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5th generation

Anthony Armistead d. 1737/38 his parents
& Jane Starkey? 
|  her parents
& Margarit Benit 
|  her parents
of Warrick Co VA

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

Anthony Armistead d. 1738  
       lived Warwick Co VA in 1737 received a deed from his step-mother, Rebecca King for one half of the plantation and orchard in Elizabeth City County "where she now lives, as the same given him by his late father, Major William Armistead."
  married first Jane [who probably was a miss Starkey]
  married 2nd Margaret Benit

Last Will and Testament of Anthony Armistead 29 Dec 1737 prob 15 Feb 1737/38 Elizabeth City Co
Leg - wife Margaret, with reversion of the bequest to son Anthony
- son William [not 21] born before wedlock with my now wife
- son John
- son Benit
- son Anthony my plantation in Warwick called "Renolds"
EXrs: wife Margaret and son John Armistead
Wit: Robert Brown, Argil Blaxton, Edward Parish, Andrew Giles - Book 1737-49 p 32 Original Will
15 March 1737/8 Appraisal of estate Book 1737-49 p
18 Feb 1740 - Settlement of estate - signed Margaret Armistead. Paid John Armistead, Benit Armistead, and the widow.
Audited by John Brodie, William Smelt, and William Allen. 
Book 1737-49 p 99 - Chapman 

Children of Anthony Armistead d. 1738 and wife Jane:
1.  John Armistead of New Kent will 1791
Will of John Armistead 26 Mar 1787 - prob 27 Jan 1791
- wife Elizabeth
- son John land in Northampton Co NC
- son Robert land in Elizabeth City and York, to his male heir, with reversion to eldest male heir of son John.
Exrs: wife Elizabeth, Robert Armistead, and my son-in-law Thomas Smith
Wit: Michael King, George Booker, R. Armistead, John Cary.
Robert Armistead qualified; security- George Booker Book 1787-1800 p 1 Original Will
28 July 1791 - Estate appraised by Thomas Allen, James Dixon, Johnson Tabb Book 1787-1800 p 36

      married Anne mentioned in a deed
      i. Starkey Armistead bef 1748 - bef 1791 #100
(96) John6 Armistead, son of (82) William Armistead, had issue, (100) Starkey7 A., eldest son, to whom in 1769 he gave 160 acres in Elizabeth City County, being the land which (82) William A. Armistead, by his will dated January 5, 1714, gave his son Hinde A, and in default of heirs of his body, then to the next surviving male heir, and which upon his death descended to (96) John6 A.,
married 19 June 1773 Mary Tabb
       ii. John Armistead 
      iii. Robert Armistead
      iv. Elizabeth Armistead #103
            married Thomas Smith
     married 2nd Elizabeth named in will

2. William Armistead 1730 Warrick Co VA -
    married 1756 Sarah Jordan of Bertie Co
                dau of Joseph Jordan

Children of Anthony Armistead d 1738 and wife Margaret Benit:
3. Benit Armistead
4. Anthony Armistead ca 173x - 20 Oct 1791 Bertie Co
    married 1758 Mildred Jordan
ca 1742 - bef 14 May 1796
                 dau of William Jordan

from the Bertie estate papers and the Edenton Dist Ct records we find that William Armistead who married Sarah Jordan and Anthony Armistead who married Mildred Jordan were brothers. 
Robert Armistead was also present in Bertie Co.

1768 tax list Bertie Co
Armsted, William 1 free white, 2 Negro men 16+, 2 Negro boys 16-, 2 Negro women
Armstid, Anthony 1 free white, 2 Negro men 16+, 2 Negro women

Apprentice Bonds of Bertie Co
1 June 1764 Charles Goff, orphan of John Goff, boud to William Armstead. Navigation. Signers: Jonathan Stanley, Wm. Armistead.
31 May 1764. Bird Hubbard, orphan aged about thirteen years. bound to William Armstead. Carpenter. Signers: Thomas Pugh, Willm. Armistead, Witness: John Johnston
10 November 1779 William Louis/Locus bound to William Armistead. Marriner Signer: Thos. Pugh

I think their father is likely to be Anthony son of Maj. William Armistead
These may not be the correct parents either......

another possibility is William son of William Armistead of the Eastmost River in Gloucester Co. 

