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Benjamin Perry ca 1693 - ca 1766  
& Elizabeth Ash?
of Perquimans Prect, NC

  This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

   Perrys-bridge.jpg (53122 bytes) 
the view from Perry's Bridge in Perquimans Co, NC
photo by Zane Perry

 Deed G-222 20 Jan 1767 Joseph Perry of Perq to John Twine land given by Benjamin Perry in his will to Joseph Perry
.according to Mitchell there is an original will of Benjamin Perry ca 1779  of Perquimans in the Archives in Raleigh. 
This must be Ben II -- I must get a copy. 

Joel Holowell, 1: md Miriam Perry, dt of Benjamin & Elizabeth Ash Perry. 
Benjamin Perry, 4: md Susanna Rawlins, son of Benj & Elizabeth Ash Perry. 

 Children of Benjamin Perry and Elizabeth:
1. Benjamin Perry ca 1718  - 11 May 1788
      G-42 Perq Co Deeds - Benjamin Perry  for love deed my son Benjamin Perry 300 ac where I now dwell 19 April 1762.
  1741-1747 a  Benjamin Perry was church warden of Nags Head Chapel in Perquimans Co 

      a. Ezekiel Perry 1735 - 1810
           married Sarah Eason
    b. Benjamin Perry ca 1738 - 10 Jan 1784
          married 1759 Hannah Hunter est 1732 - Nov 1791

               widow of Joseph Riddick d. 1759 Chowan Co

            i. Benjamin Perry ca 1761 -
               married 13 Dec 1785 Millicent Riddick 1771 - 1823 will

                      1.  Mary Perry 26 Oct 1786 -
                      2. Thomas Perry 27 Jan 1789 -
                      3. James Perry 13 Aug 1792 -
                      4.  Joseph Perry 20 Dec 1796 -
                      5.  Christian Perry 20 Dec 1798 -
                      6.  Benjamin R. Perry ca 1800 -
                             married Martha White
                               daughter of Dempsey White and  Maragret Sanborne

 I do have an addition to the children of Benjamin Perry and Millicent Riddick who married in 1785. There was a son born evidently after the 1800 census was taken named Benjamin R. Perry. In Millicent's will of 1823 she names him as her son. He married Martha White daughter of Dempsey White and Margaret Sanborne White. Benjamin R. and Martha are my ggggrandparents. Frances Perry Callaghan -- Lancaster VA

          ii. Drucilla Perry ca 1763 -
               married Mr. Hinton
                      1. Benjamin Hinton
                      2. Mary Hinton
  married Susannah Walton [Hinton]ca 1733 - ?
  [she had married 1st 1753 Amos Hinton]

2. Miriam Perry ca 1723 - aft 1770 Perq. Co
      F-162 Perq Co Deeds - Benjamin Perry & Elizabeth his wife for love deed son-in-law Joel Hollowell & our daughter Miriam a 8 yr old Negro girl Lucy 3 Mar 1755.
      married 1745/52 Joel Hollowell ca 1727 - July 1773 Perq. Co 

3.  Joseph Perry ca 1713 -
Bertie Co, NC Deed Book F pg 1 Francis McClendon & wife Elinor & Isaac Hill to Joseph Perry of Chowan Prect. 2 Jan 1738. 60 £ for 150 A. in Chinkapin Neck at the mouth of the Holley swamp at Bear Swamp. Wit: John Thomas, jurat, John Willis May Ct 1739 Bellís abstract

 F-10 Perq Co Deeds - Benjamin Perry  for love deed 100 ac land to my son Joseph Perry 7 July 1750.

   ?married bef 1730 1st wife
        a. Joseph Perry
            married Elizabeth Hunter
ca 1730 - aft 1752
her adm. Lemuel Baker
          per 1827 depo. by Nathan Ward of Gates Co
             i. Elisha Perry
                      1. Absalah Perry
            ii. Hannah Perry
                married Lambert
           iii. Susannah Perry
                married 1st Howard
                married 2nd Baker

    ?  married Alee (Alice) Hunter ca 1724

 4. Susannah Perry
     married John Tyler

       a.  Moses Tyler ca 1756 - 16 Nov 1788
            married ca 1780 Helen Cotten (Powell) ca 1756 -
       b. Perry Tyler  aft 1763  - 1799 Bertie Co
            married  8 Feb 1792 Rachel Hollowell ca 1770  Perq. -

