Sally's great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

William  Moore ca 1705 - 1771 |  his parents 
& Sarah Lawrence ca 1715 - aft Feb 1748 |  her parents
of Nansemond County, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

  William Moore resided in Nansemond county, Va. He was a member of the Vestry of the Upper Parish. He had at least three sons. He was a Capt in the militia. His wife was probably a Lawrence.

Known Children of William Moore & Sarah Lawrence:
1. James Moore ca 1732 - aft 1805 Hertford Co
  lived in Hertford Co 1758
        married ca 1757 [Marinah / Merene] Cotten
dau of Arthur
2. Lawrence Moore  ca 1734  - bef 1779
Hertford Co (tax list)
 signed 1758 petition for formation of Hertford Co
1761. Bertie Deed Book K, Page 366-(122). Lawrence Moore is a witness to a transfer by John (X) Duning planter of Bertie County to Samuel Duning of same. October 28, 1761. 5 Pounds North Carolina. 350 Acres which was of a 700 Acre Survey, on norhtside of Connaritsit Pocoson, joining said John Duning, Horse Pen Branch. Witnesses are Arthur Cotton, Lawrence Moore, Jones Griffin. April Court 1762. CC: John Johnston.
       married [Sarah] Cotten 
dau of Arthur
           she married 2nd Samuel Bell of NH Co
3.  William Edward Moore 6 May 1736 - ca 1780
Nansemond Co
          married Pensie Wright ca 1755 - ca 1790
?Children of William Moore & Miss Ratcliffe dau of Cornelius Ratcliffe d 1762
4. ? Cornelius Moore bef 1741 -
      on 12 April 1762 Cornelius Moore of Perqu. Co deeded to Joseph Copeland 198 ac formerly belonging to Cornelius Ratcliffe on the Western Branch in Isle of Wight Co, VA - Barry
5. ? Gideon Moore  died 1763 Perquimans Co, NC

Some tib-bits I have found:

1704 Rents List--Nansemond county VA:
             Edw'd Moore 250
             Rich'd 250 
             James 400 
             Tho 200
             Jno 200
             John 100

1732 John Moore sold his brother William Moore (current owner 1734) 110 acres in Fork of Southern Branch of Nansemond River in Upper Parish which John Moore father to John & Wm. willed to sd. John.
       Southside Virginian Vol V page 11.

Southside Virginian Vol V #1 Jan 87 Nansemond county Records by L. H. Hart After the destruction of Nansemond County records by fire at the house of Christopher Jackson, Clerk of Court, in April 1734, a commission was appointed to include William Wright and 11 others. They were to examine old legal instruments brought in to be rerecorded and take any necessary depositions to prove the validity of these items. Two reports containing abstracts of the rerecorded items are among the Colonial Records at the Public Records Office.

Reel 86 (c.0. 412/24) 1729 or 30--Edward Moore bought of William Moore land whereon said Edward now lives.

Reel 87 C.O. 412/25 16 Dec 1738--1711--John Cotton sued out a patent on southside of Cedar Swamp and assigned it to David Lewis deceased and his son David Lewis now possesses it.

1732--John Moore sold his brother William Moore (current owner) 110 acres in Fork of Southern Branch of Nansemond River in Upper Parish which John Moore father to John & Wm. willed to sd. John.

1745 21 Nov. William Moore of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County conveyed 250 acres on the head of the Southern Branch of Nansemond River to John Hare of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight. . .being part of a patent granted Thomas Mason on 29 March 1666 and part of a patent of John Bryant dated 20 April 1682. Wit: John Lawrence, William Lawrence.

1748 10 Feb William Moore and his wife Sarah of the Upper Parish of Nansemond County to John Butler of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight 170 acres on the head of the Southern Branch of Nansemond River and the boarder of the two counties with part of the land in Nansemond County (being part of a patent granted Thomas Mason on 19 March 1666) Wit: Samuel Blow, James Bridger, John Darden.

Vestry Minutes of the Upper Parish:

Early in 1750--William Coupland one of the Vestry being dead William Moor is this day Chosen a Vestryman in the room of the said Coupland. Ordered the Churchwardens give notice to the sd Moor that he appear at the next Vestry in order to be Qualified as a Vestryman, William Webb.

At a Vestry held for the upper Parish of Nansemond County at Suffolk Town the 21st Day of May 1750. . .Daniel Pugh and William Moor are appointed and sworn Churchwardens until Easter next.

July 24th 1758 William Moore is Apointed Vestry man in the room of William Hunter who has Removed out of the county.

after 23 Dec 1771 . . . Mr. Thos Norfleet is chosen a Vestryman in the room of Capt William Moore deceased.

