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Capt. George Wynns  ca 1675 -
|  his parents
& ca 1701 Rose Bush ca 1685 -
   |  her parents
of  Winton Area, Bertie Co, (Hertford Co,) NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

names appears as Winn, Wynn, Wynns and Wynne in the early records

Surry County Va court records 1691 - 1700 Bk V:
Certificate is granted to William Williams to the secretaries office for fifty acres of land for the importation into this colony of George Wynns, he having made the oath as law directs.

Also Surry County tithables for 1700
Nicho Sesoms   3
Thos. Sessoms  1
Wm Williams, George Wynns 2
1703  Thos Sessoms   2
Wm Williams, George Wynns  2
John Baker  1

contributed by James Hollomon

observations:  If Rose Bush is the mother of  all of George Wynns's children she would have  been born ca 1685 as John Wynns was born in 1702. 
1702 son John was  born [from deputation]
1716 son Benjamin was born [from deputation]
1718 George Wynns bought land in Chowan County
1719 George Wynne served on the Grand Jury
1720  grant from the Lord Proprietors 400 acres (in what was later Bertie County)
1719-21 Queen Ann's Creek, Justice of the Peace, Clerk of the Court, Bertie  Precinct   under the proprietary Governor (Col. Rec. pp 275-285). 
1727 Called Capt. George Wynne 
1731 - 1737   represented Bertie County in the Colonial General Assembly 
May 1751 George Wynns inventory was handed in  by William Wynns and Benjamin Wynns, exrs. [Bertie County] 

Aug 1753 John Wynns - Inventory by Benjamin Wynns and William Wynns, exrs.
1757 Bertie County Tax List 
   at the end of Jno Hill's List - Benjamin Wynns -9
   A List of Taxables taken by me William Wynns, one of his majestyes Justice of the Peace for Bertie Co for the year Amno Dom 1757: 
     Joseph Wynns, Polliasiah Wynns - Sam - 3
     Culmer Sesseans, Cullen Sesseans, John Sesseans - Pompy, Nann, Pompy - 6
     Burrell Bell - Phillip, Cesar, Tom, Kadar, Mingo, Bett, Nann, Priss, Amah - 10
  List by Jos. Jordan
     Jas. Boon Winns - Negroes Charley, Moll, Jacob - 3

Apr 15 1758 - William Wynns dead - request to sell perishable estate of the dec'd by Benjamin Wynns, John Harrell and Elizabeth Wynns [widow of the dec'd]

1768/70 William Murfree's Tax Receipt Book Hertford Co.
Benjamin Wynns
   1768  21 Taxes plus a chair with 2 wheels
   1769 24 Taxes plus a chair with 2 wheels
   1770 22 Taxes

    Joseph Wynns 
     1768 4 Taxes
     1769 4 Taxes
     1770 2 Taxes

   Geo/r/ .. Paletiah Wynns
     1770 1 Tax

    John Augs. Wynns
    1768 4 Taxes
    1769 4 Taxes
    1770 2 Taxes

1779 Tax List Hertford Co
  William Wynns   320 a, 19 negroes, 4 horses, 100 a,  money in trade 5000 pds
   Thomas Wynns  money and stock in trade 2700 pds, 4 negroes, 4 mares, 
   John Augustus Wynns 1 plantation, 2 negroes, 3 horses, 5 cattle     son of John
   Benjamin Wynns  600 a D C Mill, 100 a  Hickory Neck, 398 a Long Pocoson,  200 a F Brown, 
     670 a manor Plantation, Golfs, Red Banks, old Place, 100 a meadow land, 100 a Chamblee's, 100 a Pocoson Gates Co, 50 a hale Winton Land, 50 a. half Pine Tree Store, 3 half acre lots in Winton, 250 a Scull's place, 200 a joining the above,  23 negroes,  32 cattle, 5 horses [the best dead] one more dead,
 money 300 pds.
   George Wynns  720 a, 100 a., 7 horses,  10 cattle, 16 slaves, stock in trade 7500 pds, money at int 600 pds, money in hand 500 pds

1784 Tax List Hertford Co  NCGSJ-Aug 83 
  Benj. Wynns 923 a Hertford +2 lots Winton - 1 fp - 7 bp
  John A Wynns 200 a Hertford - 1 fp - 3 bp
  Thomas Wynns 988 a Hertford - 1 fp - 6 bp
  Capt Wm B Wynns 640 a Hertford - 1fp - 5 bp
  William Wynns 50 a Hertford + 2 town lots - 1 fp - 14 bp
  Col. George Wynns 1062 a Hertford + 5 lots Winton - 1 fp - 9 bp

Rose Bush was daughter of William Bush & wife, Martha Hill, of Isle of Wight County, VA..   

