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 Sally's great-great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

Dr. Samuel Browne ca 1660 - 1740his parents 
& Mary Jones  ca 1685 - bef 1739
her parents
of Isle of Wight & Nansemond Counties, VA

This is a working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

     Samuel Browne was the son of Edward Browne II ca 1640-1670/5 and his wife Elizabeth Sampson.  His father died while he was a small boy and he evidently was raised on the plantation of his step-father Thomas Clarke II. Perhaps he was educated in England as his name appears on several headrights list. He received a patent in 1711 for 250 acres south of the Nottoway River for importation of 5 people which included himself and wife.   His first wife's name is unknown; but evidences point to Mary Jones as his second wife sister of Matthew Jones. Dr. Samuel Browne called his home plantation "Woodards." It was near Totoquotunnta Swamp.  His will was dated 17 Oct 1739 and probated 23 June 1740.  (see works of Lucy Elliott Hollowell & Dr Barry Hayes &  web site of Brant Thomas Brown)

Children of Dr. Samuel Browne & 1st wife:
?1. Samuel Browne ca 1691/3 - 1736
      a. Jane Browne
      b. Elizabeth Browne

2. Edward Browne ca 1691/5 - 1730
3. Thomas Browne ca 1691/93 - ca 1723
4. Walter Browne 1695/99 - 1735 Bertie Co, NC
      married ca 1731 Mary Odom

Children of Dr. Samuel Browne & Mary Jones:
1.* John Browne ca 1710 - 1784 Hertford Co, NC
2. Dr. Jesse Browne ca 1705 - 3 Dec 1770 SH Co, VA
       married Elizabeth Ridley  dau of Capt. Nathaniel Ridley
3. Mary Browne      
      married John Drake died 1770
   a. Jesse Drake bef 1735 -
   b. Mary Drake
        married Robert Grimes
   c. Matthew Drake
       married William Battle son of John Sr.
   d. Thomas Drake
   e John Drake
   f. Penelope Drake
       married James Barrow
   g. Joel Drake
   h. Molly Drake
   i. Zellah Drake
   j. Isaac Drake
   k. Honor Drake
   l. Jurdan Drake
   m. Jonah Drake

4. Sarah Browne  ca 1710 - bef 1755 
      married 1st 1726 John Battle 1709 - 30 April 1740 
      married 2ndaft 1740  Isaac Carter
5. Martha Browne ca 1710 - 1790  
    married Henry King  xxxx - 1773
a. Samuel King ca 1730/35 -1793  dsp
     b. Tristram King
     c. Henry King died 1782
     d. John King  has son Henry King
     e. Ann King 
        married Edmund Godwin 1735/40-1789
        married 2nd aft 1789 Tristram Norsworthy
     f. Sarah [Sally] King 
         married aft 1767 Joshua Bunkley [Brinkley?]
     g. Susannah King
         married Arthur Jones

6. Penelope Browne        - 1739
      married William Lawrence 1721 - 1756
a. Penelope Lawrence
        he married 2nd Sarah Applewhite

Will:  Dr. Samuel Browne, Isle of Wight Co, VA 17 Oct 1739 pro. 23 June 1740  V4-p274 In the name of God amen - the 17th day of October 1739 I Samuel Browne in the County of Isle of Wight being at present in Bodyley Health and perfect mind and memory thanks be to God I do make and Ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following:

first - I give my soul to Almighty God that gave it to me and my body I commend to the Earth to be Buried at the Discretion of my Executor and as Touching what worldly goods it hath pleased God to Endow me with I give and Devise and Bequeath in manner and form following - -

Item - I give unto my Son John Browne Twenty Shillings current money of Virginia.

Item - I give unto my grandson Josias Brown the Son of Walter Browne when he comes to years of Twenty and one, one Negro Boy called Dick about eight years old.

Item - I give unto my son Jesse Browne after my Decease the plantation whereon now I live and all the Lands of mine that lies in Virginia - Except the Lands that is given to Mary Drake and her son Jesse Drake I say unto my son Jesse Browne and his Issue Lawfully begotten of his Body not to be cut off by an Act of Assembly nor to go out of the Name of the Brownes - I likewise give my son Jesse Brown all my Books and Instruments and Medicens belonging to my practice and likewise I give my son Jesse Browne a Negro man called Will and a Negro woman called Bess.

