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 Descendants of John Cotten ca 1674-1728 
and Martha Godwin ca 1683:  
4th & 5th children: William, Anne; 6th and 7th  Mary & Samuel
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William Cotten ca 1705 - bef 1753 his parents
& ca 1730 Sarah Dew ca 1705 - 1753
| her parents
& ca 1721 William Bridgers ca 1703 - 1729 
| his parents 
of Bertie Prect. NC & NH Co NC

    This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
Thanks David B Gammon for the records re Godwin Cotten who died in 1837 in Tarboro!
looking for male line Cotten/on desc. to take part 

Children of William Cotten ca 1705-bef 1753 and Sarah Dew:
  Will of Sarah (x) Cotten 7 Dec 1753 O Feb Ct (before J Edwards) Of Northampton Co. "Very Sick" ---Son William Bridgers- negro fellow Jack but Jack to be valued & the money divided among my sons & daughters, viz sd William Bridgers, Joseph Bridgers, John Bridgers, Sarah Cotten wife of James Cotten, & Patience Cotten the wife of Thomas Cotten. 
Daughters Prissilla Willis, Mary Cotten & Martha Scott - 20s VA. 
Negro wench Venice, child Daniel, & the child of the sd wench to be sold to pay my debts & any surplus to my sons Charles, William, & Robt Cotten. 
Son Robert - negro girl Vilet.  Other legacies & Provisions. 
Ex. son William Bridgers   Wit: John Dawson, Richd Wills, John Scott 
Codicil. 13 Dec 1754. Son Joseph Bridgers - cow & calves. Son Charles - may live on the plantation.
 Wit: John Dawson, John Scott

1. Charles Cotten ca 1732 - 1763  died unmarried will NH Co 1 May 1763

2. Priscilla Cotten ca 1734 - 1791
    married [ca 1750] bef 7 Dec 1753  Richard Wills (Wells)

     a. Mary Wills ca 1751 -1783
         married ca 1767  James Tart

                i. Henry Cotten (Tart) ca 1768 -
                          rep. NH Co in Leg. 1802 - moved to Tarboro living there 1824
                     married Sept 23 1806 Sophia Mumford
               ii. William Cotten (Tart) ca 1770 - March 1794 NH  single
               iii. James Cotten (Tart) ca 1772  - No record after 1794

         married  2nd  John Cotten  ca 1718 - 1783
                  (John Cottten adopts his 3 step-children as his own in his will 1783)
               iv. Allen Cotten  ca 1774 - Sept 1795 single
               v.  Willie Cotten  ca 1776 - 24 Nov 1805/Feb 1807 Edgecombe Co.
Edgecombe Will of Willie Cotton 26 Nov 1805 -prob. Feb Ct 1807. " being sick and weak in body . . .
$1000 is to be paid to my aunt Elizabeth Cotten's three daughters Fanny Cotten, Betsy Cotten and Polly Cotten. Remaining estate to be divided between by two brothers Henry Cotten Tart and John Cotten. Ex: brothers Henry Cotten Tart and John Cotten. Wit: R. Cotten, William H Shollington

              vi. Jonathan Cotten ca 1778 -  prior Dec 1790
             vii. John Cotten  ca 1780 - Oct/ Nov 1825  TN - - had lived Edgecombe Co
married Elizabeth Andrews 

                      she was daughter of Cullin Andrews and wife Mary Battle who was daughter of John Battle and Frances Davis. John was in Leg. 1807 (Disappears after 1824) see Battle Book pp 384-385   from Bruce Cotten's "The Cotten Family of North Carolina"
   Estate records of Edgecombe Co NC John Cotton:
Petition Nov 1825 for year's provisions by the widow Elizabeth Cotton, stating John Cotton died in Nov 1825. Year's provisions alloted 27 Dec 1825.
Petition 18 Mar 1826 by Spencer D Cotton, stating that in April 1825 the dec'd [John Cotton] bought certain Negroes and other property of his brother Henry Cotton and then removed to Tennessee and died intestate there in October 1825.  Spencer D Cotton was appointed his administrator. The said Henry Cotton is about to move to Tennessee and is insolvent and has requested a settlement of the said purchase. Inventory 27 Mar 1826 by Henry Cotton of the property bought of his late brother.

