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Segar Mitchell ca 1785 - ca 1839his parents
& 1808 Mary Hollomon ca 1790 - 1831
her parents
& 1831 Martha [Priscilla?] Mitchell 1818 -
|  her parents
of Hertford County NC

          This is a working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  
based on the research of James Hollomon

Mary Hollomon who married Segar Mitchell in 1808 was the daughter of Aaron Hollomon and his wife Nancy?

May term 1832 [Hertford Co Ct] Deed from Aaron Holloman and wife to Segar and Mary Mitchell is exhibited in open court and it appearing to the Court that the said deed was duly acknowledged in open Court by the said Aaron Holloman and wife at February Term 1809 & the feme Covert was also duly examined & duly registered in the Registers Office of this county and that the whole record thereof has been destroyed by fire. It is therefore Ordered by the Court that the said deed be again registered by the Register of this County.

Children of Segar Mitchell and Mary Hollomon:
1. Aaron Mitchell 25 May 1809 Hertford Co NC - 25 Nov 1865 Hertford Co NC
           info from the Bible of Thomas Monroe Mitchell
   married 24 Dec 1839 Nancy Baker 25 Jan 1814 -
           by Jacob Sharp esq.      dau of Richard Baker & Mary his wife
       a. Frances Jane Mitchell 15 Dec 1840 - 11 April 1858 dy
       b. Thomas Monrow Mitchell 4 Mar 1843 - 1910/20
            married ca 1869 Mollie P Sessoms 1849 - bef 1900
                    by Rev B B Williams
             i. Julia Mitchell May 1871 - aft 3 May 1910
                  married 1896 Charlie Overton 1868 - 1937
                         1. Rosewell Overton 1898 - 1971
                               married Eliz. Perry
                         2. Mary Overton
                               married Loyed Evans
                         3. Irene Overton
                                married Silas W McKeel
                         4. Lewis Overton dsp

             ii. Nannie Irene Mitchell 15 April 1876 - 20 Feb 1936
                  married 1905 Louis S Stokes d 1906
                         1. Ena Stokes 10 May 1906 - 1 Dec 1988
                              married Freeman Edward Early 21 July 1905 - 20 Mar 1937

            iii. William Thomas [Bud] Mitchell June 1878 - 
                  married Maggie Robertson
                          1. Atwood Mitchell ca 1912 -
                          2. Garnet Mitchell ca 1914 -

             iv. Charlie Cling Mitchell Jan 1886 -
                                 lists occupation 1930 coachmaker
                  married ca 1909 Sarah Hollomon ca 1890 -
                         1. Charlie C Mitchell Jr 1910 - bef 1920
                         2. Obid Mitchell ca 1912 -
                         3. Kathern Mitchell ca 1923 -

       c. Alice Ann Mitchell 25 Nov 1845 -
            married Daniel Ed Byrum d. 8 Oct 1882
              i. Nannie L Byrum 22 May 1871 - 8 Aug 1885
              ii. W B Byrum 7 Sept 1875 -
             iii. Thomas A Byrum 9 June 1877 -
             iv. Maggie E Byrum 14 Oct 1882 -

            married 2nd Hobbs
              v. Bertie M Hobbs 18 Sept 1886 -
       d. Bryant Patrick Mitchell 15 Mar 1851 -
       e. William Washington Mitchell 22 Sept 1854 - 20 April 1858 dy
2. Solomon Mitchell 12 July 1815 - bef 1900
   married Marina Caroline Northcott ca 1818 - aft 1900
       a. Mary A Mitchell ca 1846 -
           married Samuel Jason Hollomon ca 1825 - 
            i. Blanche Hollomon ca 1869 -
           ii. Carrie Hollomon ca 1871 -
           iii. Quinton Thomas Hollomon ca 1875 -
           iv. Thaddeus L Hollomon ca 1877 -
       b. Ashley A Mitchell ca 1847 -  m
           married Susan E ca 1844 -
             i. William L Mitchell ca 1870 -
            ii. Martha E Mitchell  ca 1873 -
            iii. Tula A Mitchell ca 1876 -
            iv. Hurcey Mitchell ca 1878 -
             v. T-anna Mitchell ca 1880 -
            vi. Emma Mitchell April 1882 -
           vii. Lula Mitchell May 1884 -

