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of McCulloch and McCulloh

James McCulloch Esq of Grogan 
& 1st wife
& 2nd wife

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
using analysis by Bob Epperson of James Iredell's
 Genealogy of the McCulloch Family

    James Iredell writing in 1773:
"James of Grogan the last mentioned of that name in the foregoing genealogy had among other children the three following -- William, James, Henry -- & a Daughter married Charles Macartney of Dublin Esq."
"William had issue, a. James [now of Camdege near Dundall in Ireland, in whose possession the Memories are, from whom the copy referred to was obtained] who is yet a Bachelor. b. William, a merchant in Dublin, who is now a Widower. By his wife [whose name was Coleman] he had three children, now living, two Daughters & a Son ----- Henry [late Secretary of this province] two of whose daughters are now living there]. *Note  this last item of info was misplaced somehow as it refers to James of Grogan's son-in-law rather than his son and has caused much confusion by historians and genealogists.
 "James married Mary the daughter of James Ferguson MD. Belfast in Ireland by whom he had issue two daughters, Margaret & Jane. a. Margaret was married on the 1st Aug 1750 to W Francis Iredell Merchant in Bristol, a son of the Rev. W. Francis Iredell of Dublin. Their issue is as follows - James born 5 Oct 1751 [N d] Francis born 21 Dec 1752, Charles born 1756, Arthur born 1758, and Thomas born Dec 1760. Besides these, who are now living, they had three sons & a Daughter who died --- one Son, named Thomas, born between Francis & Charles, a Daughter named Mary, born between Arthur and Thomas, & two sons names William & Henry, youngest of all. ........
 "b. Jane, the other daughter of James Mculloh Esq was never married & lives with her mother in Belfast. W. Francis Iredell has one brother, Thomas, living in Jamaica, never married.
 "I forgot to mention that James McCulloch of Grogan, Esq. had among many other children by a first wife, a daughter married to Henry McCulloch, a Scotsman, who had issue Alexander McCulloch of Halifax County in N. Carolina Esq. - & who is cousin by the half blood to James & William McCulloch in Ireland, Mrs. Iredell, & Henry Eustace McCulloch the only surviving child of Henry McCulloch Esq, the brother of William & James; & Miss MaCartney, by the whole blood."  as interpreted by Bob Epperson

Children of James McCulloch of Grogan and first wife:
1. daughter
    married Charles Macartney of Dublin Esq d 1750
             brother of Eleanor who married Rev. W Francis Iredell of Dublin
     a. Margaret Macartney
     b. James Macartney bef 1745 - bef 1773
2. Mary McCulloch
    married  Henry McCulloch, a Scotsman
     a. Alexander McCulloch 1715 Ireland - 1798 NC
         married ca 1736 Sarah Hill 1716 NC - 1771 NC 

Children of James McCulloch of Grogan and second wife:
1. William McCulloch, a merchant in Dublin, Ireland
     a. James of Camdey near Dundalk on the southeastern coast of Northern Ireland
             unmarried in 1773
     b. William a merchant of Dublin
           married a Coleman
            i. Ann McCulloch
           ii. daughter
          iii. Willy MCulloch at Droghedra School in 1768 and 1771
     c. Henry McCulloch Sec of State of NC est 1710 - 1755

