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 Stephen Moore 1734 - 1799his parents 
& 1762 Julia [an actress]
& 1768 Grizey Phillips 1748/9 - 1822
|  her parents
of New York City and West Point, NY
 & Mt. Tirzah, Person County, NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
Dr. G C Moore we are told claimed kin or some kind of a connection to this family but I have been unable to find the connection. --notes on family

   Stephen Moore was born 30 Oct 1734 in New York City.  He was the 17th of 18 children of John Moore [1686 SC - 1749 New York City] and Frances Lambert [1692 - 1782]. His father was  "Col. John Moore, a leading merchant in the early days of New York city"

    The Moore family history was preserved by the memoirs of John Moore, Esq. (1745-1828), from which we learn that Stephen was "brought up in business by John Watts." There is no indication as to Stephen's age at the time of this apprenticeship, but it would be typical of the times to have begun his training at about age 14. John Watts was a prominent merchant and a provision contractor to the British army during the French and Indian War.

    Little is known about Stephen Moore’s education except that his penmanship was remarkable. The account books, ledgers, day books & letters that he wrote all attest to a thorough & careful education. Recent research reveals that he spent his late teens & early twenties as a scribe or clerk. Most of NY Deed Book 14, all of Deed Book 15, and the first part of Deed Book 16 are in Stephen Moore’s very distinctive and legible hand.

At the age of 23, he was commissioned a Lieutenant in 1757 in the New York Provincial troops and participated in the French and Indian War, serving as Deputy Paymaster.

  Robert Charles Moore, the only child of Stephen Moore and Julia, who was an actress, was born 5th Nov 1762.

-- An enduring family legend --
   John Moore, Esq [1745-1828] in one of his memoirs [JAH 4-#1, 1910] gives an account of his uncle Stephen Moore's feat  in mid-winter about the year 1762/3  of delivering dispatches from General Haldimand in Quebec to Sir Jeffrey Amherst in New York City, in TEN day's time. With two Mohawk guides he went overland on snowshoes, then canoed down Lake Champlain & George, ice-skated down the Hudson as far as Yonkers, then on foot the last 20 miles to New York City.  All the principals can be placed in the right places at the right time. It is known that Stephen often traveled this route in later years and the timing would have afforded him the opportunity of visiting his family after having been away as a participant of several years in the French and Indian War.  from article by Terri Bradshaw O'Neill 

   At the conclusion of hostilities, Stephen was in Quebec, Canada, where he settled for a period of about ten years and was engaged in trade, shipping and mercantile business.

    Stephen Moore was married 25 Dec. 1768 in Quebec, Canada, before tungsten rings were around ,by Rev. Mr. Montgomery, Chaplin of the King's 10th Regiment, to Grizey Phillips [of Boston, Mass].

[his business partner, Hugh Finlay, married “Grizey’s” sister, Mary Phillips.]

   Grizey Phillips was born 18 Feb 1749 in Boston, MA daughter of Capt John Phillips (1710-1773) and wife Anne Engs (1715 -1775)

   Leaving Quebec in late 1770, Stephen settled his family at West Point, NY at the estate he inherited at the death of his father. Now-- the move to NC may have been a result of the "rumor of war" and the strategic location of his home.
  By Sept 1776, his family was already established in Orange County and by 1777 he was acquiring land and building his estate, Mt. Tirzah in Caswell [later Person] county.  from info provided by Terri Bradshaw O'Neill

  In 1779 he was given charge of a Regiment of NC State Troops. He was in the 1st Battle of Camden [SC].
 " Moore, Stephen [NC]  Lieutenant-Col. NC Militia -- taken prisoner at Charleston, 12th May 1780."

  in 1781 Robert Moore served a 3 month term as an express rider in a Militia unit at Post Mt. Tirzah. 

 "The elder Stephen Moore was the owner of West Point and sold it to the US Government in 1790."

   Stephen Moore died at Mt Tirzah, Person County, NC  29 Dec 1799.
       Moore Family Bible #1900-Webb Papers, Southern Historical Col, UNC-Chapel Hill

and his wife. Grizey died 14 Jan 1822 in Person County, NC.

