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James A Sparkman 1837 - 1923 his parents 
& 1863 Emma Costen 1838 - 1912 
|  her parents
of Gates Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

  James A. Sparkman was one of the orphaned children of Mills Sparkman and wife Mildred Beeman (daughter of Abraham Beeman and Lucretia Eure, giving James a double Sparkman descent since Lucretia Eure was the daughter of Capt. Charles Eure and Mildred Sparkman), married December 29, 1832.  (Although Mildred was born in 1799, she was still single at the time her father's will was written in January,1832.)
Mildred Beeman's younger sisters Margaret and Martha both married Mill's brother Dempsey Sparkman and moved to MS with others of Abraham Beeman's sons.

   James A Sparkman and Emma C Costen were married in Gates Co, NC 11 August  1863. 

Children of James A Sparkman and Emma Costen:
1. James Edward Sparkman  1864 - aft 1938
      married 21 April 1889 Emily Nevada [Nevie] Parker ca 1869 - ca 1938
2. Lizzie K Sparkman ca 1868 -
      married 15 April 1891 H V Persons
3. Emma Susan Sparkman 1870/2 -
      married 26 Jan 1892 Richard Lee Eure ca 1871 -
      married 2nd William/Willis E Wynn

James and Emma Sparkman and his brother Thomas J and his wife Mary Jane Sparkman were all charter members of the Eure Christian Church in August 1876.

 James A and Emma C Sparkman are buried in the Sparkman-Beeman cemetery in Gates Co. located on the south side of S.R. 1118 1/5 mile east of the junction of S.R. 1118 and 1112.

In memory of                      Our Mother
James A. Sparkman          EMMA SPARKMAN
b. Aug. 17 1837                   b. Aug 31, 1839
d. Apr. 10, 1923                  d. May 20, 1912


Mills Sparkman ca 1799 - ca 1843  |  his parents 
& ca 1832 Mildred [Milly] Beeman 1799 - 1868
her parents
of Gates Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

  Mills Sparkman was a son of Lewis Sparkman d. Gates Co. 1825 and Lucretia ("Treasy") Eure (daughter of Stephen Eure d. Gates Co. 1817, a brother Capt. Charles Eure d. Gates Co. 1816) d. Gates Co., 1856. Lewis was closely associated with Capt. Charles Eure throughout his life, had sizeable land holdings and operated successful fisheries. Mills was deceased prior to 1850 and I do not find his children as "Sparkmans" in the 1850 census.  e-mail from Kendall Saprkman

Children of Mills Sparkman and Milly Beeman:
1. Martha J Sparkman ca 1834 - aft 1850
2. Thomas Jasper Sparkman ca 1835 - 22 April 1905 in his 70th year
     married Mary Jane Costen  21 Oct 1840 Sunbury - 4 March 1921 in her 80th year
             daughter of Henry Costen and Elizabeth Jordan 
      a. Thomas Castello Sparkman 28 June 1865 NC  - 4 Nov 1924
                Gates Co Death Records   buried Sparkman-Beeman Cemetery
            married ca 1901 Willie A ?  ca 1881 VA -
              i. Pauline B Sparkman ca 1904 VA -
             ii. Thomas C Sparkman 22 Mar 1907 VA  - Feb 1967 VA
      b. William Mills Sparkman ca 1871 - 1 Jan 1944
              married 26 Nov 1908 Alvita C Costen 14 Dec 1873 - 24 May 1956
                         daughter of William W Costen and Lazaretta Parker his wife
3. James A Sparkman 17 Aug 1837 - 10 Apr 1923 ts
                buried Sparkman-Beeman Cemetery
     married 1863 Emma Costen 31 Aug 1839 - 20 May 1912 ts
                buried Sparkman-Beeman Cemetery   
4. Mary Fletcher Sparkman ca 1840 - 1857/60
       married Stephen D Rogers

Abraham Beeman bef 1772 - 1832  |   his parents
& 1792 Lucretia [Cresey] Eure ca 1770 - ca 1850
  |  her parents
of Gates Co, NC

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

  Abraham Beeman and Lucretia [Cresey] Eure were married 29 Aug 1792 in Gates Co NC. 
She was the daughter of Capt Charles Eure and Mildred Sparkman. 
She died in her 80th year after 1850 census in Leake Co, Miss.  
Abraham Beeman was probably the son of Israel Beeman who died about 1800 in Gates Co NC. Abraham Beeman, Esq departed this life 5 Feb 1832.