2. James McCulloch died 1745
     married in Belfast Ireland Mary Ferguson, dau of James Ferguson, MD 
      a. Margaret McCulloch
           married 1 Aug 1750 William Francis Iredell Jr, merchant in Bristol
                 son of Rev W Francis Iredell of Dublin and Eleanor Macartney
            i. James Iredell 5 Oct 1751 Lewes, England - 1799 Edenton
                         later US Supreme Court Justice   buried at "Hayes"
               married 18 July 1773 Hannah Johnston ca 1756 - 1826
                         dau of Samuel Johnston and wife Helen Scrymoure
           ii. Francis Iredell 21 Dec 1752 - 1773 Africa
                       as clerk for Royal Africa Company (Iredell papers Vol 1, p 28, footnote)
          iii. Thomas Iredell  ca 1754 - bef 1760 dy
           iv. Charles Iredell 1756 -
            v. Arthur Iredell 1758 -
           vi. Mary Iredell d bef 1773 dy
          vii. Thomas Iredell Dec 1760 -
         viii. William Iredell ca 1764 - 1772 dy
probably born about 1764 since James Iredell asks father if Billy can write in letter of 15 Jun 1771 (Iredell Papers Vol 1, p 71),
 died in early 1772 as James Iredell notes in a 20 Jul 1772 letter to his father (Iredell Papers, Vol 1, p 105)
           ix. Henry Iredell ca 1764 - prob bef 1770 dy
 must have died before 1770 because he is not mentioned James Iredell’s letters referring to his other younger brothers, e.g. letter of 15 Jun 1771
      b. Jane McCulloch never married living with mother 1773
3. Henry McCulloh est 1700 - 1779
      -he was the London merchant -the land speculator in NC - author of the stamp act
          of Turnham Green, in the county of Middlesex - in 1778 says parish of Chelsea -prosperous merchant 1726 
- ca 1736 conceived the idea of getting grants and paying for the same by the importation of settlers
        arrived in NC in 1741 and returned home to London in 1747; of the stamp act...
           after 1761 his son Henry Eustac McCulloh ran his affairs in NC          
    married 1st Mary Houston died ca 1732
      a. James McCulloch living in 1745 d. ca 1750
         left a child -- appears to be connected with Elizabeth Green also in will
           i. James McCulloch bef 1749 -  living in Duplin Co in 1778
                       named in Grandfather Henry's will of 1778
    married 2nd Penelope Eustace  buried at Chiswick Church 25 Apr 1767
      a. Penelope Eustace McCulloh buried 8 Jan 1766
      b. Henry Eustace McCulloh ca 1740 - 1812
         married Udell ?  [his widow when he wrote his will 1805]
         had child out of wed-lock with Molly Cooke NC
           i. George McCulloh ca 1768 - 

The Papers of James Iredell Vol 1, pp 25-29 Henry E. McCulloh to James Iredell                                                                                                             London , 10 May, 1769  

. . . You may acquaint the person who seemed to doubt of my consent as to her marriage that I shall be very happy to hear it, if for her advantage, and that I shall not withdraw my kindness. . . . If Molly should get a husband, inform me what is to be done with the youngster. If she continues to take good care of him, I will continue my allowance. Write me a little of family matters now and then. Adieu. Be happy as I wish you!

 Editor of Papers of James Iredell:  Molly was the mother of Henry Eustace McCulloh's illegitimate son George. The earlier veiled remarks concerning marriage in this letter likely refer to Molly.

letter from Hill to McCulloch - 4 Col Rec NC 1100
"I sincerely condole with you on the loss of your promising son James. It has been likewise my misfortune to lose my son Ben. We must submit to the will of God.
My best wishes attend Mrs. McCulloch, Henry and Miss Penelope and are sincerely offered for your health and happiness.     Benjamin Hill
      July 23rd 1750

Bailey connects this letter to Alexander in error I believe - it fits Henry's info

"McCulloh, James, Dublin , Esq. 13 Feb. 1744 . Narrate 1p., 13 May 1745 .
His wife Mary McCulloh otherwise
His nephew Mr Wm. McCulloh. 
His eldest daughter Margt. McCulloh. 
His second daughter Jane McCulloh, 
James Stewart, Co. Antrim, Esq., and Charles Macartney,
Dublin , merchant, trustees. 
To James  Macartney son of said Charles Macartney £300 when 21 years. 
Alice Bowker of the
Kingdom of Great Britain . His servant Alice Boyce £100 for her faithful service.
 James McCulloh of
Piedmont , Co. Antrim, Esq., and his said nephew Wm. McCulloh exors. 
His real and personal estate.
Witnesses: John Treanor,
Dublin , Edmd. Wall, Dublin , gent.
Paschall Wilson,
Dublin , scrivener.
Memorial witnessed by: Paschall Wilson, William Bigger,
Dublin , gent.
116, 414, 81200
Wm McCulloch (seal)"

Analysis by Bob Epperson:

In a letter dated 15 Mar 1767 , Margaret Macartney makes the following statement, “My Aunt McCulloh seems to me to be in a very Bad Way . Give my Duty to my Uncle and Love to your Papa and Mama and Believe me to be Dear James your ever affect Kinswoman.”

