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Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

John Edwards ca 1640 - ca 1676 his parents
& ca 1671 Ann Wright ca 1648 - ?
her parents
& bef 1670 Thomas Griffen - 1670
| his parents
& 1677 William Relison
| his parents
& 1682 James Tullagh
| his parents
of Isle of Wight, Virginia

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

 John Edwards, son of the emigrant Robert Edwards, was born in Virginia ca 1640. He married ca 1671 Ann Wright Griffen, the daughter of Thomas Wright of Isle of Wight, VA and widow of Thomas Griffen who had died prior to April 9, 1670. John Edwards died before 1 April 1677 when Anne has already married the third time a William Relison.

Ann Wright married first Thomas Griffen  d bef 9 April 1670
Ann married second ca 1671  John Edwards who died ca 1676.
Ann married third 1677 William Relison.
 "I, Wm. Body, give to Anne Relison's Eldest Sonne Robert Edwards, one Brown Cow" 1677. Apl. 1st - W&DB 1-357." 
and married the fourth time 1682 James Tullagh.
 "James Tullagh acknowledge to have sole unto Luke Kent for use of Robert Edwards, being his son-in-law [step-son] a cow."
  Oct 27 1682 Orpahans Ct WB 2-243.

Children of Thomas Griffen and Ann Wright:
1. Thomas Griffen ca 1667 -
     [Chapman notes that this son must have died early as Anne's son by her 2nd marriage is referred to as "Eldest sonne" thus indicating a younger son, but none older B 1-85]
2.  child Griffen 1670

Children of John Edwards and Ann Wright:
1. Robert Edwards ca 1672 - 1748
2. John Edwards ca 1674 - ca 1741 Bertie
       married Dorcas
3. James Edwards ca 1676 - 1723
         Will dated 24 Feb 1723 Prob. 16 July 1723
       married Ann

In 1706/7  DB 2 - pages 64 and 65
Robert and James Edwards each buys 100 acres from Thomas Whitley for 2000 pounds of tobacco.

Grandchildren of John Edwards & Ann Wright:

Children of Robert Edwards Sen. ca 1672 - 1748 NC
?1. Margaret Edwards 1699 -
2. Henry Edwards ca 1705 - 1758
      married bef 1738 Patience 1709 -

       a. Robert Edwards d 1798 I of W
            married Sophia

            i. Robert Edwards d 1817
                married 1809 Polly Parkerson
                       1. Zilla Edwards
                             married 1831 Levin Parkerson
                       2. Catherine Edwards
                       3. Polly Edwards

            ii. Hardy Edwards
           iii. John Edwards
            iv. Samuel Edwards
            v. Lydia Edwards
                  married 1807 John Parkerson
            vi. Sally Edwards
                   married 17 Jan 1812 Thomas Smith
            vii. Sophia Edwards
            viii. Parmelia Edwards
                    married 1812 Lee Sikes
       b. Brittian Edwards d 1799
             married Christian  d bef 1804

              i. Jesse Edwards
                   married 1825 Julia Owens
             ii. Patsy Edwards
             iii. Levy Edwards
                   married 1810 Charlotte Norsworthy
             iv. Mathew Edwards
                   married 1808 Charlotte Turner
             v. Nancy Edwards
                   married 1805 Peter Turner
             vi. Isaac Edwards d 1814
            vii. Cherry Edwards
                    married 1813 Armstrong Edwards

?3. Judith Edwards 1710 -
4. William Edwards est 1715 - [will 21 Mar 1794  rec Sept 1795 SH Co VA]

  *not the William of 1751 SH will 

      married by 1761 Priscilla Williams
                      daughter of Arthur Williams [will 1761 SH Co VA]  and wife Ann
      married bef 1766 2nd Sarah Edwards

          a. James Edwards ca 1762 - ca 1828 SH Co VA
            married 22 Dec 1785 Martha Wills
                               daughter of Matthew Wills
             i. Carr Edwards
    married 10 Dec 1789 Mary Kindred

            ii. Polly Edwards
                 married 31 July 1806 Henry Vaughan
           iii. Allen Edwards ca 1790 - aft 1850
                married 4 Aug 1829 Elizabeth Edwards dau of Elias E.
           iv. John Edwards 1791 - 10 Aug 1858 of Typhoid Fever
                      John served in the War of 1812 - He was 5 ft, 8 in, light hair, blue eyes 
                     and a light complexion - in 1810 he listed himself as a shoemaker.