1 Dec 1753 - NH Co Deed Bk 2 page 167 - Rowland Williams and Phillis his wife of Northampton Co to Anthony Armistead of Elizabeth City Co VA. 300 pounds current money of VA. 1190 A . in two tracts on the west side of Wheeler's Mill swamp; the first 640 A as by a patent to Daniel Riggen, the other 550 A as by a patent to William Paul in 1742, joining Griffin and Baldwin and sold by the sd Paul to the sd. Williams. Wit: Edward Monger, John Williams. Reg NH Co May Ct 1754 J Edwards C Ct.

10 Dec 1753 - NH Co Deed Bk 2 -p 163 - Robert Simms of Craven Co to William Armistead 8 pounds good and lawful money of Great Britain 200 A on the north side of Roanoke River and the west side of Oconeechy swamp, land devised to the said Robert Simms by the will of his father Robert Simms late of Bartie decd Wit: James Barram, John Paul, X his mark Reg NH Co May Ct 1754 J Edwards C Ct

14 Mar 1755 - NH Co Deed Bk 2 -p 242 - Thomas Trotter of Nancemond Co VA to John Armistead of Elizabeth City Co VA 150 pounds current money of VA 417 A between Ahoskey and Catawiskey swamp, joining James Wood, John Duke, Arthur Cotton, John Cotton and AHotskey, part of a patent to William Maule. Wit: Edmond Jordan, Sarah Jordan, William Armistead. Reg NH Co Nov Ct 1755 J. Edwards C Ct

23 May 1755 - John Williams of NH Co to William Armistead of NH Co 100 pounds current money of VA for 150 A more or less joining the edge of the low grounds, John Hawthorn, Oconeeche swamp and the Mill Swamp nigh the plantation whereon Henry Wheeler did live, the land William Russing purchased of Barnabe Mackinnie in Aug 1731. Wit: John Jones, William Davies, Thomas Brooks  Reg NH Co May Ct 1755 J Edwards C Ct

25 Feb 1757 - William Nelms and Martha his wife of Northampton Co to Anthony Armistead of Elizabeth City Co VA. 17 pounds proclamation money 100 A more or less on the NS of the Marrattoke river near Wheeler's Mill Swamp, joining Joseph Riggen and Daniel Riggen being the 100 A granted to William Baldwin 1 Dec 1727  Wit: William Davis, William Armistead, Edward Morgan Reg NH Co Feb Ct 1757 J Edwards C Ct

14 Jan 1762, Anthony Armistead and Joseph Sikes, Esqs. -- chosen Representatives for the county of Northampton [NC].  Green Hill, Sheriff.  NCGSJ vol XII page 172

#82   4th gen

Major. William Armistead est 1670 - 1714 his parents
& bef 20 Nov 1696 Hannah Hinde 1673 - 
|  her parents
& Rebecca Moss d 1758 
|  her parents
& 1720 John King 
|  his parents
of "The Brick House" Elizabeth City Co VA

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

Maj William Armistead  est 1672 - will 5 Jan 1714  "the brick house tract"  #82 
        of Elizabeth City Co

To William was given that part of the estate on an arm of the river known as "The Brick House" tract. He probably built the house, as his descendants lived there till about 1861; about 1850 it was known as "The Haunted House," as gruesome tales were told of the place. A private road divides "The Brick House" estate from "Willocks" and "The Mill" (a tide mill) which was one of the places owned by Anthony A. 

