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Sally's great-great-great-great-Grand-uncle:

Col. William Jones ca 1768 - ca 1828 his parents
& Sarah [Sally] Eason ca 1777 - 1852
her parents
of Hertford County NC and Haywood County TN

           This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 

  William Jones ca 1768 - ca 1828 and Sarah Eason ca 1777  were married ca 1793 in Hertford County NC. 
  Sarah Eason was the daughter of Jacob and Mary [Walton] Eason.
  Jacob Eason died in Bertie County in 1779 and his widow married Solomon Cherry the same year. 
  The will of Abner Eason, proved 1792 Bertie County, names Rachel Garrett and Sarah Eason, daughters of Jacob Eason, deceased. 
  Bertie County Deed Book R, page 434, shows a deed signed in 1797 by Solomon Cherry, his wife Mary, Jacob Garrett, his wife Rachael, and William Jones and his wife Sarah of Hertford County.
   They lived across a little creek [Merry or Miery]  from Maple Lawn

U S Census Hertford Co1790 
Jones, William 1 male over 16 6 slaves
James Jones 1 male over 16; 2 females; 7 slaves
Jones, Amilesent 1 female 2 slaves

 1800 Jones, William 2 under 10; 1 M 26-45; 2 F under 10; 1 F 16-26; 9 slaves

In 1801 William Jones was serving as administrator of his sister Winifred Hayesís estate. September 1, 1796

 "In 1811, Col. William Jones first appears as one of the county's representatives in the House. He is the younger brother of James Jones, who retired from public life in 1806. He lived and died on the farm later owned by the late Daniel Vanpelt Sessoms. He served in the house for five terms [1811, '13, '14, '15, '16]." Winborne.

  Will Jones from Hertford County on 7 Sept 1814 resigned as Lt. Colonel Comdt. 1st Regt. 13th Brigade. "Abstracts of Letters of Resignations of Militia Officers 1779 - 1840" by Timothy Kearney.

Tax List 1815 Hertford Co NC,
 Wm Jones 1 white 14 Blacks 1000 acres $4000.00 Val
  Wm Jones Jr 1 "  [probably his nephew]

   William Jones died testate in Hertford County in 1828 [but his will was lost in the court house fires]. At his death Col Jones's widow and children buried their father in the front garden, erected a large monument and enclosed it in a iron fence; then sold the house and farm to VanPelt Sessoms in 1828 and removed to Haywood County, TN. [Some time in the last forty years  his monument evidently was bulldozed as it is not to be found -- either by the state when the paved the road or the new owner.]

   James Sidney Jones wrote his will in August of 1845. He left $5000 to Aunt Sally Jonesí family; the children of her deceased daughter Mary Spiers were to get one share.

  According to a letter written by their son Abner, William and Sarah Jones had  8 sons & 5 daughters.  [hmm. 2 boys must have died young without heirs]

 Will of Sally Jones - Haywood Co TN 30 July 1849 - prob 3 May 1852
 --- to my two daughters Eliza B Jones and Levinia Jones - all my negroes to be equally divided between them two.
--- to my son Benjamin F Jones - one bed and furniture, one dining table and four cedar chairs, one iron pot, a kettle and arm. --also my wagon, ploughs and sleigh gear.
--- to my two daughters Eliza & Levenia all my household and kitchen furniture after what I have given to my son Benjamin F. --- also my Barruch and gear to be equal between them two.
--- all my land, all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep etc to be equally divided between my son Benjamin F and my two daughters Eliza J & Levenia.
--- knowing that my other children are better provided for and in a better situation, I give to each one dollar namely my sons James, Willie, Eason, Jacob, Abner and my daughter Sally A Bass and my deceased daughters Mary Spiers and Nancy Jones 
--Exs: Benjamin F Jones and Henry A Bass.
 Test: John Gaynes and Daniel Coleman.

Col. William Jones-VanPelt Sessoms Home
coljones-5.jpg (14547 bytes)
 coljones1.jpg (24134 bytes)  coljones-3.jpg (20887 bytes)  coljones-2.jpg (22509 bytes)  coljones-4.jpg (21782 bytes)
photos by James Moore ca 1970
Col Jones's widow and children sold the house and farm to VanPelt Sessoms in 1828 and removed to Haywood County, TN.