       c. Wm M Mitchell ca 1848 - m
       d. Masurah G Mitchell ca 1853 -  f
       e. Artusa J Mitchell ca 1857 -    f
       f. Thomas L Mitchell ca 1860 -
       g. John S Mitchell July 1863 -
           married Mary E April 1860 -
             i. Lucy Mitchell Mar 1892  -
            ii. Erin E Mitchell July 1893 -
            iii. John J Mitchell 1894 -
            iv. Nettie Mitchell April 1896 -
             v. Ella Mitchell Oct 1898 -
            vi. Susie A Mitchell 1901 -
3. Bryant Mitchell 1818/22  -   *Note this Bryant has been confused with Bryan[t] the son of King 
         had guardian 1839;  blacksmith 1850 living in town of Harrellsville age 27
     married ca 1865 Mary Elizabeth Taylor 27 Oct 1838 - 5 Jan 1912
        she is the daughter of John B Taylor & wife Sophea;  her step mother's name was Elizabeth Taylor age 48 in 1870
          Mary E  is buried at the Prichard Farm [Basnight] member of Bethlehem Ch 1911 per Penny Beasley
       a. Lula Sophie Mitchell 22 July 1866 Harrellsville - 27 Sept 1945 S Norfolk VA
          married 20 Dec 1887 Charles Arthur Parker 12 May 1858 Gates Co - 25 May 1929 Gates Co
       b. John B Mitchell ca 1869 - aft 1930 ?Winton NC
          married 28 June 1911 Addie [Albritton]1885 - 25 Dec 1947
                     at Oscar Britton's house
                 Addie first married 1903 Mr Albritton
             1. Ester M Albritton ca 1908 -
             2. Thelma Albritton  ca 1911 -

       c. Mary Agnes Mitchell 3 June 1870 - 4 Dec 1929 Camden NJ
          married Hertford Co 9 Jan 1895 Logan Hurst Parker 15 Mar 1865 - 16 Mar 1941 Norfolk VA
       d. George Locke Mitchell 27 Apr 1875 - 24 Mar 1935
                   fell off roof
           married ca 1900 Mary Eliza Ward 24 Aug 1877 - 14 Oct 1952
1. George Locke Mitchell 20 May 1902 -9 Feb 1986
                             buried near Harrellsville
                  married Gladys W. Jernigan 27 Aug 1908 - 5 Aug 1985 Ahoskie, NC
                              buried Ahoskie Cenetery
                             grandparents of Penny Ann Mitchell Beasley

             2. Ernest Linwood Mitchell 19 June 1905 - 24 Feb.1935
                  (drowned Chowan River unmarried)
             3. Betty Ward Mitchell 2 March 1906 -12 Dec. 1995

 4. Mary Elizabeth Mitchell 11 June 1909 -9 Mar. 1992
                    married Aumack Everett

       e. Annie Wood Mitchell 16 May 1877 Hertford Co NC - 8 Jan 1940 Norfolk VA
          married Powellsville NC 4 Oct 1899 John Mask Parker 6 April 1855 - 1 Dec 1936 Norfolk VA
4. Celia Mitchell ca 1828 -
5. William L [Billie] Mitchell ca 1831 - aft 1910
   married Mary Margaret Alston ca 1833 - ca 1885
           daughter of James Alston and wife Elizabeth of Hertford Co 1850
     a. Mary J Mitchell  1857 -
     b. Amanda E. Mitchell 1859
     c. Millie A Mitchell  1861
     d. Robert L Mitchell  1864 -
     e. Fannie E. Mitchell  1866 - 1894 
          married William Thomas Slade
  i. Cecil Elwood Slade Oct 1888 -
                 1. Laurie Slade  
f. James Aaron [Jim] Mitchell 7 Sept 1868 - 26 Oct 1949
                   lists occupation as overseer of farm 1930
        married Bessie Annie Hollomon 21 Mar 1889 - 16 Nov 1960
  a. Lucille Mitchell 8 July 1907 - 31 Mar 1974  Powellsville  
            married 1st Calvin McKeel

