  her parents
of Marcellus NY &
ca 1828 Bradford, McKean Co PA

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
including info and pictures supplied by Leroy Foster

 Allen Foster and Patience Earl were married about 1802.

 Allen Foster was born either 22 Feb 1776 or 1778 in Onondaga County, NY the son of William Foster and Patience Clark.

  Allen Foster came to Lewis Run (McKean Co, PA) circa 1828 from Long Island by covered wagon via Smethport.

Allen Foster, David Foster, William Foster

Allen Foster died 1 June 1855 in McKean County, PA and is buried in the Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean County, PA. 

Patience Earl was born 13 Feb 1784 and she died 18 Oct 1869.

Children of Allen Foster and Patience Earl:
1. Annie Foster Lewis  21 April 1803 - 26 Dec 1893

Ephiam Foster 22 Jan 1805 Marcellus NY - 26 Aug 1896 Bradford tw PA
                      buried Old Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean Co, PA
      married 1832 Lydia Bliss 3 Nov 1810 VT - 1898 PA

3. Charlotte Hood 1807 - 1890
4. Patience Whipple 1809 - 1893
5. Eli Foster
6. David Earl Foster 21 Sept 1817 NY - 29 Oct 1879 PA
     born at Marcellus, Onodaga Co NY
- spent his early life in Monroe County, New York, on the banks of the Genosco River, south of Rochester, N. Y.  was a farmer his entire life in New York and Pennsylvania, a Republican, charter member of Bradford Baptist Ch., and  died at Lewis Run, McKean Co PA
     married June 1848 Susanette Dieter 21 Feb 1830 - 24 April 1870
     a. David Van Rensaler Foster
     b. William Earl Foster
     c. John Dieter Foster
     d. George Washington Foster 11 Aug 1855 - 4 Oct 1939
 born on his father's farm in a log house, near the place now called Lewis Run PA. He helped clear the land for crops  to feed the family. He was given a common school education - three months during the winter season, but "he being of a studious mind and having a strong determination to succeed in whatever he undertook, acquired more than an ordinary education under these conditions." At the age of twenty just  as he was planning to go to the Western country to seek his fortune,  the excitement of oil breaking out in Bradford offered good opportunity to young men - both for labor and investment. He went to work in the oil fields. Within a short time he became a producer and was quite successful in this line of business.
    George was teacher of the men's class of the United Brethren Church of Lewis Run, Pa., and also in the Hill Memorial United Brethren church of Bradford, Pa. -has a strong reputation both as a religious worker and as a man of  integrity along business lines. George continued to live on the land his father settled.
      married ca 1881 Sarah A Ingalsby d. 20 Aug 1890 [operation]

               daughter of Renaldo & Eliza (Root) Ingalsby

1. Gerald Winfred Foster 4 Dec 1882 Lewis Run PA - 
           2. Lloyd I Foster
           3. Clara V Foster
           4. Mytle I Foster
           5. Georgia E Foster
           6. Beulah Foster
      married 2nd 15 Nov 1891 Cora I Jennings
the daughter of Albert D. and Elizabeth Lucretia Jennings who came to Bradford from Candor, Tioga Co. N.Y. Mr Jennings died at the age of 32 years and Mrs. Jennings died at the age of 50 years
           1. Albert Foster 11 Sept 1892 -
           2. Paul Van Rensaler Foster 18 April 1894 - 11 April 1896
           3. Louise Grace Foster 1 June 1898 -
           4. Dorothy Veronica Foster 12 Jan 1902 -
           5. George Parker Foster 1 Sept 1908 -
    e. Alva A Foster  
  married 2nd 19 Sept 1870 Lavorna Sill 22 June 18 ? - 10 April 1889 Wisconsin
     daughter of Hiram Sill, who settled in Mckean County, Pennsylvania, later going to Cuba, Allegany County, New York, where he died at the age of eighty-eight years in 1909.
     a. Charles Eldon Foster 16 Jan 1875 -
  educ. Bradford PA and Cuba N.Y. public schools.  - in 1906 was one of the first graduates of Leander Clark College, Toledo, Iowa   after is was renamed from Western College.  His had planned to go into the ministry but  chose a life engaged in brick manufacturing in Bradford. - He was a republican candidate for mayor of Bradford in 1911. - was an active member of United Brethren Church 
    George W. and Charles E. Foster as their first business venture organized the Tuna Valley Pressed Brick Company, capitalized at $80,000.00 in 1895. This company had been put on a paying basis in the year 1894, C.E. Foster being vice president and G.W. Foster, treasurer of the company. Since that time these two brothers operated together in the brick business and established Olean Pressed Brick Company, Olean, NY,; Allegany Valley Brick Company, Olean, NY.; Kittanning Clay Products Company, Kittanning, Pa.; Upper Kittanning Brick Company, East Brady, Pa.; Youngsville Brick and Tile Company Youngsville, Pa.; Pearl Clay Products Company, Kushequa, Pa.; Binghampton Paving Block Company, Binghampton, Y.Y. and the Foster Paving Block Company, Bradford, Pa.  In all these companies George W. and Charles E. Foster  held positions of president, general manager, treasurer and secretary. Besides these Brick interests the Messrs. Fosters owned oil and gas interests, as well as other manufacturing industries. Their general offices were in the Auerhaim Bldg., Bradford, PA.
       married 5 June 1894 Leona May Nippert 12 April 1872
Petroleum Center, Vernan Co PA
              daughter of Frederick Nippert and Catherine Plaffn
             1. Dewey Foster 10 April 1898 Hillsboro, Wisconsin -
             2. Dwight Foster 20 Nov 1900 Toledo, Iowa -

     b. Hirem A Foster
     c. Francis M Foster
     d. Lewis A Foster

7. William Foster 4 Oct 1823 - 20 Feb 1911
8. Isaac Foster 21 Sept 1826 - 1897

FosterReunion1939.jpg (45712 bytes)
Foster Family Reunion - family of George Washington Foster
Approx , late summer or fall of 1938
Lewis Run, McKean Co., PA

