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Samuel Calvert 1792 -1881
his parents 
and 1st Louise Collins Glenn 1798 - 1816
and Margaret Proby 1792 -1874
|  her parents
and 1st Capt. Samuel Wynans 
of Courtland, Southampton Co, VA
and Jackson, Northampton Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jackson1.jpg (19390 bytes) 
1858 Court House in Jackson, NC

         SAMUEL CALVERT and MARGARET PROBY were married 25 June, 1817 in Hampton, VA.   Both had been previously married and  widowed. Sam had first married on 27 Feb 1814  LOUISE COLLINS GLENN 1798 - 23 Nov 1816.  MARGARET PROBY had married  in Hampton, VA when quite young a sea captain, SAMUEL WYNANS, who was lost at sea. Sam and Margaret Calvert moved to Jackson in 1823 and built "the Elms." 

"The Elms"  home of Sam and Margaret Calvert
house demolished ca 1956

     SAMUEL CALVERT was born  16 Sept 1792  in Smithville, VA ,  son of SAMUEL CALVERT ca 1763 Norfolk, VA and MARY BASSETT MOSELEY of Virginia. There is a well-attested story that  one of his seafaring uncles took him at the age of eleven on a voyage to South America, probably with the notion that the boy would want to follow the sea. Instead, he moved with his father to Southampton Countv, Virginia. His brothers Matthew and John Marsden Calvert, also. were living in Northampton County at the time of the 1830 census. Sam was the Register of Deeds in Northampton County, NC from 1842 until 1855.  "At the time the town of Jackson was laid out, Samuel Calvert acquired a majority of the lots. It was he who gave the land for each of the three churches in the town--Episcopal, Methodist, and Baptist" Henry Lewis  Sam also gave land for a school and the Masonic Hall. He operated for a number of years  the Hotel in Jackson. He died testate in Jackson on 3 Sept. 1881. He was buried beside his wife in the cemetery at Church of the Savior.  When he died at the age of eighty-nine . . .  the vestry adopted resolutions memorializing his long service: "... One who will be sadly missed by those who so often shared his hospitality, and by the poor, the helpless and the needy. He was a representative man in business and in public affairs-possessing quick perceptions, good judgment and conservatism. He made a large fortune which was mostly lost as the result of him being surety for his friends. He was a member of the House of Commons from Northampton in 1833 and in the Constitutional Convention." Henry Lewis in "Northampton Parishes"

calvert1.jpg (14536 bytes)  Jackson20May01_4.jpg (56820 bytes)

           MARGARET [MARY] PROBY was born ca 1792 Hampton, Elizabeth City County, VA the daughter of James Proby and Casiah Eastwood. She married  in Hampton, VA when quite young a sea captain, SAMUEL WYNANS, who was lost at sea. She died in Jackson, NC 13 Nov 1867 in her 74th year.

Child of Samuel Calvert and Louise Collins Glen:
 1. Mary Louisa Bassett Calvert 14 April 1815 -
      married  ? Jeffreys

Children of Samuel Calvert and Margaret Proby:
 1. Margiana [Margennah] Moseley Calvert 8 Dec 1819 - 1906
her family lived on a plantation of the outskirts of Jackson called "Grape Hill"

      married 1835 William Gooseley 1816 -

            They eloped on her way to school and were married by a Justice.
              Her father insisted she be married again by a minister.