                 1. Calvin Mitchell McKeel 1938 -
            married 2nd Vernon White Raynor 19 Jan 1913 - 7 Sept 1975
         b. Margaret Onita Mitchell 1908 - 1908
         c. Robert Lee Mitchell 20 Nov 1909 - 27 Oct 1980   Durham               
             married Thelma Thomas 1909 -
         d. Sybil Mary Mitchell 27 Nov 1913 - 10 July 1935
         e. James Aaron Mitchell jr 14 May 1916 - 6 Dec 1930
         f. Alice Hope Mitchell 4 Nov 1928 - 9 Sept 1973  Powellsville 
             married Walter Hiram Lyon
     g. Eler [f] Mitchell 1873 - 
Billie married 2nd 1886 Sarah Eliza Rayner 3 Oct  1845 - 26 May 1915

Children of Segar Mitchell and Martha Mitchell:
6. John A Mitchell ca 1832 -
   married ca 1860 Mary Elizabeth Askew ca 1836 -
7. Nancy E Mitchell ca 1834 -
     married Met Pierce
      a. Joe Pierce
      b. Charlie Pierce
      c. Thomas Pierce
8. James H Mitchell 1836 Bertie Co - 24 Nov 1880 Perq Co
     married 24 Dec 1860 Elizabeth E White 1843 Bertie Co - 3 Dec 1899 Bertie Co
           dau of Jacob White & Emillie Frances Hughes
     a. Sylvester Hoten Mitchell 27 Jan 1866 Perq. Co NC - ca 1915 VA
        married 1890  Nancy Olivia Williams 12 Mar 1869 Bertie Co NC - 10 Sept 1934 VA
              dau of Rev. B B Williams & Elizabeth [Betsy] Harrell of Bertie Co
     b. Nancy Louise Mitchell 19 Jan 1868 Perq. Co - 30 July 1944 Ahoskie NC
        married 18 Jan 1891 Jesse Richard Garrett 17 Mar 1862 Bertie Co - 13 March 1938 Ahoskie NC
     c. Millie Jane Mitchell 9 Nov 1869 Perq. Co - 15 Dec 1933 Rosemead, Bertie Co NC
        married Aug 1889 Charles S Pearce 29 Nov 1862 Hert. Co - 3 Jan 1928 Bertie Co
     d. John E Mitchell 7 Aug 1875 Perq. Co - 28 Nov 1946 VA
        married 1 Apr 1908 Lettie Jones 4 June 1884 Rosemead - 29 Nov 1974 VA
     e. George W Mitchell 15 Apr 1878 Perq Co - 10 Aug 1934 VA
        married 13 June 1910 Daisey Lee Stone 6 June 1892 Hertford Co - 14 Mar 1963 VA
     f. James H Mitchell 29 Apr 1881 Bertie Co -
        married Myrtle 
9. Joseph Segar Mitchell ca 1838 -
   married Harriett Williford
      a. Annie Mitchell

e-mail from Judy Martin -
I am attaching a document about the Mitchells. I found this info while cleaning out my file cabinet.  Vernon Haywood made a trip to Bertie County NC in the 1980"s to research family records.

It is hard to read.
It lists James H. Mitchell sr, dob 1836, married to Elizabeth E. White on
Dec. 24, 1860, died November 24, 1880 and buried on November 25, 1880 in
the White family graveyard in Bertie County.
His parents are Segar Mitchell, dob 1800, father and Priscelia, dob
1818, mother.  It does not give Priscelia's maiden name.
John E. Mitchell and his wife Lettie Jones (Sylvester Mitchell's brother
and sister-in-law) are buried in Parklawn cemetery in Hampton.  George W.
Mitchell and his wife Daisy Lee Stone, (Sylvester Mitchell"s brother and 
sister-in-law) are buried in Oakland cemetery in Newport News.
Call me if you have any trouble reading the family group record and I'll 
read you what is written there. Judy