             viii.  Mary Cotten ca 1782 no further record. aft 1795
        b. Elizabeth Wills  ca 1753 - aft 1818
             married William Cotten  ca 1736 - 1797 Edgecombe Co.
        c. Richard Stark Wills 15 March 1772 - 21 Dec 1817
             married 10 Oct 1802 Elizabeth Biggs  -

             i. William Henry Wills 4 Aug 1809 - July 1889
                 married Anna Maria Whitaker
dau of Dr. Cary Whitaker of Halifax Co.
                         Left large family - see "Diary of William Henry Wills" commencing p 471 Vol 7 Southern Historical Asso. publications.  Note by Elba Brown Weason 1963 revision of "Cotten Family"

3. William Cotten ca 1736 - 1797 Halifax Co NC

  The will of William Cotton, Halifax County 2 May 1797 -  proved August Court 1797  Will Book 3, page 287 
 -To my brother-in-law Nelson Pass - one  Negro 
 - Wife Mary Cotton - all the land and plantation where I now live for her lifetime, and if she marries, she is to draw a child's part of my land.  
 - After my wife's marriage the remaining part of my land is to go to the child my daughter-in-law Elizabeth Cotton is now pregnant with, but if the child should die under 18 years of age, the land where I now live is to be sold and money equally divided between Frederick Cotton, Nelson Pass, Dolly Cotton (daughter of Cillia Pass), and Winefred Pitman (daughter of Cilia Pittman). 
 - Reside of my estate to my wife Mary, and at her death to go to Elizabeth Cotton's child, but if this child should die this property will fall to my wife's relations, namely William Pass, Willis Pass, Hunt Pass, Nelson Pass, and the children of Mathew Jackson, of whom Joseph John Jackson is a child.
Ex.  my wife, Robert Cockran, Randolph Cotton
Wit.  Elkanah Hare (Ham), Samuel Alsobrook, Fanny Cotton

  married 1st Elizabeth Wills ca 1753  -  bef 1797

    a. Randolph Cotten  1769 - 1852 Tarboro dsp  
           mercantile buisness for over fifty years on lot where the Town Hall now stands
Will of Randolph Cotten of Tarborough 9 July 1847 - Aug Ct 1852
- to Elizabeth Scott [free woman of color residing in this town] - life estate in 1/4 part of Town Lot #15 which adjoins Joseph J Porter and adjoins Lot #26; also a life estate in Lot #26 adjoining Main St, dwelling house furniture, dividends from stock in Bank of Cape Fear.
- nephew Frederick R Cotten of Florida [son of Spencer D Cotten, late of Tarborough] -- all my bank stock except the 9 shares in Bank of Cape Fear mentioned above, books and pamphlets.
- to John W Cotten [infant son of my nephew, the late John W Cotten] - land I purchased of Michael Hearn and wife called the Sutton Place on the north side of the Tar River adj. Dr. C L Dicken, Allen Jones, and John Daniel and containing 520 acres, except for one acre which I have conveyed to the school committee on which the schoolhouse stands.
- to the said John W Cotten - Negroes Scipio, Chilts, and Louis.
- to Mary Dunning [wife of ---- Dunning of Washington County, formerly Mary Cotten and daughter of the late Alexender Cotten] - my bed and walnut desk.
- niece Eliza Powell [wife of Jesse Powell] - substantial sideboard.
- sister Elizabeth Pitman - $50.
- to Randolph C Pitman "now the only child of my nephew Spier Pitman of Halifax County" - $150.
- to Nephew Frederick R Pitman [son of the said Elizabeth Pitman] - $250.
- to Margaret Eliza Cotten, Arabella Clark Cotten, Florida Call Cotten, and the said John W Cotten [ children of my said nephew, the late John W Cotten] - the balance of my estate.
- my executors are to erect a comfortable frame house on the Sutton Place for each of my aged slaves King and Primus and set apart land for them to cultivate. In case they become to aged to work I change the legacy of my nephew Frederick R Cotten with one half to the children of John W Cotten and the other half to be used for the comfortable subsistence of said slaves. As King's wife is free and the wife of Primus belongs to Robert D Wimberley, Esq., I request they all be allowed to live together. In case my old woman Phillis shall return to Edgecombe, I make the same provision for her support as for King and Primus.
EX: friends Jesse Powell, Henry T Clark, William Norfleet
WIT: Henry Hyman, S E Moore
Codicil 23 June 1849 
- to nephew Frederick R Cotten - five shares in Bank of Cape Fear.
- to the said John W Cotten - tract of land recently purchased of Henry T Clark containing 160 acres
Codicil 26 June 1851
I revoke the legacy to my sister Elizabeth Pittman and bequeath the said $50 to Randolph C Pittman [infant child of Spier Pitman] in addition to that already bequeathed to him
Codicil 19 July 1852
- John W Cotten and Mary Dunning [formerly Mary Cotten] - the parts of Lots #15 and #26 I have purchased, subject to the life estate of Elizabeth Scott.