Children of Abraham Beeman and Lucretia Eure:
1. John Beeman 25 July 1793 - 1832/34
     married 2 Nov 1822 Martha Knight
2. Israel Beeman 3 April 1795 - 1817/26
     married 4 Mar 1817 Penelope [Penina] Susan Parker bef 1797 - 1823/1826
      a. Susan J Beaman ca 1818 - aft 1850
         married Asa Hill
         married Beemon
3. Nancy Beeman 5 Feb 1797 - 3 Sept 1811
4. Elizabeth Beeman 20 June 1798 -
     married 5 Feb 1820 Jesse Brown
5. Mildred Beeman 20 Sept 1799 - 1868
     married Mills Sparkman bef 1772 - ca 1843
     married 20 Dec 1849 Jesse Doughtie 1821/22 -  1880/95
6. Margaret/Peggy Beeman 5 Aug 1804 - 1836/1850
     married 23 Dec 1820 Dempsey Sparkman 26 Oct 1800 - 2 Aug 1886 Goodhope, MS 
7. [Rev.] Levi Beeman 3 July 1806 - 28 Oct 1873 Leake Co, MS
      married 1830 Mary Louisa Luter 30 Sept 1810 NC - 5 Jan 1882 Lena, MS
8. Elishua Beeman 8 Oct 1809 -
9. Nancy Beeman 3 Sept 1811 - 8 June 1878 Lena Cem, Scott Co MS
     married ca 1832 Riddick B Eure 1802/06 - bef Feb 1837 Gates Co NC
              son of Samuel Eure & Phereby Brown
       a. Fletcher Parker Eure 1833 - ca 1866
           married Caroline Dodson
       b. Margaret Reddick Eure ca 1834 NC - 19 Dec 1929 Simms, Grant Parish LA
            married John Gratton Kelly
       c. Laura A R Eure 2 Dec 1836 NC - 24 Mar 1864 Nacagdoches TX
            married John W Scogin
     married ca 1838 Jethro Eure 14 June 1814 NC - 18 April 1881 Lena Cem, Scott Co MS
        d. John Beeman Eure 24 May 1839 NC - 26 July 1920 Hattiesburg MS
            married Mary Elizabeth Cambell
        e. William E Eure Sept 1847 Leake Co MS - 1928 Forest Co MS
             married Cornelia
             married Mary Annie McNair
10. Rachel Beeman 6 April 1813 -
       married 20 Dec 1833 John Lewis ca 1810 - aft 1850
11. Martha Beeman 6 June 1816 - 29 July 1898 Lena, MS
      married Rev Dempsey Sparkman 26 Oct 1800 - 2 Aug 1886 Goodhope, MS
 family record  included in "Bible Records of Gates County" pub by the Gates County Historical Society 

e-mail from Ann Do you have any information on Jethro Eure?  He was born June 14, 1814 in Gate, NC and married Nancy Beeman, b. Sept. 03, 1811 in NC.  Nancy's father was Abraham Beeman and her mother was Lucretia T. Eure. Jethro and Nancy had 5 children between 1833 and 1847.  They were born in NC (in or around Gates County) and moved south to Mississippi about 1849. I've also made connections to Sparksman through marriage.

Aug 1779 Israel Beeman proved sale from Richard Parker to Jacob Sumner
Feb 1782 Israel Beeman & Samuel Smith offered security for guardian bond of Stephen Eure for Milley Smith
Aug 1782 Israel Beeman name drawn for Jury duty
Aug 1783 Israel Beeman & James Braddy offered security for bond of Thomas Fryer to adm. estate of Richard Parker dec.
       Israel Beeman selected for Jury duty next term
Feb 1784 Israel Beeman to serve as juryman next Inferior Court for county
     Israel Beeman ack. sale of land to James Hayes
Feb 1785 Sale of land from James Brady to Israel Beeman ack.
May 1785  Sale of land from Israel Beeman to Isaac Pipkin ack.
Aug 1786 Israel Beeman proved sale Josiah Parker to Stephen Sheppherd

Aug 1831 Ordered that Jethro Eure son of Ruth Eure be bound an apprentice to Dempsey Parker to learn the art of farming.

Lewis Sparkman bef 1753 - 1822/25 |  his parents 
& 1782 Elizabeth Hargrove d bef 1796
|  her parents

& 1796 Lucretia Theresa Eure ca 1773 - 1857 
|  her parents
of Gates Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

 Lewis Sparkman was the son of Thomas Sparkman of The Banks of Italy d. Gates Co. ca. 1789; and Mildred Sparkman was the daughter of Thomas' brother John Sparkman d. Hertford (Gates) Co. 1767. Both John and Thomas Sparkman were sons of John Sparkman d.1739, brother to Capt. William Sparkman of Bertie. e-mail from Kendall Sparkman

Lewis Sparkman first married the widow Elizabeth Hargrove Harrell May/Aug 1782.
[The widow Elizabeth Harrell who married Lewis Sparkman was a Hargrove and a brother to George Hargrove who, like William Reed Sparkman, also relocated to Trigg Co., KY. She was also possibly the brother of William Hargrove, she and George being the distributees from his estate.  I only have noted one record from Gates Court records of this estate proceeding, wherein Lewis and Charles Eure posted the bond. November Court, 1783: George Hargrove came into Court and moved for administration of the Estate of William Hargrove deceased which was considered of & Granted thereupon it was Ordered that he give Security in the Sum of two Hundred pounds Specie at the same time. Lewis Sparkman & Charles Eure came into Court and offered themselves as Securitys who were approved of &c.] e-mail from Kendall Sparkman