Item - I give unto my daughter Mary Drake wife of John Drake a certain Tract of Land lying on the South side of the Beaver Dam Swamp containing five hundred acres land more or less I say unto my daughter Mary Drake and the Heirs lawfully begotten of her body forever - it beginning at the South prong of the Beaver Dam Swamp up the said Swamp to a marked tree on the head line so along the head line to the North prong of the said swamp and down the said swamp to the first station.

Item - I give unto my grandson Jesse Drake the son of John Drake and Mary Drake his wife three hundred acres of Land more or less on the South side of the Nottoway River across the neck to a marked poplar standing in a Branch so up the said Branch to the head of it from thence by a marked line to my head line and along the head line to his Mothers corner Tree in a Branch and down the various courses to the said Branch to Vassers corner tree in the Beaver Dam Swamp so down the said Vassers line to the first station in Nottoway River I say unto my grandson Jesse Drake and his heirs Lawfully begotten forever.

Item - I give unto my daughter Sarah Battel the wife of John Battel so much of my land that lies on the Indian Branch to be added to her deed adjacent to her plantation as will take half the Survey of the said Tract of Land being six hundred and forty acres likewise I leave the use of a Negro Boy called Dorsetshire to my daughter Sarah Battel during her life and after her decease I do give the said Negro boy called Dorsetshire to my grandson William Battel her son, likewise I leave a Negro woman called Violet to my daughter Sarah Battel during her life and after her decease to her son Jesse Battel I do give the said Negro woman called Violet.

Item - I give unto my grandson Josias Browne a negro man called Dorsetshire when he comes to the age of Twenty and one and if he dies before he comes to the above age then it is my will and desire that the above said Negro man called Dorsetshire and the aforementioned Negro Boy called Dick aged about eight years return to my Executor.

Item - I give unto my grandson Samuel Brown the son of John Brown a Negro girl called Nan.

Item - I leave the use of a Negro man called Warham unto my son John Browne during his natural life and after his decease I do give the said Negro man called Warham to my graandson Samuel Browne, his son.

Item - I give unto my granddaughter Sarah Browne the Daughter of Walter Browne a Negro girl called Cherigarllen and one feather bed and furniture when she comes to the age of Twenty and one and if she dies before she comes to the age of Twenty and one then the above said Legacies to return to my Executor.

Item - I give unto Samuel King my grandson the son of Henry King and Martha King his wife one Negro boy called London and if the said Samuel King dies before he comes to the age of Twenty and one the aforesaid Negro Boy is to return to my Executor.

Item - I give a Negro man called Hamsheire unto my grandson Samuel Nicholas Drake when he comes to the age of Twenty and one.

Item - I leave the use of a Negro Girl called Marreia unto my daughter Mary Drake the wife of John Drake during her life and after her decease I do give the said Negro girl unto Jesse Drake her son.

Item - I give unto my granddaughter Penelope Lawrence the daughter of William and Penelope Lawrence two young Negroes above Ten years and under Sixteen years old and if she dies before she comes to Twenty and one years or without Issue then the aforesaid Legacies to return to my Executor.

Item - I give unto my son Jesse Browne my plantation lying on the Indian Branch in North Carolina with one Moiety of the said Tract containing Six hundred and forty acres to him and his Heirs.

Item - I do give all the rest of my Estate both Real and Personal to my son Jesse Browne and of this my Last Will and Testament I constitute and appoint my son Jesse Browne Executor to see this my last Will and Testament fully satisfied and do hereby utterly disallow, revoke, and annul all and every other will formerely by me made or Legacies or Bequeathed by me made in anywise whatsoever before this Will or Bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed by Seal the day of the year above.

                     Samuel Browne (Seal)

Signed, Sealed pronounced and declared by the said Samuel Browne as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us. Test: Hardy Councill, Jr; John Gennill; John Dunkley; John Eley

Inventory of estate admitted to record June 22, 1741.

Brant Thomas Brown gives children as : Jesse, John , Thomas, Walter, Martha, Mary, Penelope, and Sarah.  and only mentions one wife Mary Jones.