Col William Jones & Sarah Eason had:
?1. William Jones  ca 1797 NC - 21 Nov 1824
Jones d at Edenton--on the 21ult Mr. William Jones in the 26th year of his age. RaNCSW Fri 3 Dec 1824 3:5s. 
2. Nancy  Jones ca 1798 - bef 1839
her 1st cousin ca 1815 Dr William Jones lived Greensboro, AL
3. Dr. James Cherry  Jones 1799 - spring of 1868 
Haywood Co, TN (Brownsville)
      married  1st September 06, 1820,
Bertie Co, NC  
         Lavinia Brickell  ca 1800 - bef 1836
          a. Eunice Jones ca 1829    under 5 in 1830
          b. Willie Jones
       moved to Haywood Co, TN before 1830
      married 2nd  Bef. 1836 TN 
       Elizabeth Whitelaw  ca 1806 VA -1886
Haywood Co, TN
        c. James Whitelaw Jones ca 1836-
               married 1882 Martha Louise O'Conner
        d. Rosina Jones ca 1837-
        e. Luther R. Jones ca 1839-
        f. John Hobson Forsythe Jones ca 1842 TN - 17 May 1914, Portales, NM
               married 13 Feb 1869 TN Ellen Whitelaw
        g. Hobson Jones ca 1845 TN
?4. Joseph Jones ca 1804 NC - moved to TN [not-mentioned in Sarah's will]
         developed financial problems moved out of state bef 1850.
5.  Willie Jones ca 1805 NC - bef. 1886
       married Hannah Mariah Turner ca 1815 NC -.
          a. William Jones  ca 1835-
          b. Henrietta Jones ca 1837-
                 married a Whitelaw
          c. Elizabeth Jones  ca 1839-
                 married Rev.  J U Greer
          d. Mary Jane Jones ca 1842-
          e. Willie Jones ca 1845 TN
                  married a Tottem
6.  Mary Jones ca 1807 Hertford Co, NC - bef. 1845 [Jas S Jones's will]
       married ? Spiers
          a. William Spiers lived Gates Co NC
          b. daughter Spiers
                married before 1847 Gates Co NC Thomas Matthews
7.  Jacob Jones 1808 NC-February 25, 1889 Haywood Co, TN
       married June 15, 1838, Haywood Co, TN Cornelia Owen  Jan 16, 1820,
        near Richmond, VA; died  January 19, 1877, Haywood Co, TN.
          a. Mary Ellen "Polly" Jones 4 Sept 1841-26 July 1926
                  married 15 June 1875 Charles S Taliaferro
          b. Matthew Jones 13 March 1844-19 Sept 1863 Battle of Chicamauga
          c. Sarah E Jones 15 Sept 1845-
          d. William Jones 7 Jan 1849- 18 Aug 1849
          e. Paul Jones 4 July 1851 - 8 March 1923
                 married 17 Oct 1876 Laura Baker 15 Feb 1854-29 May 1937
          f. Eugenia Jones 27 June 1855 - 7 March 1889
                 married aft 1880 Sell Lea
          g. Zelema Jones 2 June 1859 - 29 March 1948
                 married 14 Oct 1891 John W Herring
          h. Mattie Jones 4 Oct 1863 - Oct 1936
8. Sarah Jones ca 1809, North Carolina - bef 1886
       married bef 1831  Henry A. Bass ca 1797, Sussex Co, VA - .
          a. William Bass ca 1831-
          b. George E Bass ca 1832-
          c. James T Bass ca 1835-
          d. Thomas D. Bass ca 1838-
          e. Lucretia Bass ca 1840 TN-
          f.  Edward W Bass ca 1842 TN-
 9.   Eason Jones  ca 1811 NC - Nov 1885 lived Haywood Co, TN
                       buried Daniel Cherry Cemetery, Crockett Co, TN
        married 4 Nov 1839 Belinda Frances Cherry died 14 Nov 1853
dau of Sallie Turner and Daniel Cherry -Daniel Cherry's Bible
          a. Sarah F. Jones ca 1842
                 married A W Roberts
          b. Ann Jones 22 Oct 1844 - 11 Nov 1850
                       buried Daniel Cherry Cemetery, Crockett Co, TN
          c.  Lovinia Jones ca 1844-
                 married a Dickerson
          d. Laura Jones ca 1847-
                  married 1st a Taliaferro
                  married 2nd a Mann
          e. Calvin C Jones 25 Mar 1849 TN
                  married Anna Turner
10. Abner Jones ca 1812 - aft 1886 Jones Switch, AL