Children of George Wynn & Rose Bush:
1. John Wynns  ca 1702 - ca 1750/53
       Deputy Clerk of the Court of Bertie County in 1741 aged 39
       Inventory Aug 1753 by Benjamin Wynns and William Wynns, exrs.
        married 1st ca 1731 Mary Boone ca 1712 - ca 1741
                         daughter of James & Elizabeth
        married 2nd ca 1741 Sarah VanPelt 1721 - 6 Nov 1758
            Sarah married 2nd 18 July 1753 Burrill Bell d.1760
2. Mary Wynns died bef 1764
       married Culmer Sessums ca 1710 - 1772
3. Benjamin Wynns  ca 1716 - 1777?
                carpenter [1748]
      married Margaret unknown
4. Joseph Wynns ca 1717 - will Aug 1771 Hertford Co - granted to Benjamin Wynns

     married Judith Perry 
             dau of William Perrey  
5. Sarah Wynns  d aft 1779
     married ca 1740 Peter Evans ca 1720 - 1761 Hertford Co
           son of Robert Evans 1690 -1745 and Ann Hooker dau of William

6. William Wynns  died bef 15 April 1758   merchant
      married 2 Jan 1752 Zilpah Speight [Blanchard] ? - ca 1753
              widow of Aaron Blanchard of Chowan Co
      married ca 1754 Elizabeth Deans
7. George Wynns 1728/31 -  disappeared  from county ca 1755
             1st signs as wit to deed Nov Ct 1749  Bertie Deeds
             sells property  
              G 497 - 6 Nov 1752 George Wynns to William Askew
              G 507 George Wynns to William Wright, School Master - 5 June 1752 May Ct 1753
              H 211 Aaron Askew, Planter to Benjamin Wynns 19 July 1755  - Wit: George Wynns

Bertie Deed Book I page 274: Deposition of Benjamin Wynns, age 43, of Bertie Co. He stated that Robert Warrin late of sd county is heir to William Warrin dec'd of sd county & in possession of land on Wiccacon Creek joining Horse Swamp, James Harris, James Sparkman, John Early; that sd. William Warrin possessed the land 20 years before he died. Aprl. Ct. 1759. Ordered to be registered. cc: Benjn. Wynns.

Will: George Wynns 2 Feb 1750/51 proved May Ct 1751
 "..being sick and weak of body."
 Eldest son John Wynns - two shillings and sixpence, Negroes Gesse mona and Toby.
 Eldest daughter Mary Sessums (wife of Culmer Sessums) - two shillings and sixpence and Negro Pompey. 
Son Joseph Wynns - four pounds, two shillings and sixpence, negroe Peter, reserving the use of said Negro for my wife Rose Wynns for her lifetime.
 Son Benjamin Wynns - two shillings and sixpence and Negroes Bett, Harry and Jemima. 
 Son William Wynns - two shillings and sixpence and Negroes Cotton and Hagar, reserving their use for my wife during her lifetime. 
 Daughter Sarah Evans (wife of Peter Evans) - two shillings and sixpence, Negro Jemmey for her lifetime and at her death to fall to Benjamin Evans son of the said Sarah and Peter Evans. 
 Son George Wynns -two shillings and sixpence and land and plantation where I now live, reserving the use of such to my wife during her lifetime, also Negroes Cezar, Hannah, Cate and Issac, but reserving the use of Cezar for my wife during her lifetime. 
 Remaining personal estate to my wife Rose Wynns for her lifetime and at her death to be divided among my seven children John Wynns, Mary Sessums, Joseph Wynns, Benjamin Wynns, William Wynns, Sarah Evans and George Wynns. 
Ex: sons Benjamin and William  
Wit: John Baker, Thos. Lee, John Harrell, James Boon.

Some descendants of George and Rose Wynns:

Children of Mary Wynns and Culmer Sessoms:
1. Culmer (Culmore ) Sessoms  died 1778 Edgecombe
        married Elizabeth ?  will proved Nov Ct 1798

         a. Amos Sessoms     lived Edgecombe County
               married Mary O'Daniel dau of Jacob of Edgecombe
         b. Elmore Sessoms  died after 1818 Halifax, NC
               married Elizabeth O'Daniel dau of Jacob
                           Forrest Davis King's Web Site
c. Mary Sessoms
2. John Sessoms ca 1735 - Feb 1785  Bws  Hertford County
married Ann VanPelt    - 12 Dec 1793
     Hertford Co. 1790 census:  Ann Sessoms 2 males over 16, 3 under 16  2 females, 14 slaves

3. Jinnet Sessoms  [wit. with Cullen to a deed in 1755]
4. Cullen Sessoms
     married Rachel Perry
         a. Benjamin Sessoms  1764/1773 - 1789
b. James Sessoms  1764/ 1773 -  bef 19 Oct 1814
         c.  Mary Sessoms 1764/68 -
                married 1786 John Britton
               i. Cullen Britton 1787 -
         d.  daughter Sessoms 1764/1773 - bef 1830
                married bef 19 Oct 1814 Zachariah Sassinett
                ? Zachariah Sassinett married  27 Jan 1830 Edgecombe Penelope Sessoms

. George Wynns Sessoms    dec'd ca 1775
married bef 1772  Katherine Elizabeth Roscoe

             she married 2nd 1775/6 William Williams James R Rascoe
a. James5 Sessoms 1772 - 1858 (1800)
                 married M.A. Brown 
                           dau of Charles and Emily Lusk Brown
b. George Wynns Sessoms5 ca 1774 - 1858 Hickman Co, TN   
                                  Hertford County 1810, 
                                    1820 census George W Sessoms 1 1 1 1 0 1 - 3 2 0 1 0
                                  married Susan Walker of Maury Co TN 1774-1822
                                       (HSF by Boddie - Chalk Family Book by Hyman)

Children of Sarah Wynns and Peter Evans: lived at Petty Shore
1. Benjamin Evans 1742 - 1826 Hertford Co
      married ca 1770 Margaret Harrell?