                 married 16 Feb 1818 Sarah [Sally] M Joyner 1797 - 1879 SH Co VA
                             dau of Jeremiah Joyner of SH Co
                         1. Boldin Edwards - resid. in Blackjack TN - married twice - large family
                         2. Lawrence Edwards dy
                         3.  Frances Edwards dy
                         4.  Henry Edwards 1824 - dsp
                         5. Massie Clifton Edwards 1826 [twin] -   2 children
                              married William Jenkins of Lynchburg
                         6.  Margaret Morgan Edwards 1826 [twin] - one child
                                married Zenophan Holt
                         7. Albriston Edwards 16 May 1828 -      Merchant
                                     ancestor of Howell Barnes Edwards Jr compiler of "Edwards of VA & GA"
                                married 1 Feb 1859  Frances Anne [Annie] Howell 
                                   dau of the Rev. Edward Howell and Sarah Pipkin Barnes of Nansemond Co
                          8. John Allen Edwards 31 Jan 1831 SH Co VA - 6 April 1923 Gates Co NC   
                                         they lived in the old Pipkin-Goodman-Edwards house Gates Co
                               married 19 Dec 1865 Elizabeth C [Bettie] Goodman 29 May 1840 - 15 April 1913
                                a. William F Clifton Edwards 7 Feb 1868 - Sept 1952
                                    married 6 June 1894 Pattie V Rawlings d 25 Dec 1947 
                                b. Nina E Edwards 18 Feb 1870 - 18 April 1962
                                    married 15 Feb 1891 John Holmes Carroll 16 Oct 1860 - 4 Mar 1900 
                                    married Jan 1901 Mills P Ellis 1880 - 24 Sept 1944 
                                c. Julian Henry Edwards 29 Jan 1872 - 4 Mar 1875
                                d. Sallie M Edwards 18 Jan 1874 - 5 Sept 1946 
                                     married 30 May 1894 Solomon [Sollie] W Holland ca 1865 - 24 Feb 1952

                          9. James Edwards 1834 - Oct 1855 fever
                        10.  Mills Riddick Edwards 26 Jan 1836 I of W - 
                                married 20 Jan 1867 Susannah Bowden
                         11. Louisa Elizabeth Edwards 1840 -   three children
                                 married James [Jimmie] Duke

              v. Margaret Edwards
                   married 17 Mar 1817 James Moore
             vi. James H Edwards
                   married 9 Nov 1820 Martha Cobb
             vii. Elizabeth Edwards
                   married 16 Feb 1826 James Murfee

          b. William Edwards
              married 10 Dec 1795 Cloetilda Cobb

                i. Tempy Edwards
                    married 1812 Tyler Edwards

          c. Elias Edwards   lived I of W married dau of Sarah Edwards
               married Patsey Whitley d bef 1804
                  i. Patsey Edwards
                     married 2 Jan 1812 Jos. Parkerson

                              1. Ely Parkerson
                              2. John Parkerson
                              3. Mills Parkerson

                  ii. Emanuel Edwards
                  iii. Briton Edwards
                       married 1826 Peggy Benn
                  iv. Phebe Edwards
                        married bef 1819 Enoch Hixon
                   v. Mills Edwards
                       married Chloe Womble
                   vi. Elias Edwards
                   vii. Anna Edwards
                   viii. Lucy Edwards

                  married 25 Jan 1804 Ann Wheeler
                  married 1826 Milly Stephens
           d. Albridgton Edwards 
                  married 27 Dec 1792[9] Ann Vaughan
           e. Sally Edwards
                  married 2 Feb 1788 Giles Wester
            f. Elizabeth Edwards
                  married 1 Dec 1791 William Burrell  [Burwell Williams?]
                  she is called Elizabeth Williams in her father's 1795 will
            g. Lyddy Edwards
                    married 28 Oct 1790 Wm. Lawrence
            h. Mary Edwards