     a. Margaret Gooseley 1842 -
         married William Wallace [Mr. Billy] Peebles
             i. Calvert Gooseley [Cal] Peebles 1871 - Jun 1934 age 63
                 married Julia Southall Bowen 16 Oct 1880 -
             ii. Margaret [Maggie] Peebles
            iii. Bruce Peebles

      married Col. John Randolph 1816 [1826]  -

 2. Elizabeth Rebecca Calvert 31 Aug 1822 - 1901 Scotland Neck, NC age 79
      married April 26, 1842  Dr. William Barrow  2 Sept 1824 - 22 April 1881
Jackson, NC MD from U Pa in 1841  -  State Senate 1868 -1870
      a. William [Will] Barrow 5 October 1843 -
           married Virginia Odom 21November 1846 -
            i. Alethia Barrow
1884 -
            ii. Anna Barrow 
           iii. William Barrow
1887 -
           iv. Virgie Barrow
1889 -
            v. Margaret Barrow
1890 -
           vi. Marjeannah Barrow
1893 -
          vii. Kenneth Barrow III 
1894 - 1971
Mattie Howell

                       1. Robert Lee Barrow
                       2. Fred Barrow
                       3. Kenneth Barrow IV
                       4. William Barrow IV  1926 - dec.
                              married 1956 Geneva Johnson
                        5. Dorothy Jane Barrow
                        6. Thomas E Calvert Barrow
                        7. Barbara Barrow

           viii. Mary Barrow
1898 -
    b. Alethia [Lethe] [Anna] Barrow 
11 Nov 1854 -   13 Feb 1933  Scotland Neck, NC
           married Dr. Henry Irvin Clark 19 Apr 1857 - 17 Apr 1930 Scotland Neck, NC
            i. Anna Barrow Clark 23 Jan 1887 - 27 Oct 1980
                married Nov 1913  Rev. William Jones Gordon

                         1. Nancy Gordon
                                married E P Dameron
                         2. Almeria [Mia] Gordon
                         3. Rt. Rev. Wm. Jones Gordon  ca 1919 Spray  NC - 4 Jan 1994 Mich.
                                  [Bishop of Alaska 1948 - 1974]
                                  married July 1943 Shirley Lewis of Washington
                          4. Laura Gordon
                                 married Rev. Donald Williams
                          5. Mary Irwin Gordon
                          6. Jocelyn Gordon
                          7. Grace Gordon b. Spray, NC
                                 married Dr. Cecil Pless of Asheville, NC

            ii. Henry Toole Clark
2 Dec 1892 - 8 Sept 1976
                      married 30 Oct 1916
Cornelia Justice Josey

                          1. Henry Toole Clark, M.D. 1917 Scotland Neck, NC -
                                 married 1946 Blanche Burrus of Canton, NC
                          2. Cornelia Josey Clark 1921 -
                                 married 1945 Richard D House of Scotland Neck, NC

          iii. Rebecca Calvet Clark
22 May 1890 - 26 July 1971
Dr. Thurman Kitchin 
[President of Wake Forest]
                           1. Thurman Kitchin Jr. b. Wake Forest, NC
                                  married Nancy
                           2. Irwin Kitchin b. Wake Forest, NC
                           3. Walton Kitchin 
                                  married Nancy Brewer

          iv. Irwin Clark
12 Nov 1891 - 3 April 1951
Mary Jane Carroll
           v. William Proby Clark
24 Aug 1893 - 29 Aug 1893
          vi. Laura Placidia Clark
9 Sept 1895 - 26 Nov 1948

    c. Frederick Proby Barrow 14 Nov 1859 Jackson, NC -
            married Mary Ham 1869 VA -
           i. Mary Proby Barrow
          ii. Evelyn Calvert Barrow

    d. Kenneth Barrow
1861 -
       married  21 November1894  May Weaver 15 Nov 1865 - 1938
                       "a sweet gentle lady"
            i. Kenneth Barrow 1897 - 1898
           ii. Frederick Proby Barrow 6 June
1899 -
          iii. May W Barrow
1905 - 1909

 3. Samuel James Calvert, Esq.  22 Feb 1824 - 19 July 1870 Jackson, NC
           he was an attorney;  buried United Methodist Ch, Jackson, NC
       married 8 Oct 1853 Gulielma R Faison 4 Dec 1832 - 11 Feb 1911 Portsmouth VA

