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Philip Alston ca 1705 - 1784 his parents 
& 1745 Winifred Whitmell 1729 - 1795
her parents
of Chowan Co & [Bute] Warren Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

Child of Philip Alston & Winifred Whitmell:
  1. William Alston 7 Oct 1745 - 15 July 1795 Warren Co
       married 1773 Martha Hardee 1757 - 1823 Raleigh, NC
       a. Hon. Samuel Williams Alston 23 June 1782 - ?  Legislator
            married Sarah Dawson Williams

 2. Philip Alston 10 Jan 1748/49 - dy
 3. Mary Alston 5 Dec 1751 - dy
 4. Elizabeth Alston 3 Nov 1753 -
       married Joseph John Williams 1733 - 1818 Halifax Co, NC
 5. Thomas Whitmel Alston 17 Aug 1755 - 1809 Warren Co, NC
       married 1786 Lucy Faulcon 19 Feb 1763 -
 6. Martha Alston 26 Sept 1757 -  dsp
 7. Henry Guston Alston 17 Sept 1760 -
 8. Philip Guston Alston 5 Feb 1762 - 1819 Warren Co, NC
       married ca 1783/85 Mary [Polly] Williams Harris
 9. Winifred Alston 28 Nov 1764 - 18 June 1809
      married 1st 10 May 1780 Henry Hill Franklin Co, NC 1780 -
                      son of Thomas Hill
       a. Elizabeth Henry Hill ca 1781 -
      married 2nd 20 Nov 1782 Joseph Cocke died 1820 Warren Co, NC
10. Samuel Alston 5 July 1770 - Nov 1807
       married 15 Dec 1791 Elizabeth Faulcon

Petition by Joseph Cocke and wife Winifred vs... Record indicates Thomas Deane late of Halifax Co died in 1778 possessed of a number of Negroes and other personal estate.  Philip Alston late of Warren Co, mistakenly believed Thomas Deane had been in possession of certain Negroes and bought several of them. In 1779 Henry Hill, later of Franklin Co married Winifred Alston, daughter of the said Philip Alston, who gave the said Hill the slaves in question.  Henry Hill died intestate in Halifax Co in 1780 [sic] and administration on his estate was granted to his widow Winnefred Hill and to Thomas Hill late of Halifax Co. 
In Nov 1782 Winnefred Hill married Joseph Cocke. and in December afterwards a division was made between her and her daughter Elizabeth Henry Hill. Thomas Hill, grandfather of the said Elizabeth, was appointed her guardian.
However, the petition further claims that Edmund Goodwin instituted a suit against Cocke and wife in 1786, claiming the same slaves as heir of his brother Thomas Goodwin, as well as heir of his father Edmund Goodwin the elder, both of Nansemond Co VA who held title to the slaves prior to Thomas Deane. [from Abstract of Halifax Co NC estates by David B Gammon]

Will of Philip Alston, Warren Co NC 11 Nov 1783 - prob July Ct 1784
In the name of God, amen. I, Phillip Alston, of Warren County, in the State of North Carolina, being weak in body but in perfect sound mind and memory, praise be given therefor to Almighty God, do make and ordain this, my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say, first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the merits, Death and Passion of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon of all my sins and to inherit Everlasting Life, and my body I recommend to the earth, to be buried at the discretion of my Executors herein after named; and as touching the disposal of all such Temporal Estate as it has pleased God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof as follows:
Item. I give unto my son, William Alston, all the negroes and other things that I have already possessed him with, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give unto my son, Thomas W. Alston, all the negroes and other things that I have already possessed him with, to him, his heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give unto my daughter, Elizabeth Williams, all the negroes and other things that I have already possessed her with, to her and her heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give unto my son, Phillip G. Alston, part of a tract of land I purchased of William Alston, known by the name of Ralls' place, beginning on Blanchett's Branch where a small Branch empties into it, then up the small Branch to Blanchett's Branch near the mill path; also one other tract of land beginning on the Maple swamp at the mouth of Buck Branch, then up the Buck Branch to the head, then with my son Tommey's line to Ginney's Branch, then down Ginney's Branch to where it empties into the Maple, then down said Maple swamp to the beginning; also two mares, one got by old Barneysides and the other a small bay, and also all the negroes, and other things that I have already possessed him with, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give unto my daughter, Winifred Cocke, all the negroes, and other things that I have already presented her with, to her heirs and assigns forever.
Item. I give unto my beloved wife, Winifred Alston, eight negroes, to-wit: Tom, David, Old Perry, Lucy, Phillis, Squire, Perry, and Easter; and one-half of my household and kitchen furniture, fifteen head of cattle, one horse by the name of Osborne; two mares, one a bay and the other a sorrel with a blaze in her face, and five sows and pigs, during her natural life, and after her decease to be equally divided between my son William Alston, my son Thomas W. Alston, my son Phillip G. Alston, my daughter Winifred Cocke, or to their heirs and assigns.
Item. I give unto my son, Samuel Alston, all the remainder part of my estate, excepting what I have before given, both real and personal, to him, his heirs and assigns forever, and my desire is that my executors do with my son Samuel's part of my estate as they think will be most to the interest thereof until he comes of age.
Lastly. I constitute and appoint my son William Alston, my son Thomas W. Alston, and my son Phillip G. Alston, Executors of this my last will and testament, and I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eleventh day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.
Test.: Stephen Marshall, Samuel Marshall, John Harvey, Sally Crossland.
Probated July Court, 1784, Warren County.

