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George Beale
1792 - 1835 
his parents
& Emily Truxtun  1798 - 1885 
her parents
of Washington, DC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

 George Beale and Emily Truxton were married in Philadelphia 4 May 1819, the Rt Rev William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania and Rector of Christ Church officiating. 

George Beale  was born in 1792 in Hampton VA, son of George Beale Sr of Norfolk VA and of Washington DC by his first wife Mary Dixon.
He was appointed Purser, US Navy on 24 July 1813.
 He was decorated in 1820 with a Congressional Silver Medal  for "Galantry, good conduct, and services in the decisive and splendid victory gained on Lake Champlain on the 11th of Sept 1814 over a British Squadron of superior force."  
 He died intestate 4 April 1835 in his 44th year at his "Bloomingdale" estate in Washington [DC] and was buried in the Congressional Cemetery with marker.
Emily Truxtun was born 30 Sept 1798 in Perth Amboy NJ, tenth of twelve children oft Captain Thomas Truxtun USN and his wife Mary Fundran. She died 21 May 1885 in Washington.

From the Interments in the Historic Congressional Cemetery:
Emily Beale d 22 May 1885  86 yrs   R32/60
 On Thursday, May 21st 1885 at nine o'clock, Mrs. Emily Beale in the 87th year of her age. Funeral will take place from her late residence on Saturday afternoon at two o'clock. Carriages will be waiting at St John's church at one o'clock to convey friends to the residence of the deceased.

Beale, George Jr. d 4 Apr 1835     R32/59
The National Intelligencer, April 6 1835 - on Saturday evening, George Beale, Esq. late a Purser in the Navy of the United States, after a severe and lingering illness. His friends and the Army and Navy officers now in the city, are requested to attend his funeral tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock from his late residence near the city.

Children of George Beale and Emily Truxton:
Truxtun Dixon Beale 17 Jan 1820 - 22 Dec 1870 Wash. DC [clk PO Dept 1870]
          lived with his widowed mother in her household DC
   married RI 8 Oct 1844 Mary Anna Tillinghast 28 May 1827 RI - 17 Sept 1918 Devon Eng
     a. Charles Willing Beale 9 Dec 1845 DC - 1932
     b. Emily Power Beale 1848 DC -
         married Horace Binney Hare
     c. Constance R Beale ca Dec 1849 DC -
     d. Edward Fitzgerald Beale 21 March 1853 DC -
         married bef 1922 Maria Leiois 21 June 1856 Phila PA -
     e. Catherine C Beale 1857 VA -
         married Oliver Perry Smith
         i. Oliver Perry-Smith 11 Oct 1884 -
e-mail from Randolph Thomas Perry-Smith "My grandfather's, father, is Oliver Perry-Smith, also, died in the Spanish American War in 1899, a captain in Fitzhugh Lee's 7th Army Corps. My grandfather was born in Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1884."
"My grandfather Oliver Perry-Smith is a world renown American rock climber, and pioneer in skiing."

Edward Fitzgerald [Ned] Beale 4 Feb 1822 PA - 22 April 1893
     Minister to Austria-Hungary 1876-77. Led the experiment to use camels in the US Army. Thought to be the courier who brought news to Washinton of the discovery of gold in California. Beale Air Force Base is named for him.

      married 27 June 1849  Mary Engle Edwards ca 1832 PA - 6 April 1902
            daughter of Samuel Edwards, Pennsylvania Congressman 1785 -1850


Edward Fitzgerald Beale, Lieut., U.S.N.,
Dressed in a Mexican coat and hat as disguise for his ride across Mexico in 1849
bearing Naval dispatches and the first samples of
gold from California to reach Washington
From an oil painting in Decatur House [Marie Beale]

Edward F Beale
Envoy to Austria, adventurer, sailor, engineer, Indian Agent, 
introduced camels to Texas

Beale's Cut
Beale's Cut
Originally 30 feet deep when the young General Phineas Banning drove the first stagecoach through it in 1854, later was it was deepened to 90 feet by troops under General Edward F. Beale in 1863, to allow "relatively" easy travel to points north.