Feb 18th 1782 - Elizabeth Harrell came into Court and moved for Administration on the Estate of Lemuel Harrell  deceased which was considered of and granted thereupon it was ordered that she give security in the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds Gold & Silver Money at the same time Charles Eure & Lewis Sparkman came into Court and offered themselves as Securities -who were approved. Inventory submitted by Elizabeth.
May 1782 - on motion Ordered that Stephen Eure, Charles Eure, Moor Carter & William Baker or any three of them make a division of the Estate of Lemuel Harrell deceased etc.
Aug 1782 - Account of sales of the estate of Lemuel Harrell dec/d was exhibited into court by Lewis Sparkman Administrator in behalf of his wife/Administratrix/ of Lemuel Harrell dec/d.
May 1785 - Lewis Sparkman appointed Constable in Capn. Charles Eure's Captaincy.

Child of Lewis Sparkman and Elizabeth Hargrove:
1. daughter Sparkman
      married Eure
       a. Elizabeth Eure 
                  mentioned in Lewis Sparkman's will but not Lucretia's

Lewis Sparkman married 29 October 1796 Teresa Eure. dau of Stephen Eure and purported wife Tamar Rooks?

Feb 1804 - Deed of Gift Stephen Eure to Theresa Sparkman ackd

Children of Lewis Sparkman and Lucretia Eure:
 1. [Rev] Dempsey/Dennis Sparkman 26 Oct 1800 - 2 Aug 1886 Goodhope, MS
       married 23 Dec 1820 Margaret [Peggy] Beeman 5 Aug 1804 -
       married 2nd Martha Beeman 6 June 1816 - 29 July 1898 Lena, MS
                sister of Peggy & Mildred
 2. Mills Sparkman ca 1799 - ca 1843
       married Mildred [Milly] Beeman ca 1799 - 1868
 3. Sarah Sparkman ca 1804 - 1867
       married William J Boothe ca 1802 -
        a. Mary Lucretia Boothe
 4. John [Jackson] Sparkman   1796/1805 - 1831/40
       married 14 May 1823 Nancy Parker
       a. Elizabeth Sparkman 17 Mar 1825 - 23 Set 1892
              buried  Cool Spring Baptist Church
           married 1st Taylor Harrell
           married 2nd 3 Apr 1855 Isaac Walton Crawford 27 Feb 1833 - 25 Oct 1912
                        buried  Cool Spring Baptist Church
          IWC married 2nd Elizabeth [Lizzie] Parker 21 Feb 1856 - 17 May 1920
                         Parker Cemetery at Sarum
        b. Penina Sparkman ca 1831 - aft 1856
              married 25 Oct 1854 Taylor Landing 
 5. William Sparkman

Will of Lewis Sparkman - Gates Co. - October 5, 1822
 - Wife Treacy Sparkman, negroes Little Ben, Cate and Alse,one horse, one feather bed and furniture, two cows & calves,two sows and pigs & two ews & lambs, also ten dollars.
- Son John Sparkman, two pieces of land joinding Jesse Taylors land and piece bought of Rodon Odom.
- Son Dempsey Sparkman, the Charles Eure tract of land.
 - Son Mills Sparkman, the plantation where I now live and joining lands called Leighs & Taylors.
 - Son William Sparkman, negro girl Mary.
 - Daughter Sarah Sparkman, negro girl Penny.
 - Granddaughter Elizabeth Eure, $10.
 - All the rest of my negros and other estate to be equally divided between John Sparkman, Dempsey Sparkman, Sarah Sparkman and Mills Sparkman.
Executors: Worthy sons John Sparkman and Dempsey Sparkman, 
Attest: Hy. H. Eure, Henry Eure
Feb. Ct. 1825, exhibited by John & Dempsey Sparkman, executors,
proved by Hillery H. Eure.

February Court, 1825: The last Will and Testament of Lewis Sparkeman decd. was exhibited into
Court by John Sparkeman and Demsy Sparkman Executors therein appointed and was proved by the oath of Hillory H. Eure, a witness thereto and ordered to be recorded, at the same time the said Executors were duly qualified for that office &c.  Recorded.

May Court, 1825: Tresey Sparkman widow of Lewis Sparkman decd. came into Court & openly
descented from her late husbands will  Ordered that the descent be entered on record &c

Ordered that the Sheriff summon a Jury of lawful men and go on the premises and ____ there lay off and set apart the dower of Cresey Sparkman Widow of Lewis Sparkman decd. out of the lands which the said
Lewis Sparkman died seized and _____ agreeable to the Act of the General Assembly in such case made and _______. [NOTE:  Abstract contains missing words.]