James Alston ca 1710 - 1761 his parents 
& Christian Lillington/Lillingston  
her parents
of Chowan Co & Orange Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

Children of James Alston & Christian Lillington:
1. John Alston
2. Mary Alston dec bef 1764
3. James Alston 4 May 1751 - 1815 GA
   married NC 24 Mar 1774 Grizell [Gilly] Yancey 11 April 1752 - 8 Nov 1845 Monroe Co GA
    a. John Alston
        married Charity Tait 1790 -
        iii. Joseph Alston
            married Bethel Harvey
    b. Martha Alston ca 1780 GA -   
transcribed by in the 1839-45 period [several Bibles] for various family members during the long evenings of tending her aged mother, Gilly Yancey ALSTON, in Culloden, Monroe Co., GA.  One was once owned in 1970 by Alston desc., Martha [Witt] Allen of Atlanta. The only access to these particular ALSTON Bible records was thru a transcription by Sarah Dixon, which appeared in print in vol 2:451-2 of THE HIST. of STEWART Co., GA [1975]." [This Bible now in the posession of her grandson.] e-mail from Clare M Ward

4. Charity Alston
5. Sarah Alston

Bertie Deed Bk H p233 William Witherington [Weatherington] to James Alston of Chowan Co - 7 pounds for 240 A On Killem woods where Ebeneazer Slawson lived. Wit: John Harrell, Joseph Harrell, Joseph Witherington Oct Ct 1755

Bertie Deed Bk I p45 John Barker of Sussex Co VA to James Alston of Chowan Co 20 Mar 1758 45 pounds VA for 150 acres on southwest side of Chowan River at Mount Pleasant, joining Antheny's Swamp, William Sharp, William Kirby, Goose Creek. Wit: John Chappell, John Hunt, William Hines. Probated 10 April 1758. Jno. Campbell, Asc. Justice.