Beale4.jpg (34159 bytes) 
The final resting place of Edward Fitzgerald Beale. 
The gravesite is located in Chester Rural Cemetary on Edgmont Ave., Chester, PA.  
Credit photo to Jamie Lynn Warfel for finding the gravesite.

     a. Mary Beale 1850 PA - 26 June 1925 Paris, France
           married 1877 George Bakhmetiff, a Russian diplomat 
     b. Emily S Beale 1854 PA -
           married John R McLean, publisher of Cincinnati and Washington
Truxtun Beale 6 Mar 1856 San Francisco CA  - 2 June 1936  MD   
                 US Minister to Peria 1891-92; US Minister to Greece 1892-93;   
                   interred in Bruton Parish Churchyard, Williamsburg, VA   
             married 1st Harriet Blaine of Maine  [divorced]
                 i. Walker Blaine Beale 1896 - 18 Sept 1918 France 
Lt. USA killed in action 
married NY 23 April 1903 Marie Oge

bealetr.jpg (22651 bytes)
Truxtun Beale son of Edward
bclock.jpg (9986 bytes)
The Beale Clock Tower 
Bakersfield CA
presented to the city by
Gen Truxton Beale and his wife Marie Beale

After his divorce from Hattie Blaine, Truxtun Beale married Marie Oge. She
wrote a book about the Beale house on LaFayette Sq "Decatur House and its
Inhabitants" Marie Beale 1954. Near the end of her life she bequeathed the
house to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

New York, April 23rd 1903 Truxton Beale, who served as United States
Minister to Persia under President Harrison and later was Minister to Greece
and who is the divorced husband of the  daughter of the late James G.
Blaine, was married today to Miss Marie Oge of San Rafael, Calif. Miss Oge
is the granddaughter of former Chief Justice [Salmon Portland] Chase of the
United States Supreme  Court.

3. Mary Gertrude Beale 18 June 1823 - 4 Jan 1824

4. Cornelia Gertrude Beale 20 Dec 1825 - 17 Mar 1827
5. Mary Elizabeth Beale 27 June 1828 - 6 June 1903
     married William Read [Lieut USA] 24 Apr 1824 New Castle Del - 29 Apr 1884
     a. George Beale Read 13 Jan 1849 Ft Washita I.T.- 1922 Wash DC
          married Alice P Read
           i. George Beale Read Jr
          ii. Alice H Read
      b. Emily Truxton Read
            married Gen M C Goodsell USMC
      c. Mrs. Elber Howe Broadhead of Parkersburg PA
6. George Nancrede Beale 14 Nov 1829 - 1912
      married 2 June 1851 Elizabeth Brown Wheeler 14 Dec 1832 - 1921

7. Emily Truxton Beale 7 Sep 1832 - 6 Nov 1880 West Point NY
      married 18 Sep 1855 Junius Brutus Wheeler  21 Feb 1830 NC - 15 Jul 1886

Ref: Family History: PA Gen #1 - GPF III ST-Z, "Commodore Thomas Truxtun, U S Navy, of Jamaica LI, Perth Amboy, NJ Philadelphia PA" compiled by Lewis D Cook 


George Beale 1761 - 1823  his parents
& 1789 Mary Dixon  died bef 1816
  |  her parents
& 1817 Elizabeth Clagett Lane [Bowie] 1780 -
| her parents
of Norfolk VA and Washington, DC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

George Beale born about 1758   was the second son of George Beale and wife Mary Murdoch  of St Croix, Danish West Indies. He "was educated in France."

He married 1st Mary Dixon, who died before 1816, daughter of Thomas Dixon and wife Sarah Tucker of Elizabeth County VA
In 1810 George Beale established a cut-nail factory in Washington and imported coal from Richmond for retail trade, having settled in DC in 1809, coming from Norfolk VA.

He married secondly 4 December 1817, with a Prince George County MD license of 2 September, Elizabeth [Lane] Bowie, widow of Captain Eversfield Bowie of said County who had died in March 1815 in Washington DC and was buried in Rock Creek Ch yard.
She was born 10 Aug 1780, daughter of Captain Lane and his wife Barbara Brooke.

George Beale "Sr" aged about 65 years, formerly of Norfolk VA died 9 Dec 1823 at the residence of his son in Washington DC as noticed in the National Intelligence of next day. 

From the Interments in the Historic Congressional Cemetery:
Beale, George Sr. d 16 Dec 1824    60 yrs   R52/56
   [In Memory of . . .who died in this city the 16th day of December 1824 in the 61st year of his age. Erected by Mrs. Emily Beale.]