 "Gen. Stephen Moore, of White Hall, Moore's-Folly-on-the-Hudson, N. Y., and Mount Tirzah, N. C. (1734-1799), Lieut. DeLancey's Brigate, British Army, (war 1756); afterwards Paymaster to the army in Canada,   During the Revolutionary War   moved from Moore's-Folly-on-the-Hudson to Mount Tirzah N. C. a beautiful spot in (now) Person Co. 'where the ax had never been laid to tree'. In 1779 he took command of a regiment of North Caroina State troops which participated in the first battle of Camden, in which battle the Americans under Gen. Horatio Gates were defeated by the British under Lord Cornwallis, and he was taken prisoner and carried to Charleston, S.C. Upon his release he retired to Mount Tirzah; after the peace he sold his estate on the Hudson to the U. S. Government. It is now the site of the U. S. Military Academy, (founded 1802).  Moore, Henshaw, supra. Mrs. Sophronia Moore Horner, Genealogist."SIX CENTURIES OF MOOR DE FAWLEY by David Moore Hall, printed 1904 by O.E. FLANHART Printing Co., Richmond, VA for himself..  page 38  [note there are errors in this book]

   see this web site by Jay Cross with wonderful graphics: The Moores of West Point  
  and this blog page by David Jeffreys Stephen Moore of Mount Tirzah Family 
      the pictures of Stephen Moore in Uniform from a miniature, his signature, and his home Mt. Tirzah are from the blog of David Jeffreys with his permission.
  and this by Jonathan K T Smith Death Notices from the Christian Advocate

Child of Stephen and Julia Moore:
1. Robert Moore 5 Nov 1762 Quebec - 27 Nov 1827 Person Co, NC
      married 11 Feb 1797 Sarah [Sallie] Bailey 4 May 1779 Halifax Co VA - 6 July 1838 Person Co NC

Children of Stephen and Grizey Moore of Mt. Tirzah:
John Moore 12 Nov 1769 Quebec - 7 Sept 1770 age 10 months
2. Phillips Moore 14 July 1771 New York City - 2 Jan 1840 Person Co
      married 19 Jan 1794 Rebecca Moore
      married 25 Nov 1800 Elizabeth Dudley

Frances Moore 5 Nov 1773 Westpoint, NY - Mar 1819 Person Co
     married in Caswell Co, NC 7 Nov 1791 Jesse Dickins
ca 1767 Norfolk VA - 1836 Person Co NC

Ann Moore 12 Jan 1777 Granville Co NC - 8 May 1864 Person Co  dsp age 87
"very amiable daughter Ann who has been a patient sufferer from early life and utterly helpless occasioned solely by wounding a finger with the point of a fine needle, and if living, she is still a cripple" noted in 1824 by John Moore Esq.

Mary Moore 21 Sept 1778 Mt. Tirzah - 24 Apr 1851 Alamance Co NC
      married 11 Sep 1803 Hon. Richard Stanford 2 Mar 1767  - 9 Apr 1816 WashingtonDC
           he was first married to Jeanette dau of Gen. Alexander Mebane

Hon. Richard Stanford 1767-1816
found at David Jeffreys' Blog

6. Marcus Moore 27 Nov 1780 Mt. Tirzah - 5 Sep 1797 Mt Tirzah dy age 17
Dr. Portius Moore 15 Oct 1784 Mt. Tirzah - 3 Dec 1847
      married 1st 1806 Frances Webb ca 1775 - bef 1811 no children
      married 2nd in Henrico Co VA 1814 Lucy Wilson Pulliam ca 1790 VA -

Cadmus Moore 30 June 1787 Mt. Tirzah - 4 May 1789  dy 2 years
Samuel Moore 15 June 1789 Mt. Tirzah - aft 1870 Person Co
       married 23 Nov 1810 Betsey Knott

Sidney Moore 15 Dec 1794 Mt. Tirzah - 29 Sep 1838
       married 13 Mar 1813 Mary Payne Reade