Will of James Alston, Orange County NC 28 Feb 1761 - prob May Ct 1761
I, James Alston now of Elebye Creek and the County and province aforesaid, being in a low state of health, but in perfect sound mind and memeory, do make this my last Will and Testament, making null and void all other wills made by me. First, I resign my soul up to God that give it me and my body to be decently interred, as to my worldly substance I give and bequeath as follows:
Item, my Will is, that Warham Glenn make my son John Alston a Deed for the lower half of the land whereon the said Warham Glenn and Ann Downs Lived and Running down to John Woods line for Compliment, & that the said Warham Glenn make my son Jas. Alston a Deed for the other half running up the River to Wm. Roberts line for compliment & to Wm. Glenn for so doing I give and Bequeath the Plantation whereon he now lives, two hundred acres of land be the same more or less, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Also I give to Warham Glenn forty pounds Virginia Money, to be paid next winter only Reduction to be made of what he has already received towards that forty pounds.
Item, my Will is the Josiah Sumner pay my executor or Executors Two Hundred & thirty five pounds proclamation money, or Virginia Money according to a bargain. And for so doing I give and bequeath unto the said Josiah Sumner my land in Hertford Co. Beginning at the Mouth of Anthony Swamp, Running up Swamp by line of marked trees to William Sharps line, then along William Sharps line to Mocason Creek then the Various Cours of Goos Creek to the first station, to him & heirs & Assigns forever.
Item, I mean the use of the plantation whereon I now live to my Loving wife Christian Alston, During her Widowhood, but at her death or marriage then to return to my son John Alston, to him & his heirs & assigns forever. Also I give to my son John Alston all my land Down Neuse River & two Lotts in Newbern Town & the land & plantation in Chowan Co. on Bints Creeks whereon my Father formerly lived to him and his heirs & assigns forever.
Item, I give and bequeath to my son James Alston all my lands in Halifax Co. & Granville Co. lying between Milton's Creek and Reedy Creek to him & his heirs and assigns forever, Excepting a small piece of land surveyed by Edward Young, that I give and bequeath unto my brother Joseph John Alston, to him & his heirs & assigns forever. also I give my son Jas. Alston my Land on Elebye Creek whereon Indian Ben now lives to him & his heirs & assigns forever. I mean that Indian Ben shall have the use of the place for four years, paying an equal part of the expenses and dividing the profits equally with my son Jas. Alston. My will is that my son John Alston puts in his three Negroes which his grandfather gave him in my estate of Negroes & at a Division to come for an equal part. My Will is furthermore that my Negroes shall not be distributed any great distance and no division of my negroes until one of my children comes of age or Marries. My Will is furthermore, that if my wife Christian Alston should marry before any of my children comes of age or Marries that she shall take an equal sixth part of my Negroes, Stock & household Goods & my childrens part to remain together without any division, till one of my children comes of age or Marries. This to be equally divided amongst them & if my wife should remain a widow till either one of my children comes of age or Marries then all my negroes, stock & household goods to be equally Divided to my Wife Christian Alston & my son John Alston & my daughter Marye Alston & my son Jas. Alston & my daughter Charity Alston & my daughter Sarah Alston & my Will is that if my wife or either or any of my children should die unmarried or not of Age then the survivors shall have the deceasedst Part or Parts equally Divided amongst them & every one of these parts I give to them & their heirs & assigns forever.
My will is futhermore than my wife and family shall have a Sufficient Maintenance out of the income of my estate so long as they remain together, and the overplus of the income of my estate if any let out on interest or laid out on Consignment Lands or on any young negro wenches for the benefit of my children and to be equally divided among them. Also my will is that two tracts or parcels of land both in Hertford Co. one known by the name of Slawsons on the South side of the Chowan River & the other Troy on Binetts Creek on the North side of Chowan River should be sold at publick Sale at Six months credit with Bond and Security. Also I do anominate & appoint my Good & well Brothers, John Dawson & Philip Alston & Solomon Alston Jun. & John Alston, son of Solomon Alston Executors of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this the twenty eighth Day of Feb. One Thousand Seven hundred and Sixty one.
Proved in Court by Thomas Hines second Tuesday in May 1761.

Dear Sally
I am working on the Alston, Mills, Yancey and some other lines in Halifax, Bertie and other counties in North Carolina.
I have a James Alston who married a Christine Lillingston and their son James Alston born May 4, 1751 according to a transcribed Bible I have died in 1815 in Georgia he married Grizell "Gilly" Yancey on March 24, 1774 in North Carolina who was the daughter of Jechonias Yancey and Hannah Kimbrough she being born April 11, 1752 in North Carolina and died November 8, 1845 in Monroe County, Georgia.
Now I have all of their children and records of the whole Bible but so far have not been able to place the James Alston who married Christine Lillingston.
Nor have I placed the William Alston who was Hannah Kimbrough's first Husband.
I also have a John Joseph Alston of Joseph John Alston who bought the land of John Mills and his old plantation according to his will and deeded the land to one of his sons in his will.
Since you seem to have done a great deal of research I am wondering if you can help me?
The one thing you have on your page that really really intrigues me is the statement's from the book of Peter Wilson Coldham which book I have not seen but I find this very much of interest and here is why.  In Maryland where this (I believe at this point) John Mills descends out of there is a place called the Scottish Settlement and several of the men there Ninean Beal, John Boage/Boge, Alexander McGruder and others were transported by way of Barbodos for fighting in the rebellions now a John Jarboe picks up a William Mills somewhere in Virginia brings him to Maryland and he buys land right in the middle of these other men and when John Boage dies (he owned huge amounts of land) he deeded in his will to "HIS COUNTRYMAN" William Mills the land of Trentant and Dunbar.  Then later I believe this John Mills who is a grandson ends up with the Alston's in NC.
In your researching have you found any other Mills and Alston's listed together?
The reason I am asking is that William Mills the son of this John Mills married Sarah Ellis, Sarah is the daughter of John Ellis and Mary Yancey the sister to Jechonias Yancey and the Mills, Alston's and Yancey and other lines intermarried in that area a great deal.  There is a John Mills in Beaufort County who a John and James Alston in sign as witness and I know I am on the right track here but the Alston's as a whole have me confused and I have never seen this book of the Alston's can you please tell me if it is a good one will try to find it


