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Starkey Sharp 1741 - bef 1790 census his parents
& 1763/67 Sarah Winborne 1747/52 - 1777 her parents

& aft 1779 Jamima Hare 1743 - 1791 |  her parents
& bef 1769 John Speight d 1770/1779 his parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Starkey Sharp 1741 - 1791 was the son of Jacob Sharp who died in Bertie/Hertford Co in 1748 and his wife Elizabeth Tanner leaving a minor son Starkey Sharp.
   on May 10, 1742 Jacob Sharp of Surry Co Virginia bought 675 a from Robert Forster of Edgecombe on Wiccacon Creek plus on 13 May 1742
from John Wynns another 50 a  on NS Wiccacon Creek adj. lands of Robert Forster of Edgecombe, William Baker . [Colonial Bertie County North Carolina Deed Books A-H 1720 - 1757]

BB Winborne was mistaken in naming William Sharp and a Miss Starkey as Starkey Sharp's parents.

Starkey Sharp married 1st Sara Winborne daughter of Henry Winborne and Sarah Hare.
Sarah Winborne Sharp died in 1777.
Starkey Sharp married 2nd Jamima Hare daughter of Jesse Hare.
 [She was the widow of John Speight who died in Hertford Co after 1770 and before the 1779 tax list.]

1790 US Census Hertford Co NC
Jemima Sharp, head    1 free white male over 16   1 free white male under 16  4 free white females     16 slaves

Children of Starkey Sharp and Sarah Winborne:
1. Elizabeth Sharp 1768 - 1840
     married Capt. Nathan Harrell 1750 - 1802

       a. Nancy Harrell
             married 1810 Dr. Wm. L Smith of CT died 1813
             married 2 James M. Yancey
       b. Starkey Sharp Harrell 1786 - 1830
            married Elizabeth Simmons 1788 - 1861
       c. Sally Harrell
             married G. H. Bond
     married 2nd George Gordon
       d. Barsha Gordon

3. Sarah Sharp bef 1777 -(d. 20 Oct 1810)
    married ca 1795  Thomas Edward Hare 1767- 17 May 1814 
           son of Thomas Hare & Penelope Moore
        a. Thomas Edward Hare Jr.
        b. Rev Jacob Sharp Hare
        c. Col. Starkey Sharp Hare
     T E  married
2nd ca 1811 Mrs Rachel Askew Hunter
                   (daughter of David Askew Sr. and Millicent Outlaw)
        d. John Augustus Hare Sr. ca 1812 -
(Gary Murray's ancestor)

        e. David Askew Hare ca 1814 -

Child of Starkey Sharp and Jemima Hare [Speight]:
4. Col. Starkey Sharp 1785 - 1833 never married
5. Levinia Sharp 1790 Hertford Co NC - 1832 [5th great grandmother of Crystal Hatch]
      married ca 1821 Jesse Woodard  [his second wife of three] Northampton Co.
       a. Elizabeth Woodard ca 1824 -
       b. Starkey Sharpe Woodard 25 Sept 1825 -
              married Mary Jane Stephenson
       c. Oliver Woodard 10 Dec 1828 -
       d. Margaret Ann Woodard Dec 1831 -
          see 'Twelve Northampton County, North Carolina Families 1650-1850

Jacob Sharp ca 1743 - 1816 his parents
& Nancy Hunter est 1785 - 1823? her parents

of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

The graves of Jacob and Nancy on the bank of the Wiccacon have been located.