Children of John Edwards ca 1674 - ca 1741 and Dorcas ______:
1. John Edwards ca 1696-1765
      married ca 1720 1st Zilpah Blount
      married 2nd ca 1723 Elizabeth Rice
      married 3rd ca 1749 Mary ______
2. Cordelia Edwards ca 1698 
       married by 1718 James Roberts
3. Mary Edwards c1700

Children of James Edwards ca 1676 - 1723 and Ann of I of W VA:
1. Robert Edwards 1698 - 1762
                left the home plantation in father's will
     married bef 1737 Ann  1703 - widow of Matthew Strickland
     a. Solomon Edwards 1718 - 1799
           married Martha Whitley dau of Wm Whitley will 1791

            i. Martha Edwards
                 married 1777 William Turner
            ii. John Edwards  - d. 1804
           iii. Robert Edwards d 1800?
                 married Elizabeth Geddy d 1801 relict of Pully
                she had a son by 1st husband called Robert Edwards also known as Robert Pully
     b. Robert Edwards
     c. Martha Edwards 
           married Norsworthy
     d. Temperance Edwards
           married Bracy

            i. Solomon Bracy [Bressie]
                married Levita Haile

2. Joshua Edwards 1695 - 1774
     married Sarah Whitley dau of Wm Whitley
     a. Joshua
     b. Jacob [James] Edwards d 1797
           married Rebecca

           i. Jesse Edwards d 1818
               married 1787 Mary Gwaltney
               married 1794 Polly Cofer
                     1. Simmons Edwards
                         married 1820 Kitty Moody
                     2. Louiza Edwards
                     3. Exum Edwards  d 1838
                          married 1833 Sally Ellis
                          a. Virginia Edwards ca 1834 -
                          b. Sarah Edwards ca 1836 -

                     4. Patsey Edwards
                          married  Hezekiah Morris
                      5. Polly Edwards

          ii. Rebecca Edwards
                   married 1786 Bracy Whitley
         iii. Elizabeth Edwards
                   married 1796 Benjamin Saunders
          iv. Lucy Edwards
                    married 1808 Thomas Edwards
           v. Nancy Edwards
     c. Hezekiah Edwards d 1774
          married 1761 Mary Smith [sister of Vergris Smith]
            i. Etheldred Edwards
                married Mildred Turner of SH Co dau of Jacob
            ii. Sally Edwards
           iii. Mary Edwards
     d. Benjamin Edwards d by 4 Sept 1784
           married bef 1761 Elizabeth Delk [sister of Skelton Delk]
             i. Skelton Edwards
                 married 1792 Angelina Gray
           married 2nd bef 1782 Ann
     e. Matthew Edwards 
     f. Ann Edwards 
          married Hale
     g. Amy Edwards
          married Vergris Smith 
     h. Mary Edwards
          married Nathan Pope
           i. Nathan Pope
     i. Sarah Edwards 
         married John Whitley
          i. Patsey Whitley
              married Elias Edwards
3. James Edwards d 1743
     married Allinor
     a. David
Edwards ca 1727 - 1819 SH Co VA
           married 1st unknown
           i. David Edwards
               married 1786 Lucy Weather
           ii. Edwin Edwards
           iii. Anna Edwards
                married Gardner
           iv. Cullen Edwards
           v. Bedy Edwards
           married 2nd 15 April 1784 Margaret Wells of SH
     b. James
Edwards ca 1729 - will 1782
           married Mary Whitley
           i. Mills Edwards
          ii. Holland Edwards
              married 1796 Benjamin Philips

     c. John
Edwards ca 1731 -
           married bef 1762 dau of John Jackson
     d. William
Edwards ca 1733 - 1773 I of W VA
           married Susanna Whitley dau of John d 1761
           i. William Edwards  d Dec 1802
               married bef 1795 Elizabeth perhaps Carpenter