 In a letter dated 5 Mar 1767 , Henry McCulloh writes to James (Dear Jemmy) Iredell in response to a letter from the 16 year-old apparently informing him of the stroke suffered by Iredell’s father and the poor condition of the family’s finances.  Obviously, Iredell has requested advice on employment opportunities to help the family.  Going to Jamaica he would be seeking a position with his father’s brother, Thomas Iredell.  

                                                                        London , 5th March 1767

My Dear Jemmy

I received your letter dated the 28th of February and have been very sensibly affected by your father's misfortunes; the ill state of health he labors under, and the melancholy prospect there is for his family. What adds to my concern is, that I am so circumstanced, that it is really not in my power, at present, to assist him.

Please God my son arrives in time, I shall consult with him what may be proper to be done for you, as it would give me great pleasure to put you in a road to provide for yourself. In the meantime, if you do not go to Jamaica (which I think will be no bad scheme), I would have you endeavor to get into some  counting-house or office, in order to keep you employed in some business or other. Mrs. McCulloh recovers slowly. She is not yet able to walk.  She joins me in her love to your father, mother, and all the family.  May God in his mercy grant you relief. I am, dr. James, Your affectionate friend and servant,

                                                                        Henry McCulloh


The letter refers to the condition of Henry’s wife, who based on Chiswick Church records dies and is buried on 25 Apr 1767 .  Henry is awaiting the return of his son, Henry Eustace McCulloh, who is finishing his negotiations on surrendering the balance of his father’s 1.2 million acre North Carolina land grant from the Crown.  As a result he is unsure of his own finances.  This letter confirms, Margaret Macartney’s letter of 15 Mar 1767 above when she refers to her Aunt McCulloh.


With the place of Henry McCulloh established as one of the three sons of James McCulloch of Grogan by his second wife, it is very strange that Iredell would leave Henry out of his discussion and refer instead to Henry the late Secretary instead.  This is especially glaring in view of the fact that James Iredell’s financial position was dependent on Henry McCulloh and his son Henry Eustace McCulloh.  Iredell took on Henry Eustace’s position as Collector of Customs at the Port of Roanoke in early 1769 as an 18 year-old.  He received the position in his own right by a commission dated 5 May 1774 .  Iredell continued to provide legal support to Henry E, until the 1780s.  With that much involvement and to some degree debt owed to the McCulloh’s, it is surprising that he leaves them out of his discussion except in reference to the cousins of Alexander McCulloch.  Both this omission early in the genealogy and the mention that Henry E’s father is the brother of William and James seems to confirm the earlier reference to Henry the late Secretary is in fact a “typographical” or more correctly, scribner’s (writer’s) error.

William McCulloch, 25 Apr 1767 :  “I am, dear cousin, Yours very affectionately”

Dublin 8th February 1768 :  Dear Cousin, I Receiv'd both your favours of the 11th of Decr. and 25th of Jany,2 .....  My Brother Continues at Drogheda School and is very well. My Dada and Sister Join in Affectionate Complimts. To all Friends With you, I am Dr Cousin Your very Affectionate Humble Servant, Ann McCulloh

Margaret Macartney, 20 Mar 1771 :  “Cousin Wm. McCulloh is just recover'd  out of a dangerous fever.  The Girls are Well. Willy is still at Drogheda School . They fear he will have a disagreeable operation soon to go thro' as they have some cause to think he has a polypus growing in his Nose.”

pdf file -Genealogy of the McCulloch Family By James Iredell 9 June 1773
                  Transcribed by Robert D Epperson 14 Jan 2007
Genealogy Transcription
Original Genealogy


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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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