e-mail from Vivian 8 Oct
Hi Sally! Wanted to get back to you and see if you were able to piece
any of this together. Elizabeth E. White was listed as the daughter of
Jacob White whom I believe is a connection to the Garrett-White house in
Bertie? Also, James H. Mitchell listed as the father of Sylvester H.
Mitchell. James's father is listed as Segar Mitchell. Is this the same
Segar Mitchell on your website? The documented family group sheet that
we have shows this Segar married to a "Priscelia", but I'm not finding
Priscelia documented on your website with Segar? James H. Mitchell was
mentioned as living with Jesse Garrett in 1860.
Dec 26 

I think I have been able to put some of this together now. Nannie (Nancy) Louise Mitchell (1868-1944) married Jessie Richard Garrett (listed on your site). This Nannie Mitchell Garrett was a young sister of my GGrandfather Sylvester Hotie Mitchell. Their father was James H. Mitchell who married Elizabeth E. White. Elizabeth grew-up in the Garrett white house. Jessie Richard Garrett's wife was my G-aunt.

J. T. Williams was a member of the Board of Commissioners from Harrellsville from 1894 to 1896. He was born Feb, 1851, his father being Rev. B. B. Williams, a Baptist devine, and his wife Elizabeth, the daughter of _Harrell. Mr. Williams has followed the mercentile pursuits since manhood and is an energetic business man. In Oct, 1892, he married Addie C,. the daughter of P. H. McDade and wife, who was a Miss O'Donal. He is a Democrat in politics. Rev. Williams was the son of Capt. Jack Williams and wife, Mary Ward, of Bertie, and grandson of Francis Williams and his wife, who was the daughter of Benj. Brown, a Welchman. Francis was the son of Jno. Williams, Esq., born March 1, 1776, and died March 30, 1816. The ex-commissioner has a very promising nephew, now in the University at Chapel Hill studying medicine. The Commissioner B. F. Williams, from 1900 to 1904, is the younger brother of J. T. Williams. He and his brother Tom have been engagd in the mercantile business for a number of years under the firm name of Williams Bros. Frank is a great wit and enjoys a good joke. He is an old bachelor, a successful merchant, and a favorite in his county. Their father, Rev. Williams, was born Aug 28, 1824, and died Jan 17, 1900.  John, the brother of the Divine, was born May 4, 1799, and died April, 1875.

The Colonial and State Political History of Hertford County, N.C. By Benjamin Brodie Winborne


Sources of data:
Hertford County Orphan Accounts; 
Lawrence Askew was the guardian for Celia, Bryant, and William in 1839 Orphan Accounts.
All of Segar's children but Aaron and Solomon were mentioned in the Orphan Accounts of Hertford Co

Hertford County census reports 1790 - 1850: 
1830 Segar Mitchell  1 1 2 1 1 0 1    f  1 1 0 0 0 0 1

Hertford County Court Minutes 1830 -1844 pub. by David Powell
"May Term 1832: Deed from Aaron Hollomon and wife to Segar and Mary Mitchell is exhibited in open court and it appearing to the Court that Aaron Hollomon and wife at Feb term 1809 & the Feme Covert was also duly examined & duly registered in the Registers Office of this County and that the whole record thereof has been destroyed by fire. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the said deed be again recorded"

Aug 1843: James C Jenkins Guardian for James, Joseph, John, & Nancy Mitchell returned his accounts etc

Feb 1846:  the following guardians appeared in open court etc . . . . Jas C Jenkins for John, James, Nancy E, and Joseph Mitchell - Lawrence Askew for Celia & William Mitchell.

Feb 1848: the following guardians appeared in open court etc . . . . James C Jenkins with Segar Mitchell's heirs, L. Askew with C & W. Mitchell.