You will note that Lucretia makes no mention of granddaughter Elizabeth Eure in her will, and I assume she is a the daughter of a daughter of Elizabeth Hargrove Harrell.

Abstract of the Will of Lucretia Sparkman, Gates Co NC  1 Dec 1856 proved May Term 1857
Daughter Sarah Boothe, son Dempsey, grand-daughter Mary Lucretia Boothe, son William, son Mill's children, grand-children, Penina Landing [daughter of Taylor], Elizabeth Crawford [wife of Isaac] and her daughters by 1st husband to-wit: Taylor Harrell and Caroline Virginia Harrell, son-in-law Wm L Boothe, EX. Wit: Jno. R Cross, Richard D Briscoe.     NCHGR 2- 76

Gates Co 1787 State Census
Lewis   Sparkman   1  21-60    1  under 21 or ov 60,   4 females

Gates Co Census 1790 
Lewis Sparkman    2  1  5f   0   1s  =  9

Gates Co Census 1800
Lewis Sparkman    2<10,  1 10/16,   1 26/45, 1   >45,   f  1 10/16,  1 26/45   + 7 sl   

Gates Co Census 1810
Lewis Sparkman    2   2  0  0  1     0  2  0  0  1

Gates Co Census 1820
Lewis Sparkman       1 10/16,  2 16/25,  1 >45,   f  1  10/16 ,  1 >45, +  10 sl  

Gates Co Census 1840
Cherry Sparkman   1 30/40,  f  1 80/90
the page with Dempsey, Lucretia and Wells missing from film

[The "Cherry" Sparkman you found in the 1840 census is actually Charity Smith Sparkman, the widow of Willis Sparkman.  Her age suggests that Willis was born prior to 1760 and, I believe, thus lends credance to Willis and Reuben being the orphaned sons of William Sparkman d. 1762.  e-mail from Kendall Sparkman]

Gates Co Census 1850
Lucretia Sparkman age 71 living with William J Boothe 48 and wife Sarah 46

  most of this family went to Texas and Miss.  about 1849


Capt. Charles Eure bef 1745 -1815  |  his parents
& bef 1767 Mildred Sparkman bef 1745 - 1775/
80  |  her parents
& Selia ?  1755/65 - 1818
  |  her parents
of Gates Co, NC

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

 Jul 1767 Sparkman, John will adm granted to Charles Eure & Stephen Smith. 

Hertford Co tax receipt book of William Murfree
Charles Eure was on the tax list in 1768 - 3 taxes, 1769 - 2 taxes, and 1770 - 2 taxes
Charity Eure 1769 1 tax, 1770 1 tax
James Eure 1768 2 taxes, 1769 3 taxes, James Eure sen 1770 2 taxes
Samuel Eure 1768 1 tax, 1769 1 tax, 1770 1 tax
Samuel Eure 1768 1 tax

On Nov 1806 DB7-247 Noah Smith of Pitt County gave to Capt. Charles Eure 122 acres with power of attorney from his mother Susanna Smith [of Pitt Co] and Levy Eure, Whitmell Eure & Lucrecy Beeman grandchildren of John Sparkman decd who in his will had bequeathed the land to his two daughters Mildred Eure and Susanna Smith.

Children of Capt Charles Eure and Mildred Sparkman:
1. Levi [Lewis] Eure 1765/70 - 1843/44 in 76th year
     married Gates Co 8 June 1793 Peggy Beeman 1770/80 - aft 1840
     a. Lucretia/Lavinia Eure 1810/11 - 1885
        married Jesse Pearce
        married Adolphus Askew
     b. Cenia/ Linnea Eure ca 1815 - aft 1880
         married Pearce d. ca 1843
         married 9 Aug 1845 James Joseph Holland 1819 - aft 1900
     c. Emma [Emiline] Eure 1819 - 1850/60
         married John Powell ca 1815 VA -
          i. Mary Indiana Powell 1834 Gates Co - 
              married Gates Co 5 Jan 1852 James M Parker
          ii. William Jackson Powell 1837/39 - aft 1880  - CSA
              married ca 1859 Sarah E Cross
          iii. James Thomas Powell ca 1840 - bef 1900 Gates Co  - CSA
              married 6 Mar 1865 Emiline Leigh
              married 23 Feb 1868 Jane Rebecca Felton ca 1843 -
         iv. Robert R Powell ca 1842 - 27 Dec 1862 Richmond VA - CSA
          v. Sarah Elizabeth Powell 1 May 1844 - 12 May 1909 Gates Co NC
              married 8 April 1865 Noah Williams Aug 1844 Gates Co - 1 Apr 1933 Suffolk VA - CSA
                                         son of Michael/Mikeul Williams and Pennina/Penelope Leigh
                    1. James Henry Williams 3 Dec 1866 - 
                         married Waltie Virginia Savage 
                    2. Lennie Catherine Williams 1870 -
                          married 1st cousin Paul Parker
                    3. Emma P Williams 1871 -  
                    4. Peter Beaman Williams 1872 -
                          married Susie Rountree?
                    5. Lucy P Williams Mar 1877 - 
                          married Mr. Smith
                    6. Richard A Williams Jan 1879 - 
                          married Susie
                    7. Sarah Elizabeth Williams 8 Mar 1881 Eure NC - 12 May 1964  1st cousins
                        married 25 Dec 1901 Hubert Henry Powell 3 April 1881 Nansemond Co - 31 May 1949 Norfolk VA
                    8. Mamie Gertrude Williams Jan 1885 -
                          married Raleigh Parker
                    9. Nora L Williams Nov 1887 -
                   10. Billie Herbert Williams Nov 1888 -
                         married Enid Lee Draper