  3 March 1755 Benjamin Perry of Perquimons Co to John Tyler - 5£ for 150 acres adj. Peter Parker on "the main road" Wit: Joel Hollowell, Nicholas Stallings, Kidar Powell. Jan Ct 1756 Benjamin Wynns C/C     Bell's abstract Bertie co Deeds

1779 Tax List of Hertford Co NC abstract by Raymond A Winslow Jr NCGSJ May 94 p107
 Ezekiel Perry 225 acs Land     1400£
 3 negroes under 5                         450£
 1 " 5-10                                           400£
 4 " 10 - 40                                     2800£
 3 Horses                                           550£
 13 Cattle                                          130£
  money, notes etc                            100£      total - 5830£
John Tyler 150 acres Land         1000£
320 ac Land in Bertie                    800£
2 negroes under 5                           300£
1 " 5-10                                             400£
3 " 10-40                                         2100£
3 Horses                                             600£
36 Cattle                                             360£
money etc                                             82£
money belonging to Wm Perry      158£
money " to Docton Perry                     6£     total 5807£
Moses Tyler   Pole Tax                 Say 400£

from adm filed with SS from Hertford Co NC  - NCGSJ - May 88 
In 1762 Sarah Perry and John Tyler were granted probate of the will of William Perry [Hertford Co]
also in 1762 Judith Perry was granted the Administration of William Perry ; James Jones and Robert Draughan securities.
and then 1762 William Moore was granted the Administration of William Perry & Judith Perry; Robert Draughan & Michael Ward securities.

Chowan County Conveyances 6 Jan 1728 Benjamin Perry to Thomas Lane 140 acres NE shore of Chowan River on Deep Run; 140 acres adj. Land of James Farlow. Test: Robert Hicks, Susanna Perry Hathaway 2-445

Quit Rent 1735  - Perquimans Co
  Samuel Perry 160 ac
  Phillip Perry 200 ac
  Jacob Perry   300 ac
  Benjamin Perry 500 ac
1740 List Perquimans Co
   John Perry   1
   Thomas Pery 2     who is he?
   Samuel Perry 2
   Phillip Perry 2
   Benj Perry  4
   Jacob Perry 5
1754 Muster list Col John Harvey's Reg
Captain Jo:s Riddick's Company 
 Jos Perry sgt son of Ben
 Ben Perry
 Ben Perry Jr     son of Ben

 John Perry   son of Jacob
 Israel Perry  son of Jacob
 Jacob Perry Jr  son of Jacob
 Demsey Perry son of Jacob
 Jacob Perry 
 Rhuben Perry  son of Jacob [Quaker]
1754 Tax list
 Jno: Perry 2     
 Israel Perry 2
 Samuel Perry 1
 Benjamin Perry 4
 Jacob Perry 6
 Joseph Pery 3
 Jacob Perry Jr 2
1760 Tax List Capt Elias Stallings
 Reuben Perry
 Joseph Perry
 Samuel Perry or Berry
 Capt. Deale's list
 John Perry
  Tho. Peare
 Jacob Perry
 Israel Perry

 Benjamin Perry Sen
 Benjamin Perry Jun
1764 Tax List Capt Joseph Perry's dist.
 Reuben Perry
 Benj Perry
 Jacob Perry
 Joseph Perry
 John Clayton's List
 Jesse Perry
1765 Tax List Seth Sumner's list
 Phillip Perry & apprentice            2  0  2
 Benjamin Perry & 2 Negroes         1  2  3
 Israel Perry & 5 Negroes                1  5  6
 Jacob Perry, Mills Lilley & 3 N     2  3  5
 List of Robert Riddick
 Jacob Piorie                                            1
 Joseph Perry, son Elisha & Cate           3
 Reubin Perry neph Robert Wilson       
            blacks James and Diner              4
 Jacob Perry   and 3 blacks                     4
  Ben Perry  blacks 4 male and 2 female 6
  List of Benjamin Perry
  Benjamin Perry
 Joseph Perry

 Jacob Perry sen
 Reubin Perry

 List of John Weekes
 Jesse Pery 
1771 Tax List
Perry, Reubin, Joseph Simon 2 N  2 1 1 4
 Perry, Jacob, Isaac Wilson 5 N     2 5 0 7
 Perry, Phillip  2 N                           1 2 0 3
 Perry, Israel    5 N                          1 5 0 6
 Perry, Benj      4 N                          1 4 0 5
 Perry, Benj jr   3 N                          1 3 0 4
 Perry, Joseph   3 N                         1 2 1 4
 Perry, Israel, Simon Lilley 4 N       2 3 1 6
 Perry, Jesse                                     1 0 0 1