Mary Mitchell Hollomon Bible

The sympathy of the people of this community is extended to Mr. T. L. Mitchell and family in their sad bereavement in the loss of their little son, Segar, whose death occurred Thursday; aged 2 years, 2 months and 20 days.
"Windsor Ledger", The Ledger Publishing Co., Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C.
Wednesday, October 5, 1892 [Vol. X, No. 6]

1870 Census Hertford Co Winton Twsp
Mitchell, Briant  52  m w  farmer  250 100
       Mary E         29  f
       Sophie L        3 f
       John B           1 m
Taylor Elizabeth  48 f   at home 400
      Sarah E            9  f
      Florence M   6 f


Matthew Mitchell ca 1746 - 1791his parents
& Lucretia ?
|  her parents
of Loosing Swamp, Bertie Co NC

          This is a working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

His "relict" in 1791 was Lucretia [Lewcresea].

Children of Matthew Mitchell died 1791
1. John Mitchell ca 1771 -
    ? married Bertie Co 12 Nov 1799 Elizabeth Farmer
2. Milly Mitchell ca 1772 -
     married Bertie Co 26 Nov 1788 James Overton 
3. Jonas Mitchell bef 1778 -
        Feb 1792 - Jonas Mitchel appeared in open court and chose Blake Baker as his guardian
    married Bertie Co 19 Aug 1794 Margaret Standley
4. Aaron Mitchell 
William Watford was apptd gdn of the orphan Aaron Mitchell 6 May 1793
5. Ede Mitchell 
      married Bertie Co 23 Dec 1800 James Tart
6. Matthew Mitchell 
    Feb 1792 - ordered that Matthew Mitchel be bound unto John Mizell son of Timy. Mizell to learn the trade of a Cooper.
7. Segar Mitchell ca 1785 - ca 1839 Hertford Co NC
    Demsey Eure was apptd. gdn. of the orphan Segar Mitchell 6 May 1793.
    Demsey Eure filed a gdn account for the orphan Segar Mitchell May 1798.
    married 1808 Mary Hollomon ca 1790 - 1831 dau of Aaron
    married 1831 Martha Mitchell
8. Selah [Celia] Mitchell 
Jonathan Spivey was apptd. gdn of the orphan Celia Mitchell 14 Nov 1794. 
     married 5 Aug 1808 Ralph [x] Outlaw (Jr)  son of Thomas son of John
    Bertie Co Nathan Modlin was the bondsman                   
9. Seth Mitchell
Jonathan Spivey filed a gdn. account for the orphans Seth and Celia Mitchell, Feb 1792.
      Jonathon Spivey was apptd. gdn of the orphan Seth Mitchell 6 May 1793.

29 July 1768 Matthew Mitchell signed his x mark to a deed from James Sowell to Capt. John Freeman, millwright           on 1768 Bertie Tax List 1wp
appeared on 1769 Bertie Co tax list
Sept 1770 Matthew Mitchell is to serve on the Grand Jury
3 Mar 1772 John Mitchell and Matthew Mitchell wit deed from Watkin William Wynn to William Hobbs Turnidge  June Ct Matthew Mitchell proved the deed
Mar 1772 Matthew Mitchel on jury to lay off road over Loosing Swamp
9 Jun 1778 John Mitchell of Bertie Co to Mathew Mitchell of same. 100 pounds, 160 acres joining Lawsen Swamp, James Sowell, Watkin William Wynns, Gall Bush, the new road, Wit: Watkin Wm Wynne, Ann Wynne Nov Ct 1778. John Johnston CC
Nov Ct 1780 Matthew Mitchell name drawn for Jury duty
Nov 1784 Ordered that Matthew Mitchell be appointed overseer of the road in the room of John Baker
18 Aug 1787 Matthew Mitchell witness to deed from James Sowell & wife Sarah to Blake Baker
13 Dec 1787 Matthew Mitchell witness deed from James & Sarah Sowell to Nathan Tart
4 Nov 1787 MM wit deed from James Sowell to Blake Baker
7 Feb 1789 MM wit deed from George Jornagan to Nathan Tart
28 Oct 1789 Mathew Mitchell to Blake Baker 35 acres
15 Sept 1789 Mary Wood to Mathew Mitchell 70 acres of land 105 pounds
Nov 1791 Blake Baker appointed overseer in the room of Matthew Mitchell dec.