Children of George Beale and Mary Dixon:
1. Robert Beale 1790 - 1866?
      married Eliza Jane Forbes
2. George Beale  1792 Hampton VA  - 5 April 1835 Washington DC
      married Phila. 4 May 1819 Emily Truxton  1798 - 1885 Washington DC
3. Catherine Ann Beale
      married 20 Oct 1826 John Peirce Crosby 17 Dec 1795 - 10 Oct 1828
4. Ellen Beale
5. Maria Beale
6. John Beale

Children of George Beale and 2nd wife Elizabeth Clagett Lane [Bowie]
7.  child that died young
8. Elizabeth Ann Beale 6 Aug 1819 MD - 8 Dec 1886    [divorced 10 Sep 1861]
           burial Congressional Cem Washington DC  74/331
     married 28 Feb 1839 Cdr. William David Porter USN 
                               11 Mar 1809 New Orleans - 1 May 1864 NYC
                        burial Philadelphia PA Woodlands CC 222 & 223
         son of David Porter USN and wife Evelina Anderson
       a. William David Porter II 28 Jan 1840 Wash. DC - 7 Nov 1902 Petersburg VA
             married Mary Epps Gilliam
       b. Edna Dixon Porter ca 1842 Wash. DC - 
             married Knoxville TN 1867 John Daniel Imboden
       c. Mouina George Porter ca 1846 Wash. DC -1907
                         burial Congressional Cem. Washington DC  74/330
       Cdr. William David Porter  
         married 1st a daughter of Jordan Merchant/Marchant of Norfolk.  [died early]
              [she was sister of the first wife of David Glasgow Farragut, Susan Caroline Merchant]

Notes: re William David Porter
See pg 84 "Memoirs Commodore David Porter"
Navy, Midship. 1 Jan 1823, Passed Midship. 29 Mar 1829. Lt. 31 Dec 1833,
Reserved List 13 Sep 1855. Cmdr. on active list 14 Sep 1855, Comodr. 16 Jul 1862,
 d. 1 May 1864, USS Essex Dec 1861 - Sep 1862
Named for Major William Anderson.
First wife died, she was sister of Farragut's first wife.
Had a child by a servant girl.
will DC 1864 box 32
obit NY Times 2 May 1864 1:4
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, 10 March, 1809; died in New York city, 1May, 1864, was educated in Philadelphia, and appointed to the United States navy from Massachusetts as midshipman on 1 January, 1823. He became lieutenant on 31 December, 1833, served on the "Franklin," " Brandywine,"
"Natchez," "Experiment," "United States," and " Mississippi," and in 1843 was assigned to the home squadron. He commanded the store-ship "Erie" in 1849, and, in 1851, the "Waterwitch." On 13 September, 1855, he was placed on the reserved list, but he was restored to active duty as commander on 14 September, 1859. At the beginning of the civil war he was serving on the United States sloop "St. Mary's," in the Pacific. He was ordered to the Mississippi to assist in fitting out the gun-boat flotilla with which he accompanied Commander Andrew H. Foote up Tennessee river, and, commanded the "Essex," which he had named for his father's ship, in the attack on Fort Henry, 6 February, 1862, during which engagement he was scalded and temporarily blinded by steam from a boiler that had been pierced by shot. He also commanded the "Essex" in the battle of Fort Donelson, 14 February, 1862, and fought in the same vessel past the batteries on the Mississippi to join the fleet at Vicksburg. He attacked the Confederate ram " Arkansas" above Baton Rouge, 15 July, 1862, and disabled her, and her magazine shortly
afterward exploded. He was made commodore on 16 July, 1862, and then bombarded Natchez, and attacked the Vicksburg batteries and Port Hudson. Subsequently he served but little, owing to impaired health. 
He had two sons in the Confederate service.
A report by Lt. William D. Porter to the Secretary of the Treasury, Levi Woodbury, in 1838, provides the earliest reference to establishing a navigational aid at Drum Point.  Lt. Porter urged that a beacon-light be placed on Drum Point at the mouth of the Patuxent River.