NWilliams.jpg (244334 bytes) 
Noah Williams's birthday gathering  early 1920's
He is seated in the middle with arms folded
surrounded by children and grandchildren

names of the people in the photo

         vi. Levi Beeman Powell 9 Apr 1846 - 6 Oct 1913 Gates Co - CSA
              married Gates Co 4 Mar 1875 Martha Sarah Carter 
         vii. Margaret Powell 11 Feb 1847 - 29 July 1906
              married 16 Feb 1875 Thomas Felton 1838 - 1895
        viii. Julian Picot Powell 25 Sept 1849 - 7 Jan 1919 Suffolk VA
              married Suffolk VA 21 Nov 1872 Chester Ranson Spivey
                    1. Mary Powell 1874 - 12 Aug 1889 age 14
                    2. Annie Powell 1875 Gates Co -
                        married George Oliver
                    3. Julian Picot Powell Jr. 1878 Gates Co - 13 Oct 1889  age 11
                    4. Hubert Henry Powell 3 April 1881 Nansemond Co - 31 May 1949 Norfolk VA
                        married 25 Dec 1901 Sarah Elizabeth Williams 8 Mar 1881 Eure NC - 12 May 1964 
                                1st cousins
                    5. John N Powell 27 Sept 1884 Gates Co - 11 July 1890 age 5
                    6. James Pient (J P) Powell 8 Oct 1888 -
                         married Martha Lenora ( Pattie) Taylor
                    7. Baby Sis Powell 1 Sept 1893 Nansemond Co VA -
                       "she lived and died as Baby Sis and is Baby Sis on her tombstone at Cedar Hill Cemetery"
                         married Larry G Lucas
                    8. Lillie Powell 22 Nov 1896 - 31 Oct 1982 Suffolk VA
                        married Carlos F Rose 7 Nov 1889 - 28 June 1958 Suffolk VA

     d. Louisa Eure bef 1823 - aft 1843
          married Hoggard
     e. Mary Ann Eure bef 1825 - aft 1844
      f. Nancy/Seaney/ Lenora ca 1825 - 
2. Lucretia [Cresey] Eure ca 1770 - ca 1850 80th year Leake Co, MS
     married Gates Co 29 Aug 1792 Abraham Beeman bef 1772 - 5 Feb 1832
3. Whitmel Eure 1774/80 - ca 1821
     a. Celah/Selah/Sealey/Celia Eure 1790/94 - bef 1840
           married Samuel Eure Jr
     b. William M Eure ca 1804 - aft 1870
            married Nansey Felton
     c. Thomas S Eure ca 1805 - 14 Mar 1875
            married 5 Feb 1828 Julia Frances Cullens
     d. Agatha Eure bef 1820 -

Children of Capt Charles Eure and wife Selia:
1. Jesse Eure bef 1789 - 1816
2. Jethro Eure ca 1780 - aft 1850 in 70th yr  [deaf and dumb]
     married 1 Sep 1803 Mildred/Milly Eure 1780/84 - aft 1836 Gates Co
     a. Jethro Eure 1803/1816 - 1855/56
         married July 1850 Mary Morgan
           i. Charles Edward [James] Eure 31 Jan 1855 - 13 Oct 1934 79y 8m 
               married in Harrellsville 24 Dec 1879 Mary Francis Piland June 1852 - ca 1910
     b. Lucretia Eure 25 Dec 1806 - 18 Mar 1882 75 yr
          married 14 Feb 1827 Zephaniah Askew 31 Aug 1807 - 9 Oct 1893 in his 87th yr of age
                   son of Jeramiah Askew and wife Nancy
          i. Levi Askew 18 Mar 1828 - 5 April 1900
             married 20 July 1854 Frances A White
          ii. Charles W Askew 28 Sept 1830 - 3 May 1905
              married 20 Jan 1858 Julia Ann Parker
         iii. Emma Askew 3 May 1833 -
         iv. Ann Mary Askew 20 Nov 1835 -
             married 1 April 1890 Levi S Davis              
          v. Richard Watson Askew 25 Nov 1838 -
              married 1 June 1870 Lizzie Webb
                       dau of Lorenzo Stephenson Webb and Penelope Edwards
                    1. Mary Webb Askew
                        married John Wheeler Cooper [Sheriff of Bertie Co]