1772 Poll taxes
Jesse Perry, Thos Eliot   2 0 0 2
Benj Perry - Dick, Life, Hope, and Jenny  1 2 2 5
Phillip Perry - Charles   1 1 0 2
Jacob Perry - Chaver, Tom, -noc, Isaac, Dian  1 4 1 6
Benj Perry Jr - Will, Mosing, young Mosing  1 1 2 4
Israel Perry, Joseph Eason - Dinah  2 0 1 3
Joseph Perry, son Joseph - linnon, Cate, and Philes  1 1 2 4  [over 60]
Israel Perry, -Sambo, Ming, --- Dave Hagar    1 4 1 6


Notice for male NC Perry surname descendants:  Please consider having your DNA tested.  
Three samples from family subgroup 03 at Perry FTDNA website can document their ancestry to John Perry b. 1680/90 of Nansemond Co, VA d. 1760 Bertie Co, NC.  A fourth sample from the same subgroup 03 can prove his ancestry to Currituck Co, NC.  He does not appear to be a descendant of John Perry d. 1760 in Bertie.  It is anticipated that the presently unknown common ancestor of these two lines lived in 17C Virginia.  DNA may help tie together the several NC lines out of VA, so please consider joining the Perry surname project.  Tests can be ordered at a discount through either the Perry FTDNA website above, or  Other companies (Ancestry, etc) also do DNA testing, and your result can be uploaded to the Perry surname project.

Ezekiel Perry 1735 - 1810 | his parents   
& Sarah Eason  | her parents   
of Hertford County NC

   Ezekiel Perry was born ca 1735 in Perquimans County NC and was the son of Benjamin Perry.
  Ezekiel Perry married Sarah Eason, daughter of Abner Eason and wife Rachel Docton. They moved to Hertford County before the Revolutionary War and settled near old St John's Chapel.   

  Hertford Co  1779 tax list  - 225 ac, 8 negroes, 3 horses, 13 cattle, 100 money
US Census Hertford Co 1790
 Elisha Perry 1m 16+, 3m -16, 4f   1sl 
Simeon Perry 2m 16+, 3m -16, 4f  8 sl

Children of  Ezekiel Perry and Sarah Eason:
 1. Abner Perry ca 1758 - 1810 Hertford Co
         married 1783 Peggy Burns of Bertie Co. died ca 1805
         married 1808 Sallie Jordan [Simons] 1773 - 1847
                daughter of Pleasant Jordan and widow of Joshua Simons
 2. Abram Perry    lived Bertie Co
 3. Docton Perry bef 1764 -died after 1820  lived Bertie Co
see Jacob Docton's will above
 4. Susannah Perry
 5.  Simeon Perry ca 1760 -      
1790 Census Hertford Co
          married Martha Ann Bains 
                  daughter of William Bains and wife Winifred of Bertie Co
6.  others   

Capt. Abner Perry ca 1758 - 1810 | his parents   
& 1783 Peggy Burns est 1768 - ca 1805 
| her parents   
& 1808 Sallie Jordan 1773 - 1847 | her parents   
of Hertford County NC

  US Census Hertford Co 1800
 Abner Perry 2m 0/10, 1m 16/25, 1m 26/45, 2f 0/10, 1f 10/15, 1f 16/25,  1f 26/45  13 sl
 US Census Hertford Co 1810
 Sally Perry 2m 0/10, 2m 10/16, 1f 0/10, 1f 10/16, 2f 16/25, 1f 26/45  32 sl
 US Census Hertford Co 1820
 Elisha Horton 2m 0/10, 1m 10/15, 1m 26/45, 1f 0/10, 3f 16/25, 1f 26/45/ 1f 45+  31 sl 
 US Census Hertford Co 1830
 Abner Perry 1m 0/10, 1m 15/20,  12 sl

 Abner Perry enlisted in the Continental army for three years and was promoted to a captain and was wounded in the hip at the battle of Guilford Court House from which he never entirely recovered.  
  Peggy his first wife died about 1805 and in 1808 Abner Perry married the widow of Joshua Simons, nee Sallie Jordan [daughter of Pleasant Jordan].  Abner J. Perry was born 11 Oct 1809 and then Capt. Abner Perry died in 1810.  
   In 1812 his widow Sallie married Maurice Moore of Bertie, and they had one child Elizabeth. 
   Maurice Moore died, and she married in 1816 Moses Moore. They had no issue. 
   Moses Moore died, and Sallie on 19 March 1820 married Elisha E Horton of Bertie. Mrs. Sallie Horton died a widow in 1847.