                                     "she was a militant Methodist"
                                        dau of
Herod and Maria Sheppard Faison

a. May Calvert August 08, 1854 - January 22, 1893 
             married  December 22, 1876
Douglas Alexander Jordan 5 April 1853 - 16 Feb 1919
             i. Edward Douglas Jordan 21 Oct 1878 - 7 Dec 1933
married Erminia Shell 1882 Lenoir, Caldwell Co, NC -
            ii. Samuel Calvert Jordan
25 May 1880 - 13 Sept 1923 Washington, DC
Pearl Seeley 1884 Washington, DC - 21 April 1905
            iii. Gulielma Faison Jordan
February 14, 1883
            iv. Lucie Jordan
12 March 1885 - 9 April 1967
                         married 1906
Grover [Ben] Cleveland Myers
1883 Charlotte NC - 1848
                          1. Lucie Jordan Myers August 05, 1907 - July 12, 1957
                                 married Stanley MacFarland Jones 1903 - 1962
                                   a. Anne Calvert Jones 1930 -1980
                                         married Maurice Elmore Eike 1924 - 1994
                                    b. Patricia MacFarland Jones
                                          married William Drewry Andrews

            v. John Alexander Jordan
1September 1886 - 8 December 1934
Lilla Hall Wonycott
1891 Portsmouth, VA - 3 April 1934
                         1. John Alexander Jordan Jr

           vi. Faison Calvert Jordan
May 12, 1888 - January 25, 1942
                                          they moved 1910 to China
Margaret Vandervoort Walsh
1891Helena, MT  - 1951Oakland, CA
                          1. Faison Calvert Jordan Jr 8 Dec 1917 China - 4 April 2002 Santa Rosa CA
                          2. James Douglas Jordan 19 April 1919 - 25 March 2001
                                     buried Arlington National Cemetery VA
                          3. Margaret Jordan [Green]  res Gainesville FL
                                              info from Beth Jordon

vii. Myda Calvert Jordan 29 April 1892 - 7 August 1893
  b. Samuel James Calvert, Esq.
27 July 1856 Jackson, NC - 10 February 1943
                      Reg.  of Deeds NH Co, NC 1907 - 1932
                       "he liked to play poker"  "was a strong Mason"  "attended no church"
                      "Mr. Calvert was an abrupt man with little to do with a child like me (Henry Lewis)."

           married 23 Oct 1877  Sallie Wood Moore 19 Apr 1855 - 27 February 1943
                           "loved adventure stories--books and continued stories in magazines --
                                 and often read them to me (Henry Lewis)"

Jackson3.jpg (30622 bytes) 
Home of Sam and Sallie Calvert

                i. Samuel Godwin Calvert 17 Oct 1878 Mulberry Grove - 6 May 1881 Mulberry Grove
                        "Sallie went to Mulberry Grove for her confinement.  There were some really warm days 
                          in April and all of the children decided to go barefoot and play in the front yard. Little Sam 
                                  got the croup and died that night."(Paul Calvert)
ii. Junius Wheeler (June) Calvert 9 Apr 1881 Mulberry Grove - 7 Jan 1953 Norfolk, VA
                                      lived Norfolk, VA
Elsie Davis Councill 1886 - 1909 
Sarah (Sadie) Adelaide Smith 1884 - 1968 
"a rather nervous lady" 

                           1. Junius Wheeler Calvert Jr 1920 -
iii. May (Mazie) Calvert 17 Apr 1884 - 14 April 1974  lived Jackson, NC
                           "played the piano for the Baptist Church; pioneered in opening a kindergarden,
                              taught first grade in the Jackson public school, was appointed postmaster of

iv. Paul Faison Calvert 6 Jan 1887 - Jan 1983 Vets Hosp Fayetteville NC 
                                             lived Jackson, NC
                        married in Margaretsville  17 Oct 1923 
Annie Faison