Elizabeth Alston ca 1711 - aft 1792 her parents
& 1725/28 Col. Samuel Williams 1698 - 1753
his parents
& 1765 Richard Burt 1724 - 1805
his parents
& 1746 Rebecca Stevens 1729 - bef 1765
her parents
of Chowan Co & Edgecombe Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

Children of Elizabeth Alston & Col. Samuel Williams:
 1. Col. William Williams of Martin Co NC
     married 2 Oct 1746 Elizabeth Whitmel [Pollock] [Blount]
     a. Samuel Williams 10 Feb 1753 - 11 May 1805
         married Charity Alston Dawson
     b. William Williams 
         married Mrs Smith
         married Elizabeth Williams
    c. Elizabeth Williams 18 Oct 1751 - 5 Jan 1789
          married 1767 John Johnston 1733 - 7 Jan 1791 Bertie Co NC
          i. Mary [Polly] Williams Harris     [cousins]
             married ca 1783/85 Philip Guston Alston 5 Feb 1762 - 1819 Warren Co, NC
                  1. George Washington Alston d 1849 Cherry Hill Plantation, Warren Co
                       married his cousin Marina Priscilla Williams  [3 children]
                            she built the existing Cherry Hill house after her husband's death
                        a. Philip Guston Alston 1839 - 1925 of Warren Co
                             married 1864 his cousin Jane Elizabeth Crichton 1840 - 1891  [8 children]
                             i. Philip Guston Alston 1864 - 1933 Texarkana, Ark.  one son
                                married Virginia Williams Graham d. 1971
                             ii. George Washington [ch to Warren] Alston 1866 - 1912 Texarkana, 
                                married 1895 his cousin Laura June King 1871 - 1938  3 children
                             iii. Lucy Tunstall Alston 1869 - 1940    4 children
                                 married 1890 her cousin Archibald Davis Williams Jr. 1856 - 1911 Franklin Co NC
                              iv. Hugh Crichton Alston 1871 - 1896 GA died single
                              v. William Henry Alston 1873 - 1947 Bronxville NY  5 children
                                   married 1908 Rowena Watson 1879 - 1970
                              vi. Ella [Nettie] Lee Alston 1875 - 1951  one child
                                   married Harry Hill Thorne
                              vii. Samuel Williams Alston 1878 - 1937 Texarkana   one child
                                   married 1903 his cousin Anna Williams Ballard
                             viii. Lewis [ch. to Louis] Watson Alston 1884 - 1960     2 children twins
                                   married 1913 Charlotte Niven McKinney 1886 - 1955

                           married 2nd ca 1897/98 Lucy McColl [Roper]  no issue

2. Solomon Williams d 1794 of Bute Co [later Warren Co] 
     married 1764 Temperance Boddie
      a. Temperance Boddie Williams
           married 1790's George Pugh Tunstall of Franklin Co
            i. Lucy Henry Tunstall d. 1879
                married 1828 Hugh Crichton of Franklin Co
                     1. Jane Elizabeth Crichton 1840 - 1891   [8 children]
                          married 1864 [her cousin] Philip Guston Alston 1839 - 1925 of Warren Co NC