In the name of God Amen, I George C. Patterson of Madison County and State of Mississippi aware of the uncertainty of human life and being at present in low health but of sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.
1st.  It is my will that my debts be paid.
2nd.  I give and bequeath unto my kind father Randolph Cotton of Tarborough North
Carolina one half of all my property consisting chiefly of money and other personal estate in consideration of the great kindness which he has at all times shown me.
3rd.  I give and bequeath the other half of all my property to my relation Margaret Fort of Tarboro North Carolina who has always shown me much affection and friendship.
4th.   I appoint William S. Raynor to be executor of this my last will and testament.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of February 1839.  Signed sealed and delivered as and for the will of George C. Patterson.
/s/ G. C. Patterson
in presence of Wm. McBride, Gardner Falkner, R. Barrington
e-mail from Kimberly Morris

   b. Frederick Cotten  1770 - 25 Jan 1815 dsp - sheriff of Edgecombe 1808

   c. Fanny Cotten ? - 1818 dsp Edgecombe Co

   d. Mary [Polly] Cotten
      married Alexander Cotten died 1826 son of Sam Jr.
         i.  Mary Cotten
              married  ---- Dunning of Washington Co

   e. Spencer Dew Cotten 1777 - 28 Aug 1837 Hot Springs VA
                     mercantile business in Tarboro with brother Randolph

       married 25 Nov 1808 Margaret Green Whitaker 17 April 1792 - 6 Dec 1855 FL

         i.  William Cotten 1810 - dy;
        ii. Frederick Randolph Cotten 1820 - 1879 FL
            married 7 Oct 1846 Elizabeth Whitaker Coffield [1st cousin once removed]
                         dau of Spear Coffield and wife Sallie Hunter, Spear was son of David Coffield and Elizabeth Whitaker who was a dau of Col. John Whitaker of Halifax Co.
                  1. Margaret Whitaker Cotten 10 Mar 1845 -  never married
                  2. Spencer Dew Cotten 29 Mar 1859 - dy
                  3. Elizabeth Coffield Cotten
                  4. Sarah Coffield [Sally] Cotten 10 Oct 1850 - 2 Mar 1893
                       married 1877 Henry Elliott
                        a. Edith Elliott
                        b. Frederick Cotten Elliotte

       iii. John Whitaker Cotten
19 Dec 1811 Tarboro NC - 1845 age 34
ancestors of Allison Wright
             married Dec 1832 Laura Placidia Clark 1816 - 19 April 1864

                   1. Margaret Eliza Cotten 13 Nov 1835 - 1895
                        married 26 Sept 1855 Joseph A Engelhard MS UNC grad CSA lived Tarboro NC
                               a. Placidia Engelhard
                                   married James Boylan of Raleigh
                               b. Edward Benson Engelhard 1856 - 1895
                               c. Rosabelle Engelhard
                                    married Hal Worth
                               d. John Cotten Engelhard
                                    married Margaret Hinsdale dau of Col. John Hinsdale of Raleigh