1693- 1702 William was Burgess and Major in the Militia Elizabeth City County
1695 - High Sheriff of Elizabeth City Co
   William married bef 20 Nov 1696 Hannah Hind 1 July 1673 [new Pocoson Reg] -
     dau of Thomas and Hannah Hinde. Her mother married 2nd John Powers and 3rd in 1694-95 Pasco Dunn. [Anthony Armistead and Margaret, his wife, of Warwick Co in 1737 sold lands to Edward Armistead that "descended to him as heir to his mother, the daughter of Thomas Hine." - York Co records.]
1696 - Hannah, "Wyff to William Armistead" gave power of attorney to her father-in-law Anthony Armistead. Hannah died ca 1710.
   William married 2nd Rebecca Moss dau of Edward Moss who left will in York Co in 1716.
William died in Jan 1714
Will of William Armistead Senr of Elizabeth City Co VA 5 Jan 1714 - Prob 18 Jan 1714
"weak and sick"
- to loving wife Reba. Atmistead for life "all my plantation and tract that I now live on after my mother's decease and after her death to be divided between my two loving sons Anthony Armistead and William Armistead" William to get part with dwelling house on it
- to son John Armistead 350 A lying on Harrisses Cr
- to son Hind Armistead 160 A purchased of Thomas Cary and his wife
- to son Robert Armistead 450 A known as Tony's Quarter
- to son Moss Armistead 100 A lying near Point Comfort Cr
- to son Edwd Armistead 150 A in York Co, formerly leased to Benjamin Clefton Senr.
- to two sons Anthony and William 125 A on Gullett Run to be equally divided
- to the infant my wife now bears 132 A called Burton's Quarter [this was Dunn who died by Aug 1715] 
- to mother Hanah Armistead 4 cows, 10 sheep, 10 hogs, 5 breeding cows, & 5 barrows.
sloop "the Ann and Hannah" to be sold to discharge debts
- to sons Anthony and John "my mill between them"

   Rebecca married 2nd in 1719-20 John King. 
  Rebecca wrote her will 13 Feb 1755 which was probated 1 August 1758.

Children of William Armistead & Hannah Hinde:
1. Hinde Armistead d bef 15 Aug 1722 
       Hannah Armistead appt. admr -  Security, Brien Penne and Thomas Watts book 1721-23 p65
     married est 1717 Hannah Chandler [Watts]
          daughter of John Chandler and widow of Matthew Watts who died 1716

    a. Hind Chandler Armistead  
            account current estate of Hind Chandler Armistead. Charles Jenings ad. Bill for schooling and bringing up Hind Armistead. The profits of Hannah Armistead's estate.  Charles Jenings to retain one-third of estate as his wife's dower. 22 June 1738. Audited by Alexander McKenzie, David O'Sheal, and John Selden. book 1737-49 p131.
2. John Armistead of New Kent 
           vestryman of Blissland Parish in 1722
     married Elizabeth Gill, an heiress
    a. Gill Armistead d. 1762
          married 23 May 1751 Elizabeth [Betty] Allen  6 children
           i. Elizabeth Armistead 9 Mar 1752 - April 1833
               married Williamsburg 27 Mar 1774 Miles Selden Jr
           ii. Susanna Armistead 1753 - 10 Oct 1834 11 children
               married her cousin Col. John Cary
                       son of Miles Cary and wife Hannah Armistead of Back River, Elizabeth City Co.
           iii. Mary Armistead 
               married Thacker Burwell
           iv. Frances Armistead
                married Col. John Ambler of Jamestown
           v. Martha Armistead
               married Col. Green of Amelia
                     1. Abraham Green
                     2. Elizabeth Green
           vi. William Armistead ca 1760 -
                    ran away at 16 and served 8 years in the Revolution
                married Elizabeth Armistead, dau of Booth Armistead of Elizabeth City Maryland
                     1 Booth Armistead
                     2. Gill Armistead
                     3. Fanny Armistead
                     4. Cortolas Armistead
                           named for a French officer in the Revolutionary Army
                      5. Eliza. Armistead
                      6. Virginia Armistead ca 1799 -
                           married T. B. Allen of Elizabeth City Co
 Chancery suit in Williamsburg, Bartle vs Allen, 1832, regarding a mill which her great grandfather Robert Armistead of York Co, father of Booth Armistead, built in 1739, four miles from Hampton and one mile from James River
                     7. Catharine Armistead
    b. John Armistead
    c. William Armistead
                  mayor 1772, 1775 and vestryman of Blissland Parish
        married Mrs. Mary Baker niece of James Nicholas
             i. Susanna Armistead
                married 1st William Dandridge
                     son of Bartholomew Dandridge, brother of Mrs. Washington
                married 2nd ca 1805 David Dorrington