          vi. Zephaniah Askew Jr. 13 Mar 1841 - 25 April 1869
               married 31 Dec 1862 Annie [Nannie] W Jones 6 Mar 1846 - 6 Feb 1938
         vii. Edward Jalon Askew 8 Feb 1843 -
        viii. Wilber Fiole Askew 7 Sept 1847 -
                married 14 Feb 1877 Jennie Gurley
          ix. Lucritia Ellen Askew 9 May 1852 - 25 Sept 1853 d y

     c. Levi/Levy Eure ca 1809 - 1880/87 Bertie Co
          married Nancy A
          married 6 Feb 1860 Mary Dunning
     d. Emily/Emma Eure aft 1820 - 1860/63
          married 1 Apr 1839 William Ellenor of Scoth- Irish descent 7 children
         son of Charles Francis Ellenor [taylor] who imigrated in 1811 from Ireland and Julia Hayes [sister of Tim]
           i. William Ellenor owned store
           William Ellenor married 2nd Penelope Green
             i. Judge E S A Ellenor
                 married 17 Jan 1889 Mary K Duke   had 10 children

3. Mary/Polly Eure 1780/84 - 1842/44
     married 1st John Lewis
     married 2nd Thomas Cullins
     married 3rd Lemuel Ellis
     married 4th James Eure
4. Luda Eure 1783/87 - aft 1860
     married Charles A Carter 
5. Burwell Eure 1780/90 - 1830/39
     married Martha Harrell
6. Judith/Judy Eure
     married David Beaman
     married Reuben Parker
7. Milly/Milea Eure bef 1796 - aft 1819
     married James Brown
8. Dempsey Eure ca 1800 - aft 1850  
      married Mary [Polly] Parker
     married Rebecca Jane/Virginia/ Nancy Harrell

     as interpreted by David Powell in his "Eure Geneology"

Stephen Eure ca 1731 - 1817  his parents
& ca 1749 ?Tamar Rooks
bef 1734 - bef 1816
  |  her parents
of Gates Co, NC

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

 13 April 1749 - John Webb of Upper Parish Nansemond Co VA sold to Stephen Your of Chowan Co for 25 bbls of tar land called the fort Island in Chowan Co ... 185 acres.. part of a grant to the said Webb for 420 acres bearing date 1 April 1723. Wit: Rich Webb, James Your, and James Your Senr.
married before 1754. 
1753 tax list of Henry Baker of Chowan Co
 Stephen Eure 1 poll, Samuel Eure 2 polls, James Eure 3 polls, and James Eure Jr 2 polls.
Eures on militia list 25 Nov 1754 by Capt Charles King
 Stephen, James and James Eure Jr.
Served in Rev. as an ensign.
Hertford Co tax receipts -
Stephen Eure 1768 4 taxes, 1769 5 taxes, 1770 6 taxes
1786 Census Gates Co NC 1wm 21/60, 1<21 or 60+, 3 females and 8 slaves
1790 Census Gates Co NC 1 male over 16; 2 under 16; no females and 9 slaves
1795 - Gates Co Court records a tax exemption for Stephen Eure who is over 60 years.
Stephen Eure died 13 Feb 1817 per his son Mills' family Bible.

Children of Stephen Eure and Tamar Rooks?:
1. Clarkey Eure bef 1754 - 1823 Gates Co
     married bef 1774 John Baptist Parker bef 1754 - May 1810 Gates Co
         son of John Parker bef 1722 - ca 1783 Gates Co NC
     a. Kindred Parker ca 1774 - 1852 in 75th year
          married 13 Dec 1800 Mary Langston
          married 11 June 1820 Priscilla [Prissy] Williams ca 1785 -
     b. Bray Parker May 1784 bible - aft 1860
          married 22 Jan 1806 Nancy Williams
     c. Elizabeth Parker ca 1785 - 1863
          married 29 May 1819 Ebron Briscoe d. 1829
     d. Reuben Parker ca 1787 - 1834/36
          married 13 Mar 1813 Judith [Judy] Eure [Beeman]
                       dau of Charles Eure and wife Selea
Seth Parker ca 1789 - aft 1846 TN
     f. Mary Parker ca 1790 - 1843/46
           married James Goodwin
     g. Levi/Levy W Parker ca 1791 - aft 1848 Pickens Co AL
     h. Trecey/Terese Parker ca 1794 - 1830/39
           married 19 Jan 1830 John King 
     i. Abraham [Bram] W Parker 13 Feb 1796 - 29 Nov 1840
          married 1830 Mary Eure [Cross] 17 Mar 1799 - 2 Jan 1869
dau of Mills Eure
                she married next 15 Feb 1843 Robert H Ballard 