                  2.  Arabella Clark Cotten 10 July 1839 -
                         married 1860 Judge William Deanes Barnes 1830 Hertford Co NC - 1896 Marianna FL
                                a. William D Barnes d 1921 TX
                                b. Laura Clark Barnes 
                                     married A Hopkins lived Tallahassee FL
                                     i. Arabella Hopkins
                                c. Sally Barnes
                                     married Perry Holland
                                      i. Arabella Holland
                                d. Thomas Barnes   res. MS
                                     married Nannie L'Engle of Jacksonville FL
                                e. Edward Barnes of Tallahassee
                                f. Florida Cotten Barnes
                                    married Charles Hopkins brother of A Hopkins lived Tallahassee

                  3.  Florida Call Cotten 29 Sept 1841 - 1865 age 24
                               married FL 3 Feb 1864 Col. William L Saunders [the compiler of the Colonial Records]
                  4.  John Whitaker Cotten 11 Aug 1845 Edgecombe Co NC - 1 Oct 1922 Tarboro NC  CSA
                        married 15 Jan 1865 Elizabeth Bartlett Frink 19 Feb 1849 -15 Feb 1879
a. John Whitaker Cotten III 18 Aug 1868 - aft 1930 living Richmond VA
                                        RR conductor
                                  married Bessie Riddle had issue
                                   i. John Whitaker Cotten IV ca 1904 VA -
                                            fireman 1930
                                   ii. Jane Cotten ca 1909 -

                             b. Athalia Wingate Cotten 28 Sept 1871 - 22 Nov 1929
                                  married Dr. David/Davis Thomas Tayloe ca 1866 of Washington NC - large family
                                     i. Elizabeth Tayloe ca 1896 - 
                                          married ca 1919 Sam R Fowle Jr ca 1896 -
                                    ii. Dr John Cotten Tayloe 30 May 1897 Washington NC - 15 Sept 1962 boating accident
                                         married 1st 1929 Nellie  ca 1905 -
                                         married 2nd Bernice Everett [Batts]
                                   iii. Dr. Joshua Tayloe III 16 July 1898 -  March 1943  heart attack
                                         married 27 Dec 1933 Mary Ann Jamison
                                    iv. Dr David Thomas Tayloe Jr. d 1934
                                         married 2 Oct 1923 Elanor Berry 29 July 1898 - 27 Feb 1941
                                     v. Athalia Tayloe 1901 - 
                                          married Robert P Mackenzie 1901 -

                             c. William Barnes Cotten 24 July 1873 - sp

                             d. Joseph Cheshire Cotten 4 Feb 1877 NC - 2 May 1955
                                 married Sally Whitworth Willson 28 Feb 1878 - 27 Oct 1969
                                   i. Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr. 15 May 1905 VA - 6 Feb 1994 CA [the movie star]
Whitworth Willson Cotten  14 Sept, 1908 VA - 20 Mar, 1985
                                  iii. Samuel Willson Cotten 2 Feb 1920 - 27 Feb 2010
                                            correction and addition by Sam's daughter Elizabeth

                             e. Elizabeth Frink Cotten ca Feb 1879 -
                                 married William B Howard of Tarboro had family
married  2nd 19 May 1880 Alice C Pender 31 Aug 1853 Tarboro - 8 June 1924
                                   daughter of Lorenzo Dow Pender and Martha Louise Howard of Edgecombe County
                               a. George Howard Cotten 9 Dec 1881 - 1920 
                                        from the effects of gas received while in service in France
                               b. Florida Call Cotten 15 Feb 1886 - 15 Sept 1955 unmarried 

            iv. Martha Eliza Whitaker Cotten 28 Feb 1814 - 26 June 1835
                 married 23 Feb 1832 Noah Thompson
of Edgecombe & Bertie Co - 1854 FL

                          1. Margaret Eliza Thompson 1834 -            left large family.
                               married 1854 J John Williams of Edgecombe Co (he died 1876) 


   f. Elizabeth [Betsy] Cotten est 1785 - 1852 Halifax Co
        married 1811 Robert John Pittman of Edgecombe Co
died Nov 1836
      i. Spier Pittman of Halifax   died 1866 Haqlifax Co
          married 25 Sept 1844 Harriett Wiley Higgs of Halifax Co
3 Jan 1828 - 29 Mar 1878
                dau of Willie Higgs