 Walter Browne 1695/99 - 1735
& ca 1731 Mary Odom
of Bertie Co NC

Children of Walter Browne 1695/99 - 1735 Bertie Co, NC & Mary:
 1. Josiah Browne 11 June 1733 - 23 April 1802 QR
       married 20 Aug 1785 Sarah Hall 10 March 1736/7-23 Feb 1782

       a. Jesse Brown 23 Sept 1764 - 28 Oct 1793 
                recorded as minister 1792 QR
             married 1786 Hannah Marimoon 1766 - 1787
             married 2nd 1789 Polly Grant dau of John
       b. Walter Brown 13 Jan 1766 - 25 Oct 1807
             married 1789 Rachel Marimoon 
       c. Moses Brown 26 Oct 1767 - 6 Mar 1782
       d. Josiah Brown 18 Mar 1769 - 19 July 1808
             married Mary Parker       they had rem. to Ohio 1804
       e. John Brown 7 Oct 1770 - 21 Oct 1805
             married 1795 Abigail Reams 1776 -
              i. Josiah Brown 1799 -
                  married Mary Fetrell 1810 - 1860
                         1. Jeremiah Brown 1844 - 1918
                              married Catherine T Copeland 1847 - 1918
                              a. Eva Jane Brown 2 Jan 1871 - 12 Feb 1947
                                married 14 Dec 1893 Joseph John Parker 1868 - summer 1937 Lasker NC
                                 i. Ralph Eli Parker 28 July 1895 - 11 Feb 1958
                                    married 1923 Vivian Bentley
                                ii. Paul E Parker 9 June 1898 - 16 Jan 1958
                                     married 1925 Lucy Miller
                               iii.  Jere Edwin Parker 19 Nov 1900 - 25 Jan 1942
                                       married ca 1927 Juanita Miller
                              iv. Hattie Mae Parker 7 June 1904 - 6 Sept 1970
                                    married Clyde Mckee
                                    married 2nd Dr William Bray
                              v. Annie Louise Parker d y
                             vi. John Wilmer [Jack] Parker 17 Sept 1907 - 30 March 1954
                                  married Grace Duke 1912 - 1971
                            vii. Ruth Elva Parker 14 June 1915 - 13 April 1991
                                   married John Davis 1917 - Marcg 1988

       f.  Samuel Brown 11 Aug 1775 - 26 Sept 1778
       g. Isaac Brown 11 Feb 1779 -      rem to Ohio 1806
             married 19 Jan 1828 Mary Patterson

      married 2nd 1795 Mary Parker jr.
        h. Mary Brown 24 Oct 1796 -
        i. Priscilla Brown 17 Oct 1797 -20 Oct 1836
            married 1827 David Copeland
             i. James Henry Copeland 20 Oct 1832
                   married Miriam Parker dau. of Britton and Sarah

        j. Martha Brown 7 Oct 1799 -

 2. Sarah Browne 1736 -    [born aft. her father's death]
        married Hardyman Pope

Dr. Jesse Browne ca 1705 - 1770
& Elizabeth Ridley
of Southampton Co VA

Children of Dr. Jesse Browne ca 1705 -1770 & Elizabeth Ridley:
1. Ridley Browne 1740 - will Shamp. 1825 
     married 16 Jan 1768 Kinchen Taylor died 1771

      a. Jesse Taylor
     married 2nd William Kelow
2. Parthenia Browne

     married Peter Pelham  [14 children]
feed back 12/26/05 from Kimberly Carvel [fla]
  I am researching Parthenia Browne, daughter of Dr. Jesse Browne and Elizabeth Ridley. She married Peter Pelham and they had fourteen children. The family moved from Va. to Ohio in 1809. I am looking for others that are researching this group.

3. daughter 
     married Benjamin Parsons
4. daughter 
      married Thomas Jack
5. Mary Browne ca 1750 - Dec 1809 Person Co. NC
      married 6 Oct 1766 Robert Dickens bapt 19 Feb 1747/8 London - 4 April 1804 Person Co
"He was sent to Norfolk, VA from England by his family in order to establish a branch of their merchantile business . . removed ca 1772 to NC . . He was a Colonel of the regiment of NC Cavalry in the Continental Army of 1776 and a member of the General Assembly in 1782, 85, 87, 88, 89 and other years."     ancestors of Audrey's husband  