Jacob Sharp TS

Children of Jacob Sharp and Nancy Hunter:
1. Elisha Hunter Sharp bef 1805 -
            in senate 1826
     married Sallie Carter dau of Maj. Isaac Carter
      a. Brig -Gen. Jacob H Sharp MS CSA
            married Miss Harris of Mississippi dau of Judge Harris of MS
      b. Col. Thomas L Sharp CSA killed at Atlanta 1864
                   served in the Mississippi Senate 1857
      c. Caroline Sharp
           married Hunter Walker
2. Thomas Blount Sharp bef 1807   in senate 1838
3. Starkey Sharp III 1809 - 1867 
                     in house 1842
    married 1st Sallie Lewis
        widow of Jacob Simons and dau of Watson Lewis Sr.
       a. Mary E Sharp ca 1832 -
    married 2nd Eleanor Hardy ca 1820 - 1848
                dau of Humphrey Hardy of Bertie
       a. Nannie Sharp 1838 -
            married James Jones Walton 1836 AL - 1864/68
            married 2nd bef 1870 E Drake Scull 1819 - 1897
       b. Cornelia Sharp ca 1843 -
       c. Celia Sharp ca 1845 -
       d. Mary B Sharp ca 1847 -
    married 3rd Jane T Lewis ca 1831 -
                 sister of 1st wife Sallie
        a. Starkey H Sharp IV Sept 1857   - 26 Nov 1927
             married ca 1882 Annie Askew July 1855 - 
                  dau of Dr. Andrew J Askew of Bertie
              i. Janie M Sharp May 1884 -
             ii. Lena W Sharp Aug 1886 -
             iii. Starkey Sharp Jan 1889 - 12 May 1954
                married Esther ca 1899 -
                      1. Starkey Sharp 27 Sept 1919 - 3 Aug 1969
             iv. child dy ca 1892 - bef 1900
             v. Jereromie M Sharp Nov 1894 -
             vi. Hunter Sharp Aug 1896 -
             vii. Annie Sharp Nov 1899 -
        b. Caroline L [Carrie] Sharp ca 1860/June 1862 - 
             married ca 1886 Dr. John Templer Shubrick 
                          May 1858 Charleston SC - aft 1920 Wash. DC
                    in 1880 was living in Winton then moved to Harrellsville,
              lived Rocky Mount NC by 1900 in 1920 were living with dau in DC
             i. Edmund [Eddie] Templer Shubrick July 1887 - 1920
             ii. Carrie Shubrick Sept 1889 -
                 married ca 1913 M Weddell Hart ca 1891 -
             iii. Starkey Shubrick April 1892 - 1946

        c. Hunter Sharp ca 1862 -

        d. Fannie D Sharp ca 1866 -
            married Hon. Thomas R Jernigan
4. Nancy Sharp ca 1811 -
5. John Bembury Sharp ca 1811 -
     married Lavenia C Simons ca 1816 -
      a. John Sharp ca 1836 -
               public register of Hertford Co 1857 - 1866 and Sheriff 1878 - 1880
      b. Elizabeth Sharp ca 1838 -
      c. Dr. Starkey Sharp ca 1840 -
            married Jane Mc B ca 1848 -
              i. Joseph C Sharp ca 1863 -
             ii. Kate Sharp ca 1865 -
      d. James Sharp ca 1842 -
      e. Edward Sharp ca 1844 -
      f. Sally Sharp ca 1846 -
      g. Charles L Sharp ca 1849 -
          married Mary Elizabeth Powell 22 Oct  1841 - 10 Feb 1910
                   sister of James M Powell of Harrellsville
6.  Jacob Sharp II 1814 - 1882  in house 1844
     married Elizabeth Simons
       a. Capt. Wm Sharp of Conf. fame d. Charlestown SC
       b. Col. Thomas H Sharpe of the 17th NC Reg CSA d Charlestown SC
       c. Henry Clay Sharp - Reg. of Deeds Hertford Co
           married Mary Elizabeth Powell 22 Oct  1841 - 10 Feb 1910
                   widow of his cousin Charles L Sharp

Source: B B Winborne's History of Hertford County North Carolina.
1900 Census;
1870 Census

Jacob Sharp 1714 - 1748  his parents
Nancy Tanner
 |  her parents
of Surry Co VA &
Bertie Co/Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

 This Jacob Sharp's parents  I think were  Francis Sharp 1660 - 1738 & Comfort Finchett d 1710 Surry Co VA
   I believe from the way tFrancis's will is written that Jacob was by a 2nd wife not Comfort.

NC records show that Jacob Sharp of Surry Co VA bought 700 A more or less on the Wiccacon Creek/River in 1742.  This was from Robert Forster who has moved to Edgecombe Co and also a parsel from John Wynns.