1. Randolph Cotten Pitman bef 1847 - bef 1850
                        2. John C Pittman April 1848 - bef 1920
                                       post master at Scotland Neck NC
                              married 14 Dec 1869 Araminta Kitchin ca 1842 -1893 no issue
                                         dau of Boaz Kitchin and Arabella Smith
                              married 2nd by 1900 Mrs Addie Smith Kitchin
                                          widow of Louis Leonard Kitchin of Scotland Neck
                                            Addie married 3rd by 1920 John Doxey
                         3. Robert Willie Pittman 1850 - aft 1870

                  Harriett married 2nd 16 Oct 1867 Eaton Phillips Powell 
     ii.  Frederick Randolph Pittman 12 Dec 1812 - 2 July 1873 Los Angeles CA
           married Marianna FL 4 Aug 1839 Amelia Ann Watson

                         1. Robert John Pittman 1 June 1840 Marianna FL - 21 Oct 1880 Marianna FL
                             married 23 Sept 1873 Charlotte Marie Daffin
                              a. Maude Ethington Pittman - never married
                              b. Hermia Frederick Pittman - n m
                              c. William Frederick Pittman 15 Aug 1878 Marianna FL - 19 Nov 1900
                              d. Robert John Pittman 20 Aug 1879 Marianna FL - 
                                  married Tallahassee 5 Sept 1906 Elizabeth Virginia Dickinson  3 daughters
                          2. Henretta Pittman 8 Jan 1843 - 22 June 1845
                          3. William George Pittman dy
                          4. Frederick Randolph Pittman 31 Aug 1853 - lived Glendale CA - 3 children
                               married Los Angeles CA Nov 1927 Lillian Brown 
                          5. Spencer Cotten Pittman - dy
                          6. Charles Edwin Pittman 28 Oct 1855 Marianna FL - 1896 Los Angeles CA
                               married CA 7 Mar 1883 Louise Erzen
                                a. Pearl Louise Pittman
                                    married Dr. Anque D McKinnon of Marianna FL   has family
                          7. Mary Elizabeth Pittman 27 Dec 1859 -
                               married 15 Mar 1882 John Valantine Price - 3 children
                               married 2nd Clinton A Sergeant lived Moravia CA
                           8. Henry Walton Pittman 1861 - dy

iii. Eliza J Pittman 3 Mar 1816 - 7 Dec 1855

           married 21 Dec 1837 Jesse Powell of Edgecombe 7 Sept 1805 - 17 Mar 1879

                                   son of  William H Powell

    g. Godwin Cotten 1777 - bef 2 May 1797 intestate Halifax Co NC 
           married ca 1796 Elizabeth Whitehead d ca 1797 Halifax Co NC
             dau of Joseph Whitehead & Pheraby Applewhite of Halifax Co
i. Godwin Cotten aft 2 May 1797 - 1837 of Tarborough  dsp

Will of Godwin Cotton of Tarborough 28 Mar 1834 - Feb Ct 1837 
- to Jamison & Godwin Cotten [son(s) of Arthur S Cotten] - $250
- to Edwin Whitehead [son of Joseph Whitehead dec'd] - $250
- to Frederick R Cotten, Mary Cotten, William H. Willis and Eliza Pitman [daughter of Robert John Pittman] - money arising from the sale of my house and lot in Tarborough.
- to Laura P Cotten [wife of John W Cotten] Eliza Tompson [wife of Noah Tompson] and Ephraim Dickins of Tarborough - all my Negroes except for Eli.
- I give my Negro man Eli his freedom and $300 left in the hands of my executors for his support in case of accident or need.
- to George and Mary [ the mulatto children who are the property of Spencer D Cotten] - $400 and it is my will that Ephraim Dickins, Laura P Cotten, and Eliza Tompson procure the freedom of George and Mary and that they are protected in case of need.
- After debts are paid the balance of my money is to be divided between Henry T Irwin, Thomas B Irwin, and Christopher L Dickins.
EX: friends Spencer D Cotten, William H Willis, and Ephraim Dickens
WIT: Isacc B Brady, Coffield King
[Probate indicates will was contested by Joseph B Whitehead, John Exum, Canada Howell, John Whitehead, and Clinch Howell, but a jury found the will valid.]