Children of Abner Perry and Peggy Burns:
 1. Patsey Perry 2 Oct 1784 - 1834  [several children]
       married 1806 John Dickinson of NH Co NC
 2. Sallie Perry 2 April 1787 -
       married James Ruffin   died
       married James Moore  moved to Madison Co AL
 3. Rebecca Perry 25 June 1791 -
       married Marmaduke Howard   died
       married 1816 James Bush  moved to AL
        a. Judge Bush of Marianna, FL
 4.  Andrew T. Perry 6 Aug 1793 -
       married Matilda Jones   moved south
 5.  John B. Perry 6 Dec 1796 - 28 July 1823   dsp
 6.  Jennett Perry 22 April 1800 -
        married Joseph Deanes    moved to AL
 7.  Abner Perry 26 July 1803 -  died  young

Child of Abner Perry and Sally Jordan [Simons]: 
Abner Jordan Perry 11 Oct 1809 Hertford Co - 11 Oct 1866
      married 12 Feb 1829 Marena Howard  no issue
      married 6 Jan 1831 Julia Ann Powell  Halifax Co d bef 1845

        a. James A Perry ca 1833 - aft 1850
        b. Jesse A Perry 18 Feb 1838 - 3 July 1916 Scotland Neck
Jesse A. Perry moved to Scotland Neck in 1876 where he was the mayor 1891 to 1900.  
                   After his wife died in 1901 he lived with his daughter Julia Brinkley in Greenville .NC

            married 18 Feb 1862 Mary D Fowle 1838 - 1901
             i. Julia A Perry ca 1863 -
                married J Frank Brinkley of Greenville NC
             ii. James F Perry ca 1866 -
            iii. Sarah [Sadie] T. Perry ca 1868 - 1963 of Scotland Neck
                             grad Chowan in 1886
                  married 1906 R C Josey
            iv. Mary F Perry ca 1870 -
             v. John D. Perry ca 1872 -
            vi. Helen Cotton Perry ca 1873 - ca 1910
                married 4 June 1907 Rev James Kennedy Henderson 1870 - 1954

J K Henderson Married - The following from the Scotland Neck Commonwealth will
be read with interest by friends of J K Henderson in this county. He was
married on Tuesday, June 4 to Miss Helen C Perry: The bride, daughter, of J A
Perry and the late Mary Fowle Perry is a member of the one of the oldest and
most distinguished families of the state, being a niece of the late Governor
Fowle. She is a young woman of rare gifts, the former lady principal of
Faircloth Hall at the Baptist University at Raleigh . Her charming personality,
her unselfish Christian spirit, together with her bright disposition, have won
for her, a large circle of friends throughout the state. A young woman of
Culture and refinement, she is especially fitted for her life's work. The
groom, a graduate of Wake Forest College and a student of the Theological
Seminary, is a young minister of ability, a clear thinker and an earnest
speaker. He is greatly beloved by the people among whom he labors. His
friends here and elsewhere congratulate him upon his fortunate and happy
marriage. (from Sylvan news p 74 Vol 1 in RHH files)

                      1. Mary Fowle Henderson dy
                      2. Jesse Perry Henderson 1910 - 1978
              James Henderson married 2nd Annie Josey and had several children

      c.  John D Perry 12 June 1843 - ca 1871 Wilcox Co AL
                               moved 1869 to Black Bluff, Wilcox Co AL
             married 8 Feb 1869 Helen Scrymoure Johnston 1844 Edenton -
                            daughter of Rev Samuel Iredell Johnston 1806-1865 & Margaret Burwin 1811-1886

              i. Maggie Perry 1871 NC -
                   married James Marshall Norman Sr

                          1. James Marshall Norman Jr
                               married Blanche Foster

e-mail from James
  I think John D. Perry and Helen must have gone down to Alabama shortly after they were married in 1869.  They clearly show up in the 1870 census.  Their daughter Maggie would have been born in 1871.  I think Winbourne's "removed to Alabama in 1871" is a mistake for John dying there at that time.  Uncle Will [Moore] must have gone down there afterwards.  I clearly recall from one of Cousin Margaret's stories that he was living by himself.  He married Aunt Annie in 1873.  They were back at Mulberry Grove for Cousin Helen's birth in 1874.  I'd love to find a file of old Wilcox County newspapers to determine what actually happened to John. . . .  And strange that there was nothing about John's fate as most of the information on the Abner Perry line appears to have been given to Judge Winborne by Jesse Perry.