     a. Jesse Dickens ca 1767 Norfolk, VA - 1836 Person Co. NC
         married 7 Nov 1791 Frances Moore 5 Nov 1773 West Point NY - Mar 1819 Person Co NC
          i. Robert Dickins 1792 -
          ii. Stephen Moore Dickins 1803 -
          iii. Mary Brown Dickins 
          iv. Harriett Phillips Dickins
          v. Ann Moore Dickins d 1861
          vi. Grizelda Dickins

     b. Elizabeth Ridley Dickens 1771 - died Nottoway Co. VA
          married Caswell Co, NC 22 Sept 1790 Richard Bland Jr. [b.NC - d.TN]
     c. William B Dickens 27 Sep 1773 Person Co NC - 31 Mar 1845 Madison Co TN
          married Granville Co NC 23 May 1810 Nancy W Pulliam 
                22 April [29 Dec] 1790 Granville Co, NC - July 1871 Panola Co, MS
     d. Samuel Brown Dickens Jan 1780 Person Co, NC - 21 July 1840 Madison Co. TN
He represented Person Co in the Legislature and was a member of Congress from NC. He was a land locator for the Federal Government when the Chickasaw Purchase was made, in what what called the Western District.. NC paid old soldiers in land laying in this area and claims were placed in his hands for adjustments and location by the heirs of those soldiers. by the time the floor of emigrants began to pour into this area in TN, he had accumulated good quality land in all the different counties that realized him a great fortune.
  He had 9 children by his first wife who died four or five years after their move to TN. He remained single for years and then, later, he married Frances Burton

           married 16 May 1801 Jane Vaughn 1784 Meclenburg Co VA - Madison Co TN
                       nine children
           married 2nd Frances Burton
      e. Sarah Dickens 1782 - Person Co NC
            married James Clack of VA 

             i. Mary Clack  [mother died soon after her birth]
      f. Lucretia Dickens 1784 Caswell Co, NC - 1814 
            married Granville Co, NC Dec 1807 Thomas Ivy Moore 
                            1786 Prince Edward Co VA - ca 1821 Oglethorphe GA carriage accident
                        son of Joseph Moore 1742 England - 1790 Prine Edward Co VA & Sarah Ivy 1754 VA -
                         for a long time editor of the "Agusta Examiner"   
             i. Mary Ann Browne Moore 1812 -
                 married GA 1828 George Scott
                       1. Brig. Gen Thomas Moore Scott CSA
                                   ancestors of Linda Adams

      g. Martha Browne Dickens 1786 - bef 1860 Green Co AL
            married Thomas Webb b. Granville Co, NC - bef 1860 AL
                 they had 8 children
       h. Parthenia Dickens ca 1788 - aft 1860 Middle TN
             married 1812 Dr. Edward Donoho died bef 1860 Middle TN
he was living in Caswell Co when they married. They moved to Warrentown GA for some years and then to Middle, TN (14 miles west of Murfreesborough. She was left a widow, there, with six or seven children. Some moved to TX when grown. In TN, they lived on land settled upon his father for military service in the Rev. War.

6. daughter 
      married John Atkinson
7. Jenny Browne 
      married ?
8. Dr. Samuel Browne II bef 1730 - ca 1800
      married Elizabeth Pitt dau of John and Priscilla

      a. Jesse Browne
           married Esther Stephenson dau of Thomas

Sarah Browne ca 1710 - bef 1755 
& 1726 John Battle 1709 - 1740
& aft 1740 Isaac Carter 
& Ruth Outlaw
of Bertie Co NC

Children of Sarah Browne  and John Battle 1709 - 30 April 1740: 
1. William Battle  1731 - will 1778
     married Martha Drake dau of Richard Drake of I of W VA

      a. John Battle
      b.  Sarah Battle 
            married William Rutland
      c.  Elizabeth Battle 
            married Randolph Rutland 

2. Priscilla Battle 1732 -
    married Benjamin Faucette
3.   Sarah Battle ca 1733
    married Richard Yates
4. Jesse Battle 1738 - 1805 
               rem to GA 1787 had 13 children
     married Sussannah Faucette 
5. Mary Battle 1740 - 1813
         child in esse mentioned in John Battle's will
     married ca 1761 James Norfleet 18 March 1733/34 - ca 1780 Nanse. Co VA
     married 2nd Lemuel Lawrence 1744 - 1811

