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#5 3rd gen - *line of President Tyler

Capt. Anthony Armistead 1640/45 - 1705 his parents 
& ca 1670 Hannah Ellyson 1654/55 - 1728
  |  her parents
of Elizabeth City Co VA

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

  Anthony Armistead was County Lieut. under Lord Effingham (Lord Howard) Governor of Virginia; he married Hannah Ellison, daughter of Dr. Robert Ellison, of James City County. Dr. Ellison was leading Burgess in 1656-'59-'60-'61-'62-'63, with rank of Captain. "We find among the lawyers of York County 1646, William Hockaday, Francis Willis, Thomas Bushrod, and Dr. Robert Ellison; all these were trusted and tried men." The will of Dr. Henry Waldron, 1657, bequeaths "all my Library and Books, whatsoever in this country, and my horse together with my chests of physical means" to Captain (Doctor) Robert Ellison of James City Co. 
1680 - Anthony was Captain of the Horse
1684 - sheriff 
1693, '96, '99, - Burgess
  Anthony Armistead died 1705. Their daughter, Judith Armistead, married John West of West Point, Va., son of Maj. John West, who was the son of Captain John West, brother of Lord Delaware. The license for their marriage was obtained in Elizabeth City October 15, 1698, and there is a deed, dated July 18, 1698, of Captain Anthony Armistead

 The principal seats of the Anthony Armistead family were on Back River.
 In 1697, Col. John Armistead, of Gloucester County, made a deed (which is on record in Elizabeth City County) in which styling himself "brother and heir" of William A., deceased, and "son and Heire" of William Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, Gent., "he confirms to Anthony Armistead, his brother, all land on Back River, in said County, of which his father died seised."
 "Willocks" was the name of one of the estates, a very large tract, only the burying ground of which is now in the possession of this family 

Children of Anthony Armistead & Hannah Ellyson:
1. Maj William Armistead  est 1672 - will 5 Jan 1714  "the brick house tract"  #82

         of Elizabeth City Co
    married Hannah Hinde 1 July 1673 -
    married 2nd Rebecca Moss ca 1675 - 1758

2. Anthony Armistead  est 1680 - 1776  #83  "Willocks" and "The Mill"
A private road divides "The Brick House" estate from "Willocks" and "The Mill" (a tide mill) which was one of the places owned by Anthony A. 
    married Anne
    married 2nd Elizabeth Westwood d 1777

*3. Robert Armistead "Buckroe"1685 -  ca 1742 
 Robert Armistead, of Buckroe, was the ancestor of Mary Armistead, who married Governor Tyler. 
Buckroe is spoken of as early as 1623-'4; at that time it was a name designating a section of country containing a number of plantations; later the name was confined to one plantation. an original Armistead patent
        Will of Robert Armistead of York Co Feb 1737; 19 March 1741/42 - r. 19 May 1742 Elizabeth City Co
- son Booth my land in Elizabeth City Co, with reversion to my son Robert, with reversion to my son Ellyson and reversion to my daughter Angelica;
- wife Katherine
- provision for unborn child  signed Feb 1737
Wit: Miles Cary, John Brodie, John Lowry
Codicil: - son Booth all the negroes I was in possession of before my last marriage and an equal share of my personal estate with all my children of my present wife.
- son Robert land in Hanover Co which I bought of Col. Thomas Jones.
Wit: John Brodie, John Dewbre, Sarah Brodnas book 1737-49 p 127
Inventory of Captain Robert Armistead Sr presented by Katherine Armistead 16 March 1742 book 1737-49 p 157
Additional inventory of money in England 25 March 1744 book 1737-49 p 197
  married est 1708 Mary Booth 1694 -  ? Elizabeth City Co
          daughter of Robert Booth of York Co and wife Anne Bray
     a. Boothe Armistead ca 1710 - 1727 adm. granted to Robert Armistead
         married Mary Thompson, sister of Stephens Thompson, Attorney-General of VA
              she married 2nd Graves Packe, Justice of the Peace, York Co
  * b. Ellyson Armistead d. bef 1757
        married 1st Miss Bray
        *  i. Robert Booth Armistead bef 1737 -
             married Anne Shields 31 July 1742 -
                 * 1. Mary Marot Armistead 1761 - 1797
                     married Gov. John Tyler of "Greenway" 28 Feb 1746 - 6 Jan 1813
                      a. John Tyler 29 March 1790 -
           ii. James Bray Armistead d. 1790
                      left property to Diana Wallace Bailey
        married 1740 Jane Anderson dau of Rev. Charles Anderson
           i. Ellyson Armistead
          ii. Charles Armistead
         iii. Frances Anderson Armistead
              married Nelson
          iv. Jane Armistead
           v. Elizabeth Armistead