     j. Dempsey Parker ca 1798/99 - ca 1846
           married by Feb 1833 Chetty [Jones] d by Jan 1867
2. Penelope [Pennina] Eure bef 1766 - 1842
   married 18 Dec 1786 Elisha Harrell Sr bef 1766 - 1837/1840 Gates Co NC
      a. Martha Harrell d aft 1820
          married Burrell Eure
      b. Jethro Harrell d aft 1836
           married Judith Taylor
      c. Peter Harrell d. aft 1842
      d. Elizabeth [Betsy] Harrell 1798/1800 - aft 1850
          married Kinchen Taylor
          married James Goodwin Sr
      e. Penelope [Penny] Harrell
          married Irvin Harrell
      f. Penelope Harrell
      g. Judith Harrell
           married Savage
      h. Celia Ann Harrell ca 1818 - aft 1860
           married Nathan Harrell
3. Mills Eure, Esq 1760/65 - 30 Apr 1837 fB
     married 1780/86 Mary Harrell
     married 1831/36 Mary Elizabeth/Louisa A Lee
4. Dempsey Eure 1765/70 - aft 1816
     married 4 Sept 1788 Polly Brinkley bef 1765 - aft 1810
      a. Dempsey Eure Jr. aft 1788 - bef 1825 
5. Blake Eure 1765/74 - aft 1822
     married 26 Mar 1787 Martha Harrell dau of Peter Harrell
     a. Henry Eure 1794/1800 - aft 1840
           married Julia Eure
    b. Hillory H Eure 1794/1804 - aft 1835
            married Mary Ann Minton
            married Frances Ann Hurdle
    c. Peter Eure 1802/03 - 1871 69th yr
            married Nancy Carter
            married Sarah/Sallie Duck

6 Theresa/Lucretia Eure
      married Lewis Sparkman
7. Mary Eure bef 1783 - aft 1816 Hertford
      married Brittanham
      married Luke Langston
8. Arcadia Eure
      married as 2nd wife John Sparkman d by 1795 Onslow Co
        a. Charney Sparkman 1779/80
             married 1798 Sarah Shepard
        b. Lewis Sparkman
        c. Susanna Sparkman
             married John Erexson
      married Nathaniel Petit d 1808
        d. Sally Petit

 e-mail from Kendall Sparkman
The grandchildren Charney, Lewis and Susannah Sparkman and Sally Pettit are the children by the second wife (as there are older surviving children not mentioned in Stephen Eure's will) of John Sparkman, namely Arcadia Eure.  This John relocated to Dobbs County during the Revolutionary War, and afterwards to Onslow County in 1790. John was deceased by 1795, at which date John was also the father to several other children, including John Jr., Christiany and Treasy, as well as Jolly, William and Miles (the latter three of which preceded Stephen Eure in death).  After John's death, Arcadia remarried to Nathaniel Pettit, who died in 1808. Charney Sparkman, married in 1798, and a witness on Onslow Co. deeds as early as 1798, appears to have been born in 1779/1780, as his next older sister, Christiany survived through 1850 and her birthdate can be established from census records as 1777/1778.

This is probably more information than you want, but these family relationships can be traced through the following Onslow County records with respect to 400a of which John Sparkman was seized at his death:

Deed Bk Q, p 59 - Dec 24, 1790. Solomon Ward to John Sparkman of Dobbs Co, NC for 370 pounds 400 acres on Edward Marshburn's line, on south side of SW branch of New River at a tree near Ward's cart path and near Old Town Road, to Darby Lary's line, Adam Luten's patent line, Isaac Jarrott's line, and to Mashburn's great branch (excepting out of this land one-fourth acre for burying ground) 300 acres is part of the 640 acres grant to Edward Mashburn and 100 acres part of grant to Adam Luten for 616  acres. Tests: Charles Lee, David Mills, Shadrack Campbell.

Deed Bk 2 - P 50, Obed Williams, sheriff of Onslow, a judgement against Lewis Sparkman in favor of Creed Dudley. Sells a tract of land to Chaney Sparkman, 400 acres that was property of John Sparkman deceased, Oct 12, 1808.

Deed Book 2, P 65, May 30, 1808. John Sparkman to Chainey Sparkman for 62 pounds 10 shillings, a tract on New River which land I am entitled to by death of my father, John Sparkman, deceased; also my brother Mills, Jolly, and William Sparkman, deceased. Tests: Nancy Ward, Sarah Jenkin.

