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6th generation

Stephen Andrews Norfleet 1822 - 1910 his parents 
& 1844 Frances Helen Slade [Fannie] Pugh
1822 - 1859 her parents 
& 1860 Maria Louisa Hill Spruill
1825 -1894 her parents 
of Kelford and "Woodburne," Roxobel, NC

norfleet-h.jpg (32172 bytes) 
built 1809 by Thomas F Norfleet

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
sources include the Norfleet compilations of Stuat H Hill, W A Graham Clark, Filmore Norfleet, Claiborne T Smith Jr and Dr. Lyn Hart  found at the Web sites of Philip Norfleet and of Molly Urquhart and elsewhere.

   22 June 1844 Stephen A Norfleet married Frances Helen Slade Pugh. She was born October 16, 1822 the daughter of William Alston Pugh and Frances Slade of Woodville, Bertie County, NC. She died March 04, 1859 in

   After Fannie's death, Stephen married 30 Aug 1860 his cousin Louisa Spruill, the daughter of George Evans Spruill and Mary Hill of Warrenton NC. Louisa was born November 29, 1825 in Halifax County, and died March 04, 1894 in Roxobel, NC.

  Stephen Andrews Norfleet was born September 28, 1822 in Woodbourne Plantation, Roxobel, NC - son of Thomas Figuers Norfleet and Margaret Andrews. He received his education from tutors, the Vine Hill Academy at Scotland Neck, and the University of North Carolina, graduating with honor in 1841.  

 "Some years prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, Colonel Norfleet purchased from Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton and the Granberry heirs, 600 acres of land lying on the north and south sides of the road leading from Roxobel to Woodville.  This was the "Kelford" plantation, about three miles south of Roxobel.  The Colonel and his family lived at "Kelford" till the house was burned; whereupon, they moved to "Woodbourne." 

 from the Weldon "Roanoke News"August 20, 1885:
"We regret to announce that the handsome dwelling house of Colonel Stephen A. Norfleet near Roxobel, Bertie County, was burned Wednesday night of last week.  The fire caught from the kitchen, and the entire building, with about half of the furniture, was consumed.  There was no insurance."

"The present little town of Kelford, on the Norfolk and Carolina Railroad, was built on this plantation and gets its name from it.

   At the time of the Civil War, he owned 150 slaves and 4,000 acres of land in Bertie County. He was a Colonel in the Confederate Army. He lived at Woodbourne, Roxobel, Bertie Co,NC after the residence he built in Kelford burned in 1888.  Stephen A Norfleet died 2 July 1910 and was buried in the family cemetery at "Woodbourne"

Children of Stephen Andrews Norfleet and Frances Pugh:
1. Francis Slade Norfleet 1846 -
         moved to Rapides Parish LA and became a sugar planter
     married Caroline [Carrie] Stokes
2. Richard Urquhart Norfleet 31 Oct 1847 - 15 Dec 1915 Bertie Co
             buried St. Marks Cemetery, Roxobel, NC
      married Louisa Slade Williams Pugh 17 May 1852 - 13 Dec 1898
             daughter of Joseph J Pugh and wife Charity Dawson Williams
3. Thomas Spruill Norfleet 12 July 1849 - 7 April 1942 Roxobel NC
      married 1883 Leila Moore Powell
7 June 1858 - 30 July 1936
4. Dr. Ernest Norfleet 3 Feb 1851- 12 June 1901 Bertie Co dsp
               MD U of VA 1872 - became Assist. Surgeon of the US Navy
                     buried in Norfleet Cemetery, Roxobel NC
5. Whitmel Pugh Norfleet 26 Sept 1852 - 27 Feb 1922
6. Reginald Heber Norfleet 14 Jan 1854 - 4 Aug 1941
    married Mary Collins Pugh
             daughter of Joseph J Pugh and wife Charity Dawson Williams
      a. James Urquhart Norfleet 13 March 1889 - 20 Oct 1957 Miami
                     buried Woodville NC
           married Virginia Ruth Evans 1889 -
7. Marmaduke Norfleet 7 April 1855 - 16 March 1929
      married Caroline Pugh
             daughter of Joseph J Pugh and wife Charity Dawson Williams
8. Frances Helen Pugh Norfleet 27 Feb 1859 - 15 Feb 1912 Bertie Co