   married 2nd Catherine Nutting [Sheldon] d.bef  3 May 1748
          dau. of Capt. Thomas Nutting and wife Elizabeth Booth; widow of William Sheldon
     c. Booth Armistead d. 1770
           married Frances
           i. Boothe Armistead
          ii. John Armistead
          iii. Betsy
          iv. Robert Armistead [not of age]
           v. unborn child

      d. Robert Armistead est 1730
          married Louisa Westwood ca 1730
           i. Mary Elizabeth Armistead 1 May 1760 - 1825
               married Stephen Thomson Mason 29 Dec 1760 - 1803

       e. Angelica Armistead
       f. child b 1737 - dy

4. Judith Armistead est 1680 -   #8: 5
     married 15 Oct 1698 John West of West Point VA ca 1676 -
      a. Charles West
     married 2nd Thomas Butts

5. Hannah Armistead #86 est 1682 -
   On the fly leaf of one of the record books (1671-1676) in York County clerk's office, is written in large, bold hand: "Hannah Armistead IS One of ye handsomed Girls in Virgina Hannah For Ever!" Probably, Hannah daughter of (5) Anthony Armistead and Hannah Elliason. 
    married 10 Dec 1698 [lic] William Shelton of York Co

Will of Hannah Armistead of Elizabeth City Co 26 Oct 1726 - 19 Dec 1728
- grandchild Judith Armistead
- son Robert 
- grandchild Hannah Armistead
- son Anthony
EX: son Anthony Armistead R. 19 of Xber 1728
Wit: Wil. Westwood, Robert Armistead Jr
will presented by Elizabeth Armistead, who qualified Book 1704-30 p 160

NH Co NC Will Book one 1759 - 1792: p 333 abstract by Hofmann
Will of Frances Jones 18 Sept 1782 Dec Ct 1784
to my brother Harwood Jones - Bible, furniture and land where I formerly lived in Warrick Co VA
to my brothers Tignal Jones and Vinkler Jones
to friend Thomas Roberts
to my sister Elizabeth Armsted 2 negroes and at her death sd. Negroes to go to her sons John and Robert Armsted
to my sister Margaret Thompson and at her death to her two daughters
to my friend Frances Armsted widow of Booth Armsted 1 negro
to my son-in-law Robert W--- Nealson silver spoons
Residue to be sold and divided between my brothers and sisters.
Ex: brothers Harwood and Tignal and John Jones, son of Harwood
Wit: James Dancy, Thomas Glover

The Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 - compiled by Smith
Armistead, Coll Anthony..... Elizabeth City Co ... 2140 A.
Armistead, Maj. Wm.....        Elizabeth City Co ....   460 A
Armistead, Capt Wm...          Middlesex Co -----     2325 A
Armistead, Capt ---------Kingston, Gloucester Co  3675 A
Armistead, Wm   --------Kingston, Gloucester Co      300 A
Armistead, Wm ----------Ware- Gloucester Co ..........100 A
Armistead, William-----Petso - Gloucester Co   ......430 A

Index of Wills of Elizabeth City Co 1730 - 1800
John Armistead   1787 -- 1791 Rec.
Westwood Armistead 1756 -
Wm Armistead  1799 -   1799 Rec.
Anthony A         1737 -   1738 Rec
Moss A               1736 -   1736 Rec
Robt. A Sr         1771 -   1771 R
Wm  A                1741 -   1741 R
Wm  A  Jr.         1772  -  1772 R
Starkey A          1775 -    1775 R
Robt A Sr          1792  - 1792
Robt A Sr.          1792 - 1792
Elizabeth A       1750 -
Bond of John A to James Wallace and Henry King 1770
Samuel A          1784 - 1785 R
Boothe A          1770 - 1770 R  [2 copies]
1786 Receipts in settlement of estate of Richard Bryan from the estate of Edward A
Edward A         1771 - 1771  [copy]
Account of sales of Edward A 's estate 1771
1799 - summons for William A
  A vs A exercise
Robt A Sr         1792 - 1793
James Bray A  1790 - 1791
Martha A          1788 - 1799
Robt A               1741 -  [Fragment]
Katherine A       1745 - 1745