                    1. William H Edwards Jr    disappears 1806
                         married 1803 Holland Edwards his cousin
                         a. William Chapman Edwards 1804 - 1863
                             married 22 June 1822 Polly S Cofer

           ii. James Edwards  d 1800
                married Susanna

                     1. David Edwards  d 1835
                          married 22 Dec 1790 Chloe Chapman 
                           a. Josiah Edwards 
                                married 1st 28 Jan 1815 Patsey Clayton
                                married 2nd 25 Feb 1835 Jermima Whitley
                            b. Sampson Edwards
                            c. Richard Edwards 
                                married 26 Aug 1819 Polly Pinhorn
                            d. Nancy Edwards 

                          married 29 May 1815 Keziah Edwards  relict of William Pinhorn
                            e. Susan Edwards
                                married bef 1836 Jordan Turner
                             f. Timothy Edwards
                                married 1851 Winnefred Edwards

                      2. Joshua Edwards d 1820
                          married 16 Oct 1801 Nancy Turner
                            a. Nancy Edwards
                                married 1825 James Powell
                            b. Selah Edwards
                            c. Elizabeth Edwards
                                 married 1831 Levin Parkerson
                            d. Joshua Edwards d bef 3 Oct 1836
                                 married 1828 Elizabeth Atkins widow
                            e. Benjamin Edwards
                                 married 1st 1825 Sally Chapman
                                 married 2nd 1830 Catherine Dobbs
                            f. Jordan Edwards

                      3. Jenny Edwards
                           married Welleston
                      4.  James Edwards  d 1833  no issue
                           married 18 Jan 1816 Winny Edwards
                      5. Rebecca Edwards d bef 1806?
                      6. Mary Edwards                            

                Susanna married 2nd 4 Jan 1817 Jordan Turner
           iii. John Edwards d 1806
                married Patience

                       1. John Edwards d 1811
                           married 1798 Ann Cofer dau of James Cofer
                           a. John Edwards Jr
                               married SH Co 1818 Sally Joyner d bef 7 Mar 1836
                                i. Ann M Edwards
                           b. Winnefred Edwards   no issue
                               married 1816 James Edwards
                           c. Miles Edwards
                               married 20 July 1822 Winny Edwards
                                i. John F Edwards
                                    married Miss Provin
                                ii. Samuel Edwards
                                    married Roxanna Chapman
                               iii. Winnefred Edwards
                                    married  1851 Timothy Edwards
                               iv. Mary Catherine Edwards
                                    married John Murphy
                                v. James H Edwards

                       2. Holland Edwards
                            married 1803 William Edwards
                        3. Jonas Edwards  d 1829
                            married Martha Davis d 1843
                                  dau of James
                        4. Isham Edwards
                             married Polly Gale

                Patience married 2nd 1816 Lewis Turner
           iv. Elizabeth Edwards
                married George Whitley
           v. Honour Edwards
                married Nichols

     e. Jonas
Edwards ca 1736 - 1804 SH Co VA
           married Elizabeth
           i. Kinchen Edwards     will 15 Oct 1815 prob Feb 1816
                     1. Jordan Edwards
                          married 18 Dec 1809 Keaton Johnson
                     2. Elizabeth Edwards
                           married 19 Jan 1805 Jordan Beal

           ii. Eley Edwards   
          iii. Levi Edwards    d 1818 SH Co VA
               married 1st 1791 Catherine Tyler

                       1. Tyler Edwards
                            married 14 Dec 1812 Tempy Edwards dau of William Edwards 
                            a. Sally Edwards
                             b. Clayton Edwards

                       2. Jeremiah Edwards
                            married 20 May 1816 Martha Johnson

               married 2nd 1818 Elizabeth  widow of Vaughan
           iv, Fanny Edwards
                married Bracy

                       1. Elias Bracy
     f. Nathan Edwards ca 1739 -
     g. Albridgton
Edwards ca 1742 -

4. Sarah Edwards 1695 - 1762
      married bef 1723 Joseph Pope 1690 - 1749

        a. Hardy Pope
        b. John Pope
        c. Joseph Pope
        d. Samuel Pope

      married 2nd Nathan Godwin d bef 1762

Ref: "A Compilation by Blanche Adams Chapman for R A Edwards [Clerk of Court]"  for the children of Robert and James Edwards. Note she leaves the first name of Anne Wright's Edward husband blank and does not include the middle son John Edwards that moved to North Carolina early.