Children of Stephen Norfleet and Marie Spruill:
1. Louisa Hill Norfleet 13 June 1861 - 6 March 1940
2. Stephen Andrews Norfleet 9 Jan 1863 - 20 April 1939
      married Annie Mae Cobb 17 Feb 1882 - 15 July 1965
3. Antoinette Rebecca Norfleet 30 June 1864 - 7 March 1929
      married 1895 Dr. John Pugh Smallwood 10 Jan 1865 - 4 Jan 1944 Falls Church VA
4. Margaret Andrews Norfleet 24 Feb 1866 - 31 Oct 1866
5. George Spruill Norfleet 29 Sept 1867 - 28 Nov 1938 Rocky Mt NC
      married Emma Hancock
6. Charles Evans Norfleet 28 Aug 1870 - 26 Nov 1901 Bertie Co NC

 see: Phil Norfleet page    see Molly Urquhart page 



Abstract:       Norfleet family of Bertie County, N.C.Correspondence, legal documents., land records, account books, plantation journals, and other records of the Norfleet family.  Six of the volumes are diaries or account books of Stephen Andrews Norfleet (1822-1910),  proprietor of several plantations in Bertie County.  Accounts, 1844-1895, relate to slaves, debts, receipts, and expenditures. In his journals, 1856-1860 and 1870-1871, Stephen A. Norfleet recorded daily agricultural activities and the health of his slaves.  He also kept notes on navigation on the Roanoke River. Two volumes are the diary, 1891-1892,  of Ernest Norfleet (1851-1901),  a U.S. Navy surgeon, on a voyage to China and Japan, including descriptions of travel and social life in the Far East and references to Norfleet's interest in Eastern art.  Also included are family correspondence, 1820s-1900s and legal and business papers, early 1700s-early 1900s,  of the plantations and of  various family members..Size:          About 350 items (2.0 linear feet).  Dates:         1722-1929.

5th generation

Thomas Figuers Norfleet 1787 - 1838 his parents 
& 1808 Margaret Williams Andrews 1793 - 1857
her parents 
of "Woodbourne," Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

 Thomas Figuers Norfleet and Margaret Williams Andrews were married June 1808 in Hertford County, NC. Their home "Woodbourne" was built by them in 1809 on

   Thomas Figuers Norfleet

   Margaret Williams Andrews was born 6 Jan 1793 in Hertford County, the daughter of Stephen Andrews and Cecelia Tyler. She died 9 Dec 1857 in Bertie Co NC.

Children of Thomas F Norfleet and Margaret Andrews:
1. Mary Rebecca Norfleet 1809 - 8 Nov 1864 SH Co VA
      married Dr. Richard Urquhart of SH Co VA
2. Eliza Gordon Norfleet 10 Oct 1811 - 24 Jan 1812 Bertie Co   dy
3. James Marmaduke Norfleet 16 Jan 1813 - 16 Oct 1817 Bertie Co  dy
4. Reuben Thomas Norfleet 5 Feb 1815 - 12 Oct 1820 Bertie Co  dy
5. Margaret Adelaide Norfleet 9 Feb 1817 - 30 July 1820 Bertie Co  dy
6. Louisa Rebecca Norfleet 7 Nov 1819 - 12 May 1892 VA
      marrried James Burwell Urquhart of "Warrique" SH Co VA
7. Col. Stephen Andrews Norfleet 28 Sept 1822 - 3 July 1910 Roxobel
      married 1844 Frances Helen Slade Pugh
      married 2nd 1860 Louisa Spruill
8. Margaret Andrews Norfleet 1829 - bef 17 July 1905
      married Elias Carr Hines
9. Frances Elizabeth Norfleet 1 Aug 1831 - 9 Mar 1901 SH Co VA
       married Whitmell Hill Urquhart of SH Co VA
10. Thomas Figuers Norfleet 28 Nov 1834 - 1854 dsp
              struck by a lightning bolt

5th generation

John Norfleet 1773 - bef 1820 his parents 
& bef 1815 Mary Granberry ca 1792 - aft 1860
her parents 
& William Higgs ca 1792 -
of Halifax County NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