# 4 of "Hesse" 3rd gen - *line of President William H Harrison

John Armistead 1635 - 1698 his parents
& Judith Bowles Robinson ca 1639 -
  |  her parents
of Hesse, Gloucester Co, VA

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

1680 - John Armistead was Lieut. Col. of Horse of Gloucester Co and one of the Justices.
1688, 18 Oct - John Armistead was sworn as one of the Council.

Children of John Armistead and wife Judith:
In 1697, Col. John Armistead, of Gloucester County, made a deed (which is on record in Elizabeth City County) in which styling himself "brother and heir" of William A., deceased, and "son and Heire" of William Armistead, of Elizabeth City County, Gent., "he confirms to Anthony Armistead, his brother, all land on Back River, in said County, of which his father died seised." 
1. Judith Armistead 1665 "Hesse" - 23 Feb 1699 age 34 #
     married 1688 Robert [King] Carter 1663 - 4 Aug 1732 of Corotoman Plantation
         son of John Carter by his 4th wife Sarah Ludlow  burial in Christ Church Yard

    Judith Armistead Carter      

"Robert Carter lived his adult life in Lancaster County, Virginia, on the southern side of the Northern Neck peninsula, not far from the point at which the Rappahannock empties into Chesapeake Bay, where he was born in 1663 and died in 1732, at the home, "Corotoman," established there by his father. He was educated in England by his father's direction, and acquired a life-long appreciation of books and reading, and the value of a good education. He inherited property from his father, and a sizeable estate on the death of his older half-brother John, but through his own business abilities and the opportunities that he seized, he had acquired well over 300,000 acres of land, nearly 1,000 slaves, and a considerable cash estate by the time of his death according to his obituary in London's Gentleman's Magazine. No other Virginian of his generation was so successful in his political career, in the marriages made by his children, and so ruthless in building his estate for the benefit of those children." 
       a. Sarah Carter ca 1690 - dy - buried near mother at Christ Church 
       b. Elizabeth Carter ca 1692 [1688] - 1734
            married 1709 Nathaniel Burwell 1680 - 1721 of Fairfield
of "Carter's Creek," Gloucester County
                                    a justice, burgess, and Council member
                   son of Maj Lewis Burwell and Abigail Smith

             i. Lewis Burwell of White Marsh 1710 - 1752
                 married Oct 1736 Mary Willis 1714 - 1746
            ii. Carter Burwell of Carter Grove 8 Oct 1816 - May 1756?
                  married 5 Feb 1737 Lucy Ludwell Grymes 18 April 1720 -
                   Lucy m 2nd 1 Dec 1753 Henry Lee II 1729 - 1787
            iii. Elizabeth [Betty] Burwell 1719 -
                 married 2 Feb 1737 William Nelson ca 1711 - 19 Nov 1772 
           married 1724 George Nicholas MD 1695 Lancashire England - 1734 of Williamsburg VA
             i. Robert Carter Nicholas 1725/8 - 1780
                 married 1751 Anne Cary 1735 - 1786
            ii. John Nicholas I of Seven Islands ca 1730 -
                married ca 1749 Elizabeth Fry ca 1730 -
           iii. George Nicholas

Dear Sally,  I enjoyed your website but notice one typo:
There were three sons by Elizabeth Carter’s second marriage to Dr. George Nicholas, all named Nicholas, not Burwell:

. (Ni7) Robert Carter Nicholas (b. 1725 or 8 - 1780)