I'm curious as to where Jesse and John went to school.  They were not students at UNC.  Since their father was a strong Baptist, maybe they went to Wake Forest or to Columbian up in DC like Uncle Jule and Dr. Samuel Wheeler's son John.

Dear James:
 Contrary to the sources, a John D. Perry is listed in the  1870  Census of  Wilcox County, Alabama, Dwelling #76, Family #76, age 28,  Occupation  physician,
 born in North Carolina, real estate worth $1,800.00,
 personal  property worth  $600.00.
 The only other person listed in this household is a woman  named Hellen, age  26, born in Alabama [sic], Occupation "Keeps  House."
 They are residents of Blacks Bluff as of 26th day of  August.  [Second digit
 of date is not clearly formed and may be a 4 or a  9.]  I
 assume from the name  that this place is on the banks of the Alabama  River.
Their neighbors are  Blacks, but with such  surnames as Westray and Moore,
 probably former slaves of  those  families.
 I don't find Dr. Perry in the 1880 Census, but I do  find Helen  S. Perry, a
 widow, age 33, and her daughter Maggie, age 9, living in  Monroe,  Union County,
North Carolina, Dwelling #56, Family #56.  Also in the  household is Annie
 Johnson, age 15, niece of Helen.  All were  born in North  Carolina.  Helen's
occupation is given as Telegraph  Operator. 
 The enumeration was made on 2nd June  1880. 
 At RootsWeb, I found Dr. John D. Perry married to Helen  Scrymoure Johnston,
 a daughter of the Reverend Samuel Iredell and Margaret  (Burgwin) Johnston. 
 Their only child apparently was Maggie, who married  James Marshall Norman,
 Sr., and had a son named James Marshall Norman, Jr., who  married a Blanche
 Foster.  The only date given in this source was that of  Dr. Perry's birth, which
 corresponds to the date you sent along with the  request,  i.e., 12 June 1843. 
 Other references at RootsWeb may give more  dates, but I  didn't search them  all.
 The 1890 Census was, alas, destroyed by fire.  I don't  find Helen S. Perry
 in the 1900 Census.
If I find anything more, I'll forward it to you.
 "One old genealogical dog,"

Rex: Brilliant!  Absolutely brilliant!  That has to be our man in Wilcox County in the 1870 census.  First I've heard of his being a doctor.  John W. Moore wrote that Dr. Moore sent about half of his slaves down to the Alabama plantation when he and Turner Westray bought it.  Cousin Margaret visited me when I was living in Ozark.  I took her over to Camden to see her cousins Will and Demp Harris, Tait descendants.  When we told the story of Dr. Moore's plantation, Demp said there were still lots of black people named Westray in the county.  They must be descendants of Westray slaves.  Obviously John and Helen Perry were living on the Westray-Moore property.  I wonder if something happened to John and that's why Uncle Will went down there.  He and Annie Tait were married in 1873.

Helen's sister Frances (Fanny) Johnston married John D. Parker and lived in Monroe, NC.  So Helen must have gone there to be near her after John died.  Remember that book I reviewed for you about the two white sisters leaving their farm to their black friends?  That was at Monroe.  Fanny's son Judge John Parker represented the disinherited heirs.  Parker was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Hoover.  However, the labor unions mounted a vigorous appointment because of his involvement in crushing a strike some years earlier.  The nomination was withdrawn.  He was later made a Federal judge.  He also served at the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

I'll have to ponder who Annie Johnson (Johnston) was.  Helen came from a large family with several brothers.  They all left Edenton and scattered to the winds after they lost the famous Johnston will case to the Wood family shortly after the Civil War.