  e-mail from Ken V Smith 1997 -- Stephen F Austin. "Translation of the Laws, Orders, and  Contracts, on Colonization from January 1821, Up to This Time, In Virtue of Which Col. Stephen F. Austin, has Introduced and Settled Foreign Emigrants in Texas, With an Explanatory Introduction - San Filipe [sic] De Austin: Printed by Godwin B Cotten, November 1829. --the first book printed in Texas.
   In Stephen F Austin's Register book on page 43 of book 1, in the Municipality of Austin: #10 Godwin B Cotton, 39 years of age, single, printer, from Louisisana, arrived 10 Aug 1829. took oath 2 Dec. The entries are not dated but should be about 1834/35 which would make Godwin B Cotton born about 1796/97.

  I think this may be the person Ken was looking for back then. smk

    married 2nd Mary Pass
     Not sure where this William Cotton fits in ----  He is listed in the 1790 Halifax tax list with 300 acres, and Molly Cotton is there in the same district in 1800 with the same 300 acres - but she disappears in the 1802 list.

4. Martha Cotten ca 1737 -
     married John Scott

5. Robert Cotten ca 1738 - 1786?
         In 1790 living in Halifax Co had 4 sons and 2 daughters with 15 slaves.
         A Mr. Robert Cotten died in New Bern 5 Nov 1798 (see NC His. Review. Vol IX, No 3 p-306)
 ? married 1st ca 1756 dau of Alexander Cotten and Ann Foster: Jermina, Susanna or Anne
     ? a. Jemima Iris Cotten  11 Jan  1757
            married (Bertie Co) 5 Sept 1783 Nathan Edwards [rem. to TN 1795]

                i.  Priscilla Edwards
                     married Thomas Edwards
               ii.  James Edwards 
                     married Rachel Hassell 
                     married Patsy Cartwright
               iii. William Edwards 
                         married Mary Cantrell
                iv. Littleberry Edwards
                 v. Sarah "Sally" Edwards
                       married Asa Hassell
                vi.  Cullen Edwards
               vii. Thomas Cotton Edwards [was Pat's line]
                       married Pauline Bondurant
               viii. Patience Edwards
                 ix.  Lovey Cotton Edwards.
(above list from  MRS PAT S SEARIGHT)
     ?b. Susanna Cotton ca 1759  - aft 1809 Sumner Co, TN
             married ca 1775 Richard Strother

                 i. Richard Strother
                ii. Robert Strother

               iii.  James Strother
                iv. Susanna Strother
                v.  Betsy Strother
               vi.  Nancy Strother
     ?c. John Cotton ca 1761 -
Lazarus Cotten  ca 1763 NC - 1823 E. Baton Rouge, LA
             married 1st    ca 1789 Sumner Co,  TN unknown

                i. Robert Cotton ca 1790 Sumner Co, TN
                ii. John Cotton ca 1795 -
               iii. Susan (Sulky) Cotton
                     married Herring
                iv. James Cotton
                v. Thomas Jefferson Cotton 4 Mar 1800 -

married 2nd 1801 Pasquotank Co, NC Sarah White
                i. Vatin (Valentine?) Cotton
                ii. Mary Ann Cotton 1806 Natchez Territory

             married 3rd  bef 1811 Nancy ?  
                 i. Henry Lafayette Cotton ca 1815 Natchez Territory

married in Edgecombe Co 17 Oct 1763 Absilah Cotten dau of Joseph

6. Mary Cotten ca 1740  (unmarried 7 Dec 1753) 

           Is she who had  married bef Aug 1767 Thomas Cotten, her uncle?