        (Ni7-2) John Nicholas

        (Ni7-3) George Nicholas

The descent from Gabriel Ludlow/Sarah Ludlow/Robert Carter/ Elizabeth Carter/ Robert Carter Nicholas/ George Nicholas/Samuel Smith Nicholas/George Nicholas/ Matilda Prather Nicholas/Anna Pope Bland/me was registered at the College of Arms in 1977 by Rodney Dennnys, Somerset Herald of Arms and since become part of the Royal records. This tied onto the records from the Heralds’ Visitations from the 16th and 17th century. So no further documentation need be presented to prove it.
Best regards,

Bill     Dr. William Hester

       c. Judith Carter ca 1694 - dy - buried near mother at Christ Church
       d. Judith Carter 1695 - 1750
            married 1718 Mann Page I 1691 - 1730 of Rosewell, Gloucester Co
              i. Mann Page II 1718 - 7 Nov 1780
                  married 1st Alice Grymes
                  married 2nd Anne Corbin Taylor
             ii. John Page of North End 1720 - 1774
                  married ca 1740 Jane Byrd of Westover 1727 - 1794
             iii. Robert Page ca 1722 - 1768
                   married 20 Jan 1749 Sarah Walker

John Carter 1696 - 1742 Secretary of Virginia Colony 
           married 1723 Elizabeth Hill ca 1708 - 1771 of Shirley, Charles City Co.
             i. Edward Carter of Blendheim ca 1726 - 1792
                married ca 1756 Sarah Champe ca 1730 -
            ii. Elizabeth Hill Carter 1731 Shirley - 1760 Westover
                 married 14 April 1748 William Byrd III 6 Sept 1728 - 1 Jan 1777
           iii. Charles Hill Carter of Corotoman & Shirley 1733 - 1802
                 married 1756 Mary Walker Carter 1736 - 30 Jan 1770 age 34 ts
                              dau of Charles of Cleves & wife Mary Walker
                 married 1770 Ann Butler Moore ca 1756 - ca 1810
dau of Bernard Moore & wife Kate Spotswood

*2. Elizabeth Armistead  1666/67 - 16 Nov 1716 left will
     married 16 Feb 1687 Ralph Wormeley 1650 - 1701 of Rosegill  will 20 Feb 1700 [2nd wife]
       a. John Wormeley 1689 - 1727
      Ralph had married 1st Katherine Lunsford 
        a. Ralph Wormeley ca 1681 - 1714
        b. Elizabeth Wormeley 1682 - 1740
             married 1 June 1703 Dr. John Lomax

"The earliest letters of Robert Carter's that have been located -- fifty-three items dated between 1701 and 1710 -- concern the estate of his brother-in-law, Ralph Wormeley (1650-1701), member of the Council and Secretary of State of Virginia, who lived in very grand style at "Rosegill" Middlesex County , on the Rappahannock River. Carter had married Judith, and Wormeley, Elizabeth, the daughters of John Armistead of Gloucester County ." 
    married 2nd 5 Oct 1703 William Churchill, Esq 1649/50 - 1710 of Bushy Park, Middlesex Co
              will proved 6 Mar 1706?
       a. Armistead Churchill 1704 - 1763
       b. Priscilla Churchill 1705 - 1757 of Bushy Park, Middlesex Co
           married 1725 Robert Carter 1704 - 1732
            i. Robert Carter III Feb 1727 - 1804 Baltimore MD
Carter Family of Virginia web-site  Robert III and Landon
Elizabeth Bassett 13 Dec 1730 - 24 Sept 1796
                married Benjamin Harrison V 5 April 1726 - 24 April 1791
son of Benjamin Harrison 1695 -1745 & Anne Carter
                           Note: parents of President Harrison; 
                       1. William Henry Harrison 9 Feb 1773 Berkeley VA - 
3. William Armistead 1671 - 13 June 1711 age 40  "Oak Grove" #7
    of Eastmost River, Matthews County; grandson of William, the immigrant.
     married aft 1685 Anna Lee 
             dau of Hancock Lee and wife Mary Kendall dau of Wm. Kendall of NH Co
William Kendall, dec'd. of Northhampton, deeded 700 acres on Cherrystone Creek, 1st August, 1685, to Hancock Lee and Mary, his wife, for life; at their decease to Anna daughter of said Hancock and Mary; said Anna after the death of Hancock and Mary entered on the said 700 acres and married William Armistead, now deceased, and had John Armistead, also deceased, who in turn left a son, John Armistead, of Gloucester county, who after the death of his grandmother, Anna, will be entitled to the said 700 acres.