This is great stuff!  THANKS!


      married 8 June 1845 Martha J Powell  sister of Julia A.
        d. Abner J Perry Jr 7 Aug 1853 - 2 Dec 1877  without issue

 Child of Sally Jordan and Joshua Simons:
 1. Joseph J Simons 

 Child of Sally Jordan and Maurice Moore of Bertie:
 1.  Elizabeth Moore ca 1813 -
     married Albert J Powell ca 1808 - bef 1843
        a. Sally M Powell 1829 - 1848
             married 1846 Lewis Cotten
        b. William L Powell 1831 - 1862
              married Cornelia Ann Bishop

  W. A. FERGUSON -  ENUMERATOR   Page 61  [#117image ancestry]
household #966
William L Powell  28  Physician  

 Child of Joshua Simons and first wife:
 1. John Simons

see also 

List of Members of General Assembly from Hertford County - 1777 to 1850:
 Pleasant Jordan, Senate, 1780, 
Abner Perry, House of Commons,1801 to1804 and 1806 to 1809.
Chapter XXXVIII Hertford County of Historical Sketches of NC, Vol. II

1850 Census Hertford County NC  page 302A 
#244 Perry, A. J. 45, M, Farmer, $3000 
          Perry, Martha 35, F 
          Perry, Jas. A. 16, M, Student, school 
          Perry, Jesse 12, M, school 
          Perry, John 7, M, Student, school 
          Powel, Wm. L. 19, M, Student, school 
          Simons, Mary 20, F 
          Slade, Peter 35, M, Overseer 
          Tyler, Mary 7, F 
          Ruby (Raby?), John 20, M, none, NRW

Abner Perry died in 1810.
Sallie married 3rd in 1812 Maurice Moore of Bertie County.

Maurice Moore died and Sallie married 4th in 1816 Moses Moore.
They had no children. He died bef February Ct 1818.

On 19 Mar 1820 Sallie married as her 5th husband Elisha E Horton.

Mrs. Sallie Horton died a widow in 1847.  

Abstract of Will of Sally Horton 22 Apl 1842 - Aug Term 1847 Bertie Co NC
-- grand-daughter Sally M. Powell
-- son Abner J Perry
-- grand-son Wm L Powell.
-- grand-daughters Frances, Mary and Josephine Simons
EX: son Abner J Perry
Test: Peter Slade, West T. Rutland


 Simeon Perry ca 1758 - 1810 | his parents   
& Martha Ann Bains   
| her parents   
of Hertford County NC

US Census Hertford  Co 1820 
  John W Perry 1m 0/10, 1m 18/25, 1f 0/10, 1f 16/25 

Children of Simeon Perry and Martha Ann Bains:
 1. Jane Perry
 2. Martha E. Perry
 3. Alexander Perry
 4. Augustus Perry
 5.  John W. Perry  ca 1792  - 27 Oct 1820
       married Celia McGloughan
       a. William J Perry ca 1818 - 1862
            married Martha Frances Askew ca 1816 -
             i. John A Perry ca 1841 -
            ii. George Thomas Perry ca 1845 -
           iii. Joseph D Perry ca 1848 - 1 June 1915 Bertie Co
           iv. ?Susan Perry est 1852 -  dy
            v. William Augustus Perry May 1855 - 29 Jan 1928 Hertford Co NC  no issue
                married ca 1884 Julia Ward Freeman 22 Sept 1860 VA - 7 May 1937 death cert.
                          dau of William Freeman and Sallie Pipkin     buried in the Thomas cemetery
          vi. Romulus [Rommie A] Butler Perry ca 1856 -
               married Ollive Hoggard
                     1. Clarence Askew Perry 26 July 1890 - 30 June 1952
          vii. Edward Perry ca 1860 -

       b.  Susan Perry
  6. William Perry
  7. Winnefred Perry
        married Mr. Nixon

--Horrid Murder! 
  The Edenton Gazette, Edenton NC November 13 1820 
On the evening of the 27th ult. a most horrid and savage Murder was committed on the body of Mr. John W. Perry, by a mulatto man by the name of Jerry Reed,  both of Hertford County. It appears that Mr. Perry in company with another gentleman, were about half past 7 o'clock in the evening in pursuit of a fiddler in order to have a dance, fell in with Reed in a by-path about two and an half miles from Winton, a dispute took place between Perry and Reed, when the latter drew a Pistol and lodged the contents in the breast of Mr. Perry, who fell and expired in about 5 minutes. Reed immediately made his escape and has not yet been taken. He is about 28 or 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, quite yellow complexion, has an impediment in his speech, thickset, and when sober, appears quite humble-- The deceased was a respectable young man about 28 years of age, leaving a wife and two children to bewail the loss of an affectionate husband and tender parent.  abstract by Fouts

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