                            1. Anne Faison Calvert 21 Aug 1924 - 15 Nov 2011 Redding CT
                                  married John Benjamin Halper 17 Dec 1924 - 24 March 2014
                            2. Dr Samuel James Calvert  1925 - 1998
                                   married Nancy Grey Riley
                             3. Sallie Moore Calvert
                                    married Gordon Franklin Taylor
v. Longworth Moore (Worth) Calvert 12 April 1890 - Oct 1973 
                                                  lived Norfolk, VA

                         married in Norfolk ca 1927
Claire Johnson

                                1. Claire Calvert ca 1928 -
                                2. Longworth Moore Calvert Jr
                                3. Elizabeth Longworth Calvert
vi. Sallie Moore Calvert 16 April 1893 - 22 June 1964 
                                       returned to family home in Jackson, NC  after husband's death
                        married 1919
Raymond Gay Parker 18 June 1889 - 30 Aug 1927
                                            son of Israel Putnam Parker and Sue Gay -  moved Winston-Salem, NC 
                                                "became a Superior Court Judge, died holding court in Asheville"
vii. Julia Munroe (Judy) Calvert
1 May 1899 - 13 Mar 1964   lived Jackson, NC
                        "attended a music conservatory in Fayetteville under the direction of a Miss Stocart.
                           taught music in the public schools and had private students in summer at her home.
                          Often sang solos in the Baptist Church, and on occasions when the Church of the 
                           Saviour  was desperate for an organist, she lent a hand."

   c. Charles Calvert 23 July 1858 - 1922  dsp
   d. John Marsden Calvert
30 Aug 1860 - 4 Jul 1908
           married 1884
Mary Strong 1863 Raleigh, NC -
            i. John Calvert 1885 -      [served as Counsul to Buenos Aires]
           ii. Norwood Giles Calvert
1887 -   [ Lieutenant in the Navy]
Mary Adams
of KY -
   e. Maria Shepard Calvert 26 Nov 1862  -  aft 1947 Portsmouth, VA
            married 14 November 1888
Richard Albert Weaver 1857 Portsmouth, VA - 1912
             i.  Joseph Warren Weaver
21 Apr 1893 -     lived Portsmouth, VA
married 9 Feb 1918 Ruth Blackwell Bell of Edenton, NC
                         1. Ruth B 1919 -
             ii. May Weaver
1898 -

   f. Faison Calvert
12 May 1865 - 7 Feb 1899 Weldon  - pueumonia
          married June 1891 
Annie Hyman Dancy 14 June 1871 Tarboro, NC -
             i. Anna Elizabeth Calvert 20 Aug 1892 -
            ii. Samuel James Calvert 1 Feb
1895 - 
                        [was with British American Tobacco Company in Costa Rico]
            iii. Gulielma Faison Calvert 13 Sept 1898 - 1993

    g. Gulielma Calvert 12 Oct
1867 - 1868
    h. Margaret [Miss Maggie] Probey Calvert
27 Jan 1870 - 13 Jan 1957 Norfolk, VA
           married 1893
Thomas Warren Jordan 16 Jul 1865 Jackson, NC -
            i. Margaret Calvert Jordan 29 Jan 1895 - 1987 Norfolk, VA
            ii. Juliet Faison Jordan
6 Jan 1897 - 1964
                        married William Raines Miller

           iii. Rebecca Shepherd Jordan
13 Sept 1900 - 22 Feb. 1999
Matthew Charles Horner
, Maj. General, USMC 1900 - 1971
                         1. Matthew Charles Horner Jr. 28 April 1931- 6 May 1931
                         2. Margaret Calvert [Bootie] Horner 13 Nov. 1932 - April 23, 1997
                                 married Col. Thomas Tatnall Glidden        Sara's line
                         3. Mary Jordan Horner (always known as Jordan)
                                  married Thomas A Saunders 
                         4. Rebecca Jane Marsden Horner 
                                  married John J O'Keefe

         iv. Thomas Branch Jordan
10 Sept 1902 - 23 December 1937
                      married Margaret Adams 1905 - 1989

                         1. Thomas Branch Jordan Jr.

         v. Frances Faison Jordan
6 Aug 1904 - 30 Mar 1990
                      married Maj. Gen Donald McPheran Weller USMC  dec.