     a. John Armistead will 9 April 1734
The said John Armistead, the father, in his will of 9th April, 1734, gave to his daughter, Susanna, £600 to be paid at 21 or marriage; also to his son William Armistead, £600, both to be paid by his son John; said Susanna has intermarried with Moore Fauntleroy, of Richmond county, &c."
         married 1st Elizabeth named in James Burwell's will [no issue]
         married Susanna Merriwether ca 1708 -  [dau of Thomas of Essex d 1708]

           i. Col. John Armistead of Gloucester Co 1734 - 2 May 1779 
                       resident of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, col of the militia; state senator from New Kent in the first Senate of VA
               married Agnes
                     1. William Armistead 5 June 1754 - June 1793
                          a. William Armistead living 1813
               married Mary Burbage  d. 1792
                       whose mother is said to have been a Dandridge
                     2. Robert Burbage Armistead  d 1811
                          married Mary Semple [sister of Judge James Semple]
                     3. Lucy B Armistead
                         married 24 Dec 1801 Aylett Wallace and removed to TN

          ii. Susanna Armistead 600 pounds
               married ca/bef 1753 Moore Fauntleroy of Richmond Co
         iii. William Armistead 600 pounds   untraced
    b. Mary Armistead
         married 1st James Burwell d. 1718
             Will of James Burwell, proved 15 Sept 1718 at Yorktown, names wife Mary, daughter Lucy, son Nathaniel Bacon, sisters Mrs. Johannah Bassell, Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison and Mrs. Martha Armistead. Brother John Armistead, sister Martha Burwell, mother Mrs. Anne Armitead, sister Judith, wife of George Dudley, sister Elibeth Armistead....
         married 2nd Philip Lightfoot of the council
    c. Judith Armistead
         married George Dudley
    d. Elizabeth Armistead
    e. Anna Lee Armistead died 14 Feb 1732
         married 4 April 1725 Anthony Walke 
    f.  Joyce Armistead   [there's a portrait of her]
          married Mordecai Booth
    h. Frances Armistead

4. Col. Henry Armistead 1673 - 1739/40
            home on Pianketank River and at a place called "Hesse"
    married ca 1701 Martha Burwell bapt 16 Nov 1685 -
         daughter of Maj. Lewis Burwell & wife Abigail Smith
    a. William Armistead died 1755 will
               inherited "Hesse" - at his death his landed estates comprised some 15,000 acres
         married MD bef 2nd Feb 1738/9 Mary Bowles 
                  2nd daughter of Hon. James Bowles, Esq. and g. dau of Tobias Bowles of London in the Virginia trade
         i. William Armistead
             married Maria Byrd Carter
                    daughter of Charles Carter and Anne Byrd of "Cleve"
        ii. Judith Armistead
        iii. John Armistead
                     he inherited all his father's lands in Prince William Co. Six of his sons served in the War of 1812
             married 17 Mar 1764 Lucy Baylor
                     dau of Col John Baylor and wife Mary Walker of Caroline Co VA
                  1. John Baylor Armistead 
                               Capt. U S Dragoons 1799; hon. discharge 1800
                      married Anne Carter
                  2. William Armistead 
                        married Cary Norton
                  3. Addison Armistead -  died 10 Feb 1813
                              Capt. U S A  com. Capt 30 Sept 1806;
                        married Mary Howe Peyton
                  4. George Armistead 10 April 1780 New Market VA - 25 April 1818 Baltimore
                        married 26 Oct 1810 Louisa Hughes
                  5. Lewis Armistead  - killed 17 Sept 1814 
                             in a sortie from Fort Erie, Canada
                  6. Walker Keith Armistead 
                       married Elizabeth Stanley
                   7. Mary Armistead
                        married Landon Carter of "Sabine Hall" Richmond Co 
                   8. Frances Armistead
                        married Dr. Gillis of Alexandria VA
                   9. Eleanor Bowles Armistead
                        married Col. John Daingerfield of Essex Co VA