Children of Robert Moore and Sallie Bailey:
1. Yancey Moore 11 July 1799 Person Co NC - 4 Mar 1881 Carroll TN
     married Halifax Co VA 20 Dec 1827 Mary Ann Wade 8 Nov 1811 - 6 Nov 1848 ts
      a. Sarah A Moore 10 July 1829 - 9 Jan 1897
            married Benjamin F Jones 8 Feb 1825 - 19 Nov 1910 - 11 children
      b. Robert Yancey Moore 1831 -
            married Sarah E Shepard  12 children
      c. Richard B Moore 11 Jan 1833 - 3 Oct 1883
           married Lou J Goodwin 4 children
            i. Y. Burnie Moore 28 Sept 1871 - 3 Oct 1873 aged 2 yrs 5 days
      d. William H Moore 13 Dec 1834 - 21/26 Nov 1860 aged 25 years 11 months 8 days
      e. Eliza J Moore 13 Oct 1836 -
            married A E Carter 5 children
      f. John Bailey Moore 20 Oct 1838 -   5 children
              officer in CSA - lost leg at the Battle of Peach Tree, GA
            married Louisa D Yancy (widow)
      g. George Wade Moore 24 Feb 1839 - 11 Mar 1862 aged 22 years 4 months 17 days
      h. Charles W Moore 20 Aug 1841 -
             married 1st Fanny Fonville  - 2 children
             married 2nd Allie Tansil  - 3 sons
      i. Susan A Moore 14 Feb 1843 - 31 Dec 1874 - 3 children
           married W B Kennon
      j. James Albert Moore 20 July 1844 - 17 Dec 1864 CSA killed
      k. Mary P Moore Jan 1846 - 2 Feb 1874 aged 28 yrs 1 month ts
      l. Martha F Moore 16 Aug 1847 - 10 May 1880 - 3 children
           married WT Baird
      m. Benjamin P Moore 29 Oct 1848 - 1929
             married 15 Oct 1883 Sarah E Dinwiddie d 6 Sept 1889 - 2 dau
             married 2nd 6 Aug 1896 Lula Douglass - one child
              i. B P Moore 1902 -1981
     married 2nd 20 Dec 1850 Catherine Martin d 1886 ts[his widow] no issue
2. Albert Moore 1802 - 1851 Panola Co MS
    married Martha Ann Allen
      a. Sarah Ann Moore 10 June 1830 - 16 June 1860
           married 1852 James Jesse Smith  1823 - 1890 [2nd cousin]
           i. Dr. Henry Allen Smith 1858 - 1939
                       g grandfather of Steve Kelly

      b. Margaret Moore  
      c. Virginia Moore  

3. William Wesley Moore 1804 -
4. Gilbert Moore 1806 - 5 July 1883 Person Co NC
     married 19 Oct 1830 Lavinia Satterfield
       a. Frances Ann Moore
       b. Robert R Moore 1833 - 1862
       c. James/Baines William Moore 1835 -
       d. Thomas Barnette Moore 1837 - 1918
       e. George Lewis Moore 1839 - 1840
       f. George Washington Moore 1841 - 1931
       g. Sarah Elizabeth Moore 1843 -
       h. Martha Jane Moore 1845 -
       i. Mary Celestia Moore 1848 -

5. Grizey Phillips Moore 1807 - 1840
     married Joel Sweaney
       a. John Robert Sweaney 1838 -
       b. Joel Phillips Sweaney 1839 -
       c. Sarah Elizabeth Sweaney 1840 - 1892

6. Elizabeth [Betsey] Moore 1808 Person Co  - 9 June 1835 Person Co
     married Person Co NC 21 June 1830 George W Ferrell
7. Ann Marie Moore 24 Dec 1810 Person Co  - 6 Dec 1858 
             buried Moore Family Cem, Mt. Tirzah
     married William R Reade
        a. Ann Emaline Reade 1841-1910
8. Sarah Harriet/Henrietta Moore 26 Oct 1816 Person Co - 9 Mar 1864
     married 18 Oct 1838 Richard Henry Moore 1821? - 1850  1st cousins
            son of Dr. Portius Moore and Lucy Wilson Pulliam
       a. John Emory Moore 1839 - 1839
Sarah Jane Moore 1840 -
       c. Robert Fletcher Moore 1842 - 1847
       d. Richard Robert Fletcher Moore 1847 - 1848