 "Edwards of Virginia and Georgia" compiled by Howell Barnes Edwards Jr.  1993
  "The Edwards Family. . . " compiled by Annie Smith Gulick

*As an Edwards researcher, I can say 
William Edwards, Will in Southampton County d. in 1751, wife Elizabeth... his father was not Robert!!!! It was Thomas Edwards and it is proven in Thomas Will in Surry County, Virginia.  This was Thomas Edwards and Elizabeth Newitts son.
William Edwards-1751 son William was not the one that had a Will in Southampton County dated 1795.  William-1751 son, William, removed to Johnston County, NC.  His will was dated 1785. 
Thomas Edwards (Elizabeth's husband) was the son of William Edwards and Dorothy Withers.  This William was a Burgess of Surry, and a qualifying member of the Jamestown Society.  William Edwards (Burgess) father was William Edwards that died in 1622, Good Friday Massacre in Jamestown.  I have his Will which was written in October 1621, along with his wife Agnes.  Their Wills were probated on May 23, 1623.  A month after the List of the Living and dead was published to account as a census to the king of England at the time.  William and Agnes never had a son Richard!!!  William and Agnes were not from North Petherton either.  In his Will he is know as William Edwards, Gentleman of Westhatch in Somerset County.  He also had 3 estates.
Sean Edwards
Virginia Beach, VA

William Edwards ?  - 1751 SH Co, VA 
    son of Thomas Edwards and Elizabeth Newitt of Surry

      married bef 1733 Elizabeth ?

      a. Benjamin Edwards   will 1762 SH Co, VA
      b. William Edwards 
removed to Johnston Co NC will 1785
      c. Thomas Edwards   will 1781 SH Co, VA
      d.  John Edwards

the emigrant
?Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

Robert Edwards ca 1615 - ca 1677 [1608-1681] his parents
& Rebecca ? ca 1618 - ?[1610-1669]
|  her parents
of Isle of Wight, Virginia

From "the Edwards Family of Southampton/Nansemond Co VA" - Robert Edwards was the son of William Edwardes b 1588 of Edwards Hall, Glen Glamorganshire, Wales near Cardiff. Robert had brothers: John ca 1609, Thomas ca 1611, William ca 1613. "Apparently William did not inherit and his sons are all reported to have come to America in the early 1600's" "Edwardes Legacy"

A Robert Edwards was "in Virginia - came on the Marigold 1619" 

Robert was in England again in 1634 and probably married at that time Rebecca as "Robert and Rebecca Edwards" are in George Mynifie's list when he was granted 3000 a. on 9 May 1635.

In 1643, Robert Edwards is listed by Sir Francis Wyatt in 1643 on his land grant.

By 1664 -- son Robert Edwards makes a trip to England [listed with Capt. Anthony Fulgham when he is granted 1000 a in Isle of Wight and  again in July 1775] and still again he returned to Virginia with John Edwards in 1666 [They are both in Lawrence Smith's and Robert Taliferro's list for the great patent of 6300 a on the Rappahannock

Children of Robert and Rebecca Edwards:
1. Dr. Robert Edwards ca 1638 - 1681 intestate in Isle of Wight bef 2 May 1681
      married bef 1669 Mary Hunt d 1732
           daughter of William Hunt and Judith, his wife [Judith married 2nd 1668 Richard Parker]
       a. Margaret Edwards
       b. Judith Edwards
       c.  Mary Edwards
             married 1694 James Bragg

     Mary married 2nd Owen Griffen 
     Mary married 3rd ca 1700 Wm. Boddie [as his third wife]  d ca 1717    

2. John Edwards ca 1640 - ca 1676
      married ca 1671 Anne Wright   widow of Thomas Griffen
          dau of Thomas Wright of Isle of Wight

In 1664 Robert Edwards Jr. bought 100 a in the upper parish of Isle of Wight Co from Edmund Palmer, the land adjoining that of Wm. Boddie. Henry Applewhite and Edmund Palmer [DB 1 - 81]

in Cardiff
?Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

William Edwardes ca 1588 his parents
&   - ?
|  her parents
of Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales

edwardshall.jpg (20907 bytes)
Edwards Hall . . . located in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
built by Norman knight Godefrey de Pomeroi between 1066 - 1100.
Many nobles held this Hall and the Despenser Family until it returned to the Crown during Henry VIII's reign, when it was passed to the Edwardes as a "grace and favour" gift.
Abandoned in the early 1700's.
"Nothing but a pile of rubble now remains to mark its location in this rough, hilly, rocky land."