      b. Ruina [Urina] Judkins Williams
      c. William Williams ca 1765 - 1838 Warren Co
           married 1st ca 1785 Ruina Webb  one child
           married 2nd 1790 Elizabeth Kinchen Kearney 1769 - 1863 [his cousin]
            i. Robert Webb Williams 1792 - 1822 of Vine Hill Plantation, Franklin Co
               married 1812 Hartwell [Harty] Hodges Davis 1793 - 1870
                           daughter of Archibald Davis of Franklin Co [A Rev. soldier- drummer]
                     1. Archibald Davis Williams 1821 - 1904 of Vine Hill Plantation  CSA [10 children]
                         married 1843 Lucy Ann Lewis 1822 - 1879 dau of Charles Lewis of Granville Co
                          a. Elizabeth Crawford Williams 1846 - 1902  [5 children]
                              married her cousin Philip Guston Alston 1843 - 1928 Franklin Co
                          b. Robert Lewis Williams - killed in Civil War 1864 - CSA
                          c. Hartwell Hodges [Hodgie] Williams  no children
                              married Charles K Pender of Edgecombe Co and Baltimore MD
                         d. Charles Lewis Williams 1849 - 1853
                         e. Rosa Williams      6 children
                              married J. Henry Bryan of Granville Co and later Franklin Co
                         f. Archibald Davis Williams Jr 1856 - 1911 Lynwood Farm, Franklin Co
                             married 1890 his cousin Lucy Tunstall Alston 1869 - 1940      [4 children]
                               i. unnamed female died at birth
                              ii. Jane [Jennie] Crichton Williams 1892 - 1978  3 children
                                    married Edmund Wilkins Lewis 1889 - 1955 Jackson, NH co NC
                                       parents of Henry Wilkins Lewis 7 Nov 1916 - 19 Dec 2004 Chapel Hill NC
                              iii. Mary [Mamie] Lewis Williams 1894 - 1979 Warrenton NC  dsp
                              iv. Archibald Davis Williams  III 1896 - 1960 New York NY dsp
                              v. Lucy Alston Williams 1904 - 1967    2 children
                                  married 1929 Dr. William Albert Graham of Flemingsburg KY

                         g. Eloise [Ella] Williams   3 children
                              married 1879 Dr. David Nicholson Sills 1836 - 1897 Nash Co NC & Baltimore MD
                         h. Edward Alston Willimas 1863 - 1938 Battleboro NC
                              married 1st 1889 his cousin Marina Priscilla Alston 1868 - 1893  [1 child]
                              married 2nd Ula Lee Avent 1877 - 1918  [5 children]
                              married 3rd Myra Harrison  no issue
                           i. Lillian Littlejohn Williams   1 child
                               married S. Edson Sturgis of Franklin Co
                           j. Louis Napoleon Williams of Kinston NC   2 children
                                married Mamie Ridley Watson

           ii. Marina Priscilla Williams 1810 - 1897
                married her cousin George Washington Alston d. 1849
                       1. Philip Guston Alston 1839 - 1925
                            married 1864 his cousin Jane Elizabeth Crichton 1840 - 1891

3. Samuel Williams
4. Joseph John Williams

Elizabeth's step children:
Children of Richard Burt and Rebecca Stevens: [married 26 Oct 1746 Glochester Co VA]
1. John Burt 1747 Glochester Co VA
2. William Burt NC -

Will of Samuel Williams, Edgecombe Co, NC 24 Oct 1753 - prob Feb Ct 1754
  "being sick of body"   to my son William Williams 20 shillings, to my son Solomon Williams 20 shillings and the first negro child born on the plantation, to my grandson Samuel Williams the negro Patt, to my son Samuel Williams 100 acres in Mush Island I bought of Robert Long and 100 pounds, to my wife Elizabeth Williams negroes Mingo, Coob, Priss, and Lucey, and to son Jos. John Williams the plantation where "I now live", also the plantation I bought of John Burt, 150 acres bought of John Egerton, 100 acres adjoing the mill and 290 acres adjoining Yancey's line and the Reedy branch. To my sons Samuel and Joseph John negroes Brister, Tom, London, Easop, Diner Hashey, Hannah, Cloye, Molly, Essex, Rachel, Broomfield and Penny, with the remaining estate to be divided between my wife and sons Samuel and Joseph John. 
Executers - sons William and Solomon and friends Phillip Alston and Benjamin Wynn
Witnesses: Thomas Kearney, Edmond Kearney and James Alston.
Abstract of Wills, Edgecombe County, NC Vol 1 1732-1792 by David B. Gammon