Notes: re Elizabeth Ann Beale Porter
1850 US Census says born in MD
Feb 1861 packs up and moves from Washington to Richmond along with her three children. 
Husband on duty in Pacific at the time.
died at 1111 H st NW of Cerebral Embolism Cert # DC 54544

Ref: Family History: PA Gen #1 - GPF II Hi-So, "William Murdoch 1705-1761 of Philadelphia and his Desc." compiled by Lewis D Cook 

George Beale bef 1735 - 1769 | his parents
& 1756 Mary Murdoch  1735 - 1804
| her parents
of St Croix DWI & Philadelphia PA

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

  George Beale and Mary Murdoch were married 2 March 1756 at Christ Church in Philadelphia.
27 May 1735 Mary Murdoch was born the oldest daughter of William Murdoch and his wife Mary Hammond of Armagh, prov of Ulster, Ireland. This was before their move to Pennsylvania.
1765 - 68 Mary wife + 1 child + 3 slaves living with George Beale at Sion Hill plantation, St. Croix.
George Beale was Manager [Inspector] of plantation of Mr. John Bradshaw in Queens Quarter.
George Beale died in November 1769 leaving a widow Mary Beale.
1769 Mary widow living Sion Hill, no children, 2 slaves
25 Jan 1770 - Mr. Arthur Bignell produced will of George Beale dated 4 Nov 1769 as Probate Court gathers at house of James Towers.
1770 Widow Bayle treated by Dr. Rush, Phila
1772 - 1776 Mrs. Mary Beale rented large home of Christopher McEvoy on Kings St, Chrisiansted, directly across from Anglican Church. She hosted many large dinners prior Planter's Club meetings [dinner for 40 gentlemen] held at the house. 
16 July 1777 Christopher Nugent sells 34 Queens Cross Street where Thos Tucker lives and house adjoining where Mrs. Beale lives.
1779 Mary Beale of St Croix, widow, appoints eldest son John Beale of Chester, PA gentleman, my attorney.
1782 Mary Beale of Phila, widow, buys house on bank between Water and Front St from Archibald McCall, Phila merchant and wife Judith. Neighbors Hugh Bowes and Anthony Stocker.
1787 Mrs Beale rented a pew at St Mary's RC Church, Phila
1804 Will of Mary Beale was proved 15 Oct. in Phila. She was buried in the Kelly vault.

Children of George Beale and Mary Murdoch:
1. John Beale 27 Dec 1756 - 21 June 1802  [in Phila. in 1780]
        educated in England [1769] and inherited the family estate 
         1775 John Beale manager of John Bradshaw's plantation Sion Hill
         1776-1781 lived in New Garden PA
         1785 JB was a grocer on Water St Phila; appears in St Josephs Catholic Church records
         1790 lived on Dock St Phila with wife and child
         1791 managed Thos Bradshaw's plantation Carleton
         1793-1797 managed Thos Bradshaw's plantation Sion Hill
         1798 managed Samuel Foster's plantation Concordia
          1802 owns house at 29 Company St, Christiansted prior to his death
2. George Beale 30 Oct 1761 London - 1823
           1784 living Newport News/Norfolk area
           1788 master Sloop Fanny - 35 tons - John Beale sole owner

      married 1789 Mary Dixon
      married 4 Dec 1817 Mrs. Elizabeth Lane Bowie
3. Mary Beale  died bef 1796
      married John Kelly
4. Thomas Beale

Will of George Beale 4 Nov 1769 Island of St Croix - prob 25 Jan 1770 St Croix
- Children George and Mary to be brought up in "Roman Catholic Apostolick Religion" in which they baptized
- George Beale owned land in Chester and New Castle in Prov. of Pennsylvania - 244 acres now rented to Matthew McConnell
- Eldest son John Beale, now in England, to be trained for trade or business.
- George Beale owes a balance due on PA land
- mentions estate of Wm Murdoch to be inherited by wife Mary.
- appoints Matthias Ferrall Esq and Arthur Bignell of St Croix; George Meade & Samuel Murdoch of Philadelphia Exors.
- witnesses: Terence McDonnell, Mau Ferrall & John West
- signed 4 Nov 1769 - George Beals, Mary Beal

Ref: Family History: PA Gen #1 - GPF II Hi-So, "William Murdoch 1705-1761 of Philadelphia and his Desc." compiled by Lewis D Cook 

 Evan Randolph "Findings on George Beale-died St. Croix 1769"

 Thomas Dixon - 1773/4   |  his parents 
&  Sarah Tucker

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Sarah Tucker was the daughter of Anthony Tucker and 1st wife Mary Curle.