William was born at Edwards Hall in 1588, son of Richard Edwardes Jr. and brother of Joshua born ca 1580.

"Apparently William did not inherit and his sons are all reported to have come to America in the early 1600's."

Children of William Edwardes:
1. John Edwardes ca 1609 -
2. Thomas Edwardes ca 1611 -
3. William Edwardes ca 1613 -
4. Robert Edwardes ca 1615 - ca 1677

Ref: "The Edwards Family of Northampton" by Bruce Montgomery Edwards

Edwards Hall
?Sally's 11th great Grandparents:

Richard Edwards Jr  1566 - ca 1677 his parents
of Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales

Richard was born 22 Nov 1566, North Petherton, Somerset, England and died at Edwards Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales.   old prints of Glamorganshire

Richard, according to the inheritance laws of Wales, inherited Edwards Hall, since he was the youngest son. This law was directly opposite to English law, which gave property to the eldest son. Richard Sr had acquired considerable property as a favor from the reigning English monarchs and from his wife's family as well. So Richard Jr and his descendants became inheritors of Edwards Hall, which in subsequent years was destroyed, and then rebuilt in the ancient town of Llanaff in 1770 by Thomas Edwards. Richard Jr's descendants became Barons.

Children of Richard Edwards Jr:
1. William Edwards 1588 -
      a. William Edwards 
           i. John Edwards
          ii. Thomas Edwards
          iii. Robert Edwards
          iv. William Edwards

These four brothers all believed to have come to America in the early 1600's
2. Joshua Edwards ca 1580 - 
       a. x Edwards
            i. Thomas Nathaniel Edwards

               married 1714 Elizabeth Downing
                          1. Robert Edwards 1716 -
                          2. Joshua Edwards 17 Nov 1718 -
                          3. William Edwards 9 Apr 1720 -
                          4. Thomas Edwards 7 July 1723 -
                          5. Leonard Edwards 1725 -
                          6. John Edwards 1727 -

                                  a. Samuel Edwards 1752 NH co NC - 1790 NH Co NC
                                       married Martha

                          7. Jacob Edwards 1729 -
                          8. Martha [Patsy] Edwards 1731 -

    Robert, John, and Jacob came to America about 1750.
      Jacob settled on the Eastern Shore of Virginia but soon returned to England and "there married, raised his family and died."
        Robert's record is much in dispute - the family claimed that he was the founder of the "Edwards Fortune" in New York.
         John settled in Northampton County NC. He bought land 1752, married and had a son whom he named Samuel. His wife died very soon. John was in ill health and returned to England and died there.
John was known as John Edwards, gentleman.

         Samuel returned to Northampton and to the land owned by his father.
Children of Samuel Edwards 1752 - 1790 and wife Martha:

1. Samuel Edwards
2. Collen Edwards
3. Dempsey Edwards
4. Michael Edwards
5. Willis Edwards
6. John Edwards
7. William Edwards
8. Mary Edwards
9. James Edwards
10. Kinchen Edwards

Ref: "The Edwards Family of Northampton" by Bruce Montgomery Edwards
         "Edwardes Legacy" by David D Edwards

Edwards Hall
?Sally's 12th great Grandparents:

Richard Edwards 1523 or 25 -  1566 his parents
& 1560 Margaret Babb
& bef 1562 Helene Griffith
of North Petherton, Somerset

Richard's history is a rich one and well documented in "Edwards Legacy"