1803 This John Norfleet first appears in Halifax records - a commissioner in an estate division.
1820 Negroes belonging to his estate listed in census.
1830 estate finally divided between his children
His widow Mary is said to have married 2nd William Higgs.
Mary was the daughter of James Granberry of Northampton County NC

Children of John Norfleet and Mary Granberry:
1. Antionette E Norfleet ca 1813
     married 7 July 1829 David J Milliken 1810 -
               son of Hardy P Milliken
      a. Alexander W Milliken 1833 -
           married 8 June 1857 Lucy Ann Wilkins
           i. Mary A Milliken ca 1858 -
          ii. Estelle Milliken ca 1862 -
              married William B Harris
          iii. David J Milliken ca 1865 -
          iv. Alexander L Milliken ca 1868 -
           v. Clarence Milliken ca 1873 -
           vi. Anna Milliken ca 1876 -
      b. Robert B Milliken 1835 - bef 1880
           married 8 Feb 1858 Winnifred Wilkins Jan 1840 - aft 1910 Enfield NC
            i. Robert C Milliken ca 1858 -
           ii. Annie Louise Milliken 4 Jan 1862 - 6 July 1926
               married Hartwell Merritt 1 May 1854 - 6 July 1913

      c. David Milliken ca 1840 -
      d. Ann [Nancy] E Milliken 1846 -

2. John A Norfleet   d bef May 1846
    married Halifax Co Jan 1841 Susan Pittman
      a. John A Norfleet 9 Dec 1842 - 1 Aug 1909 
          married 13 Nov 1867 Mary Frances Pope 21 Sept 1847 - 13 April 1899
                 daughter of Jacob R Pope and Martha Frances Parker

           i. Eustace Norfleet 1872 -
               married Ara Bagley
           ii. John A Norfleet

      b. Benjamin C Norfleet 1847 - nfi 
     Susan married 2nd Jasper D W Coman [or Coleman]

from the files of David B Gammon

4th generation

Reuben Norfleet 1729/30 - 1801 his parents 
& 1765 Lucy Penelope Smith [Langley] 1746 - bef 1772
her parents 
& 1772 Mary Figuers [Exum] ? - bef 1815
her parents 
of Perquimans Co and Roxobel, Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

  Reuben Norfleet married first in 1765, the widow of Thomas Langley, Lucy Penelope Smith who was born 1746 the daughter of James Smith and Mary Edwards. 

  He married second in 1772 Mary Figuers daughter of Richard Figuers and Rebecca Watkins. She had married first Mathew Exum. Mary died bef March 1815.

  Reuben Norfleet was born 25 Jan 1729/30 in Perquimans County and died May 
1801 in Roxobel, NC.  He was a wealthy planter who owned large tracts of land on both sides of the Roanoke River. During the Revolution he was justice of the peace for Bertie Co. and a U.S. Postmaster. He was a private in Captain James McGirtt's Co. in the NC Militia Regiment commanded by Col. Richard Richardson (French-Indian War); but the company muster list indicates that he deserted on  12 Nov 1759.

Children of Reuben Norfleet and Lucy Smith:
1. Marmaduke Norfleet 12 July 1766 Bertie Co - 13 June 1818 Halifax Co NC
      married Hannah Ruffin
            daughter of William Ruffin and Sarah Hill of NH Co
              Hannah married 2nd J Ames Gee of Halifax Co; she died at the home of daughter Lucy in Warren Co

2. James Norfleet 1768 - 1790 dsp
a member of the House of Commons from Halifax, NC, 1789. 
             Lived in Scotland Neck at home owned by Peter Smith.