Deed Bk 2, p 137 - Jan 16, 1805 - Woodhouse Ward bought of Anthony Kinnin and Christainy, his wife of Beaufort Co, NC, for $15.00 all their right, title and claim in all the lands which fell to us by the death of our 3 brothers; namely, Mills Sparkman, Jelty Sparkman, and William Sparkman, the said land having fallen to them by the death of their father, John Sparkman, and we the said Anthony and Christiany Kinnin now sell to Woodhouse Ward.  Tests: John and Aliff Ward.

Deed Bk 2, p 234 - May 50, 1808. John Sparkman deeds to Chainey Sparkman for 62 pounds 10 shillings, the land I am entitled to by death of my father, John Sparkman, Sr, deceased, also my brothers Mills, Jolly, and William Sparkman, deceased. Tests: Nancy Ward, Sar:ah Jenkin.
Deed Bk 5(4), p 155, Jan 9, 1815(1813) - Chaney Sparkman to Lewis Foy of  Jones Co. for $525.00 sells Foy all land he holds as heir of John Sparkman deceased, and that which fell to him by death of 3 brothers; Mills, Jelty (Jolly), and William Sparkman; and also the rights of Lewis Sparkman which he purchased at sheriff's sale. Land joins that of the old patent of Edward Marshborne of 640 acres near Solomon Ward's cart road, Lary's line to Adam Lutens old patent and line agreed upon between Isaac Jarrett and Lewis Foy, containing 400 acres. Tests: Isaac Jarrott, Enoch Foy, John Ward.
Deed Bk 7(6), p 134 - Dec. 1, 1816. John Gornto for 35(33) dollars paid by Joshua Foy deeds an undivided moiety of land granted from Chaney Sparkman to Lewis Foy which joins Edward Marshborn's old patent of 640 acres on the south side of SW branch of New River at Lary 's and Adam Luten's lines, Isaac Jarrott's, which is land that came to my wife, Treasy, at death of her father, John Sparkman, deceased, containing 33 and 1/3rd acres. Tests:Morris Foy, James Foy, Sr.
Deed Bk 10, p 150 - Mar 19, 1819. John Erixon and wife, Susanna, sold for 40 dollars paid by Joshua Foy, an undivided tract of land being an parcel contained in a deed granted from Charney Sparkman to Lewis Foy joining Edward Marshborn's patent of 640 acres on the south side of the south west branch of New River to Adam Luton's line, containing 33 1/3rd acres, it being all our right in the land which fell to Susanna Sparkaman by the death of my father John Sparkman, and by the death of my brothers, Mills, Jetty, and William Sparkman. Tests: Asa Watson, C. Sparkman.

The following powers of attorney recorded in Gates Co. Deed Book 11, page 62, establishes the link of this Onslow County Sparkman family to Stephen Eure:
25 Mar 1820.  John Erexson of Onslow Co. appoints Charney Sparkman his attorney to sue and receive from executor of Stephen Eure, dec. legacy left to wife, Susanna Sparkman (as was) in last will of Stephen Eure. John Erexson.  Wit: Elizabeth Sparkman, Hosea Williams.

29 Apr. 1820.  James Landers of Onslow Co. appoints Charney Sparkman as his attorney to sue and received from executor of Stephen Eure, dec. legacy left wife, Sarah Pettit (as was) in last will of said Eure. James Landers.  Wit:  Arch B. Higgs, Elizabeth Sparkman.
The following Onslow records also provide documentation:

Jan. 12, 1796.  Nathaniel Pettitt appointed guardian to Mills Sparkman with bond of 300 pounds secured by James Foy and Solomon Ward.
July 6, 1798.  The estate of Mills Sparkman, son to John Sparkman, deceased, settled with his guardian Nathaniel Pettit by Jas. Foy and Geo. Shepard.
Deed Book 4, p 80 Stephen Eure of Gates County, North Carolina to his daughter Arcady Pettit of Onslow County gives to her a negro girl named Mattitto. 25 Nov 1805. Witnesses Mills Eure, Lewis Sparkman. [Doubtlessly Gates Co. Lewis Sparkman here.]

March 14, 1808.  Charley Sparkman appointed guardian to Sarah Pettit with bond of 300 pounds secured by Williams Sanders and Hardy Shepard.

While John could have a been a son of John Sparkman d. ca. 1767, due to his economics among other considerations, I tend to believe that he was the son of Thomas Sparkman d. ca. 1789 and the older brother of Lewis Sparkman of Gates Co
. e-mail from Kendall Sparkman

References include US Census, "Gates County Cemetery and Death Records" "Bible Records of Gates County, NC"  both Vol 1 and 2, "Forgotten Gates," History of Gates County,  "Eure" by David Powell, 
David Sparkman's Site,
  e-mails from Sue Eagle Sparkman  and  Kendall Sparkman and David Sparkman

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