Children of Sarah Browne and Isaac Carter:
1. James Carter ca 1742/45 - 1811
      married Elizabeth ?
James and Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Ga. around 1780. Kindred was the ancestor of  President Jimmy Carter.  Our ancestor, James Carter, died in Warren County, Ga. in 1811, leaving a will naming children as : Jesse Carter, Moore Carter, Sara Hodo, Christian Smith, Allen Carter, Renny Davis, Penelope Davis, Parthenia Carter, Isaac Carter and James Carter. wife; Elizabeth.   

     a. Jesse Carter 
          married ca 1789 Phebe Duckworth

Jesse Carter, son of James Carter, born in North Carolina, married around 1789, Phebe Duckworth, daughter of Jeremiah Duckworth and his wife, Christian Ramsey. Jesse and Phebe Carter, had a daughter, Narcissa Carter who married Feb. 11, 1817 in Warren Co., Ga. to Allen Brooks and moved in 1818 or 1819 to Lowndes County, Ms.  (They were my husband's ancestors. Linda Jensen )
     b. Moore Carter
     c. Sara Carter m. Hodo
     d. Christian Carter m. Smith
     e. Allen Carter
     f. Renny Carter m. Davis
     g. Penelope Carter m. Davis
     h. Parthenia Carter
     i. Isaac Carter
     j. James Carter

2. Isaac Carter ca 1745 - 1805/10
      a. Drewry Carter ca 1770/74  -
      b. Wilie Carter 1770/74 - 1806 
      c. Josiah Carter 1774/75 - 
      d. Lewis Carter 1774/84 -
      e. Isaac Carter 1790/94 - 1844 
      f.  daughter Carter
      g. daughter Carter
            married Cornelius Moore  died 1823 NH co, NC

              i. Isaac Carter Moore
             ii.  Harriet Moore
                     married 1824 James H Wood

3. Kindred Carter ca 1750 - 1800 GA
James and Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Ga. around 1780. Kindred was the ancestor of  President Jimmy Carter.  "Kindred Carter settled in Richmond Co., Ga. on the frontier of the new state along Little Germany Creek.  This land became part of Columbia Co. in 1790 and is now in McDuffie Co. lying approximately 35 miles west of Augusta along the old Augusta - Wrightsboro Road. At Kindred's death in 1800, his estate was divided five ways, although only four heirs are known "  from an article written by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. Historical researcher , Ga. Dept. of Natural Resources.   The article goes on to list the different heirs of the two brothers. contrib by Linda Jensen 
4. Parthenia Carter Ca 1755/60 - 1780/84
         married 5 Nov 1775 Shadrack Rutland  [Bertie bond]
            he married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Fort Ricks
                     dau of Elias Fort and Elizabeth Sugars NH

5. Jesse Carter ca 1745/50 - ?   

                Web link

6. Lazarus Carter ca 1750/55 - 1803
      married 1st bef 1788 unknown Powell 1766/71 - bef 1798
               daughter of Lewis Powell and Helen Cotten
         a. Willie B. Carter ca 1790 [ca 1801] - 4 Oct 1844
                       kept a store at St Johns
  married 1st 

                   i.  Elizabeth Carter
                           married bef Feb 1846 John Styon
                  ii. Lazarus Carter

                 married 2nd  Winifred Cotton 1780/90 - bef Aug 1849 Hertford Co, NC
                   i. Abner A. Carter 1834 -
                        married Sarah (Sally) Ann Everett

                            1. Lucy Ann Carter 1859 -1903
                                                 married John Pipkin Vaughan 1850 -1924 Menola
                                                            ancestors of Sam Vaughan
                                     2. Linda Walker Carter 1866-1936
                                                 married Robert Cobb Vaughan 1860-1932 

                    ii. Sarah [Mary A] Carter 
                    iii. Martha [Nancy M] Carter 
                    iv. Priscilla C. Carter 

      married ca 1798 Mrs. Elizabeth Wood Dickerson Bridgers
                     dau of Jonas Wood

b. Martha B. Carter ca 1798 -
?7. Matthew Carter 1741/45 -1793

Children of Isaac Carter and Ruth Outlaw:
1. Lewis Carter ca 1755/58 -

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
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