Children of Reuben Norfleet and Mary Figuers:
1. John Norfleet 1773 - bef 1820 Halifax Co NC
      married bef 1815 Mary Granberry  ca 1792 - of NH Co NC
2. Mary Gordon Norfleet 1781 Bertie Co - 
      married Judge Samuel Lowrie of Mecklenberg Co NC
3. Rebecca Norfleet 28 Jan 1783 - 19 May 1845 "Roseland" Warren Co
     married Thomas Blount Hill of "The Hermitage" Halifax Co
      a. Mary Louisa Hill
George Evans Spruill of Warrenton NC
          i. Maria Louisa Spruill 29 Nov 1825 - 4 Mar 1894 Roxobel NC
            married 30 Aug 1860 Stephen Andrews Norfleet 28 Sept 1822 Woodborne -2 July 1910
                               his second wife
      b. Whitmell John Hill ancestor of David Gammon
4. Thomas Figuers Norfleet 2 April 1787 - 11 Jan 1838 Bertie Co
      married Margaret Andrews 1793 - 1857

3rd generation

Marmaduke Norfleet 1700 - 1774   his parents 
& ca 1727 Elizabeth Gordon d 1753
her parents 
& ca 1754 Judith Rhodes her parents 
of Nasemond Co VA, Perquimans Co and NH Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

Marmaduke Norfleet married first Eliza Gordon d. 1753, daughter of John Gordon d. 1758 of Chowan Co. He married 2nd Judith Rhoades.

Marmaduke Norfleet lived in Perquimans Co most of his life; 
shortly before his death and soon after he had sold the property [1766] to George Washington, he removed to Northampton Co NC. On 27 Dec 1766 Thomas Hunter and his wife Priscilla of Northampton Co sold to Marmaduke Norfleet "the residue of a tract of land known as the rich square." Marmduke Norfleet in his will, dated 28 June 1774, stated that he was upwards of 74 years of age. Will prob. Northampton March Ct 1775.
Marmaduke Norfleet represented Perquimans Co in the General Assembley from 1731 to 1742 and on 23 March 1735 he was appointed a JP for Perquimans Co.

Children of Marmaduke Norfleet and Elizabeth Gordon:
1. Marmaduke Norfleet 1728 Perquimans Co - ca 1760 Edgecombe Co NC
     married unknown
Martin County Deed Book C, page 19, October 8, 1789
John Baker of Gates Co. to John Higgins Jones of Martin County.
For 132 pounds, selling one half of a tract patented by Marmaduke Norfleet, Jr., May 22, 1760, which was allocated to said Baker and wife by a division of lands between the heirs of Benjamin Bell and Ann, daughter of said Norfleet and wife of said Baker.  This land lies begins on Conetoe Pocosin, going to said Jones' line, then to Thomas Edmondson's line. 
    Deed signed by John Baker and Ann Baker.
      a. Anne Norfleet 1751 - 1831
           married John Baker 1753 Gates Co -  1829 Montgomery Co TN
                  served in the Continental Army as a First Lieutenant, promoted to Major June 1778
                  served in the State Senate from Hertford County 1781-1783 and again in 1784
            i. John Baker dsp
           ii. Lucinda Baker
                married Gov. Willie Blount of TN
           iii. Ann Baker  dsp

      b. Absilla Norfleet 
           married Bertie Co  2 July 1768 Benjamin Bell will Halifax 1775

            i. Marmaduke Bell
                married Martha Smith
                       dau of Arthur and Ann Ruffin Smith
            ii. Sarah Bell
                 married Drew Smith 
               brother of Martha 
           married 2nd Bertie Co 15 Aug 1776 [bd] Dolphin Drew Young will Halifax 1795
i. Mary Young  d Halifax Co 1837
                  married William Rawls d 1832 Halifax Co
                         1. William Rawls living in Halifax as late as 1846
                         2. Felicia N. Rawls
                              married Halifax Co Oct 1841 Elijah Pope
                         3. Mary [Polly] Rawls  d 1851 Halifax Co
                              married 24 Dec 1834 James Pender her first cousin  d. 1849 Halifax Co NC
                                       son of Drewry Pender and Absilla Young
                                a. William Dorsey Pender ca 1843 -
                                     married Halifax Co 16 March 1865 Sarah E Whitehead
                                                   dau of Jacob Whitehead
                                 b. Francis M Pender ca 1839 -