        iv. Bowles Armistead
             married Mary Fontaine dau of Peter Fontaine and wife Elizabeth Winston
                 1. William B Armistead  d s p
                 2. Peter Fontaine Armistead
                      married Martha Fontaine Winston
                 3. Mary Bowles Armistead 1783 - 2 March 1864
                      married 1st Charles Alexander
                      married 2nd Dr. Wilson Cary Selden
                4. Elizabeth Armistead
                     married 1797 Ludwell Lee of "Belmont" VA

    b. Lucy Armistead
         married Thomas Nelson, Sec. of the Colony
    c. Martha Armistead
         married Dudley Diggs of the Committee of Safety
    d. Robert Armistead 
         married ca 1750 Mrs. Elizabeth Burgess Ball
                      daughter of Charles Burgess of England

sources: Colonial Familes of the US Vol. 1 Armistead Family page 12 - 14

 Garber, Virginia Armistead The Armistead Family. Whittet & Shepperson, Printers, Richmond 1910.

"Armistead Family." William and Mary Quarterly. 1st. ser., 6: (July 1897): 31-33, (Oct. 1897):97-102, (Jan. 1898):164-171. The article is continued in volumes 8 and 9 

 #2 emigrated 1635 2nd gen

William Armistead 1610 - 1660 his parents 
& Anne Ellis 1615 - ? 
  |  her parents
of Yorkshire, England 
and Elizabeth City County, Virginia

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

1610 - William Armistead baptized 3 Aug 1610 in All Saints' Chapel, the only church in the parish of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England.
1635 - William Atmistead and his wife Anne emigrated to Virginia.

1636 - William Armistead rec. a patent for 450 A. in Elizabeth City County, lying SE upon the land of Mr. Southall, NE upon the land of John Branch, easterly upon the creek, westerly to the roads; among the persons he listed as transported to the colony his wife Anne. 
1651 - the name is spelt "Armstead" in a patent.
1660 - had died before 1660.
1695 - "in a deed recorded in Elizabeth City Co, 20 Nov 1695 William Armistead, is named as his "sonne and heire" and who died without issue before 1660, when John Armistead "as heyre" and one of the executors of Mr. William Armistead, made a power of attorney in York County.

Children of William Armistead & Anne:
1. William Armistead  ca 1634 - bef 1660 without issue #3 
2. John Armistead 1635 - 1698 of "Hesse" of Gloucester Co VA #4 
                            "the Councillor"

     married Judith Bowles Robinson 1639 -
3. Anthony Armistead1640/45 - 1705 #5 
     married Hannah Ellyson 1654/55 [1641] - 1728
               ancestors of President Tyler
4. Frances Armistead est 1644 -. 25 May 1685 Middlesex Co VA Middlesex Parish Reg.
     married est 1660 Rev. Justinian Aylmer of Jamestown 1635 - 
     married 2nd Lt. Col. Anthony Elliott of Elizabeth City and Middlesex Co d Jan 1665/6
      a. William Elliott
      b. Thomas Elliott
      c. Robert Elliott

     married 3rd Nov 1666 Col. Christopher Wormeley d. 25 May 1685
       a. Judith Wormeley 23 May 1683 - 1720
           married 1st Corbin Griffin 12 April 1679 - 
           married 2nd Christopher Robinson 1681 - 20 Feb 1727  2 sons

#1 first gen.

Anthony Armistead |  his parents 
& 1608
Frances Thompson  |  her parents
of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England

 This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

"There is a tradition the family came originally from Hesse-Darmstadt. They had been seated in England before emigrating to America. The seat of the elder line was called "Hesse."

Child of Anthony Armistead & Frances Thompson:
1. William Armistead  bapt 3 Aug 1610 All Saints Church - 1660  #2
Ralph Armistead  ca 1619 - 1680
pat. 48 A. in 1678  in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co VA
      a. John Armistead 1655 -
          i. Ralph Armistead 1690 -
                  1. Robert Armistead ca 1753 - aft 1810
                      married Susannah Morris
                       a. Samuel Armistead ca 1778 -
                            married Nancy Madison ca 1781 -
                  2. William Armistead of Hesse ca 1735 - 1816
                       married Margaret [Peggy] Morris
                         a. Sarah Armistead
                             married John Oliver
                        b. Elizabeth Armistead
                             married David Oliver


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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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