                         1. Mary Calvert Weller
                                married Didier Brodbeck

        vi. Mary Tom Jordan
27 Jun 1908 - Jan 2001
                    married Carson Williams Cross dec

                          1. Mary Tom [Dee-Dee] Cross
                                    married Alexander Kyrus

       vii. Marsden Calvert Jordan
30 Jun 1910 - Aug 1983 Hampton, VA
      viii. Ann Calvert Jordan
1 June 1912 Bullitt, KY -
        ix.  Barbara Jordan
19 Oct 1914 -

4. John Marsden [Harrison] Calvert 22 July 1828 Jackson, NC - 1 Aug 1861  
           [John was first given the middle name of Harrison but later used Marsden as his middle name]
            tombstone : died Aug 1st 1861 aged 33 yrs 10 days

                 note in the Barrow papers  ["killed by Dr. Ramsey"]
married 6 Nov 1849 Westmoreland VA  Caroline [Carrie] Betts 1828 Westmoreland VA -

    a. Matthew Calvert 1850 Westmoreland, VA - 12  March 1874 Jackson, NC aged 23 yrs 8 mos
    b. Emma Virginia Calvert
1852 - 1917
Leonidas [Lonnie] Lafayette Moore 15 May 1852 - of Edenton, NC 
                                 son of Britton Moore and Caroline Ann Winborne
          i.  Carrie Moore 15 Aug 1882 - 4 June 1883
          ii.  Leonidas Calvert Moore 
April 26, 1884  
married 1907 Mary Leary                
         iii. Henry Howard Moore
July 28, 1886 - Apr 1960
                       married 1915 
Ruth Pennington
          iv. Pattie Louise Moore 
16 Nov 1888 - 1964
married 1917 Leland Greenleaf Plant 

 5. James Proby Calvert  13 Sept 1830 - 1 Aug 1831 Jackson, NC

Jackson2.jpg (26543 bytes) 
Church of the Savior in Jackson

Jackson20May01_5.jpg (66577 bytes)  Jackson20May01_3.jpg (68259 bytes)  Jackson20May01_6.jpg (66258 bytes) 
May 20 2001
0Jackson20May01_4.jpg (41949 bytes)  0Jackson20May01_2.jpg (42400 bytes)  0Jackson20May01_3.jpg (38290 bytes)

0Jackson20May01_1.jpg (39975 bytes)
  0Jackson20May01_7.jpg (49383 bytes) 0Jackson20May01_8.jpg (54155 bytes) 
Sam Calvert's descendants in Jackson

   Tales of Jackson:
             Cousin Helen said that when she was a child at Mulberry Grove the received wisdom was
              "Civilization ends at Jackson - everything to the west is a howling wilderness."

        The story that Aunt Sally Calvert told Helen. "A very large Calvert man got into a fight with  a very small doctor.  The large man was giving the doctor a savage beating and was plainly going  to kill him with his bare hands. The doctor pulled out a small pen knife. Being trained in anatomy,  he knew exactly where to stab his  adversary  and so killed him. This affair was considered a private matter, and nothing was  done to the doctor by the authorities." This story was told to Cousin Margaret by her mother Helen. As a young woman visiting Jackson, Margaret  asked Aunt Sallie about this incident. Uncle Sam was present and gave her a ferocious glare. The subject was dropped immediately with no further discussion.