                         4. Dolphin Drew Rawls d 1843 Jackson Co FL
                              married Margaret Vaughan 1820 - 1872 Scotland Neck NC
                                         child of William Vaughan and Elizabeth Liscombe
                                  a. Mary D Rawls ca 1844 - 1868 buried Old Trinity Cemetery
                                         married Halifax Co 3 Dec 1862 David A Pope d. 1893
                                           i. Lucy A Rawls 6 Mar 1864 - 26 Oct 1889
                                               married 22 Feb 1882 John Dorman Weeks Jr. 7 Sept 1857 - 4 Oct 1909
                                        David A Pope next married a woman who died 1881
                                         married 1883 Maria F Whitehead Bishop the widow of Heshborn Bishop

                          5. Absilla Rawls - 22 Sept 1836 
                               married Halifax Co NC 7 Feb 1826 as first wife Henry Applewhite 1804 - 1857 Halifax Co NC
                                   a. Sarah M Applewhite 1828 -   rem. to Greenwood FL
                                   b. Henry M Applewhite 11 Jan 1829 - 12 May 1902 ts
                                                moved to Jackson Co FL by 1860 
                                        married 8 Feb 1866 Martha Louise Harvey 3 May 1836 - 30 Sept 1910 ts
                                   c. William Applewhite 11 Nov 1831 - 13 Nov 1862  ts
                                            moved to Jackson County FL by 1860
                                        married 8 Dec 1858 Georgia Anna Dickson 12 Oct 1838 - 21 Aug 1904 ts
                                                    dau of William Bryant Dickson and Emily Cotton
                                          Georgia Dickson married 2nd W H Kimball
                                    d. Ann Applewhite 1833 -   died without issue

                          6. Lucy Rawls ca 1811 -
                                family moved first to TN and then to Sumter Co AL
                                   on census
Lucy, age 40 in 1860, but 59 in 1870!
                                married Worley Dunning  d bef 1860
                                 John Daniel Rawls and Julia Smithwick
                                    h. Thomas Dunning 1852 -

                                  a. Mary Frances Applewhite
                                        married Richard Mark Whitaker
                                  b. John Thomas Applewhite
                                        married Laura Jordan [Stamper]
                                  c. Robert Bertram Applewhite

                          8. Elizabeth Rawls ca 1810 -      rem. to Jackson Co FL
                                married Halifax Co March 1834 John W Brantley d. 1847 Jackson Co FL
                          9. John Daniel Rawls   -d. Selma AL
                                     they moved to Gainsville Alabama
                                married Julia Smithwick d 7 Oct 1846
                                         dau of David Emerson Smithwick
                                  a. William Rawls
                                  b. Mary E Rawls
Sumter County AL 27 Oct 1866 James N Dunning 1845/46 -
                                  c. Sarah [Sally] Rawls
Sumter Co AL 1 June 1875  Robert W Dunning 1849 -
                          10. Sarah Louisa Rawls 13 Feb 1818 - 20 Oct 1867
                                 married Halifax Co ca 1842 Thomas J Vaughan ca 1822 -
a. Mary Vanghan 1843 -
                                 b. William T Vaughan 1843 -
                                 c. Thaddeus Vaughan 1846 -
                                Note from DBG: Thaddeus Vaughan is great-grandfather of Charlie Dunn Alston,
                                                                    a wonderful genealogical researcher of Scotland Neck , NC.

                                 d.  Felicia Rawls Vaughan, born 1848, died Dec. 10, 1902
                                         married 18 Dec 1867 William L. Savage, son of Lemuel L. Savage.
                                e.  John B. Vaughan 1850, -  8 Feb 1922, unmarried.
                                f.  Sarah Louisa Vaughan, 18 Dec 1852 -  12 Feb 1921
                                        married 22 Dec 1870  Spencer Kotzebue Fountain  28 Dec 1848 - 25 March 1922
                                g.  Lucy Vaughan, July 18, 1854 - July 21, 1892
                             married 19 Dec 1878 Kemp Hardy Cutchin
                                            son of Norfleet Cutchin and wife Margaret Ann Bradley of Edgecombe County. 

            ii. Absilla Young ca 1782 -
                 married Drewry Pender ca 1780 - 1857 Halifax Co NC