Bradley-Edenton District NC Loose Estate Papers (1756-1806) 391. William Moore--1772--Summons to Hertford Co to William Moore excr of William Moore the elder dec,d to answer in Edenton Dist Ct Ismay Rascow & his wife Sarah for debt. Note on back. Lives in Nansemond Co. VA.

In the procession of Dec 1771
 a William Moore land shares boundary with David Meade, Thos Gwin, and Wm Copeland. 
A William Moore's land shares boundaries with Saml Cahoon, Peter Butler, John McCleaney, and James Pierce.

Grandchildren of William Moore and Sarah Lawrence

Children of William Edward Moore and Pensie Wright:
 1. James Wright Moore 7 Mar 1773 - 17 June 1815
     married  Esther Cotten 2 July 1782 - 6 Sept 1854
      a. Emeline Moore ca 1803 NC - 3 Nov 1872 Marion, AL
          married ca 1818  Dr N W Fletcher of Lawrenceville VA died Dec 44/Jan 1845 Mobile AL
9 Feb 1847 Rev. Eugene Verdot LeVert 20 Oct, 1795 VA - 1875 Marion AL
      b. Godwin Cotten Moore 7 Nov 1806 - 6 May 1880 Mulberry Grove NC
        married 25 June 1832 Julia Munro Wheeler 14 June 1814 - 17 May 1887 Mulberry Gr
      c. Sallie Matilda Moore c 1812 - 30 Sept 1865 Nash Co NC
        married 3 May 1836 Turner Westry (died 1868) of Nash Co, NC

William Edward Moore ca 1775 - 1816 NH Co, NC
      married Elizabeth Dickinson ca 1775 - 1816   dau of James
           (prev. she was married  to James Cotten died 1797)
       a. Edward William Moore ca 1800-
       b. James Wright Moore ca 1802-  
       c. Stephen Lawrence Moore ca 1804 - 1833
       d. Washington Moore ca 1806- 

    Elizabeth Dickinson and James Cotten died 1797
       a.  Dickinson Cotten
       b.  Mary Cotten 
              ?married Edward Wood

Children of James Moore Esq and  [Marinah / Merene]  Cotten
1. Arthur Moore  ca 1759 - died bef 1805  Hertford Co
married Elizabeth ?

           Mar NH Ct 1812 - Arthur Moore's Exs. William Moore
            & Elizabeth Moore, widow were sued by the admr of James Cotten. 

                                     Copy sent to Hertford Co. (Gammon)

2. William Moore ca 1762 -  Hertford Co
married Sept 1787 Mary Dickinson dau of James
Laurence [Lawrence] Moore  ca 1764 - 7 March 1817 
   died and buried Polkston, Anson Co, NC

01lmoore3.jpg (23521 bytes)
1998 Dedication Ceremony 
at Laurence Moore's  grave site

 01lmoore6.jpg (33464 bytes) 
Note: Using your cheap refurbished laptop you can click on the pictures to make them larger.
 The bigger version will open up in a new window.

       married 1st ca 1787 Elizabeth Dickinson 1 Dec 1771 - ca 1790
                           dau of John Dickinson -ca 1789& Martha Lawrence  -ca 1784
       a. [Lemuel] Dickinson Moore 11 April 1788 - 1840 Anson Co NC
           married in Anson Co ca 1810 Rosannah Benton 8 Nov 1772 - 23 Feb 1860
             i. Elizabeth Dickinson Moore 15 Jan 1812 - 15 Dec 1847 
                 married Thomas B Chapman ca 1805 -
             ii. George Washington Moore 12 July 1813 - 1871
            iii. Mary Moore 8 May 1815 - 29 Aug 1824
            iv. Emily Rosannah Moore 13 April 1817 - May 1906 Kershaw Co SC
                  married Hilton Jones 22 Aug 1807 -
             v. Sarah Benton Moore 26 Dec 1818 - 1857 Washington Co AR
                  married Stephen Alsobrook 1819 SC
            vi. William Henry Moore 1828 -
                       1. William Harrell Moore alias Ernest Theodore O'Neil moved to TX
                                line of David Patrick O'Neil

            vii. John D Moore
            viii. Rose Moore
                             Alan's wife's line
                           1. Robert Alexander Moore
                                married Francis Gertrude Harris
                                 a. Willie Harris Moore
                                 b. Lilah Buckingham Moore
                                 c. Mary Hanna Moore
                                         mother of Lilah
                                 d. Sidney Richards Moore
                                 e. Robert Dickinson Moore
                                 f. Douglas Key Moore

      married 12 Feb 1798 (Bertie Co)  Tabitha [Bitha] Moore 1771-1848
               dau of Moses Moore will 1818 Bertie Co, NC
          a. Moore Moore ca 1799
          b. Lawrence [Laurence] Moore
          c. Cornelius Moore 1807-1880 TX

               i. Carolina Moore 
                   married N.B. Watkins

                      1.  Julia Moore Watkins
                               married  Martin Alexander Anding
                               a. Cornelius Moore Anding 
                                     married Lela M. Williams *
                               b.  Martin Watkins Anding 
                                     married Essie E. Williams *