Edgecombe Co Deed bk 9 p. 295 Elizabeth Williams to her son Samuel Williams. 24 Jul 1765. For "natural love and affection." The slaves: a negro woman Cuas and her child Tom. Elizabeth Williams(x). Wit:Jos. Jno. Williams, Phillip Weston. Oct Ct 1765. CC: J. Montfort.
 Bk 9 p. 312 Elizabeth Williams widow of Halifax Co. to Richard Burt gentleman of same of the second part and William Williams, Solomon Williams, and Jos. John Williams of same of the third part. 29 Jul 1765. A marriage agreement. Elizabeth Williams owned 7 slaves: Mingo, Coobe, Davie, Little Crese, Nan, Moll, Same. For 5 shillings she sold the 7 slaves to William Williams, Solo. Williams, Jos. John Williams. Eliza Williams(x), Richard Burt, Wm Williams, Solo. Williams, Jos. Jno. Williams. Wit: Phil Kearney, Edwd. Stevens. Oct Ct 1765. CC: Jos Montfort.
bk 10 p. 123 Richard Burt and Elizabeth his wife of Halifax Co. to her sons Wm. Williams, Solm. Williams, Jos. Jno. Williams. 8 Dec 1767. For "tender love and affection." A gift of slaves. To Wm Williams: Little Crease, Moll, Tamey; to Solm. Williams, a negro woman Lucey, Natt(?) [Nan?], Brister; to Jos. Jno. Williams a negro woman Prissy, David, Sampson. Elizabeth Burt reserved their labor to her lifetime. Richd. Birt, Elizabeth Birt(x). Wit: Phillip Kearney, John Lithgow. Jan Ct 1768. CC: Jos. Montfort

Warren Co Deed Book 6, p. 103 30 May 1792; Ack May Ct 1792
Solomon Williams to my daus Temperance Boddie Williams and Ruina (Urina) Judkins Williams. 
Gift of a negro apiece at the death of my mother, now the wife of Richard Burt.

Will of Richard Burt, Halifax Co NC 10 Feb 1805 - prob May Ct 1805
"In the Name of God Amen I Richard Burt of Halifax County and State of No. Carolina being sick and weak in Body, but in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God... I give... to my two Sons viz. John Burt and William Burt all the Land which I own to be divied between them by the dividing Line which was run by Mr. Egburt Haywood, John Burt to have all the Land on the South side of sd. Line and William Burt to have all on the North Side and all and every other Part of my Estate to be equally divided between them Share and Share alike... and if they cannot agree it themselves let each of them choose Men to divide it between them, and abide in their Judgement..."
Executors: sons John Burt and William Burt
Witnesses: Jesse Read, Willie Burt

 "An Entanglement of Cousins" paper by Henry W Lewis written Jan 1999


Charity Alston ca 1717 - 1764 her parents
& John Dawson ? - 1762
his parents
of Northampton Co NC

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!  

Children of Charity Alston & John Dawson:
1. John Dawson
2. Charity Dawson
3. Elizabeth Dawson ca 1758 - [app died bef 26 Mar 1764]

Step-children of Charity
Children of John Dawson & first wife:
1. Henry Dawson
2. Elizabeth Dawson  d bef 1758
    married William Kinchen ca 1720 - 1758 Edgecombe Co
a. Martha Kinchen ca 1748 -
       married Samuel Edwards  will 1790
    b. Elizabeth [Elisa] Kinchen ca 1750 - 1790
      married Jacob Norfleet 17 Aug 1743 - bef Aug 1780
       i. Elizabeth Norfleet
       ii. Kinchen Norfleet 12 Sept 1775 Chowan Co NC - Aug 1849 Gates Co NC 
         married 4 June 1800 Sarah Riddick
c. John Kinchen ca 1746 - 1793 Orange Co NC
     married Orange Co NC 24 Sept 1788 Margaret Carver dau of Robert
       she married 2nd 1795 William Nash
  d. Mary Kinchen ca 1753 - bef 9 Dec 1795 Mt Gould, Colerain NC
     married James Campbell d bef Feb Ct 1798
       i John Campbell 14 Dec 1770 - 19 May 1828
          married 23 Mar 1793 Celia Freeman ca 1777 - aft 1837 Weldon NC
       ii. Sarah Campbell
       iii. Elizabeth Campbell
       iv. George Campbell
       v. Mary Campbell
       vi.  Martha Campbell
       vii. James Campbell
           married Sarah Vaughan
e. Temperance Kinchen ca 1754 -
   f. William Kinchen ca 1756 -
      married bef 1777 Sara
        i. Elizabeth Kinchen
           married James Mebane  5 sons and 1 dau.