                      1. Dorothy Pender moved to FL
                            married and had three children by 1854
                      2. Marmaduke B Pender ca 1808/9 
                                    moved to Jackson Co FL by 1850
                            married Mary ca 1827 -
                              a. Drew Pender ca 1845 -
                              b. Robert Pender ca 1847 -
                              c. Emily Pender ca 1849 -
                              d. Margaret Pender ca 1851 -
                              e. Lawrence Pender ca 1855 -
                              f. Nicholas Pender ca 1857 -
                              g. Eugene Pender ca 1860 -

                      3. Dolphin Drew Pender 13 Jan 1813 Edgecombe Co - 28 Feb 1894 Attala Co MS
                                    moved to Jackson Co FL
                           married Mary Elizabeth Rosamond 9 Feb 1828 SC -  28 Feb 1863 Attala Co MS
                             a. George Washington Pender 20 July 1844  MS -
                      4. Arthur Pender ca1816 - June 1861
                           married Eliza Smithwick d. Oct 1861
                              dau of Harmon Smithwick of Martin Co
a. Sarah Pender ca 1843 -
                                  married George Walsh Jan 1868 -
                             b. Margaret Pender 30 August 1845 - 12 Oct 1927
                                  married Halifax Co 11 March 1875 William H. Stamper 7 April 1832 - 9 April 1892
                                   both buried at Whitaker's Chapel Methodist Church, Halifax County NC.  
                                                I [DBG] actually have a picture of her.
                             c. Edward S Pender ca 1847 - 
                             d. James Pender ca 1848 - in Limestone Co TX 1880 census
                                      listed with sister Lavinia Pender Kress in 1880 census
                                  married Limestone Co TX 29 Dec 1886 Virginia T Vaughan
                             e. Laura Pender 6 April 1850 - 5 Jan 1920
                                  married Edgecombe Co 12 Jan 1881 Jesse Gay 17 April 1853 - 20 July 1931 Farmville NC
                                     i. Lizzie Gay Dec 1881 -
                                    ii. Walter Gay Dec 1883 -
                                   iii. Lula Gay June 1885 -
                                    iv. Susie Gay Sept 1886 -
                                    v. Maggie Gay July 1888 - 
                                   vi. Etta Gay Dec 1890 -
                                  vii. Arthur Gay [adopted] 1901 -

                             f. Marmaduke Pender ca 1851 -
                             g. Lavinia B Pender ca 1855 - living in  Groesbeck TX in 1878
                                   married Limestone Co TX 19 Feb 1878 J C Kress born in PA - but he is not on 1880 census
i. Etta Kress 1879 -
                                        married Willey G Dickey

James Pender, son of Arthur and Eliza, was living in Limestone County, Texas in the 1880 Census.  He was apparently with his sister Lavinia Pender Kress, age 25, and  Etta Kress, age 1.  There is no husband listed for Lavinia.  The Census is hard to read, but it looks like for Eddie Jerrell, it says his mother was born NC and father Pennsylvania.
                   h. Susan Pender ca 1857
                                     married Dr. H H Whitaker
                              i. Robert Pender ca 1858 -  in Limestone Co TX in 1873
            5. Norfleet Pender ca 1812 - ca 1866
                                buried Old Trinity Churchyard in Scotland Neck
                             married Halifax Co Oct 1856 Felicia Gammon 1830 - 1915
                                   buried at Deep Creek Primitive Baptist Church near Scotland Neck
                                 dau of Richard Gammon and Sarah Sills
                                   a. Virginia Pender 1858 -
                                   b. Alexander D. Pender 1863 -

                                Felicia Gammon Pender married 2nd Thomas Strickland 
                                          but had no issue by him. 

          6. Jacob P Pender
          7. Lawrence Pender d 1868
                           married 23 Dec 1845 Elizabeth Powell d. Jan 1890 
                                       dau of Kader Powell of Bertie Co 
                              a. Richard Pender ca 1846 moved to Texas and left one child age 16 in 1890
                              b. Charles H Pender 1848 - June 1918 dsp
                              c. Mary Pender 1850 - 1885
                                   married Halifax Co 28 Jan 1880 Dudley Whitaker 1845 - 1931
                              d. Rebecca Ellen Pender ca 1855 - Aug 1887 dsp
                              e. Thomas L Pender ca 1857 - March 1912 dsp