Children of Thomas Dixon and Sarah Tucker:
1. Elizabeth Dixon bef 1765 - 
      married 1785 Maj William Anderson bef 1 aug 1765 - 1 Aug 1841 Chester PA
2. Mary Dixon ca 1770 -
     married 1789 George Beale
3. Dr. Anthony Tucker Dixon bef Sept 1758 -
4. Rosea Dixon
      married Bryan

 "The wife of George Beale of Washington DC was Mary Dixon of Virginia. Her sister Elizabeth was the wife and widow of Major William Anderson of Chester."
 -- from J H Martin, History of Chester, Penna p 213

 For Major Wm Anderson see Biogr Direct Amer Congress
Thomas Dixon and wife Sarah [Tucker] Dixon were the parents of Dr. Anthony Tucker Dixon, of the American Revolution, and of Mary Dixon who married George Beale ---from Tyler's Quart Hist & Geneal Mag X 44

 The will of Thomas Dixon, dated 11 June 1773 and proved 27 Jan 1774 devises estate to wife Sarah, with reversion to son Anthony Tucker Dixon; orders plantation bought of Thomas Hawkins to be sold and at death of wife the slaves to be divided "among all my children" except Rosea Bryan; appoints executors, his wife, Col Cary Seldom and William Roscow Curle -- from abstracts of Wills of Elizabeth City County VA 1610-1800 p 134

Ref: Family History: PA Gen #1 - GPF II Hi-So, "William Murdoch 1705-1761 of Philadelphia and his Desc." compiled by Lewis D Cook   [note #30]

Major William Anderson married 1785 Elizabeth Dixon [who was born before 1 Aug 1765 in Richmond? VA and died 1 Aug 1841, buried Chester PA]

Elizabeth had a sister Mary Dixon who married George Beale ca 1789 in Old Point Comfort VA 


 Anthony Tucker ca 1700 - 1758  |  his parents 

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Anthony Tucker married ca 1729 1st Mary Curle, who had two children by a marriage with Harry Jenkins -- John and Mary Jenkins. 

Anthony Tucker married  2nd Rosea, widow of Joshua Curle and they had Mary, who married Anthony Armistead.

note: Mary Curle Tucker was the sister of Joshua Curle.

Children of Mary Curle and Harry Jenkins [deed]
1. John Jenkins
2. Mary Jenkins

Children of Anthony Tucker and Mary Curle
1. Sarah Tucker ca 1730 -
     married Thomas Dixon
2. Curle Tucker

Child of Anthony Tucker and Rosea ?
1. Mary Tucker  -
    married Anthony Armistead
     a. Anthony Armistead ca 1756 - 1841 MS
           married Sarah Archer
     b. Robert Armistead
     c. Westwood Armistead 1763 - 1848 Chatham Co NC
     d. Alexander Carver Armistead bef 1766 - 1822 Chatham Co NC
     e. Elizabeth Armistead
     f. William A Armistead
    she married 2nd Williams

?Children of Joshua Curle and Rosea
1. Judith Curle
     married John Herbert
2. Mary Curle
     married William King

In 1728-29 Anthony Tucker and Mary his wife made a deed in favor of John Jenkins and Mary Jenkins, children of said Mary Tucker. 

In 1729 Anthony Tucker was administrator of Charles Tucker, whose widow Phebe Tucker names her daughter Phebe and grandson Alexander Carver and Phebe Carver.

Will of Anthony Tucker 15 Sept 1758 -prob 2 Jan 1759 Elizabeth City county VA
names wife Rosea,
 children Curle Tucker, Sarah Dixon and Mary Armistead, 
grandson Anthony Armistead, 
grandson Anthony Tucker Dixon.
 Witnesses, Anne Armistead, R. Armistead.

Will of Rosea Tucker dated 1766
to her grandchildren: Elizabeth, Anthony, Robert, Westwood, and Alexander Carver, children of my daughter Mary Armistead by Anthony Armistead, her husband.
three daughters: Mary King, Judith Herbert, and Mary Armistead, names Sarah Dixon, and appoints William Armistead guardian of Elizabeth Armistead till twenty-one.

Will of Alexander Carver Armistead 22 June 1822 - prob Nov Ct 1822 
 - wife Frances - but no children
 - nephews Robert and William Armistead, sons of brother Westwood
 - Anthony, son of his brother Anthony, 
 - niece Mary Armistead, daughter of sister Elizabeth,
 - William Williams, "brother by mother"
 - brothers Anthony and Robert he left eleven slaves to be divided at the death of each brother among "the three children which they had by their first wives."
 - wife and Thomas Lasater to be executors.

see Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol 1 


This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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