Front row: Myrtle Gene Foster , 2nd ? , Mildred Buzzard , Virginia ( wife of Albert Jr. ) , Alma Ley Salisbury , Arthur Martin Warren Jr. , Sara Catharine Warren , Ethel Lois Warren .
Second row : Dorothy Veronica Foster Monroe , Clifford Buzzard , Myrtle Ingolsby Foster Buzzard , Louise Grace Foster Van , George Washington Foster, Clara Vivian Foster Salisbury, Arthur M. Warren Sr, Georgia E. L. Foster Warren , older woman sitting - black dress.
Third row: Fred Monroe , Edwin Buzzard , Griffith Wayne Foster (wearing ascot), Roy Van ,( in front of Gerald ) , Lloyd Irving Foster , Minnie ( Minerva ) Wakeley ( wife of Lloyd ), Marian Chapel Foster (wife of Albert J. Sr), Albert Jr. (slightly right & behind Albert Jr. is : Albert Jennings Foster Sr. ) , Adele Warren , Della Warren Morton
Fourth row : Gerald Winfred Foste, Nila Foster (wife of Harry), Harry Foster, Roy Ellsworthy Salisbury, Davis Foster (younger son of Marian & Albert J. Foster Sr), last man in right back corner in suit. [identified by Harry Boswell]


Roy's great great grandparents

Ephiam Foster 22 Jan 1805 - 1896  his parents
& 1832 Lydia Bliss 1810 - 1898 
|  her parents
of Marcellus NY & McKean Co PA

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
including info and pictures supplied by Leroy Foster

Ephiam Foster 22 Jan 1805 Marcellus NY - 26 Aug 1896 Bradford tw PA
                      buried Old Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean Co, PA
      married 1832 Lydia Bliss 3 Nov 1810 VT - 1898 PA

fephraim2.jpg (22231 bytes)  flydiabliss.jpg (37665 bytes) 
Ephraim and Lydia Foster

Children of Ephiam Foster and Lydia Bliss:
1. David Bliss Foster 30 Aug 1832 Bradford Co NY - 1914
                      buried Degolia Cemetery, Bradford, PA

     married Martha Barlow ca 1844 - ca 1925

        1. Delpha Foster 1867 -
        2. boy Foster 1869 -

2. Mary Etta Foster Sept 1834 Alleghany NY - 16 Dec 1916
Okmulgee  OK
     married ca 1858 Patrick Sheedy 1835 Dublin Ireland - Dec 1909 Okmulgee OK
         1. Charles Lewellen Sheedy 1860 - 
         2. Mary Sheedy 1860 -

         3. Amelia Sheedy 1864 - 
         4. Frank Sheedy 1867 -
          5. Daniel Sheedy 1869 -

3. Noah Webster Foster 1836 Bradford PA  - 14 Nov 1909 Stedman NY
                            buried Foster Cemetery, Bradford, McKean Co, PA
        married 1st Harriet Eliza Griffin ca 1839 - 24 May 1888

        married 2nd Mary Jane Barnhart 25 June 1852  - 4 Mar 1928
                       born in  Hartfield NY

4. Patience Foster 11 April 1839 - 25 May 1866
          married Alexander McRae
5. Allen Thomas Foster 28 Feb 1841 -
6. Willard George Foster 15 Dec 1842 Minard Run PA  - 11 April 1924 Bradford PA
    married 1st
Lettie ( Celestia Hayes ) Gier  buried 1897
                1. Ashley M Foster 25 July 1865 -
                2. Almira Foster 1869 -

          married 2nd Belle Kerr
7. Ulyssa Mariah Foster 22 Feb 1845 - 15 Dec 1917
           married 2 Nov 1866 Amassa Jack Brooks
8. Eugene Foster 1847 -
9. Youngs Foster 1849 - bef 1860
10. Augustus Newell Foster 31 Jan 1851 -

Mary Norman's 4-great grand parents

Clark Foster 1790 - 1868 his parents
& 1809/10 Elizabeth Wheedon 1784 - 1847
|  her parents
of Marcellus NY and Ohio and Auburn AL

Children of Clark Foster and Elizabeth Wheedon:
1. Miranda Foster 13 Feb 1811 - 1 Oct 1882 Auburn AL
     married Hyram Sargent
2. Lewis Allen Foster 27 April 1812 NY - 7 Sept 1894 Auburn AL
     married 15 Dec 1835 Dorinda D Long 30 July 1817 - 29 April 1897

pinetucket.jpg (25201 bytes) 
"Pinetucket," Auburn, AL
the Greek-Revival home

3. David S Foster 14 Oct 1814 NY - 5 July 1864 Auburn AL
     married Margaret Johnson
        line of Mary P Norman
4. Stephen D Foster
     married Almire ? 7 Aug 1822 NY - 21 Apr 1887 Monroe Cem. OH ts
5. Sylvia Foster 28 Dec 1818 Monroe OH  - 1892 Auburn AL dsp
6. Clark Foster dsp
7. Seth Foster 
     married Esther A ?
8. Catherine E Foster d 1899 ts
     married Justus William d 1899 ts buried Monroe Cem. OH
9. Sarah Foster d. 11 Feb 1860
      married Mr. Sargent
10. Asa Foster [twin of Sarah died infant] d 23 Dec 1828 buried OH

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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