Warren Co - DB-5, page 81. 17 January 1767. JOHN DAWSON, of Edenhouse in Bartie Co., Gentleman, & PENNE(T)LOPE, his wife, to JOHN PARDUE(PERDUE), Planter, of Bute Co. 21 year Lease of 150 A. in Bute Co. on Owens Creek, for yearly rent of4 Pds. Va. money to be paid to JOHN DAWSON & PENNELOPE, his wife, or the heirs of sd. PENNELOPE. Lease to be in default if rent is behind or 20 day8 overdue. Wit: JAMES MOORE, JOHN MOORE, NATT. PEEBLES. Proved by JAMES MOORE, Bute Nov. Court 1774, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Reg: 8 March 1775, by JAMES JOHNSON, P.R.
? who is this John Dawson?

Will of John Dawson, of Northampton Co., N. C., 1762
In the name of God, Amen. I, John Dawson, of the County of Northampton, in the Province of North Carolina, am in perfect health, and in sound and disposing mind and memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life, am willing to make my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say 1st, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God that gave it me, and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors, and after my just debts are paid, I give and bequeath the rest of my estate as follows, viz.:
Item. First and foremost my will and desire is that out of my store of goods and debts due to me, and what bold and silver I have by me, and my stock of cattle at Tar River, my wife's and my marriage contract may be made good, and the surplusage, if any, to be equally divided between my three small children, Charity Dawson, Elisabeth Dawson and John Dawson.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, Henry Dawson, the plantation whereon I now live, and the land adjoining bounded thus. Beginning at the centre of the Crooked Meadow at Alexander Stevenson's line that divides his land and mine, so along the said Crooked Meadow round Mrs. Samonie's, otherwise William Burns, till it comes to the line that crosses the said meadow over in the Neck, called Braswell's Neck, the said land and plantation for three hundred acres, be it more or less, to him and his heirs forever. Also give to my said son, Henry Dawson, my land and plantation I bought of Maurice Moore, as by his deed to me will appear. Also my Island plantation and the land thereto belonging, for six hundred and forty acres, as by the West's deeds to me, and their patent will appear.
Also one hundred acres of land in Bertie County, which I bought of John Wilson. All my land on Tar River, near Conetoe, it being in three parcles and in the whole about seven hundred (700) acres, as by patent and two deed will appear. All the above said lands I give to my son, Henry Dawson, to him and his heirs forever. Also I give to my son, Henry, my young horse called Exum, and Maurice Moore's debt to me by bond.
Item. I give unto my son, John Dawson, my plantation whereon I now live, with all the land on the plantation side of the Crooked Meadow (viz.) that I bought of John Revitt and Richard Braswell; also one hundred and forty acres on the north side Bridges Creek, joining Mr. George Pollock's land, as per Earl of Granville deed will appear, and my land on Urahaw Swamp, as by Matthew Williams' deed to me will appear, and my land on Potecasi Creek, as per patent. All and every part of the aforesaid lands and all the appurtenances and improvements of any kind to the same or to any part thereof anywise belonging to him, the said John Dawson, and his heirs forever. Also my will and desire is that my loving Wife, Charity Dawson, live on my manor plantation during her natural life and keep the house and other valuable improvements in reasonable repair. Also I give to my son John, my Clock and Chest upon a Chest with drawers, and two oval tables, and one Chamber table which stands in the Room, called the Green Room, and my Cargo Looking Glass, which stands in the Hall.
Item. I give all my right, title and interest to a girl called Dinah, she and her increase forever to my daughter, Elisabeth Dawson.
Item. I give to my loving Wife, Charity Dawson, the negro wench, called Fanny, which was given to her by her deceased father. My Will and desire is that my said Wife have a negro boy, named Rumford, if she will accept of him in lieu of a negro fellow called Peter, belonging to her Estate, which she joined in the sale for forty-five pounds Virginia money. If she will not accept of the said boy for that fellow, my further Will and desire is, the said boy be sold to make out the sum of forty-five pounds Virginia money, for which the said fellow was sold for.
Item. I give to my son, Henry Dawson, the following negroes: Tim, York, Glascow, and Sam, at Island, and Mingo, Jacob, George, Jim, Phillis, the daughter of Leah, Young Larry and Ben, to him, the said Henry, and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath all the rest of my negroes and their future increase, to my three young children, Charity Dawson, Elizabeth Dawson and John Dawson, to them and their heirs forever, to be equally divided when the first of the three said children shall arrive to lawful age or be married, and the profits of their labor, if any, to be equally divided likewise.
Item. I give and bequeath to my Grand-daughters, Martha Kinchen, Elizabeth Kinchen, Mary Kinchen and Temperance Kinchen, Thirty pounds Virginia money each, to be paid out of my Estate, when they shall arrive at lawful age or be married.
Item. I give and bequeath to my two Grand-sons, John Kinchen and William Kinchen, Ten shillings Virginia money each.
Item. I give all the residue of my Estate, after the legacies are paid, and my Wife's contract is complied with, to my three children, Charity Dawson, Elisabeth Dawson and John Dawson, to them and their heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving Wife, Charity Dawson, my riding chair and harness, and also do nominate and appoint my said loving wife, Charity Dawson, Executrix of this my will, and this I own to be my last will and testament, revoking and disallowing all former or other will or wills by me made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this -- day of Nov. One thousand and fifty (Error of date in copying).
Signed, sealed and delivered
Northampton County, February Court, 1762.
The preceding will of Col. John Dawson, Deceased, was exhibited in open court and proved on the oath of James Josey, one of the Witnesses thereto subscribing. At the same time, Charity Dawson, the Executrix therein named, qualified lawfully to execute the same, which on motion was ordered to be certified and recorded. Test. J. EDWARDS. Clerk.