                                         *sisters married brothers

                                      i.  Cora Lynn Anding 
                                            married Jack E. Byers
    line of  Patricia Byers Brannon & Suzan Byers Loesch
        d. Polly  Moore 
             married Reddick Dean

               i. Martha Dean
               ii. Penelope Dean
              iii. Betsy Dean
        e. William D. Moore
        f.  James Moore

4.  Sarah Moore  ca 1778 NC - 26 Oct 1851 age 73
            [one family tree lists Andrew Jones's wife as a Skinner]
               emig AL 1819   consort of Andrew Jones
     married Andrew Jones 1777 NC - 1822 Butler Co, AL
              rem. to AL 1819  son of Joseph Jones ca 1750 and Sarah Skinner
              both buried Fort Dale Cemetery, Butler Co, AL with headstones
                   info from Annie Crenshaw

5.  Isaac Moore 1781 Hertford Co, NC - 1853 Dallas Co AL
      married 1803 Polly Jones moved to Dallas Co, AL
      a. Lewis Jones Moore 17 July 1806 - 6 April 1864
           married 1. Martha S Gordon 1807-1831

           i. Lewis Augustus Moore 14 Dec 1827 - 30 Oct 18?? dsp
       married 2nd Margaret Elizabeth Tate 1815-1850
          ii. Mary E. Moore 31 Dec 1834-8 June 1896
             married Richard Rufus King 20 Dec 1815 -10 May 1895
         iii. Isaac Tate Moore 6 Jan 1838 - 1 Jan 1863 dsp
          iv. Robert Adolphus Moore 4 July 1844 - 12 Mar 1892
               married 1857 Ann Elizabeth Harrison  26 May 1846 - 26 Dec 1923

     b. Adolphus Moore 16 Nov 1822 - 24 Feb 1835
     c. William S. Moore 1823 - 28 April 1848
     d. James Franklin Moore 4 July 1828 - 20 Jan 1868 
           married Mary Herring 

6. Jesse Cotten Moore  ca 1785 - ca Dec 1843 NH Co NC will
      ca 1810 married   ?            (Ancestor of Carl Witt of Jackson, NC)
       a. John S Moore died ca Dec 1842 NH Co NC will
             married 15 Apr 1830 Louisa Browne

              i. John T Moore
             ii. Margianna Moore
             iii. Andrew J Moore

        b. Martha Matilda Moore
             married 21 Oct 1841 Jeremiah Daughtry
        c. Jesse Cotten Moore 1814 - 11 Dec 1864   farmer

Jesse_Cotten_Moore.jpg (15298 bytes) 
Jesse Cotten Moore II 1814 -1864

                married Eliza A Barnes  ca 1817 -
                  i. John G Moore ca 1842 -
                 ii. Fanny A Moore ca 1845 -
                     married 15 Jan 1864 James D Boone

e-mail from  Alan: Due to her father's death in 1789, siblings Sarah Dickinson, and brothers John and Laurence Dickinson, became wards of Laurence Moore. This was recorded in
Northhampton County, North Carolina, Guardian Accounts, Book A, 1781-1802, pgs
101-102. In 1789 (Time of death of Father), Sarah Dickinson would have been @ 11,
followed by John Dickinson @ 9, and finally, Laurence Dickinson, who would have been @ 7 years of age. Evidently, the children's mother, Martha Laurence was deceased prior to John Dickinson's , Sr. death, presumably @ 1784. This is when another child, Abagail Dickinson, evidently died.
Although Elizabeth (Dickinson) was Laurence Moore's 1st wife, by 1801, his 2nd wife, and her sister Martha (Dickinson) is also believed to be deceased. By the end of 1801, Laurence Moore was married to Tabitha Lockhart Moore (his cousin, through Moses Moore?). Tabitha was Laurence Moore's third, and final wife. 
I attended a "dedication ceremony" in 1998 for the discovered gravesite of Laurence Moore & his third wife, Tabitha in Polkston, Anson County, NC. 