             Aunt Sally Moore Calvert told that when she came to Jackson as a bride there was an old crazy woman who was kept in chains and lived at the jail. During the day, she was allowed to wander  around the town. At night she returned to her quarters in the jail. The men and boys were forever playing pranks on her  and having great fun at her expense. She would often go to the graveyard and talk to the dead.  One of the men decided this would be an excellent way to have a good laugh. Therefore he went to the cemetery one morning and laid himself on a low, marble tomb. In a little while, the woman walked over to where the man was lying. He groaned and carried on as if he were a spirit in great distress. Well, the old woman knew who was buried there. "John Jones, you don't need to call on me for help. I know where you are and don't intend to do a thing to help you." Thus the laugh was on the prankster and not the old woman.

            Among those dying in Jackson, NC  in January/February 1893 during a pneumonia epidemic  were May Calvert Jordan, 31 years, 22 Jan;   Josie Southall Bowen, 40 years, 25 Jan; Emma Ridley Burwyn, 46 years, 26 Jan; Caroline Brown, [10 days later]  and  Ellen Moore, 75 years, 4 Feb.

A Grief Striken Town
Mr. Editor:-- The Fell Destroyer has played havoc with our little community during the past two weeks. First, He carried Mrs. D. A. Jordan (nee Miss Mary Calvert) to the portals of the Great White Throne. Within two days He appeared again and took from us Mrs. W. C. Bowen (nee Miss Josie Southall), a lady known to many Murfreesboro citizens. Hardly had the cold earth covered her remains, when the town was again crushed at the announcement of Mrs. George P. Burgwyn's death. The Great Destroyer came to her so on the instant that no one could believe it possible.
After three days, He visited us again and took from our midst Mrs. Brown, for a long time Sextoness of the Episcopal Church, and the general nurse in case of sickness for the entire community. She gave up her life through nursing the sick.
On Sunday last, we we were again called upon to shed tears --Mrs. Mrs. Ellen M. Moore, widow of the late Dr. Cornelius E. G. Moore, passed away.
Out little town is in deep mourning and when one citizen meets another, he is asked, "Who will be the next?"
Such a winter we have had and our poor suffer so much from lack of fuel, provender and the necessities of life.
"Murfreesboro Index", John W. Hicks, ed., Murfreesboro, [Hertford County], N.C.
Friday, Feb. 10, 1893 [Vol. VIII, No. 25]
   [excerpt from "From Time into Eternity" CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press 2004]

           In North Carolina Mr. Calvert became a large landowner and for a number of years operated the hotel in Jackson. At the time of Nat Turner's Insurrection in late August, 1831, people in the areas near-by became alarmed. "It was rumored that Nat was headed toward Northampton County. The militia was quartered in the old Clerk's office for the protection of our people. The signal was to be the firing of a gun should Nat be coming this way. That night the soldiers were frolicking and accidentally fired a gun. The people near enough to hear it rushed to town in a panic, and more came as the rumor spread." Something had to be done to house these frightened people. Mr. Calvert's hotel was the only place big enough to take care of them. At the time Mr. Calvert was staying near Warrenton with some of his "sporting friends," and, according to his grandson, Mrs. Calvert felt she had better send for him. He made the trip home in record time. Most of Mr. Calvert's hospitality on this occasion turned out to be free. When the legislature met, Dr. Godwin Cotton Moore of Hertford made an attempt to have the state compensate Mr. Calvert for sheltering these refugees but was unsuccessful.  When General Lafayette made his triumphal tour of the country, he entered North Carolina near Murfreesboro. In the course of his trip from there to Halifax, and later to Raleigh, he and the escorting party passed through Jackson. Mr. Calvert's hotel served to welcome the distinguished Frenchman. Henry Lewis in "Northampton Parishes"

Corrections and Additions welcomed

family notes from Blanche Clark, Geneva Barrow, Sara Glidden, Patsy Andrews,
Junius W Calvert Jr, Paul Calvert, James Moore, Henry Lewis, 
obits,  gleanings from "Footprints in Northampton County 1741-1776-1976"

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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