Children of Joseph Wynns and Judith Perry:
1. George Pollaciah Wynns ca/bef 1741 -
2. Clara Anna Wynns bef 1744 -
3. Joseph Perry Wynns  bef 1744 -

           Bertie Co Deeds: 
       D 113 - Isaac Brawler to Cullimar Sessums 5 Aug 1734 60 pds for 100 A on WS Eastern Forke of George Wynn's Mill Pond Wit: John Wynns, Joseph Wynns, John Askew Aug Ct 1734
       E 85 - Thomas Goffee of "Terryll Precinct" to Benjamin Wynns 18 Jan 1736  40 pds for 100 A on NWS Wiccacon Cr at mouth of Joseph Wynn's  Mill Swamp at Turkey Cock Branch Wit: Joseph Wynns Feb Ct 1736
        E 441 - George Wynns to Joseph Wynns 10 Nov 1738 Gift "love to son Joseph Wynns" 100 acres land on NS Wiccacon Ck at "mouth of the said Joseph Wynns Mill Swamp.."

Nov 1744 - Joseph Wynns proved his rights, pg 46 viz: himself, Judith Wynns, Geo Pallaciah Wynns, Clara Anna Wynns, Joseph Perry Wynns and Anna Hubbard [whites] and Phyllis [a black]  Bertie Co Ct 13 Nov 1744 - NCHGR 2 - 624  
       G 347 - Joseph Wynns, yeoman to Gabriel Manley 23 Feb 1747/8  Feb Ct 1750 
       G 247 - William Wynns, merchant to Joseph Wynns, millwright 9 Feb 1748/9 Nov Ct 1749

  A List of Taxables taken by me William Wynns, one of his majestyes Justice of the Peace for Bertie Co for the year Amno Dom 1757: 
     Joseph Wynns, Polliasiah Wynns - Sam - 3

Child of William Wynns and wife Zilpha Speight Blanchard: 
1. Penelope Wynns ca 1755 -   [not sure which wife her mother ]
Children of William Wynns will 1757 and wife Elizabeth Deans:
2. Benjamin Wynns bef 1757- bef 1786  he is the Ben Jr in

 ca 1751 Benjamin Wynnns member of the provisional Congress 1773 -74 I cannot make the numbers work.

[son is unnamed in father's will]
     married Celia ?
        Edenton District Loose Estate Papers
10 Feb 1800 Division of estate. To John Wynns: the plantation of 1070 acres where Benjamin Wynns lived at the time of his death in Hertford Co on the north side of Wiccacon Creek, joining the heirs of William Perry dec'd, the heirs of Benjamin Sessums dec'd. Sd John also maintained old woman Sarah  Also the slaves . . . . .
   To Jonathan Brickell & wife; the Coleman tract of 288 a in Hertford Co on the road from Wiccacon to Winton, joining John Coffield & others, also 137 1/2 acres in Bertie Co called the Bertie tract, joining James Jones, Josiah Perry, Wm. Sessums & others. Also the slaves . . . .

a. Penelope Wynns ca 1778 -
            married 1st by Apr ct 1796 John Young dec by 1799
             married 2nd by Apr ct 1799 Jonathan Brickell 11 Feb 1767 - Jan 1807 
               no issue
       b. John A Wynns  ca 1779 -  of Winton
             married 23 Nov 1802 Mary Kennedy 
                 [noted by BB Winborne]

Will: William Wynns, merchant  3 Dec 1757 proved Apr Ct 1758
 to my son (yet unnamed) - all my lands, reserving the use of the plantation where I now live for my wife Elizabeth for her lifetime. 
 All personal estate to my wife, 
 my daughter Penelope Wynns and my unnamed son, reserving two-thirds for my said daughter and son, and this part is not to be divided until Penelope is eighteen and my son may have his share at twenty-one. 
 Nephew George Wynns (son of Benjamin Wynns) - sword. 
  Ex: Benjamin Wynns, John Harrell, my wife "whilst a widow"   
  Wit: Thomas Bonnifant, Geo. Wynns, William Barton.

1825 Deed --W A Wynns to Jno. Moore , Wit: Wm Wynns  re-registered 1833
1822 Deed --Warren Ashley Wynns to John Moore by Oath of William Wynns Sub. wit re-reg  May 1833

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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