Matthew Mitchell was a buyer at the estate sales of
Thomas Outlaw 24 Dec 1782
Solomon Freeman 15 May 1789

US Census 1790 Bertie Co NC Mitchell, Matthew 3 3 5 - 1

Records of Estates, Bertie Co NC 1788 - 1800 abst by David B Gammon
Matthew Mitchell
Additional inventory 2 Nov 1791 by Blake Baker, including 195 acres. Account of sale 2 Dec 1791 Buyers:
Lewcresea Mitchell, Blake Baker, Nathan Tart Jr, John Stallings, Aaron Askew, Abram Dukes, John Mitchell, Nathan Tart Sr, John White, William Love, Joshua Freeman, William Watford, Demsey Eure, Samuel Rayner, James Overton, Edward Outlaw, Thomas Ward, William Morris, Martha Freeman, Malichi Bazemore, Ephraim Mitchell, Zadock Thomas, William Barradaill, Reuben Hinton, Daniel Wynns, John Martin, Lewis Jernagan, Godwin Jernagan, Nathan Cobb, Joseph Barradaill, Henry Jurdine, Zachariah Askew, Jonas Wood, Abraham Tayloe, Pheraby Hedgpeth, Isaac Hill Ward, John Watford.
 Additional inventory 22 Jan 1792 by Blake Baker. 
Jonathan Spivey filed a gdn. account for the orphans Seth and Celia Mitchell, Feb 1792.
 petition by the widow Lewcresy Mitchell for her dower on 195 acres,Feb 1792
Division of the estate [undated] among 1. John Mitchell 2. Milly Overton 3. Jonas Mitchell 4. Aaron Mitchell 5. Ede Mitchell 6. Matthew Mitchell 7. Segar Mitchell 8. Selah Mitchell 9. Seth Mitchell and 10. Lucretia Mitchell,"the relict." 
Blake Baker was apptd. gdn of the orphan Jonas Mitchell 6 Feb 1792. Jonathon Spivey was apptd. gdn of the orphan Seth Mitchell 6 May 1793.
Demsey Eure was apptd. gdn. of the orphan Segar Mitchell 6 May 1793.
Blake Baker was apptd. gdn. of the orphan Matthew Mitchell 6 May 1793.
William Watford was apptd gdn of the orphan Aaron Mitchell 6 May 1793
Additional inventory 10 Nov 1793 by Blake Baker.
Settlement of estate 9 May 1794.
Jonathan Spivey was apptd. gdn of the orphan Celia Mitchell 14 Nov 1794. 
Account of sale 8 Dec 1795 Buyers:
George Cowand, Lewcresy Mitchell, Demsey Eure, William Watford, John Mitchell, William Barradaill, Ephraim Mitchell, Blake Baker, Jesse White, William Morris, John Watford, Nathan Tart Jr, Amos Outlaw
Demsey Eure filed a gdn account for the orphan Segar Mitchell May 1798.

John Mitchell ca 1747 - 1796  |  his parents
& Sarah 
|  her parents
of Loosing Swamp, Bertie Co NC

This man appears to be the brother of the above Matthew Mitchell who died in Bertie in 1791.
I think their father was the John Mitchell listed on the 1757 Bertie Tax List and perhaps the John Mitchell listed in 1768 himself and 3 white servants. 

John Mitchell will 3 Nov 1795/ Feb Ct 1796
      married Sarah

Children of John Mitchell and wife Sarah:
1. Judah Thomas
2. Sarah Hopkins
3. Elizabeth Tart ca 1785 -
4. Susanna Mitchell ca 1778 -
    married Wright Holloman 1772 - 1831
5. Penelope Hoggard
6. Anna Mitchell
       married Bertie Co NC 18 May 1790 Reuben Harrison
7. Mary Mitchell ca 1777 -
       married Bertie Co NC 8 Jan 1791 John Mizelle [Mezels]
8. Winifred Mitchell
   married Bertie Co NC 21 Sep 1791 George Cowand
   a. Alsey Cowand m
   b. Pheba Cowand
9. Pheba Mitchell
     married William Barradaill Wood
10. Matthew Mitchell

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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