*Note - I suggest these people belong are sons of Robert Cotten.
- On 1 Jan 1779, in Henry Co VA - the Names of Lazarus Cotten and John Cotten appear on the oath of Allegiance required of all males over the age of 16.
- On his pension Application John Frederick Dorman said in substituted for Lazarus Cotten in 1782 and marched to Bullits Lick with Colonel Jack to guard the salt works. He served one month.
- Lazarus Cotten and John Cotten name appears on the 1789 Sumner County TN [then NC] tax list
- about this time Lazarus married his first wife [unknown] in Sumner County
- ca 1790 his son Robert was born.
- ca 1795 son John Cotten was born.
- son James, son Thomas Jefferson 4 March 1800, dau. Susan who married Herring
- Lazarus Cotten married 24 March 1801 in Pasquotack Co NC Sarah White.
 - son Vatin , daughter Mary Ann Cotten b. 1806, Natchez Territory MS
       she made a deposition in 1823 stated her age as 17 and that she was a daughter of Lazarus Cotten.
     she may have married Peyton.
- Lazarus also raised thoroughbred race horses. In the spring of 1805 he raced 'Greyhound' against 'Indian Queen' belonging to President Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson lost the race and later purchased 'Greyhound' from Lazarus Cotten.
- Lazarus married before 1811 Nancy - possibly the widow of John Wood Peyton.
- son Henry Lafayette Cotten born ca 1815, Natchez Territory, MS
- at the Edgecomber County Court 1819 is an entry 'where Lazarus Cotten and Spenser D Cotten for five hundred pounds, do bind themselves, sealed with their seals, of the condition of the above obligation is such as the above bound Lazarus Cotten and Nancy his wife as by reference to the deed will more fully appear and whereas in consequence of the moneage of the Feme Covert, Nancy Cotten, a clear and sufficient title cannot at this time be given thereto.'
-"In Edgecombe County, NC [Deed Book 16, pages 262-263] on October 4 1823, Lazarus Cotton was in that county selling 'one half lot of quarter acre of land in the town of Tarborough, being distinguished in the plan of said town by number 63.' He was then a resident of Natchez Territory, MS and selling to one Henry Austin of Edgecombe County. Henry Austin questioned a clear and right title. This instrument was signed by Lazarus Cotten."
- He died in 1823 in East Baton Rouge, LA.

Sarah Dew and her 1st husband William Bridgers will Nov 1729 had:
Sarah Dew was the daughter of Susannah Shearer & John Dew born 1675 son of John Dew of Isle of Wight VA and grandson of Colonel Thomas Dew of Nansemond Co; Speaker of the House of Burgess 1652. She married first William Bridger who made his will in Bertie Co, NC on March 11, 1728/9; proved Nov Ct: 
1. son William Bridgers to have "plantation whereon I live when he is sixteen"
 2. son Joseph "plantation of Fishing Creek" 
3. son John Bridgers to have 100 acres 
4. daughter Sarah Bridgers 
5. brothers William Bryant (married to Patience Dew) and Benjamin Bridgers 
6. father-in-law John Dew Sr 
7.  wife Sarah Bridgers 
witnesses John Dawson, William Bryant, Richard Huise, Mary Huise.
On 11 August 1730 Sarah (S) Bridgers, executor of William Bridgers dec. sold to Abraham Bagget for 10, cur VA money 150 acres north of Meherrian River;
 Wit Willim Bryant & Francis Brown.

1. Sarah Bridgers ca 1721 -
      married ca 1737 James Cotten ca 1718  - 1758 [son of John d. 1728]

       a. James Cotten 1738 - bef 1815
       b. Henry Cotten 1740 -1785 Halifax Co
       c. Solomon Cotten 1743-bef 1771
       d. Christen Cotten 1746 -dec
       e. Theophilos Cotten 1749 - 1794 Halifax Co

    married 2nd James Jones of Pitch Landing
       a. Mary Jones 1 Jan 1664 - 4 July 1825
            married Robert Montgomery

2. Joseph Bridgers est 1723 -
"plantation of Fishing Creek" 
3. John Bridgers est 1725 - 
to have 100 acres 
4. William Bridgers est 1727 -
son William Bridgers to have "plantation whereon I live when he is sixteen"
5. Patience Bridgers ca 1729 - bef Aug 1767
  (She evidently was born after her father wrote his will on March 11 1728/9)
       married Thomas Cotten [son of John d. 1728]