 "Richard Edwardes was born in March of 1525 [some records say 1523] in the Parish of North Petherton, Somerset, England"
He was an Oxford graduate, [Richard Edwardes entered Oxford on the 11th of May in 1540 at the age of 15 years and two months - He was admitted as a Fellow on 11 August 1544, He received his BA degree on 1 Nov 1544, and his MA degree and was ordained on 3 February 1546] a Priest of the Catholic Church in England [He was ordained in the Anglican faith - Richard was elected Theologian at Christ Church College on 11 April 1550], a Music Master [He studied music with George Etheridge], Composer, Choir-Master of the Court of England, Playwright and Poet.
[Richard Edwardes became a member of the Chapel Royal for the coronation of Queen Mary 17 September 1553]
[12 July 1555, Richard Edwards resigned as Rector of St. Helen's, Worchester, in the house and presence of Simon Cofton and Thomas Fryare of St Faith's Parish near St. Paul's Cathedral and his resignation was witnessed by Richard Bradhourne.]
[In 1558, Richard was allotted seven yards of black cloth as a gentleman of the Chapel Royal for the funeral of Queen Mary. For the coronation of Elizabeth he "shone resplendent" in four yards of scarlet cloth. In a list of the "Camera Hospitium" during the first year of Elizabeth's reign, Richard is found in the list of the Queen's Chamber and not on the list of the Chapel Royal. But a patent to him as Gentleman of the Chapel Royal was dated 27 May 1560. He also became on this date Deputy Master of the children. On 26 July 1561, Richard Bower, Master of the Children since 1545 died and Richard was appointed his successor. "This position was one of considerable responsibility and prestige, the incumbent being one of the upper court circle, which accompanied the sovereign on progresses as well as in London."
 On 25 December 1564, Richard produced a play with his own music entitled "Damon and Pythias." In 1564 Richard was admitted as a member of Lincoln's Inn. [This was an organization of prominent London lawyers and Richard's membership was an honorary one. On April 22, 1560 Richard was married to Margaret Babb in the parish of North Petherton, Somerset. There is  and entry in that parish for the  christening of William Edwardes on 9 November 1561.
 His wives were permitted under the permission of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I as the Church of England emerged.
 2 February1565, at Candlemas, Richard produced another play entitled "Misogomus."  Then on the 2nd and 4th of September 1566 he produced a play for his Queen entitled "Palamon and Arcite." It is said that Richard "...possessed a courtly tact which gained him the Mastership of the Children of the Chapel Royal, and the favor of Queen Elizabeth. The record of the Oxford visit in 1566 show him in very close and cordial relations with her. At the close of his play she made an informal and gracious speech of thanks to him, and on the next day we hear of his standing beside her on the steps of St. Mary's Church and exchanging witticisms."
 On 31 Oct 1566, Richard died.  
 He was considered later to have been the "Shakespeare of His Time" and William Shakespeare did in fact use one of Richards poems in a play. 
 Richard came into some wealth in his marriage to Helene. 
 He left a will, executed by Helene's brother, Thomas Griffith.

Children of Richard Edwardes:
1. William Edwardes 9 Nov 1561 North Petherton, Somerst
2. Elizabeth Edwardes ca 1562 London -
3. Marie Edwardes ca 1563 London -
4. Gwen Edwardes ca 1564 London - 1603 London
5. John Edwardes 15 Mar 1565 North Petherton, Somerset -
6. Richard Edwardes 22 Nov 1566 North Petherton, Somerset -

Ref:  "Edwardes Legacy" by David D Edwards

Edwards Hall
?Sally's 1
3th great Grandparents:

William Edwardes ca 1500 - 1547 | his parents
& Agnes Blewitt [Bluet] ca 1507 - 1575
of North Petherton, Somerset

 William Edwards was connected to North Petherton, Somerset. The old Edwards arms shows a canton which includes the symbol of his wife's estate in Somerset. He was connected to Woolmersdon as well and his history should be pursued in David D Edwards Book, "Edwardes Legacy" Wills exist for Wm and Agnes.

Children of William and Agnes Edwardes:
1. Richard Edwardes Oct 1523 - 31 Oct 1566

 Ref: "Edwardes Legacy" by David D Edwards

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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