Then in 1748 Jacob Sharp wrote his will dated 30 Oct 1748 proved at Eden House Jan Ct 1748 {OS} New Year's Day was in March. He names nephew Samuell Tanner - twelve pounds ten shillings to be paid to him at the age of twenty-one. Son Starkey Sharp - my lands and manner plantation in Bertie County, Residue of my personal estate is to be divided by my friends William Hooker, Wm. Witherin, John Baker of Littletown and Peter Evans to make a division between my wife Elizabeth Sharp and my son Starkey, but the entire estate is to remain in my wife's hands until Starkey in sixteen years old.
Ex. wife, Peter Evans
Wit. William Wittington, Isaac Lassiter, Mary Lassiter  [DB Gammon transcript]

David B Gammon also made a transcript to the loose papers on file in Bertie Co.
  Jacob Sharp - Additional inventory Feb. 1749 [OS] by Peter Evans. Account of sale [undated] by Peter Evans [very faded] noting money paid to Thomas Barker and John Salter, and cash held in favor of the orphan, and money paid for costs of dividing the estate agreeable to the will. Division of estate, 1750, between [1] Starkey Sharp - who received Negroes George, Beck and Hannah, and
[2] Richard Figures, who received Peter, Moll, and Jane. Inventory May 18, 1751 of the property of the said orphan Stark. Sharp with his gdn. Joseph Witherington.

Also in the Bertie County Court Minutes p633 NCGHR a court held at the Court House at Cashy Bridge, Tuesday, Nov 14, 1749. Present, Justices Benj. Hill, John Brown, Thos. Hansford, and John Early.
  Peter Evans, surviving Exr. of Jacob Sharp, ordered to return Inventory of sd Estate to next Court. Also, Richard Figures render acc't of such goods as came to his knowledge after his intermarrying with Elizabeth Sharpe.

 Child of Jacob Sharp and Nancy Tanner:
  1. Starkey Sharp 1741 - ca 1790 Hertford Co NC

  2. Jacob Sharp ca 1743 - 11 Feb 1816 age 73 ts on bank of the Wiccacon
       married Nancy Hunter of Gates Co   by 1785 - 1823? ts

this Jacob appears to be a brother or cousin of Starkey not his son as stated by Winborne.

Francis Sharp 1660 - 1738  |  his parents
& Comfort Finchett ???? - 1710
 |  her parents
& 2nd wife  - bef 1739 
 |  her parents
of Surry Co VA

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Francis Sharp and Comfort Finchett:
1. Francis Sharp
2. Elizabeth Sharp
      married Garriss
3. Comfort Sharp
      married King

Children of Francis Sharp and his 2nd wife:
4. Jacob Sharp 1714 - 1748 Bertie Co/Hertford Co NC
5. John Sharp
6. William Sharp
7. Sarah Sharp
8. Mary Sharp

   Francis Sharp left a will in Surry Co VA dated 14 Aug 1739. Will Book 9, page 115.
 1. son Francis Sharp - a lot and house in Williamsburg adjoining Capital Square. also 135 A in County of Isle of Wight lying on Beaver Dam and also 300 A lying on Flat Swamp. also 40 pounds money to purchase slaves.
2. son Jacob Sharp - a lot and house in Williamsburg adjoining the market place. - 240 A of land in Isle of Wight Co. - also 350 A joining on Amos Garris -- also my still with all appurtenances.
3. son John Sharp - the house now in the occupation of Roadwell, a shoemaker, in the city of Williamsburg and the plantation whereon I now live..
4. son William Sharp the remaining part whereon I now live of ye said land and plantation and land at Secory Chapel -- a negro woman named Nan and her increase.. 35 feet of East End of ye lot given to my son Francis , and the timber he shall want toward building upon the said lot
5. daughter Sarah Sharp, a negro named Robin, another called Prince and a negro woman, Bess and increase.
6. daughter Mary, a negro called Frank and one called Jimmy.
7. daughter Elizabeth Garris, a gold ring of ten shillings price.
8. daughter Comfort King, 3 pounds per year for 20 years ensuing my death, providing she shall live so long.
Remainder not mentioned to remain in the hands of my son Jacob one year and then be sold and the money arising be equally devided among all my children, excepting son Francis, and daughters Elizabeth Gaarris and Comfort King.
-I appoint my friend Mr. Charles Binns to see that this Will be duly performed.
Lastly, I appoint my son Jacob to be executor.  signed Francis Sharp [sealed with red wax] 14 August 1739.
Wit: Thomas B Bell, William Evans, Mary Bell
Probate: 20 Feb 1740    John Allen recorder.


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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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