    d. daughter Armistead
        married William Russell
             i. Armistead Russell
                 married Elvira Clayton 27 Dec 1759 -
                       daughter of William Clayton of New Kent and his wife Elvira
    married 2nd Susanna Meriwether 1708 -

           dau of Thomas Meriwether of Essex, who made his will in 1708

3. Anthony Armistead d. 1737/38 Warrick Co VA  
       lived Warwick Co VA in 1737 received a deed from his step-mother, Rebecca King for one half of the plantation and orchard in Elizabeth City County "where she now lives, as the same given him by his late father, Major William Armistead."
  married Jane Starkey?
  married 2nd Margaret Benit

4. William Armistead of Eastmost River, Gloucester Co. est 1690 - 1727 
      Will of William Armistead 15 Feb 1724 - 21 June 1727 Elizabeth City Co
 - son Dunn, wife Judith, son William, daughter Ann, daughter Francis, son Simon, son Henry
Exrs: uncles Anthony Armistead, and Robert Armistead, and son William Armistead
Wit: Anthony Armistead, Jr, John King, Dunn Armistead book 1704-30 p. 66
Adm. granted Judity Armistead, security - John King, Charles --- Ord bk 1723-29 p 12

   married Judith Bray Ingles

    a. Dunn Armistead est 1708 -
    b. William Armistead ca 1710 - will 7 July 1741 - probate 19 May 1742
 will of Wm Armistead-  Elizabeth City Co - 7 July 1741 - rec. 19 May 1742
- item I will and appoint that my two Negroes Sam and Holl be by my Exr & Exec sold toward discharging my Debts.
-item I give all my personal Estate to be Equally divided between my wife & four children----
-item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Hannah Armistead my two Negroes Jeffrey and Sarry to her and her heirs for Ever
-item I lend the use and labour of my two Negro wenches Bock & Bow unto my loving wife Eliza. Armistead during her Natural life only and after her death I give the said two Negroes and their increase to be Equally divided between my two youngest sons Anthony Armistead and the young child my wife last was delivered off who is not yet at this time baptized to them and their heirs forever...
-item I give and bequeath unto my loving son William Armistead my Negro Boy Andrew to him and his heirs forever.
-item I give and bequeath unto my loving son Anthony Armistead my Negro Girl Judy to him and his heirs forever.
-item I give and bequeath unto my loving son that my wife was delivered last of my Negro boy Harry to him and his heirs forever
-item I lend the use and labour of my Negro man Ceasar unto my Exr & Exec until six years be ended towards discharging my debts and after the expiration of the said six years I give and bequeath the said Negro man Ceasar unto my loving son Anthony Armistead and his heirs forever.
-And lastly I hereby Nominate and appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Armistead and my loving Brother Dunn Armistead my whole & sole Exr & Exec of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former and other wills heretofore made in witness whereof I now hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seale this 7th day of July 1741.    Wm Armistead
Signed Sealed published and Declared by the Testator to Be his last will and Testament in the presence of us --- Mary Sloughtenburg [her O mark], Judeth Hatton [her J mark], Miles Cary, Chas King - Original Will trans by SMK from film.
 It is also recorded in the Elizabeth City Co  [Book 1737-49 p 119 ]
Appraisal by William Smelt, William Allen, John Allen. Signed Elizabeth Armistead 21 July 1742. 
Ibid, p 138. 
Account of Estate. Examined by John Brodie and Robert Armistead, 18 Nov 1742 [p 148]
Account of Estate, signed George and Elizabeth Barbee, Extrx of William Armistead. Examined by John Lowry and John Allen 19 June 1745 [p 197]
 The subscribers have examined the accounts of Elizabeth the wife of George Barbe and Extrx of William Armistead. Signed John Lowry and John Allen - 2 May 1749 [p 333]  - Chapman
         married Elizabeth ... 
            [she married bef 19 June 1745 George Barbee]
           i. William Armistead   -
           ii. Hannah Armistead
           iii. Anthony Armistead
           iv. unnamed son Armistead 1741 -