        8. Lucinda Pender ca 1812 - 1862 Halifax Co -  never married
        9. Elizabeth Pender ca 1826 -
      10. Absilla Pender    removed to TX
                            married Halifax Co Oct 1844 John Gammon d bef 1860
                                  son of James Gammon and Pheby Packer
a. Lamon Stewart Gammon d sp 1884 Groesbeck TX
                               b. Della Frances Gammon  1849 - 5 Jan 1909 San Antonio TX   
                                     married Groesbeck TX  22 June 1885 Joseph Taylor Davis

 family tradition says Absilla married many more times after John Gammon:
second to John Shackleford
third to Judge Sullivan
fourth to Mr. Winship
fifth to Judge Smith, and ended up in Austin, Texas. 

       11. James Pender d 1849 Halifax Co
                  married Mary Rawls d 1851 Halifax Co
                                a. William D Pender
                                    married Sarah Whitehead
                                      i. Mary Addie Pender 1866 -
                                       ii. Neffie L. Pender 1870 - died young
                                       iii. Sarah R. Pender 1876 -
                                       iv.  Ruth H. Pender 1878 -

                                b. Francis Pender
   iii. Drew Young - ca 1829
Halifax Co  Ct: Dower was allotted to Nancy Young, widow of Drew Young, November 1829.
           married Nancy Atkinson
                      she married 2nd Asa Jones of Edgecombe and Martin Counties NC
 Dolphin Drew Young married 2nd ca 1793 Mary  d. Halifax Co 1841
    iv. James Young ca 1790 -
                   married Halifax Co 23 Feb 1820 [bd] Olivia Bell dau of Benjamin Bell
    v. General Young ca 1794 -
                    married Sally Atkinson
   vi. William Young 1795 
For $140, my right to 350 acres where my mother MARY YOUNG now lives, which was willed by my deceased father DOLPHIN DREW YOUNG to be sold at her death, which my mother MARY YOUNG has the right to possess for her lifetime.

25/402 18 June 1821 JAMES YOUNG to ETHELDRED JELKS
For $420, all his right which the said JAMES YOUNG by his own right and also the right which DREW YOUNG conveyed to DREW PENDER and said DREW to said JAMES, which is 3/5 of money arising from the sale of the 350 acres where my mother now lives, and who has the right of possession during her life, at the end of which time it is to be sold according to the will of my deceased father Dolphin Drew Young.

24/183 November Court 1817 Division of the lands of William Atkinson, deceased, as follows:  (1) to Drew Young in right of his wife Nancy - 56 2/3 acres; (2) to William Atkinson - 56 2/3 acres; (3) to James Atkinson - 56 2/3 acres; (4) to General Young in right of his wife Sally - 56 2/3 acres, joining the mill pond and the mouth of Briery Bottom Branch; (5) to Joel Atkinson - 56 2/3 acres adjoining the mill pond.

2. Reuben Norfleet  25 Jan 1729/30 Perquimans Co - May 1801 Bertie Co NC
     married Lucy Penelope Smith 1746 - bef 1772
     married 2nd 1772 Mary Figuers ? - bef 1815

Children of Marmaduke Norfleet and Judith Rhodes:
1. Sarah Norfleet ca 1755 Perquimans Co - ca 1830 Franklin Co NC
     married Simon Jeffreys of Franklin
2. Judith Norfleet ca 1757 Perquimans Co - 1811 Gates Co NC
     married ca 1773 William Baker 1743 - 1805
           son of Henry Baker and Catherine Booth
           William Baker was the builder of Buckland Plantation in Gates Co.
       a. Marmaduke Baker ca 1775 - 1801 Gates Co
       b. William Baker ca 1777 - 1801 Gates Co
       c. Margaret [Peggy] Baker 1781 - 1827 Hertford Co NC
            married 1817 Capt. Benjamin Wynns
       d. Ann [Nancy] Baker 1784 Gates Co - 1851 Jackson Co FL
            married 1808 William Mallory Harvey
       e. Richard Baker 1795 Gates Co - 1811 Gates Co

Ref: emails from David B Gammon

2nd generation

Thomas Norfleet ca 1670 - 1721 his parents 
& ca 1690 Mary Marmaduke
her parents 
of Nasemond Co VA 