NH Co Wills John Dickinson 12 June 1787/Sept 1787
 1. Malichi Dickinson
        a. Isaac Dickinson
        b. John Dickinson
2. James Dickinson
       a. Mary Dickinson
       b. Elizabeth Dickinson
3. John Dickinson
        a. John Dickinson
        b. Laurence Dickinson
4.  Mary Dickinson
        married Jesse Williams
        a. Robert Williams
5.  dau
        married Edwin Bridgers d bef Feb 1786   [NH Deed Bk 7 p367
        a. Britain Bridgers
        b. John Bridgers
        c. Elizabeth Bridgers
        d. Mary Bridgers

NH Estates [abstracts by Gammon]
29 May 1789 - Inventory of John Dickinson's estate by Lawrence Moore
March Ct 1790 - John Dickinson -Div of Negroes among
1. Abigail Dickinson
2. Martha Dickinson
3. Sarah Dickinson
4. John Dickinson 
5. Lawrence Dickinson
6. Lemuel Dickinson
March Ct 1791 - Lawrence Moore filed guardian accts for 1790]
1. Sarah Dickinson
2. John Dickinson
3. Lawrence Dickinson
Sept 1796 - Lawrence Moore filed guardian accts for 1795 and 1796]
1. John Dickinson
2. Lawrence Dickinson
Mar 1797 - Lazerous Carter, present guardian] receives notes, etc from former guardian Lawrence Moore
1. John Dickinson
2. Lawrence Dickinson

01lmoore5.jpg (20948 bytes)    01lmoore4.jpg (16663 bytes)  01lmoore2.jpg (14734 bytes)  01lmoore1.jpg (34096 bytes)

e-mail from Mike Copeland Sept '06
On your website I see that you have Laurence Moore as the son of Lawrence Moore, Sr. Our research produced a sworn statement of the grandson of Lawrence Moore, Jr. in which he says that he was named for his great grandfather JAMES MOORE and he signed and dated the statement as James Moore. I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the statement. In that case then Laurence Moore as the son of James Moore would have been named for his brother Lawrence and for his mother's maiden name. On the 1790 Census he does not use nor does he sign any papers with the "Jr."at the end of his name. So, I think it is very probable that Lawrence Moore of Anson County is the son of James Moore and not Lawrence Moore. 

Children of Lawrence Moore & [Sarah] Cotten 
1. Cornelius Moore ca 1761 - 1823 Northampton Co, NC
    married 1st ? Carter  dau of Isaac
           a. Isaac Carter Moore
                 married Sarah Ann ?
                    i. Elizabeth Ann Moore 24 April 1823 -
                                   made in 1833 the sampler on the wall at Hope Plantation Welcome Center
           b. Harriet Moore
                 married 1824 James H Wood

    married ca 1805 2nd. Elizabeth Wood ca 1760 - ca 1814
                          dau of Jonas Wood
      (prev. she married 1st ca 1785 James Dickinson  died 1787
                a. Cullen Dickinson died bef Nov 17, 1789
              married 2nd ca 1790 William Bridgers died 1796  
                 b. Willis Bridgers died 1813
        &  married 3rd ca 1798 Lazerous Carter died 1803
                 c. Martha B. Carter ca 1798 -
                 d. Willie B. Carter ca 1801 - 1850
c. Mary E Moore  ca 1807 -  aft 26 Dec 1846
             married Abner Stitch  rem to Henry Co, TN

NCGSJ vol VI page 132 - Stith, Abner and his wife Mary E. of Henry Co, TN. 
26 Dec 1846. appoint Ethelred J. Peebles of Northampton Co, NC, attorney, to convey and execute a warranty for a certain tract of land in said Northampton Co. -being the land which the said Mary  inherited from her sister, Cornelia E. Moore, dec'd.

    married ca 1815 3rd Elizabeth Cotten ca 1780 - dau of Godwin
       ( prev. she had married John Scrymoure Johnston 1773 - 1807)
    d. Cornelius Godwin Cotten Moore
                                            8 Jan 1819 - 15 June 1888 Jackson, NC
                married 1 Dec 1841
Phila. Ellen Matilda Britton
                                                               25 Jan 1817-4 Feb 1893

      e. Cornelia E. Moore  1819 - ca 6 Oct 1827

southall2.jpg (24809 bytes)  southall1.jpg (24177 bytes)  
Dr. Cornelius Godwin Cotten Moore  and wife Ellen Britton

M_J_Dr_office.jpg (24485 bytes) 
Dr. C. G. C. Moore's  medical office
when he lived in Rich Square.
It has been moved to Jackson, NC

  the widow Sally? Cotten Moore married 2nd Sam Bell of Northampton Co NC

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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!


This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!!
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