     c. Anne Armistead
     d. Frances Armistead
     e. Simon Armistead
     f.  Henry Armistead

           i. Henry Armistead  8 Jan 1753 - 1813 Charles City Co
                his estate fell to Henry Armistead
            married 1st Ann -----
            married 2nd Miss Southall
                1. Henry Armistead who removed to LA before 1836

Children of William Armistead & Rebecca Moss:
 1. Moss Armistead ca 1708 - 1736
              Will of Moss Armistead 9 Aug 1736 - r. Nov 1736
 - brother Robert; Mr. Samuel Sweny is to have the privilege of getting his firewood from my land during his lifetime;
- nephew William, son of Robert Armistead
- niece Mary, daughter of Robert Armistead
- nephew James Armistead
- to Ann Sweny, daughter of Mr. Samuel Sweny; to Martha Sweny;
EX: Robert Armistead   [original will]

Col. Robert Armistead ca 1710 - 1774 [63 Seldens]
     married Anne Wallace 1708 - 1760  dau of Rev. James
     a. William Armistead  will 1799
          married 2nd Mary Latham Curle
     b. James Armistead
     c. Robert Armistead  will 1802 Petersburg
          married Margaret ----
     d. Thomas Armistead d 1791 Petersburg
          married Margaret ----- d 1792
     e. Moss Wallace Armistead d 1786 
          married Catharine ----
     f. Mary Armistead -
          married Joseph Selden
3. Edward Armistead d 1771
        Will of Edward Armistead 19 Feb 1771 - r. 1 March 1771
"My wife to forfeit negroes, if she allows John Allen Jr or his wife Frances to live upon her plantation.
EXS: wife, son William Armistead, and William Armistead Sr.
Wit: Clausel Clausel; William Read; Clayton Rogers; Callohill Messis.
Martha Armistead qualified, security Simon Hollier and Alexander Graham book 1763-71 p 414
a suit is recorded against the estate of Edward Armistead by Robert Armistead, William Armistead, James Armistead by Robert Armistead his next friend, Samuel Armistead, an infant, by his guardian William Garrow, William Smith and wife Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Reade, daughter of William Reade and Patrick Walker. Appraisal of estate by Robert Sanderfur, Clausel Clausel, Will Mallory. May 23 1771 book 1763- 71 p 431

     married Martha
     a. Frances Armistead
          married John Allen Jr
     b. William Armistead
     c. John Armistead
     d. Moss Armistead d 1786 town of Hampton [Rev sol]
           ?married Catherine
            i. Mary Armistead
            ii. Ann Armistead
            iii. Moss Armistead
            iv. Priscilla Armistead

      e. Ann Armistead
      f. Edward Armistead
      g. Samuel Armistead
      h. Rebecca Armistead

4. Hannah Armistead 1714/15 -
     married Miles Cary ca 1696 - of Pear Tree Hall
5. Dunn Armistead  1714/15 - bef 15 Aug 1715
       Appraisal, dated 15 Aug 1715, Appraisers: Ban. Smith, Francis Rogers, Thomas Read. 10 Sept 1716
  book 1715-21 p 48

The Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 - compiled by Smith
Armistead, Coll Anthony..... Elizabeth City Co ... 2140 A.
Armistead, Maj. Wm.....        Elizabeth City Co ....   460 A.

Ref: Chapman, Blanche Adams - Wills & Administrations of Elizabeth City Co Virginia 1688 - 1800
Kennedy, Mary Selden - Seldens of Virginia and Allied Families, pub 1911

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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