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

as Thomas Norfleet Jr he was granted 130 a near Barbicue Swamp in the Upper  Parish of Nansemond County on 25 Oct 1695 [VA Pat 9 p20]. He received another grant in the same locality for 130 a on 14 July 1718 [Vol 10 - p397]. Thomas Norfleet bought 275 a from William Jones 5 April 1697 and 40 a from Charles Drury 26 July 1721. He died sometime after 1721 in Nansemond County where his will was probated. The record of the above purchases of land and the ref to the will of Thomas Norfleet Jr appears in the title deed to 1093 ac which Marmaduke Norfleet, son of Thomas, sold to George Washington and Fielding Lewis 26 April 1766, Perquimans Co. Registry.

Children of Thomas Norfleet and Mary Marmaduke:
1. Thomas Norfleet ca 1692 Nansemond Co VA - ca 1746 Edgecombe Co NC
        on 16 May 1741 John Spier of Edgecombe Co sold to Thomas Norfleet of VA 640 a south side of the Roanoke. Thomas Norfleet settled near the present village of Hobgood in Halifax Co. His will dated 27  [23] Jan 1745 was prob. Aug 1746. EX: wife Ruth and brother Marmaduke Norfleet Wi: Robert Hilliard and John Blunt.
      married 2nd Ruth Blunt 1700 -
some say Blunt but could she be a Hobgood asks Barry Hayes?
       a. Thomas Norfleet dsp
       b. Sarah Norfleet 1730 Nansemond Co VA - 10 Nov 1800 Halifax NC
            married John Young 1730 - 1777 Halifax Co   - many desc.
             i. Sarah Young 1788? -
       c. Susanna Norfleet dsp
       d. Elizabeth Norfleet
            married James Harris of Halifax Co

              i. Norfleet Harris d. 22 Oct 1809 Halifax Co
                   married 1st Martha Hilliard of Northampton
                   married 2nd Mary Hunter 
                         Mary married 2nd William Boykin
             ii. Ferebee Harris
       e. Ferebee Norfleet ca 1728 - c1 1798
              married Joshua Bell d. 1793 Edgecombe Co
       f. Mary Norfleet dsp
       g. Marmaduke Norfleet dsp will 1762 Halifax 

            his widow Ruth married 2nd 3 Oct 1751 James Hogan 
                   [later a General in the Revolution]

       a. Lemuel Hogan
            married Mary Smith 1754 -
                          eldest of 8 children of Arthur Smith 1732 - 1789 and Anne Ruffin 

2. James Norfleet ca 1692 Nansemond Co VA - Dec 1732 Perquimans Co NC
      married Mary Gordon [sister to Eliza] ca 1710 - 1743

   a. Thomas Norfleet nfr
        b. Mary Norfleet
        c. Sarah Norfleet
        d. Margaret Norfleet
e. Phillishia Norfleet  d ca 1780
              i. James Norfleet 
        f. John Norfleet d 1756
            married Sarah ? 
[she married 2nd Moses Eason]

              i. Mary Norfleet
              ii. James Norfleet  will 19 March 1796 Gates Co
                 married 1774 Sarah Gordon  
                          daughter of John Gordon and Mary Hunter
                             1. Mary Norfleet       rem to TN
                                  married ca 1799 James Smith Jr of Halifax Co

                            2. Sarah Walton Norfleet 27 Nov 1782 - 9 Dec 1870
                                  married ca 1801 William Ruffin [Billy] Smith 26 July 1779 - 1845
                                    youngest child of Arthur Smith 1732 -1789  and Anne Ruffin

SmithWR.jpg (55824 bytes) 
at top: Billy Ruffin and his wife Sarah Walton Norfleet 
bottom picture probably his sister Ann

                            3. Elizabeth [Betsy] Norfleet    rem to TN
                                 married 1806 Thomas Blount Whitmel
                                     son of Thomas and Ann Smith Whitmel of Halifax Co
                            4. Felicia Norfleet     rem to TN
                                  married 1821 Dr.  George Vaughan

3. Marmaduke Norfleet 1700 Nansemond Co VA - 1774 Northampton Co NC
      married Eliza Gordon ca 1712 - 1753
      married ca 1754 Judith Rhoades


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