Anne Cotten ca 1706 - aft 1746 her parents
& John Thomas 1710 - 1746 
| his parents
of Bertie Precinct NC

    This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

 John Thomas was born 22 Sept 1710 was the son of Elizabeth and John Thomas  per the Family Bible of Jacob Dickinson found on line at 'North Carolina Digital Collection'

Children of Anne Cotten and John Thomas:
1. Joseph Thomas      
      [not the Joseph Thomas who died in Edgecombe Co in 1758
     married Anne
2. John Thomas 1729 - 1777 
     married Julia ---

 Micajah Thomas appears to be this John Thomas's youngest brother rather than his son.

John Thomas
& Elizabeth
of VA and NC

 This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

 per records found in the Family Bible of Jacob Dickinson found on line at 'North Carolina Digital Collection'

Children of John Thomas and Elizabeth his wife:
1. John Thomas 22 Sept 1710 -
     married bef 1728 Anne Cotten
2. Mary Thomas 18 Aug 1712 - 22 Aug 1775
    married John Crudup he died bef 1775
3. Joseph Thomas 27 Feb 1713 - 25 April 1758
    married Mourning d. 17 Mar 1781
4. Christian Thomas 14 Mar 1715 -
5. Elizabeth Thomas 14 Jan 1717 -
6. Martha Thomas 9 Jan 1719 -
7. Susannah Thomas 22 Feb 1721 -
8. Jacob Thomas 4 Nov 1723 -
9. Capt Micajah Thomas 13 Feb 1725/26 - 14 Dec 1769
Edgecombe Co and Nash Co
    married 1st 11 April 1751 Elizabeth Veale died 7 July 1752
    married 2nd  9 Oct 1753 Mourning Dixon [Crudup] 10 Nov 1722 - 29 June 1781 as her 2nd husband
                dau of Penelope and Thomas Dixon will IofW 1747
      a. Bathesheba Thomas 3 Nov 1754 - 12 April 1770
      b. Micajah Thomas Jr. 3 Jan 1757 - 1788
                    represented Nash Co in the GA 1784 - 1787
           married 5 June 1776 Elizabeth Crafford of Surry Co VA -
           i. Mary Crawford Thomas 
           married 7 June 1778 Ann Hawkins 5 June 1754 - 12 March 1781 TB
                        sister of US Senator Benjamin Hawkins
           i. Basheba Thomas 19 Sept 1778 -23 Nov 1778
           ii. Philemon Hawkins Thomas 19 Feb 1780 - 10 June 1780 convulsions

       Mourning Dixon married 1st John Crudup d 1752
         a. George Crudup d. 1764
              married 3 May 1761 Priscilla Thomas
             i. Mary Crudup
         b. Josiah Crudup
         c. Chloe Crudup d 12 Sept 1781
               married 1760 Nathaniel Boddie

       Mourning Dixon married 3rd James Smith

  Will of Micajah Thomas Jr 1788 Nash Co NC [written and proved]
 - to my half-brother Josiah Crudup one sorrel horse and wearing apparel
- to my niece Mourning Arrington two negroes
- to my niece Rhoda Ricks small negro girl and bay mare
- to my nieces Temperance and Mary Perry a suit of mourning
- to my father-in-law Philemon Hawkins negroes
- to my daughter Mary Crawford child of the late Elizabeth Crawford of Surry Co VA all my slaves on the north side of the Roanoke River in Northampton Co and land which I purchased of Samuel Cotton and estate of Frederick Ruffin containing 1500 acres; if she dies to her sisters Mourning Thomas and Temperance Thomas Jackson.
- to King 200 acres
- to Solomon Cotton 1000 acres and two years schooling
- to nephew George Boddie 5000 acres in TN
- to nephew Bennett Boddie a gray mare and my favorite gray horse.

the above Solomon Cotton appears to me to be the son of Samuel Cotten Jr. [not the son of James Cotten. That Solomon Cotten had died before 1771.]

John Cotten & Martha Godwin  Part I   Part II    Part IV

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
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