Copy of Last Will and Testament of Charity Dawson, Nee Alston.
In the name of God, Amen. I, Charity Dawson, of the County of Northampton, in the province of North Carolina, do make and ordain this present writing my testament and last will, in manner and form following, that is to say:
First of all, it is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid and satisfied.
Secondly. I give and bequeath to my brother, Solomon Alston, one negro man slave named Harry, to him and his heirs forever.
Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Charity Dawson, my plantation & tract of land lying on Tar River, near the falls of said river, in Edgecombe County. The said tract of land containing about five hundred (500) acres, be the same more or less, to her and her heirs and assigns forever.
Fourthly. I give and devise to my son, John Dawson, all my lands and tenaments lying and being in Halifax County, in said Province of North Carolina, with five (5) plantations therein, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.
Fifthly. I give and bequeath and devise to my daughter, Charity Dawson, & my son, John Dawson, all the rest of my lands and tenaments, goods and chattels, monies & other estate whatsoever, not hereinbefore mentioned, given, bequeathed or devised, to be equally divided in value between my said children, to hold the moiety or half thereof which to each of them shall be allotted to them and their heirs and assigns forever.
Sixthly. It is my will and desire that if both of my said children shall die before they become or arrive at the age of twenty-one years, and not married, that then all the personal estate herein & hereby to them given & bequeathed, should be equally divided between and among my kins folk and relations herein mentioned, that is to say, My deceased brother James Alston's four children, to wit: John, James, Charity & Sarah and my sister, Elizabeth Williams, & my nephews Edward(*) Kearney, William Williams, Solomon Williams, & James Alston & William Alston, the sons of my brother Solomon Alston, and each of them to hold the part or share which to them shall be allotted, to them and their heirs and assigns forever.
Seventhly & Lastly. I do nominate and appoint my true and trusty friends, Thomas Kearney and William Williams, Executors of this my testament and last will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this twenty-fourth day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and sixty-four (1764). CHARITY DAWSON. (Seal)
Signed, sealed and published
in the presence of John Jones, Mary Granbery and James Josey and Wm. Alston.
Lastly. I give and bequeath unto my negro, C‘sar, seven pounds, Virginia currency, yearly, & his wearing clothes. And he to continue at this plantation he now lives on.
Proven May Court, 1764, on the oath of Wm. Alston and John Jones. And Thomas Kearney and William Williams qualifies as Exrs.

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