                       lived Jones Switch, Autauga, AL
          [1850 merchant; 1860 Census   farmer; 1870  Commission Merchant]

       married 1st Joannah ? 22 June 1821 - 8 Jan 1845
[Live Oak Cemetery, Dallas Co]
           a. William Jones ca 1839 NC   -  
                          [1850  Census; Dallas Co, AL]
           b.  S. L. Jones ca 1842 AL -    
                          [1850  Census; Dallas Co, AL]
        married 24 Aug 1846 R. Jane Bogle ca  1829 -1886
Jones Switch, Autauga Co, AL
(Foley--Mar. & Death Notices from Ala. Newspapers
Mrs. Abner Jones, an old citizen, died at Jones Switch in Autauga County, Alabama on last Monday. 6 Mar. 1886)

          c. Edwin Jones ca 1847 AL -   
                    [1850 & 1860 Census; St Clair Co, AL]
          d. James Jones ca 1850 AL -    
                     [1860 Census; St Clair]
          e. Mary E. Jones 3 March 1852 - 19 Oct 1855
                   [Live Oak Cemetery, Dallas Co, AL]
          f. Anna [Annie] Jones ca 1854 -       
                        [1870 census Dallas Co, Al, 1860   St Clair]
          g. Andrew [Andy] Jones ca 1859 -     
                       [1870 census Dallas Co, Al, 1860  St Clair]
11. Eliza B. Jones ca 1814 NC - alive 1886 
        married March 24, 1867, Haywood Co, TN. William Jones
12. Lavinia Jones ca 1817 NC - alive 1886 (died single person)
13. Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Jones ca 1818 NC - July 1885,
                                      West Point, White Co, AR  
Carol Shrader
         married  bef 1848, Haywood Co,TN; Mary Garland Goodwin 
              born May 01, 1814, Hanover
Co, VA; d. Bef. 1880, 
                                       West Point, White Co, AR. 
             a. Sarah Eason Jones 
                    married Macklin Bass Johnson.

Carol Shrader's gg grandparents

eason.jpg (12270 bytes)

Sarah Eason Jones &  husband Macklin Bass Johnson
Carol Shrader's web site: Carol's House

Letter from Abner Jones of Jones Switch Autauga, Ala (Sept 25 1886) to Napoleon Bonaparte Jones
Dear Nephew:
Your letter of inquiry received some days since, and in answer to the same, my recollection is that my Grandfather and his brother came to the U. S. from England or Wales. My grandfather, James Jones settled in Hertford County, North Carolina, and his brother, Thomas W Jones settled somewhere in Virginia.
My grandfather had four children: James, your grandfather, and William, my father; and two daughters, Sally, who married a man named Raby; and Mary, who married one Thomas Wiggins.
The families of Raby and Wiggins I know nothing of since I left North Carolina.
Your grandfather, James Jones married a Miss Walton and had five or six children among whom was your father, William Jones, James S., and Thomas W. Jones and two or three daughters.
My father, William Jones married a Miss Sarah Eason, by whom he had thirteen children, eight sons and five daughters.
After the death of my father, my mother and family moved from North Carolina to Tennessee, and settled in Haywood County, where all that are now living reside except myself.
Your mother was the second oldest child of the family, the balance of them all dead except Jacob, Eliza, and Lavenia.
Your fatherís branch of the family which was left in North Carolina, I know nothing about for a long series of years. If there is anything in the history of the family subsequent to the events that I have named that you wish to know, write me, and I will furnish it as far as I know.
My family are all well except myself. I am afflicted very badly with abdominal hernia and diabetes that renders me unfit for any business.
If your inquiries as to the history of our families are of any importance, you had best come and see me about it, or appoint a time and I will meet you in Selma.
       Kindest regards to your family. 
                                  Your affectionate Uncle,  Abner Jones

Ref; William Webb Crawford by L F Crawford p 160.
       William R King and His Kin by Henry Poellnitz Johnston, Sr
      Winborne History of Hertford County 
      Sketches of Hertford County by J W Moore
       Bertie County Records
         Haywood County Records



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This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! 
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