       e. Henry F Moore 1849 - 1934

     married Person Co NC 14 Jan 1855 Anderson Thompson

Children of Phillips Moore and Elizabeth Dudley of Person County
1. Stephen Moore 1801 -
   lived in Hillsborough, Orange County, NC until about 1853 removed to Hempstead, AR.
    married Randolph Co NC 19 Aug 1830
        Mary Gray died 2 Jan 1855 Hemstead Co, AR
     a. Ann Elizh Moore 1832 - 1861
         married William M Carrigan
     b. Alexander P Moore 1833 - 
         married Hempstead Co, AR 21 Nov 1856 Nannie R Jones
     c. William Moore 1835 -
          married Person Co, NC 14 Nov 1859 Sarah Eliza Moore 
                  [his cousin]
     d. Mary Moore 1838 -
         married Robert A Carrigan
     e. Mariah Moore 1839 -
          married Samuel Stewart/Stuart 
                   are in 1880 census in Saline, Hempstead Co, AR
   f. Stephen Moore 1841 - 1856
      g. Henry Moore 1843 -
      h. Richard Channing Moore 1845 - 1862
      i. Julia Moore 1848 -
           married Hempstead Co, AR 20 Dec 1866 James Stuart
      j. Jesse Moore 1853 -
      k. Robert Gray Moore 1854 - 1857
      from info compiled by Terri O'Neill from the census and abstracts of the "Hillsborough Recorder"
2. Alfred Livingston Moore 1803 - 1883
3. Sallie Eliza Moore 1805 - 
4. William Dudley Moore 1806 -
5. Mary Livingston Moore 1808 -
6. Harriet Moore 1809 - 1850
7. Erasmus Moore 1811 -
8. Emily Ann L Moore 1813 - 1871
9. Edwin Moore 1815 -
10. Martha Emmaline Moore 1817 -

Children of Frances Moore and Jesse Dickins:
1. Robert Dickins 1792 -
2. Stephen Moore Dickins 1803 -
3. Mary Brown Dickins 
4. Harriett Phillips Dickins
5. Ann Moore Dickins d 1861
6. Griselda Dickins d 1870 NC
    married Rev. Samuel Henry Smith 1800 NC - 1846 NC
     a. James Jesse Smith 1823 - 1890
          married 1852
Sarah Ann Moore 10 June 1830 - 16 June 1860 [2nd cousins]

Children of Mary Moore and Richard Stanford:
1. Saurin Stanford 1806 - 1876
2. Cornelia Adeline Stanford 1811 - 1891
3. Richard Algernon Sidney Stanford 1814 - 1860
4. Carolina Stanford 1816 - 1816

Children of Richard Stanford and Jeanette Mebane:
1. Ariana Stanford 19 Jun 1792 -
2. Mary Mebane Stanford 1 Nov 1794 -

Children of Dr. Portius Moore and Lucy Wilson Pulliam:
1. Junius Pulliam Moore 1815 - 1878
      a. George Gallatin Moore
          i. Marvin Bailey Moore
             grandfather of Nancy Moore Murrey

2. Barnett Moore  ca 1818 - 
3. Richard Henry Moore   1821 - 1850
4. Franklin Moore  1823 - 
5. Bramwell Moore  1828 - 
6. Sophronia Moore  1830 - 
7. Theophilus Wilson Moore  1832 - 1907
8. Benjamin Rush Moore   1835 - 
9. Henrietta Moore  

Children of Sidney Moore and Mary Payne Reade:
1. Cornelia Godwin Moore 1814 - 1873
2. Alonza Reade Moore 1815 - 1879
3. Arabella Moore 1827 - 1903
4. Ann Eliza Moore 1829 -

Perhaps THIS is Dr. Moore's connection to the family -- it's his wife Julia's connection to the Mebanes!! Her aunt Mary Wood married William Mebane, a son of Gen. Alexander Mebane 1744-1795.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans:
   Volume IX page 463
STANFORD, Richard, representative, was born in Dorchester county, near Vienna,
Md., March 2, 1767; son of Richard Stanford, and a descendant of Richard Stanford, who sailed in the ship Primrose from Gravesend, London, England, to Virginia, July 27, 1635. He removed from Maryland to North Carolina about 1793 and established an academy at Hawfields, Orange county, among his pupils being Thomas H. Benton, afterwards U.S. senator. He also conducted a farm at Hawfields and was married to Jeannette, daughter of Gen. Alexander Mebane, representative in the 3d congress (1792–95). She died in three years, and he married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Gen. Stephen Moore of Mt. Tirzah, Person county, N.C. (formerly of New York city), and granddaughter of Col. John Moore, a leading merchant in the early days of New York city. She died, Sept. 20, 1858, at Lambsville, N.C. He was a Democratic representative from North Carolina in the 5th-14th congresses, serving from May 15, 1797, to April 9, 1816, and was the first representative in congress to be called "The Father of the House." He was chairman of the committee on revisal and unfinished business during the 13th congress, and upon the assembling of the 14th congress was chosen chairman of the committee on rules and orders of the house. . . . Representative Stanford died at Washington, D.C., during the 14th session of congress, and was buried in the Congressional cemetery. The date of Representative Stanford's death is April 9, 1816.  [found at]

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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